Monday, November 7, 2011

what up family! man good as to hear from you guys. gettting real nerve racking being so close to the end ae.. hhahahaha i have been having some really hard reality checks this week ae. i think its finally hitting me and ive just been a small kine mess. crying liike a little baby....i just cant believe that its coming to an end. being a missionary is my life, thats all i know how to do, and just having to try and think that its finishing has just been killing me. for reals ill be studying, teaching, contacting even in church yesterday and just thinking of how much i will really miss chile and most of all being an emisary of the lord jesus christ. ive been getting emotional hard. i love this country, these people, this life so much and really dont want it to end. ive been a huge emotional wreck. but its all good. i know its just another of lifes phases and just gotta keep moving upwards. ive been better actually, im really excited to see you guys so thats been a huge light at the end of the tunnel. so yeah, almost there family. only 14 days. crakup ae!!! fa gonna be awesome as whanau....were gonna have a good time. together......cant wait to see you mum and dad and just hug you i got in trouble awhile back from president for hugging one of my converts who is maybe like 70 yrs old...hahaha she actually hugged me and i couldnt stop her you know, so i just let her hug me and then someone told on me. got called in to in interview and pres. went scold me small kine. but last week i had another interview with him and i asked him if it would be alrite if i hugged my felt dumb..but it was crakup, but yeah other than that family im doing good. ive done maybe 5 changes this week. meaning that ive been without my companions for 5 of the 7 daysof the week and its been awesome. really good. on top of it ive been with really good missionaries, who are humble and down to just work and weve done some major damage in these past few days. worked like crazy and found heaps of new people. a few families, and couples and its been awesome. we were knocking ghetto department blocks and out of the 16 departments in one of the blocks we got into 10 of the houses. was a awesome as day. we didnt have to do anything but just teach all day in the same building. lol something that we are putting into practice that has helped us alot reciently is being persistent. normally in contacts we will observe,listen, discern and teach and if people looked like they arnt really ready to listen to us or if they just dont want anything we would normailly just bounce but weve been really persistent trying to get past these normal front door excuses to really give people the chance to listen to our message, understand it, and then have the opportunity to truly use there agency. so weve been really pushy in that sense. ive put my foot in so many doors as its being closed this week. its crack up as but thats how important our message is. the most important message these people will ever hear, and they deserve the chance to atleast hear it. as you think of it that way putting the foot in the door is an understatement right. id kick down doors if i could hahaha. but yeah, by doing so weve been let in so many homes of people who at first denied us, then as they got to know us and our message have been so touched....moroni says, "Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear." being missionaries we too have authority from god and if we really do love these people we wont fear anything, and we will do all that we can to save them. even if that means as moroni puts it to speak with boldness, or even putting the foot in the door, perfect love casteth out all fear. love is truly the underline reason for everything we do. i love this country, i love these people, i love the mission, and i love the lord. i am so greatful to be here as a missionary. i love you so much family. thank you for all that you guys do but more importantly for who you guys are. lets strive daily family to eliminate ourselves from sin and we will be more happy. we are almost there. 2 weeks baby! but i gotta go family. gotta zone activity to get to. so until next week my beautiful family, i love you guys heaps,
elder kanahele kaká
thanks for everything.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Kia ora family!!!!

How you guys doing? Good as to hear from you guys guys for real’s are just killing me!!! lol small kine trunky the letter this week! hahaha. crakup man. funny as to hear as well how all the boys have changed. I’ve been thinking about it as well and theres gonna be a few things that we are going to have to change as well so don’t worry about it. hahaha "for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after ALL we can do." - 2nep25:23 its only after we do ALL that we can when we are finally saved. there’s always more that we can give and do right family? we´ll have a good talk about that and see how we can improve more as a family to give everything to the lord. i love you guys so much. i miss yous and cant wait to see you all ae. i really can’t believe that my mission is coming to an end. it still hasn’t hit me, like i said last week so I’m just trying to work hard as i can. I was actually with elder Anderson (my ex companion) all day Saturday and Sunday and it was like heaven on earth. For real’s... the miracles that two missionaries can work as they both have the same vision and dedication, to just work!!! We had some crazy days. In two days we found 12 new investigators and four of them are gold. Like guarantee baptisms. Had some really good spiritual lessons with each of them and I’m really scared to be honest to take my other companions over there. The one thing that I’ve really come to learn here in the mission is the importance of the spirit and its role in conversion. It’s impossible to convert people to the gospel without teaching with the spirit, and its impossible to teach with the spirit if we personally don’t have it. if we personally don’t have the desires to push ourselves, work, prepare ourselves and use our time wisely. we can be friends with investigators, get along with them really well, teach and even baptize them but if the spirit is never present its impossible that they will be converted and remain active in the church. I’ve seen it so much here in my mission, it’s even happened to me and it’s so sad. It’s if the people become in a worse state than they were before knowing the missionaries and being baptized. The spirit is the greatest tool in this work and there is no other substitute. We as a companionship just don’t have it, then there’s no other reason for our lack of success. No spirit=no know how hard it is going day to day with someone who just impedes you from teaching with the spirit?..... Who doesn’t give a crap?? Who just wastes every minute of my day? Not having spiritual lessons has not only affected the people we teach but has affected me. It’s been taking a huge toll on patience and hope has really been run down lately. Really there’s nothing worse that we can experience in this life than not having the spirit...we must strive each day family to know how we can have more of its influence with us. As we do i know that we will be happy. I’m trying the best i can with what of got. I’ve only got little bit of time so I’m sure i can hold out without doing anything dumb. lol na were all good. just gotta make the best of the opportunities given me ae. We´ll see how it goes this week. Other than that family, i gave a talk yesterday in church and it was way cool. i stood up there and didn’t say anything for like 4 whole minutes. Just imagine it. Somebody standing at the pulpit without saying anything.....for four whole minutes. It felt like eternity. You could see that people were getting impatient, futless, and a little bit frustrated. There were people in the congregation that even yelled out...hurry up!!! lol as the four minutes came to an end, i asked a question,, how did you guys feel as you waited for me to speak??? i then said, maybe frustrated a little bit impatient. Some of you were even getting angry.....then i said, "well that’s how your family, friends, and neighbors feel as we don’t share the gospel with them!!!!" was way strong. The spirit was there and you can tell that it just hit every one of them. Shared a scripture and just cried repentance like crazy. Was a way good a lot of good complements..most of them felt bad and guilty! lol which was my purspose…hahaha but other than that doing good as. Almost there family. i love the mission. it really has changed my life. i am my best convert. i have learnt so much and so grateful for it. Really excited to apply it all in life and to just keep moving forward. i love you so much family. i thank you all for all that you guys have done for me in these two years. I’m so grateful for your love and support; you guys have been there every step of the way and have been a huge source of comfort and strength to me here in the greatest two years of my life. i know that Jesus lives and that he is the Christ. i know that this is his gospel. i love and cherish it so much. let’s keep going hard family, for life. Were all in this together. love you guys so much. But until next week my beloved family!
Elder kanahele

Monday, October 24, 2011

kia ora family!!!!

Awesome letter you guys. i miss you guys so much. sounds like alot of things have been going down. awesome as to hear about all the updates. i cant believe that tima and matt are already home. it still hasnt hit me ae. i still feel like i new bee. first transfer doing what i gotta do. for reals. i know i only got a few weeks left but i dont know,it just hasnt hit me. i had to stand up and give my fare well testimony the other day in a zone conference and it was really wierd. every missionary does it before they go home and i remember since my first transfer thinking and feeling that my time would never come. hahaha but it did and way to fast. i dont think i will fully realize it till i get home. i dont even think that when you guys get here it will hit me. its a really wierd feeling but ive never felt this way before. its like my mind is living in rejection to the whole thought. which is good i guess cause i dont get trunky. but yeah that us.
had an alright week. still got some challenges with my companion. the worst thing happened the other day. i dont know if you guys remember my convert arturo??? when i was here with elder payne we baptized him and his entire family. they had a really cool conversion story and progressed really well. well yeah me and elder salas went there the other day to visit them and see how they are doing and all, and when we went got there, about 10 minutes into our conversation with them my companion got into an argument with the wife sara....just alittle background first. elder salas has to be the most prideful man on earth, and sara has to be the most prideful woman on as small as the reason was they started to argue. i dont know what started it but it got heated really quickly and just exploded. blew way out of proportion, them both saying really ugly things to each other and there was nothing i could do. i tried to stop it, but other than punching the crap out of them both i couldnt do anything. than sara stood up and told us to get out and to never come back. she said that she didnt want to see us ever again and that she would NEVER go back to church......i was sooo sad ae. so my companion just left with out me and i tried to apologize and stuff then left as well.... i have never felt so sad in my life. i felt like he just screwed not only our relationship with this family but there activity in the church and opportunities for eternal life for basically nothing!! for really nothing..instead of bringing people to christ, he was doing the opposite. i was so upset.... but knew that being angry would not solve the problem. it would actually make things a thousand times just thought and thought as we both walked in silence. i calmed down and just decided to tlak to him. i dont remember exactly what i said but he just started to ball.......he felt bad for what he did, he told me that he knows that hes pridefull, he just oopenned up ae. he said that he tried and tried to not let the things that sara was saying bug him but after a little while he couldnt take it and snapped.....just balling and then asking me to help him. i felt bad for him ae. i could tell that he wanted help and that he really wants to change and that hes trying but tthat theres a few things thats hard for him to overcome. so i just gave him a hug and embraced him in my arms trying to comfort him. lol it was pretty hard to do but just learnt so much from the situation....but it gets better. so yeah that happened maybe thursday. we decided that we´ll give them some time to cool off and calm down. so we decided that sunday night we would go by and see them and try and apologize. so sunday comes, we go to chruch,, it was actually stake conference which was really good. had a seventy come and talk to us and gave the meanest talk on obedience. was such an awesome meeting. i know that it edified all who were there. but as this general authority was speaking arturos son comes running to me and gives me a huge hug. i couldnt believe it. i looked back and arturo and his whole family nicely dressed, and well behaved were sitting together in the very back. i made eye contact with him and his wife and just wanted to cry. they had a million and one reasons and excuses to use to go inactive, to not want anything with the church-a full time missionary, even a represent of jesus christ had offended them. what greater excuse is there other than that? i talked with them after and asked them what was it that made them want to come back today?? and they told me that they had two options that they could pick from, that night as we left there let that experience destroy them or help them grow. to use it as an excuse to get mad, shrivel and not reach their potential or as an opportunity that would strengthen their love and testimony in our savior jesus christ.....he said, that there was one reason why they decided to show up that day.....becuase they love the lord!.. it has to be one of the most happiest moments in my entire mission. to be able to see the conversion of this man and his family, there hopes desires, and efforts to do all they can to love our savior made me really feel that everything that ive done here in these two years feel worth it.... i love this gosple. i know that as it is understood it provides light, direction, and strength to help us along lifes paths with all its challenges. i am so greatful for these two years that i have had to serve our lord and master. he has served me more than i could have ever served him. i know he lives and this is his true gosple. let us strive each day to be better family. we cant allow anything absolutly nothing stop us from reaching our potential. why settle for mederocrity when perfection is in our reach. lets go hard. know that i love each and everyone of you. we are all in this together and we need eachother if we want to achive our eternal potential. we cant afford to loose anyone of us so lets all do our part.. i love you guys so much. lets give it all we got but i gotta go family so until next week. with all my love,
Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kia ora family!!!

How you guys doing!!!!???? good as to hear from you guys man.....elder Anderson told me too that he called you the other day! man it made me really homesick. lol he was excited as to get to talk to you. he honestly was one of my best companions ae. man my time with that guy changed my life. was really able to see miracles and how great and loving the lord is when two missionaries, are on the same page, obedient and working hard towards the same righteous there was nothing that got in the way for us and it was just straightup 100 percent concentrated and dedicated to the work. its was awesome ae. although circumstances aren't as bright right now, just gotta take the bulls by the horns right....we've been making quite a bit of progress. my companion elder salas is a good kid....he has to be the most prideful person Ive ever met but were working on it. hes got a real strong character and just real feisty ae. so Ive really had to try and be patient, receptive, and just more positive about things, but were making good progress. it still hasn't hit me, the little time that i have left. i dont think it will till i see you guys. i really love my mission family. it has change me in ways that i couldnt have done myself. I'm going hard as i can ae. um...alot has gone down this past week. there was a huge celebration here in chile celebrating the churches 50 anniversary of existence. it happened Saturday but we had rehearsal things all day Friday. it was a huge deal man. there was about 12000 people that had gone to watch, and 4000 people who was participating in the production. all the missionaries from Santiago had a part in it to and it was awesome ae. we met up with all kinds of missionaries. met a elder mahoni from otara, New Zealand. cool as guy ae. real big as typical Tongan. looked really funny seeing him amongst the chileans but was good as to talk with him. he filled me in with all the rugby updates and it was crakup....he talks just like a black maori. had me in tears of laughter. but the best part was after the production when i ran into alot of people from all of the sectors that ive been in. i felt like i was reuniting with family. man it was the bestest thing to have experienced. i wanted to cry when i saw a few of them. i saw mauricio that i baptized almost two years ago, hugo that i baptized with elder peck, the family robles who just took care of me like crazy when i was in san francisco, sister sandra and mauricio that used to feed me everyday when i was in los conquistadores and just so many people who have had huge impacts in not only my mission but my life and all at the same place and time. it was awesome ae. it hit me a Little really how much im going to miss this place. i love chile, these people, and the experiences that ive had here so much. and just going to have a real hard time having to leave. has to have been one of the best days in my mission, other than we had a good week. working hard. we contacted a lady last week, her name is carolina who talked to us at her door step. in this door step contact we got to know her, asked her a few heavenly inspired questions and were able to know how we could adapt our message to her needs. we ended up doing so and left her with an invitation to read a part of the book of Mormon that we were going to leave with her. we passed by for her house this past week to check up and see how it went, and as we knocked her door and as she opened it you could just tell and sense in her that she had read, and felt the spirit. her whole expressions, presence, way of being, just everything had changed from the last time to then. you could tell that she had felt the love of Christ that lighted within her a flame of hope that was then shining through her eyes. shes awesome ae. we still haven't been able to get into the house but were working on it. as we talked that day she mentioned to us that she hasn't been baptized, and now understanding why feels the need to do as experience. the book of Mormon when humbly read with true intention really does touch us and helps us understand what god wants us to do. helps us understand our purpose her on earth and answers the greatest questions of the soul. it really does give hope and changes peoples lives. I'm a living witness of this right now. excited to see how shes doing. but yeah that's been my week family. i love you guys heaps ae. were almost there. gotta work hard till the death...but have a good week family. i love you guys heaps. be good and take care of one another. up the gutz, doitz!!!! with all my love

Elder kanahele kaka

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What up family!!! (Monday 10 October, 2011)
man good as to hear from you guys again. im glad that everybodys busy and working hard. theres no other substitute that offers greater satisfaction than good hard work. keep going hard family. almost there, up the guts. need some help with you homework dad??? haha jokes bro. good on you fellas man. im readdy to get right into it ae. i really dont know exactly what i want to do but whatever it is ill be good. i have no fear of life now, more excitment than anything else. just gonna get home, organize myself, set some goals and makes some plans and get to work. theres no time to rest. dont get me wrong tho, these last six weeks will be my best. gonna go hard as ae. end strong and leave all i got left out on the table.
um this past week was a good one. coming off of a huge general conference gave us some mean as refill to refocus and go hard. we started off mean as. after writing you guys last week we found a family of three who are awesome ae. a mother and her two kids. really receptive and really need some major help. weve had some great experiences so far and way excited to continue working with them. last night i had my last transfer. i have a new companion. elder mccoy left to los andes- my first sector where i started and me and elder salas are staying here and another elder named elder arcos will be joining us. he too is from argentina and if you guys knew anything about latins you would know that the argentines are worldly known for there pride. hahahaha chile played argentina a few days ago and chile lost and my companions been rubbing it in ever since. lol but now im with two of them so its going to be very interesting. chileans and argintines dont get along so well...always banging heads for dumb racial steryotypes. um we also moved houses and now live in one of the most ghettoest areas in the world. we live in a department complex. like worse than dads apartments. and its real ghetto. you cant use the microwave and the lights at the same time becuase the light cuts out. so we gotta microwave our food in the dark. the whole area around too is way ghetto. when we were moving all of our stuff in, all the ghetto neighbors came out looking at all of our stuff, and it looked liked they were all thinking of what they wanted to rob and steal. was sketchy as. but yeah its crakup. ill show you guys for sure when you come. you guys are just gonna crakup.
Quick Story.
this past week, we were walking home late on the way to our house through a fair swap meet like thing that they have in our sector....this fair is all on the same road, with seperate stations, set out on each side of the street. they only have it once a week so it gets pretty packed ae. so yeah we were walking peacfully through this fair amoungst hundreds and hundreds of people and out of no where there was just a huge power outtage. half of the country had lost its power and i just so happened to be in one of the most crowdiest places ever. it was crazy. as soon as the lights went out, (like it was planned or something), the people just went crazy. from peacefull walking and kind manners to straight up chaos. people started to rob the stores, steal from random people that were walking through, and it was just crazy. we leave the fair and the same thing is going on outside. people robing cars, breaking into stores, and homes and just going nutz. to make along story short is we finally get home safetly and endup having to plan and end our night with candles. was a way crazy experience. i realized that the chaos that happened was caused for lack of light. here in the mission ive come to learn that the same thing happens to us sprititually. that with out the spiritual light that we recieve from the spirit by being obidient to the commandments we like these people run around in chaos. that as we sin and continue to sin we little by little dim the light that the lord has provided for us and before we know it are found in darkness, lost,without any idea of what to do. our lives lightless seem to have no orden, we seem to loose sight of the things of most importance, and like this people start to go crazy. in my time here ive been able to expeience and see how repentance is the only way out of such chaos, that through and only through the atonement of christ is where we can repent, and free ourselves of such darkness to the more than welcoming saving light. i know that the lord loves us. he loves us so much that has made it possible for us to change. i know that it is this love that has touched and given hope and motivation to change to all those people ive been able to meet and teach here in chile. i know that with this light, life, like in the fair, truly is peaceful, and calm. family may we constantly use the atonement and repent daily. i know that as we do this we will have more spiritual light, progress, and become better peole. i love you so much family. i miss you guys heaps ae. ive been having some crazy as trunky dreams. the other day i dreamed of seeing and huging mum and just woke up crying. i dont think about it alot but i really cant wait to see you guys. its been so long. too long. and i dont think ill ever get used to it. i love you family so much...cant wait to see and just hug each of you. be good. take care of one another. have a great week. we are almost you whanau!
with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Family! (Monday 03 October, 2011)
what up whanau!!! awesome as letter. im real happy right now ae. i want you all to know that i love you and miss you guys so much. so greatful for who you all are and all that you do to progress and be more like our savior. awesome as conference ae. man it changed my life really. couldnt help but get emoitional with each passing confernce realizing that it would be my last as a full time missionary. i remember it was my first conference in april of 2010, and i was having a real hard time. being new, not knowing anything and just in the gull of affliction, and at the peak of just wanting to give up, i was comforted and strengthened by the sweet words spoken that day. one of the things that really hit me and helped me throughout my mission was something that president monson had said. speaking so humbly and sincerely, mentioned, "we need to atleast try, because if we dont try, we wont do, and if we dont do why are we here?....and exclaimed with strong love and emotion that, " we are here because we love the lord!" this is what helped me at this time.a strong reminder to me in that moment of the reason of why i was doing what i was doing. because I LOVE THE LORD! in spite of all my weakness and trials that i was going through, went through and would go through there was one thing that i knew and had, My love for the lord. i do love him, which has helped me constantly strive to atleast try. from this day, which each passing confernece i have been able to grow so much.. but saturdays and yesterdays general conference was off the chain. watched the last two in spanish, which also was a great experience. the gosple really does have a different light to it in different languages. i loved it all ae. conference here in the mission really is a special experience. i learnt so much from every talk and even till the prayers and hymns could the spirit be felt strongly. one of the things that really impressed me was the president Uchdorfts talk that mentioned that we mean everything to god. we are his world. his pride and joy, everything he does is for us, and because he loves us. really made me think, what is he to me? is he my everything? is he as important to me as i am to him? felt kind of bad and selfish as i thought about it. was a really good pride check. motivated me hard to re prioritize myself. got home and got straight into to it. pondered, set some goals and made some plans and just working it. family im so happy right now i feel really bad now for my last letter. just venting and everyhting. ive been a little bit selfish lately (hahaha) thinking too much about myself and less about others. which is why i felt the way i did. i realized tha if we constantly think in ourselves we wil eventually find something to wine , cry, and be sad about. hard work and real heart felt service is the key in over coming everything. after the conference i felt like captain america and just started talking to EEEEVERYBODY. llol knoked almost a million doors and had some good as experiences. found some good as people too.
as for the work its going good. our companionship is coming along way better. the conference really helped us have the same vision and desires so were doing good ae. trying to good hard as i can. second wind ae family. hope that you guys have a great week this week. love and take care of one another. know that i love you all so much. thank you for all that you do family. almost there. send my love to all the family, tell gramz i got her letter, and read it but for lack of time couldnt write her back. let her know that i love her heaps and now is a perfect time to share the gosple. as we learnt in confernece, from josephs smiths experience in the sacred grove, one of satans greatest tools is to bind our tounges. share the gosple with everyone. family i love you guys so much. thanks for everything. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Aloha family! (Monday 26 September, 2011)
so how you guys doing? hope that yous had a great week and that everybodys okay. loved the letter, awesome man. so proud of you all. still the same old sunday dinners under the ulu tree ae?? haha man you guys dont even know what id do to have a real meal like that again. chileans like there meat harder then rock, and blacker then charcol! its been the hardest thing to adapt to, which has caused me to really miss our regular sunday grinds. i hope that everything goes well for you mum with your administration stuff. you gettem brah. and stats ae dad? crakup bro. i actually remember alot about that class. the only thing i do remember really. sister johnson was my teacher bro, and i was the only person there that hadnt done the mission. hahaha i used to go in heaps tho for study help and she knew i was dumb as and just gave me good grades cause she felt sorry for me. hahaha i remember taki was in my class too, and day of the final in the old gym i come out and he was playing football on the field and forgot about the test. dumb bugger. the great influences i had before the mission. hahaha.
but had an alrite week this past week. it was actually pretty tough ae. to be honest im real tireed. tired of being with people that have problems and really dont want to be here. i know it sounds selfish and mean and i really dont mean it but its just how i feel right now. ive had alot of companions like that in the past few transfers and i know that pres puts me with them to help them but its hard ae. i try to be positive all the time, and love them, and you know serve them to the best that i can but sometimes i just get tired ae. i want to finish hard, work hard, and just loose everything in the work but its 1000 times harder when your with someone who doesnt have the same desires. theres so much that i want to do and so much that needs to be done, and i feel like im the most prepared now in this very moment than ive ever been here on the mission to do it, and no. its all dragged down to a hault due to lack of unity in the same cause- baptisms!!!! its impossible to do missionary work when theres no spirit and its impossible to have the spirit when two missionaries are not united in the same righteous cause. the lord said, if ye are not one ye are not mine! and thats how i feel right now. im just tired and burnt out of tolerating and adjusting to please and help my companion at the cost of not doing what we really came here to do. its so hard. when we need to do things right he gets mad, and theres no unity, and see ya later spirit, and when we adjust and tolerate we are united but united in doing things that have nothing to do with the work. and its just killing me.....i feel restrained, and like chained down. i feel like hercules when he gives his power away. lol....... i just needed to vent a little. ill be good tho. theres a script in d&c 122 7 and 8 that i read the other day and it was like just a slap in the says...
7 And if thou shouldst be cast into the apit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the bdeep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to chedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of dhell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee eexperience, and shall be for thy good.
8 The aSon of Man hath bdescended below them all. Art thou greater than he?
jesus has decended, gone through, and suffered everything!!!!! mockery, torture, death, betrayal, EVERYTHING!!! humble and willing, he suffered everything with no answering back, with no murmuring, moaning, nor doubt but with eagerness and diligence.and now the question is.... am i better than him? awesome script ae. motivated me hard. its so true. i am not better than him so there is no reason nor option to moan or murmur. i know its just another opportunity to grow and progress. i just always gotta remember that ae. lol i just let my natural man some times take over when i shouldnt. sorry bout it. but ye thats been our week. theres two weeks left in this transfer and im really nervous to see what happens.
but ye family im good as. i miss and love you guys alot. trying to be better each day and do my best. i hope that you guys are good. love one anther and take care of eachother. send my love to everyone. my times come to an end. we actually got an activity right now. so i might be able to write abit later but if not, i love you guys. almost there. up the gutz! doitz!with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

hey family! (Monday 19 Sepember, 2011)
man i cant believe that john q is already home. man thats so awesome. time sure is flying ae. good to hear from you all tho family. man i miss you guys ae. hope that everything is going good. just so that you know im good ae. had an awesome baptism yesterday and had a few more miracles happened. we should be having a few more baptizms coming up too so its all good. the house is still ghetto lol but just trying to be positive. lol ive actually been thinking alot about what i wanted to write you guys to day and just wanted to try and portray the importance of
About a month before entering the mtc, dumb and nieve as i was i reciently started to study and prepare myself for the mission. i had never read the book of mormon cover to cover and knew that it was someting that i needed to do. i always knew the church was true, that the book of mormon was a good and true book but never really had a huge vivid spiritual experience that outlined the beginning of my own testimony. i remember feeling very inadequate, and at the same time desperate and hungry to know. i will never forget family, outside of our house at the picnic table under the cocnut trees one morning i for the first time in my life, with a broken heart and contrite spirit, with true intention decided to kneel and ask god if the book of mormon was true. i remember upon ending my prayer not feeling anything at all. really confused but still determined to know, then opened my book of mormon and started to read. unconsious of were i was reading, came upon a scripture that allowed the spirit to testify to me in huge abundance the truthfulness of the book of mormon. in answer to my pray, i read, "And now, my beloved brethren, and also jew , and all ye ends of the earth, hearken unto these words and believe in Christ; and if ye believe not in these words believe in Christ. And if ye shall believe in Christ ye will believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ, and he hath given them unto me; and they teach all men that they should do good. And if they are not the words of Christ, judge ye—for Christ will show unto you, with power and great glory, that they are his words, at the last day; and you and I shall stand face to face before his bar; and ye shall know that I have been commanded of him to write these things, notwithstanding my weakness." never before in mylife had i experienced something so powerful. i for the first time felt from the tips of my fingers to the very ends of my toes that what i had just read was true. i felt in my heart and really came to know in that moment though the spirit that the book of mormon is the word of god. one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. its has been the foundation of my testimony and the source of strength in times of trial and doubt. i can not deny what i felt that day as i humbly asked and as easily recieved from our heavenly father. since this day its felt like ive been on steriods, growing so much in so little time. ive had many more spiritual experiences that have only strengthen my testimony and conviction of the truthfullness of this gosple.i will never forget my first day in the mission field not knowing one thing, finding myself in the house of my first investigator bearing testimony of and feeling in abundance the spirit, not only testifying to the lady but to myself of the truthfulness of the restaration. i remember with elder snider at the side of a ladys deathbed testifying to her husband of the plan of salvation and promising that he could once again see and live with his wife...once again from the tips of my fingers to the very end of my toes i felt the spirit testify of the truth. i remember feeling the same spirit in great abundance when a recient convert of mine stood at the pulpit and shared her sweet and sincere testimony to the congregation of her love for our savior jesus christ. i remember teaching victor with elder anderson and testifying to him of the word of wisdom and of the importance of taking care of our bodys. the same spirit took over and testified to me as victor excersied his faith and took out every one of his piercings. just a few weeks ago in a sundy school lesson and in reply to the question; "how can we recognize the spirit?" was able to once again feel the reconfirmation of the reality of the gosple through the spirit. the teacher invited us all to kneel and started to pray and as he prayed he pleaded that god made manifest in that very moment his spirit that we may feel it. after saying these exact words he then stopped and paused for what felt like forever and a day. it then again happened family. a huge urgent rush of the spirit filled my body, from finger tips to the ends of my toes, there was no way i could deny such evidence of reality and truth.i know that the spirit teaches us the truth of all things and shows us everything that we need to these are some of many experience that have not only strengthened my testimony but that have help me understand the role and importance of the spirit in our conversion. and through such i have been able to familiarize myself with how it works with me. the spirit is the key in everything; true conversion and continual progression. it has been the underline reason and cause for my progress and change. it is the only way in which my life has been able to be is by and only through the spirit where ive been able to come to know of who god is, and what he expects of us, and know what i need to do to change and be more like him. it is only through our obidience to this gift where we can spiritually grow learn and eternally progress, where we can put off the natural man and become a saint, and where we can become like our savior jesus christ, perfect! this spirit is promised to all those who strive to do thier best and be obidient.. lets always strive to do so, that we may be able to follow the greatest help that god has given us. i know that as we do we will be okay. i love you family so much. my time has come to an end. send my love to everyone. take care of one another and go hard this week ae. almost there. up the guts. doit!
with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Family! (Monday 12 September, 2011)

21! thats really old....hahaha i still feel like im a 16 year old little fwam who doesnt know how to take care of himself. lol na i really cant believe it tho. im pretty old ae. but happy birthday to you too pops. fa 45!? dang i thought you were still 40 bro. thats what i keep telling everybody who ask me how old you are. hahaha shorry bout it. but hope you had a good week. it sounds like everybody is doing great. man i miss you guys so much ae. sad to hear about papatu man. i love that guy so much. now that i think about it he treated us so good. always made us laugh and made us really feel as his own. its really sad too that he doesnt have the same knowledge that we have.....has anybody tried to honestly sit down with him seriously and share with him?? i cant even imagen how id feel coming to the end of my life and not knowing what will happen with me.thats gotta be scary man! gotta keep me informed with how hes doing. cant walk around unprepared either dad. not to be mean or anything but thats pretty nails bro hahaha. cant let that happen again ae bro.
well as for me this years birthday was not as exciting as last years. lol to be honest i totally forgot it was my birthday until 6:00pm that day. hahaha pretty crakup ae. woke up, got ready, studied, and went to lunch, and worked without even remembering that it was my birthday. it wasnt till we rocked up to a members house about 6:00 who wished me happy birthday that reminded me. lol thats just how focused i am in the i know it might sound like im joking or something but im being serious family im like at the peak of my ministry! lol i love what i do, and i honestly feel like superman when i do it. i feel like nothing can stop me. i cherish, embrace, and look foward to my challenges and trials that im faced with each day. i see clearly now of everything that needs to be done and the most efficent and effective ways to do them. im motivated, dedicated, and ever so happy as i continue to push myself and strive to get the most out of every opportunity put in my way. im learning so much. its so incredible how its possible. theres so much i want to do with so little time. family theres so many things i want to tell you right now....about the work, myself, the gosple, about everything. its impossible to write and really express in depth of the things that ive come to learn in two years that will serve for eternity in a few paragraphs or even through an email. i dont know where to start nor do i really know exactly what it is i want to tell yous. i feel like im a ballon on the verge of exploding, a damn fulled ready to overflow, a prisoner ready to just breakout. i guess what it really is, is that my time here has truely changed my life. my vision, outlook, perspective, reasons, motives on and for everything has totalmente changed. i feel free, safe, protected, and happy. i know family with no doubt that jesus is the christ. that he is the savior and redeemer of the world. as jesus started his earthly ministry he began by electing his twelve apostles. leading up to this era of time there was all kinds of profecies of this messiah, of this christ that would save the world, who will come in great glory. As jesus, the son of a carpenter, invited his disciples to follow him, we are taught that there was present in these men some degree of doubt to who jesus was and his divine calling. jesus in response to their lack of faith was simply an invatation. an invitation that he not only extended to them but to each and evey one of us. to every single person who desires to know. and simply he said, "come and see." as a missionary i have had the greatest opportunity of my life to come and see for myself. there is no doubt in my mind and heart that jesus is the christ. i know that he lives. i know that he loves us and blesses us according to our obidience to his commandments. i know that this is his work and his glory. i love missionary work so much family. i hope we all can search daily for opportunities to share the gosple. there is always more that we can do, always.
im good tho. dont worry about me. time is flying way to fast and i wish it didnt. the work is going good. we should be baptizing this upcoming week. jose, my converts brother will be getting baptized and its been so cool seing dixon(my convert) constantly share the gosple with his family in spite of their little desires and hardness of heart. at first when i was here last jose didnt want anything and now thru dixons persistent evidence of love for him thru constantly inviting him to church, and to read and pray has helped him little by little have the desires to follow our savior. dixon has been a huge example to me of a true diciple of christ and i know that it will be a really special experience this sunday as his brother jose is baptized. one of many evidences of gods love for his children.
in the house its still crazy. ive been sick because its just a crap hole there. the other two who live with us help out alot tho. elder salas and mccoy are really cool guys. its been quite an experience being in a trio. im glad that i will only have one wife and not two! hahaha na but ive learnt alot from them both. theres been alot of need for adjusting and all but its normal. my progression to be more like jesus this week has come along great. almost there!
but family hope that you guys are being good. take care of eachother and love one another heaps. keep doing family home evenings, reading, and praying together. its our only protection against everything. be good, and always do whats right. send my love to gramz and all the family. i love you guys heaps. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Family!!! (Monday 05 September,2011)

21 yrs old!!! pretty old ae! man i can believe it. thanks for the birthdy wishes, just like faith, birthday wishes with out "works" or "presents and gifts" is dead. hahaha na jokes. being able to see yous will be the best birthday present ever....but good as to hear from you all and for all the updates. i feel so behind. lol for reals. ive actually been thinking alot about adjusting when i get home and its going to be so hard.....ive been slaking big time with my excersises and you can tell lol, im white as. got some huge as tan lines hahaha. but the whole thing about speaking english is what scares me most. i have such a hard time expressing myself.....i always find myself fishing for words cause my vocab has just gotten pretty junk......i actually knocked a door this past week and we got in a it was an english lady from england and we had to share with her and teach her in english and it was hard as. i felt pretty dumb.....a huge lack of words to pull from and i couldnt really expound like i can in spanish. its really hard to explain but what else do you expect right? two whole years of reading, ponder, praying, teaching, expounding, thinking, and living in spanish so theres obviously going to be some challenges. haha im so scared. sweet as tho ae.
um as for me tho family im doing good. ive learnt so much that pretty much watever i go through no matter how big or challenging like sweet. like i dont even stress about anything anymore i got my head screwed on strainght, i know what needs to be done and i know what i need to do to do so. i know my strengths and obviously know my weaknesses and have developed alot of attributes that have helped me so much better overcome everything and anything. i honestly feel like superman! haha na to be honest just so greatful foreverything that ive been able to aquire at such a young age and i know that it will bless my life. it already has and i strive each day to take the most advantage as ican. theres so much more things that i need to learn and theres so little time. me and my companions are doing good. elder salas the argentino is a really cool guy, pretty crazy to be honest. hes had a pretty rough background and its a miracle that hes a missionary. hes got alot of problems and hasnt had to good of a missionary experience so far in his five months so this past week we got to know eachother a little bit more and weve had a good time. hes never gortten along with any of his companions because they all judge him for the things that he does but me and elder mccoy have really grown to just love him in spite of his weakness and everythings been good......hes such a cool fella too. we all have our own weakness cause nobodys perfect so i have no idea why nobodys gotten along with him....elder mccoy too is a cool fella....its crakup as in a trio. we´ve had some pretty funny experiences together...trying to teach and everything not knowing whos giong to say what, and its pretty crakup ae...weve had some pretty good success as weell. were teaching the brother of one of my converts(dixon),vvhos name is jose. hes 16 yearss old and such a good kid. its so weird returning back to an old sector. it was so awesome getting to church and seeing all my converts still strong and active with callings. arturo, the dad of that family that me and elder payne baptized is now our mission leader and its awesome to see how the gosple has changed these peoples lives. i love these people so much.....but yeah our house is still a huge pile of crap. im gonna have to take pictures and send them to you....ive been pretty lazy in that sense but for sure next week ill hook u guys up. living with five is a little bit stressful. the other two that live with us are super greedy and your typical haole missionary. it bothers me alot to see missionaries invite thousands of people to folow jesus christ and them, themselve cant even share their peanut the drama that i go through. um other than that family everything is all good ae. love it so much here. it still hasnt hit me that i go home soon i dont think that it ever will. which is good cuz im not trunky at all, and still going hard. i love you guys so much family. thankyou for so much for all that you guys do for me. my times come to an end but i just want you to know family that i love you guys so much. i kno that jesus lives and that this is true. that what i have shared and done for the past two years is true. i have no doubt about it. till this day, after thousands of lessons, family home evenings, and opportunities to share and teach i still get that tingly feeling inside of me that goes from the tips of my fingers to the very end of my toes as i testify of the restauration of the gosple of jesus christ. this has to be true. ive never felt so sure about anything else in my whole entire life. be good family. take care of each other and always love one another. i love you guys so much. have a good week and represent well. till the death. sned my love to gramz and all the family. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what up whanau! okay dont have much time but heres the low down. i got changed....AGAIN! man im so tired of changes already. for reals. so yeah me and elder soto got the call last night and they told us that we were going to have changes and my comp started to have a little cry ae....i know it sounds a little soft but was a real cool experience. he just thanked me for everything....expressed thanks and just everything and it was awesome to see that i was really able to help him.....for a long time he had me doubting, if i was wasting my time with him, but last night just made it all worth it. i felt really good after knowing that he really did notice the effort that i was making day in and day out to help him and what was best was knowing that he appreciated it. for reals it made me feel happy as, and over joyed knowing that i didnt give up on him.... honestly in spite of all the crappy moments that we had gone thru, the fights, arguments, and disagreements i can say that it was worth it. i tell people all the time that it isn’t easy to follow Jesus but it sure is worth it. Being with elder soto ive been able to practice what i preach..and it surely has strengthen my testimony. i know that Jesus lives...i know that as we strive to be like him, and strive to be more charitable, patient, faithful, diligent, and obedient he purifies us....i know that thru his atonement we are able to become like him, perfect. He has promised it, and i know that as we do our part, put forth the daily effort and strive always he will come through. he always does and he always will. there’s no doubt that he loves us family. if i could id do it all over again.but yeah the poor fella just balled and balled ae. Thanked me for everything i had taught him, and to be honest i learnt more from him, things that will help me for the rest of my life. i felt sad too tho, cuz i remember perfectly how it is being new, and having to direct a sector, with a new companion who doesnt know anything so all night last night we went over all that he needs to do for this week. i set him up hard tho. he should be having at least 6 baptisms this month so everything’s all good....was a good time in galvarino. i was kind of mad that i was only there for so little time. this is the second time that this has happened to me.....the junk part is that they sent me back to rosende!!!! a sector that i was just in 3 months ago....but i have two companions. elder mccoy and elder salas. elder mccoy is from utah and a real good kid, ready to work hard, be obidient and just work work and work. elder salas is from argentina, and hes a bit difficult ae. presidnet put us with him cuz apparently hes got alot of problems. president said im a really loving guy so he wants me to love him to death and help him that way to try get things straight. it looks like hes had alot of problems in the past with companions yelling at him and stuff for his disobedience that pres. told me to try and help not going to lie wasn’t to excited for the call but thats what president wants me to do and thats what i´ll do. but yeah that’s our situation. we live in a pig hole, a piece of crap. has to be the worst apartment in my whole entire mission. with two other missionaries. which means that there’s five of us there. lol i have no idea how we are ging to be able to function in there all together. other than that everything is all good. really dedicated on finishing off strong ae. there’s a lot of things that i still want to get done and do here with so little time so just real set on killing it. i ran out of money today so had to take some more out.....sorry family. i feel really bad doing that but honestly didnt have one cent in my pocket, i had to borrow some to pay for my taxi ride today. lol so shame. but yeah other than that all is good ae. i miss you guys heaps. awesome letter....gotta get hard dad. stop crying bro. i know how it is bro, its not easy being away, and no matter how long ive been here i always get emotional.....flippin soft ae bro. haha. you guys gotta send me photos of lia without here exciting!!!! how was justyns talk? good or what? you guys know what hes gonna do? i still dont know what i want to kind of nervous about it all....better start thinking about it all ive been thinking about it how much wieght i want to be benching by feburary! lol crackup. mum and dad, you guys should call the mission office and ask them what you can do about not knowing how to speak spanish and what will be most efficent and safe to do to be able to get from the airport to the mission home to pick me up. honestly i dont know, so you should give them a ring and see what are some of the options. man its coming so soon ae. so excited to see you all again. thank you so much family for all that you do. i love you all so much. go hard this week and be obidient in all that you do. remember theres no other greater happiness than the happiness we feel as we are obidient. be good and take care of eachother. were all in this together family.....till the death....freedom......of coarse i was there when you were born. with all my love,
Elder kanahele kaka

Sunday, August 28, 2011

kia ora whanau!! ki te pai, apple pie sounds good rite now.
lol that’s all i remember. funny thing family, is that i have forgotten everything. i have forgotten how to speak English correctly, i have forgotten names of places, people, i have forgotten foods, things that i like to do, music i like to listen to, i have forgotten almost everything....having elder Hendricks this past week I’ve been able to speak English for once in ever and i have forgotten everything. he would ask me questions and i couldn’t answer them. lol i didn’t know how to answer them. i didn’t know the words to use or how to explain it. it’s pretty bad! lol remember my farewell talk i just named off the taco bell menu??? saying that i hope it would help me on the mission. hahaha well it didn’t help me at all but its gonna be a weird transition living in an English world again. lol i guess my point is that i really don’t remember any things outside of my life here in the mission. Which is good. i have come to realize that nothing is more important than what I’ve come to understand and learn here serving the lord. it will be a life battle, daily to maintain and increase the presence of the spirit. at least now i know what, and how to do things for myself to achieve such a goal. I’m doing good family. Sounds like you all too are doing well. i miss you all so much. i hope that you guys are going hard. i hope you guys and striving to be more loving, caring, and to be better each day. I’m so grateful for who you are and all that you guys do to do show your love and faith in the savior. i know that it’s for that very reason people are able to feel the spirit as they are in your presence. Serve and work hard. Anything that you do just do it hard. no time to rest in this life ae. Hahaha. Well for me I’m doing good as. we had a baptism yesterday!!! hahaha and we will be having a few more in these upcoming weeks. We found a family of five this past week and they are so good. they have a lot of needs and struggle big time in every aspect of life and it’s been awesome to see how the things in which we have shared have helped them have hope in a better world... to see them act in accordance with this hope through their works and faith knowing that as they are obedient and do as the lord ask they will be alright. in spite of having nothing they have been huge examples to us, striving to the max to complete with the commitments in which we have extended. we have only known them for six days and there is such a huge change that has taken place in their home, a single mother with her four kids, with no job, how much harder could it get right? our first lesson with them they all just cried, the spirit was so strong and since that day there’s just been a new light in their eyes and you can see that they crave what they felt with us and are willing to do all they can to always feel that way. So it’s been an awesome experience with them this past week. um we have another investigator jorge an old man who’s also been investigating the church for twenty years and has been progressing just great. Said yesterday in elder quorum...i can’t believe that i have been so blind for so long!’s so awesome to see people see and better feel how this gospel can bless their lives.... honestly there can’t be anything better than being able to witness someone understand gospel and change everything to live in harmony with what god wants. it surely has strengthen my testimony of god greatness and love for each and every one of us. As for me and my companions. um...its been getting better and i have been able to make a lot of progress. hahaha harray!! lol i told pres. what was going down and he said elder kanahele, just love him! hahahah....i know what your talking about dad that sometimes we feel like we are wasting time having to babysit and that’s not why we came here but this week I’ve come to realize that this elders whole future will depend on his mission. That his whole family, kids, kids kids and generations will depend on who he is and his understanding, commitment, and love for the lord and his gospel. So it’s really helped me have another perspective and love for the way that i feel for him and the things that i do for him and its worked. i have realized that i have one of the greatest opportunities ever. living with him, eating with him, sleeping next to him (not with him lol) being with him day and day out i have the great opportunity to teach, serve, help, and learn with him of what it will take not only to be a missionary but to be a true disciple of Christ worthy to one day return to our father in heaven. The greatest achievements come from the greatest opportunities, and i really do consider this a great opportunity. I’ve been trying soo hard and know that the lord will bless us, he has so much already. i love this gospel so much family. i love our savior Jesus Christ more than anything else in this world. i know he lives and loves us....I’m so grateful for everything i have, family, for you guys and all that you do. i love it here. don’t worry about me. Just go hard and always strive to do what’s rite and be your best. My times come to an end family but want u all to know that i love you guys so much. send my love to everyone. With all my love family,
Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, August 15, 2011

kia ora whanau?

Am i still a spartan??? bahhahaha na bro no where near it but give rats. hahaha crakup bro. but game? something that ill never loose...hahaha just gotta follow dads foot steps. tell them all you love them and recieve all their gifts! hahaha. na but on a serious note family, i love yous heaps ae. awesome as to know that justyns home already. fa ive been waiting all week to hear about it. times gotta be my biggest enemy right now and i cant believe that its all coming to an end. im going hard family. dont worry. going till the death. second wind. although i like kill my comp its all sweet. this week was actually going all good. until a few days a go we got into it. another huge arguement and its been tough ae. i feel like im baby sitting. ive tried to be pátient, and i try to do everything that i can to show him that i love him, wash the dishes, make him breakfast, make his bed, shine his shoes everyday, listen to him and always incorporate his ideas and what he wants to do but i dont know why we still dont get along. hes a real prideful person and its killing him. i really want to help him cause if he doesnt learn now hes gonna have a hard as mission so we ll see how things go. its been hard but all good. still happy as at the end of the day knowing that im giving all i got to do all i can so its all good ae. we will be baptizing this week!!! yeah!!! pres. called us last night to congradulate us for our work that we are doing....hahaha if he only knew the problems that we then he told me that hes got another assignment for wont even believe this. so he sending another missionary with us. we are going to be a trio or a companionship of three elders and the new elder is a bag of problems! we are with him right now and its already sucked! hahaha so yeah. thats pretty much whats going on with me. hahaha what a way to end the mission ae. but all good. the mission has sure been the best experience of my life. i was thinking the other day of how far ive come and all the things that ive learnt and the love that ive come to develop for our savior. not lying family when i first got here in chile, i did not want to be here. lol it was so hard that i just wanted to give up. for reals it was the hardest thing that ive ever had to do. i remember crying myself to bed everything night in my first few months for not wanting to be here, i remember thinking of things that i could do to get sent home with honor, like breaking my leg or something like that. hahaha i feel really bad now feeling and thinking that way but thats how bad it was. i was in a different country, i didnt have my family, i didnt have the comforts of life that ive always been used to having, i had to spend everyday with someone i didnt understand nor like and had every reason in the world to be sad and i sucked big time. i remember that not after long it hit me that i was thinking too much in myself. way to much in myself and that was the problem.i remember waking up one morning early as before my trainer and decided that i was going to loose myself in the work, that in spite of all the things that i was going through all the things that i had to learn and do that i was just gona go hard put my trust in the lord and give my best, forgetting myself and putting others and their needs and happieness before mine. since this day family ive never been happier. for reals it hasnt been easy, far from it to be honest, but it sure has been worth it. pepole think that its a sacrifice to be a missionary, but they are totally wrong. the blessings, knowledge, and light that i have come to understand outweighs a thousand times more the amount of little service that we give in two years as missionaries. i have found my life here in the mission as i have strived to lose it for gods sake. i know that he lives and loves us. i cherish every second that i have and im going hard family, till the death. i love it here so much and really dread the day when i will have to leave. thanks for al that you guys do to have me here. love you all so much. go hard this week ae family. my times come to an end so next week well hear from yous. send my love to all the family. i love you my beautiful family.
elder kanahele kaka
ps. shot pops for sending that stuff bro. love you homie

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kia Ora Whanau!!!!
go hard till death ae bro!!!! cheeehuuuuu...fa thats whats up hori boy. that motivated me hard ae.....second wind family almost i love you guys. i hope that being together you guys have tried to make the most of things.....remember to always love eachother and spend time with eachother cause before we know it george is gonna bounce, imma get married, george will come home and get married than ash will bounce and everybodys gonna be out doing there own hard and really give time and effort to those things that really are our greatest importance....theres nothing else in this life(other than the gosple) that i love more than my family. nothing. so gotta make the most of it a whanau. i love you guys hard. thanks for everything. good as to hear from you all, and for the council mum and dad. its something that ive really needed. as for me here in the mission. ive been having the hardest time of my life. me and my companion, fight, fight, and fight some more, all day every day. its been hard as ae. its been the hardest thing that ive ever gone through. everything that we talk about, do, and want to do we argue about, or better said we dont see eye to eye on. its been the hugest test of patience, charity, and faith. ive been so close to smashing him so many times.!!!!! bahahaha no but for reals almost, ALMOST did it.... there was a few days where i was praying for him to hit me so i could kick the crap out of but family dont worry ae. i know i make it sound real bad (which it is and im not exaggerating at all) but to be honest im really greeatful for all the things that ive been able to learn through such struggles. although life pretty much sucks, ive strived to look at it as opportunities to learn, and i have been able to do so. ive had to learn how to better communicate myself, how to be patient, humble, and how to really love with no conditions. it hasnt been nothing easy but its has been worth it. so everythings all good ae....we´ve had alot of talks and really deep down hes a good fella and wants to be better and wants to do good so really thats all that matters. so ive just been trying my best to help him. what a week ae. not gonna lie, im pretty scared for marriage! hahahaha cant make the wrong choice ae cuz temple marriages are eternal....its not like i can wait for transfers or anything ae. hahaha na but other than that we´ve been all good ae. in our ward there are alot of needs....alot! and like usual theres alot that WE need to do to help them. um our investigators that we have our gold. saul gaurantee baptism on the 21st and my comp will be baptizing him. hes so stoaked. this week we also started visiting and teeaching the husband of a old time sister whos OG. pioneer status here in chile but her husband never got baptized. so we went by the first time this past week and tried talking to him. was tough ae. for twenty years theres been missionaries trying to teach him and convert him but nobodies been able to do it. so we went by this week and its been going good as. with out the spirit its impossible, IMPOSSIBLE to help someone recieve a testimony of the truthfulness of our message. and we´ve strived to plan spiritual lessons with him and its been working. im sure hes heard everything that we are teaching him but for our preparation, and desires to help him we´ve been able to help him feel and open up to that spirit and hes been making alot of progress. when we first meet him he was hard as a rock just full on bashing on the church and everything and just yesterday as we arrived to his house to teach him and his wife let us in, and he came out of his room with the book of mormon and told us these exact words...."ive come to a conclusion...the book of mormon is true!!!!" there really are no experiences greater than these. seeing the conversion of others as they excercise theyre faith. was the best ae. my companion was jumping up and down and ran over to him and gave him a huge hug. lol it was so crakup ae. typical newbee. but yeah family we are doing great ae. i love this work so much. i know i say it all the time but seriously ive been able to find my life here in the service of our lord. my mission has saved me and i know that it will bless my life forever. i have no doubt that our savior lives and this is his gosple. im going as hard as i can family. till the death, like an animal from the crack of dawn till the very night, giving all that i have, every thing that i have to the lord. theres no other option. no other.and i sure do expect the same from yous. im so proud of you all. and i love you guys so much. go even harder this week ae. send my love to all the famz....second wind. duitz. ps...sorry bout it but can you buy me and send me a bible. haha a normal one like the triple that you sent me. and that taonga for elder anderson that i asked a while back. i feel stink as asking but its really important. this fella anderson saved my life ae...real important fella and wanted to hook him up. but yeah let me know if can ba. love you family.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monday August 01 - 2011


Aloha my beautiful family! Awesome as to hear from you guys again. I’ve been dying to hear from yous ae! hahahaha for real’s. Sounds like everything’s all good ae. So proud of you all. man george is the man ae. Happy birthday bro! my time right before the mission was the best time of my life, and it looks like he’s having fun. Good on you bro. be a good boy ae. lia and ash, stop fighting man! hahaha for real’s though id do anything to be with you guys right now so cherish the time that you have to be together, because time as we’ve come to learn flies way to fast. Family I’ve been good. i don’t have too much time to write today cuz my companion being new had a lot of paper work that he had to do for his visa and all so were small kine rushing it ae. Um work wise we had a great week. Worked hard, and just put everything out on the table and just going hard ae, and seeing the blessings and fruits of our labors. I’ve learnt that the lord sends work to those missionaries who really want to work. This sector has been dead for ages with nothing, and being here the only thing that we´ve wanted to do, is work and doing so the lord has just put all kinds of great people in our path, to teach and help. i love this work so much....half the world wrote me today and shortly replying to each one, i was able to see how my life has been blessed and changed so much by the time that i have had to serve a mission. thinking of each person and my relationship with each one and the experiences that i had with each of them realy hit me big time of all the progress that I’ve made and how I’m really not the same person.haha I don’t know if i make sense but you get what I’m trying to but this week, personally has been filled with heaps of opportunities to grow and learn. it’s funny cause it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on the mission there’s always challenges. um.....being here and starting this change i really felt that I’ve gone through everything, that there wasn’t anything else that i could go through that i haven’t already faced...jjajaja a little pride cycle action ae! haha....well my companion and i have had a few run ins ae and it’s something that I’ve never gone through before. hahaha for real’s. With all my comps that I’ve had in my whole entire mission, I’ve never banged heads so hard before. i don’t know what it is but there was a lot of heavy things that went down ae. um my comp being older and Latin doesn’t really take criticism real well from, someone younger, who isn’t a native speaker and me, i don’t take crap from no one so this past week we have been like water and’s been tough ae, and a lot of situations that I’ve never been in before and things that I’ve never needed to deal with and its rough...I’ve learnt the importance really of patience that comes as we have charity. ive come to understand that if we don’t have charity we are as the scripture says, nothing....and this has been something that I’ve been compelled (you could say) to develop. hahaha the lord will have a humble people and i feel like this is a way in which the lord is humbling me. it’s been rough but I’m learning and striving to be more humble each day. I’ve already been able to see that through such humility the lord has blessed me with the charity that i need to be more patient with my companion and really desire his spiritual progress. My experiences with my companion now has had to be the closest thing in this earth to the reality of marriage and i crakup when i think about it. Pretty ironic how things work out ae. but its been awesome to be honest. although we´ve been having a few problems we have had some spiritual experiences together that have come through working things out and talking about what we can do to be better. So it’s awesome ae. love this little peruvian to death and just learning all i can from him. But other than that everything’s all good ae. i want you all to know family that i love you guys so much. mum dad lia ash and george. i love yous and so grateful for all that you guys have done and continue to do for me. i know that i am only here because of the family that i was raised in. there really is no other social unit more important than what we have established in our home, and i thank you so much mum and dad for doing so. Go hard this week ae family and represent well. Send my love to gramz and all the famz. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Friday, July 29, 2011


What up family! man I’ve missed you guys heaps ae. haha. thanks for your guys letter ae. it was really good. Good to hear how everyone are doing. Proud of all of you ae. helps me big time to know that with all the trials and struggles that you have, you keep going hard. Helps me out a lot and gives me the strength to keep pushing as well. You guys have been able to do so much and so very well, and for that i thank you guys. You guys really are my second wind. let’s just keep going hard ae. love you famz. um well for me....hahaha well yeah its sure been a huge test of’s been really stressful but i need to tell you all. not to be boastful or anything but this is what’s going down. President was told to choose someone who is humble, faithful and obedient enough to lift the mission’s vision. Was told that with this elder would have to train and open the sector that has had the most problems in the mission and that he would be an example and light to the mission. That he would be put there to explode and beast and work miracles to show the mission what is possible to achieve in spite of all problems that could possibly exist. Monday night before getting our new companions pres called me and said that this was my new calling!!!. hahahahaha how much more pressure could you put on me right? So that’s been our situation pretty much. um I’m here in my new sector, galvarino which is just a huge mess. For real’s it has to be the worse ward in the world! lol um my companion is from peru. His name is elder soto and is 25 years. he just got baptized two years ago and now he’s a full time missionary. Awesome fella ae. lol he has no idea of what he’s doing but just happy as that he’s here. for real’s he is like from the jungle jungle in peru, like one of those little Amazon native people who just live in the trees and have their own language and stuff hahaha and just one of those that has never seen a computer, doesn’t know how to read real well, and just kind of lost ae. Which has been kind of tough but it’s all good. um we had a really great week. Been on our toes the whole week ae. just working our butts off and it’s been a lot of work. Both of us being new we don’t know anything. Where the chapel is, who’s members and who’s not, where we need to go to get lunch, wash our clothes, and we didn’t even know how to get to our own house the first day. Was a crack up. Was like 10 oclok at night and we were still with all our luggage walking down ghetto back passage ways looking for our house. Too funny bro. but we´ve been good. we´ve been able to find a lot of investigators already and found one of gold that’s a guarantee baptism for next month. The rest of our investigators will require a little bit more work but it’s all good. Already have been able to see miracles in our short time here together. only one way from here and its up, so were pretty good ae. I’ve had to work on a lot of patience though lately hahahaha.... i keep forgetting that my companion is new and doesn’t know anything so i have had to be real understanding in that sense. But he’s a real humble guy which is great and always willing to learn so we’ve learnt heaps already together. Our house has surely won the trophy for the most ghetto est house in chile. i will probably finish my mission here so you all will be able to see it when you come. Where gona have a mean laugh. but yeah that’s us ae fam. I’m tired as still hahaa but never been happier. My mission has saved my life family and it means everything to me. i cherish ever day out here and strive to always to learn and grow. I’ve been going hard ae and my second winds for sure kicking in. go hard or go home ae?? no regrets ba. so ye fam i love you heaps. heres a few pics. send gramz and all the famz my love. mum dad, george, ash and lia thank you for everything that you guys do. i love you all heaps. But gotta go so next week will hear from yous. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Kiora family!

Awesome letter whanau! i love you guys so much you were saying mum. being here I’ve also been able to see a difference in each and every one of you through your letters. i really don’t know how to put it into words but I’m just so eternally grateful for our family and for being so blessed to have been born and raised in such a loving home. I never want to leave you guys again ae. hahhaha i tell all my boys that when i go home imma live at home they just laugh, but seriously family i love you all so much. My memories are always fading but it’s a good thing cause that means that I’ve been out for a long time and i only got little bit of time left. hahaha Family i got to let you all know. last night we had transfers, and president switched me out. Straight up sucked man. I’m not going to lie i was a little bit bothered ae. i had everything good. had a mean companion, had the best sector, had 7 amazing investigators who all will be getting baptized, have 7 converts there, and just was having the time of my life working my butt off. i had only been there for 1 month and my man pulled me first i was a little bit bugged ae but last night i was really able to see how i as a person have often doesn’t really notice the progress that he makes, and last night was just one of those opportunities in which it just hit me. if this would have happened to me a year ago or even six months ago i would have been upset ae, straight up furious, but last night i got the call, accepted it, and just went with it ae. My companion couldn’t understand how i wasn’t mad. As missionaries we teach all the time of the commandments of the lord and how the lord gives them to us to bless us, that no matter what he asks us to do we need to do it no questions asked. if he ask us to climb a mountain every day we need to climb the mountain, and last night it was just natural. As soon as i got the call to pack, i did so. not going to lie it was hard leaving what i left but family i know with no doubt that the lord blesses us as we are obedient....i have come to really understand and more appreciate the importance and need for obedience. really there is no other way to do the lords work, or to do things the lords way if we are not obedient....i know that when we are obedient we have no limits... that when we are humble, put our trust in the lord and are obedient to what he wants us to do, is when he uses us to accomplish anything and everything he wants done in spite of our own weakness. i don’t know why i got sent here but i know that here is where i have been called to be, and here is where i will obediently serve. i love this gospel family and the blessings that I’ve been able to receive as I’ve lived it. i love our savior so much. i know that he really does know and love us....he loves us so much that he gave his life for us, and for a sacrifice so great has only asked us in return to be obedient. i admire you family for your willingness and desires to be obedient to the lord. Obviously nobody is perfect, and i know that it’s not easy to always strive and be like Jesus, but family it sure is worth it. Love you guys so much and so grateful for your examples and for your love for our savior. let’s keep going hard ae. um i got switched to a sector named galvarino and its right next to one of my old sectors(los conquistadores) hahaha crackup ae. i will be training a new elder and excited and ready to just beast. um we also had an awesome baptism yesterday. We baptized this fella named manuel. and ill send you guys the photos next week. He has been a miracle. A great example to us and huge evidence that god lives and that this is his gospel and that this same gospel does change lives as we our let it do so. huge dude, tattoos also all over, drug addict, alcoholic but just like victor has been able to find the strength to change and has felt the happiness that comes as we are obedient and live the gospel. Awesome guy ae. but yeah other than that all good ae family. I’m good ae. More than happy and forever grateful to be a representative of the lord. i will cherish these two years for the rest of my life. My time has come to an end. so ill talk to you next week family. Love you guys heaps! with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka


Aloha Family!

e kou makou makua i loko o kalani! bahahaha. crackup story family. I’ve been walking around saying my hawaiian prayer lines acting like i speak Hawaiian and everybody believes me. lol waste time me ae. hahaha but sweet as. Awesome letter family. Good as, as always to hear from you all again. So happy to find you all in good health and of good spirits. i miss you guys heaps and just so grateful for what you guys do and for who you are. Proud to be part of the kakas! love you guys heaps don’t let our bikes get stolen you dumb buggers. Haha but family everything’s going good for us here. Another long as week but way worth it. um we baptized again yesterday. such an awesome experience man. their names are victor and felipe maturana. they are brothers and have progressed hard. Victor is twenty one years old and his little brother felipe is ten. One day in my first week here in this sector we were visiting a bunch of less active members in a ghetto as Brooklyn Bronx department complex and none of them were home. as we were coming down from the third story of this building we passed a door and we don’t know why but me and my companion both stopped, looked at it, and felt that we needed to knock it. As we knocked the door this victor had opened shirt, tattoos all over his body, and those huge massive emo earrings that just stretch the crap out of your looking at him we were like...."frek what kind of prompting was that" hahahaha.."followed the spirit and it led us to this creep weirdo!" lol but we started to talked to him, and asked him if we could share something with him about Jesus Christ, and he let us we walk in and started talking with him you know, we asked him questions and things really got worse ae. hahaha he didn’t believe in nothing. He said that he doesn’t believe in god, or a Jesus Christ, nothing. He believed that were born, live, then die and that’s it. so we really started to think that there was no hope nor cause with this fella you know, but we shared of the doctrine of Christ. of how god as our loving father loves us and blesses us as we are obedient to him and do what he wants us to do. He sat there obviously not giving rats but we left him with alma 32 and invited him to just experiment, to just try and really see for himself, and left. Family within 4 weeks victors’ life has changed completely........a full 180 degrees. We went back a few days later and he had done his reading and he had prayed. We invited him to be baptized, he didn’t want to, so we left him with a reading and invited him to ask god. We taught him the restoration and he didn’t believe it, so we left him another reading and invited him to ask god. We taught him the plan of salvation, it blew his mind and he felt like it was to perfect to really exist, so what did we do? We left him another reading and invited him again to ask god. Victor has been one of the hugest examples to me here on the mission of faith. he Believed in zero, nada, absolutely nothing but since our first visit has had the desires to know, and has had the faith, sufficient enough to act....he has simply done so, simply experimented upon the word, has simply read and prayed, and done his part and little by little has been able to change his life. We taught him about the law of chastity, and he was having a few problems but understanding perfectly that what he was doing was wrong decided to break up with his girlfriend. We taught him about the word of wisdom, and how our bodies our temples and immediately he took out all six of his piercings. Taught him about the Sabbath day and what the lord expects us to do to keep it holy and as soon as he could called for a release from his job that made him work on Sundays. shared with him lehis dream and the joy that comes from not only by partaking of the fruit but by sharing it with others, and this same victor has been sharing with his cousins, ex girlfriend, and his brother. Family thru just exercising a little particle of faith, and experimenting upon the word the lord has brought to past miracles in this young man’s life. From believing in zero, victor and his little brother felipe were baptized yesterday in the church of Jesus Christ. Family there’s no doubt in my mind that this is the lords work and that he has prepared a way for all of us to return back to him. I’m so very grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to be a representative of Jesus Christ. i really don’t know where I’d be without the mission. i really don’t. i know that there’s no other way to be happy in this life and to return back to our heavenly father, other than our obedience through faith in our savior Jesus Christ and his in gospel. no other way family. i love you guys heaps ae. I’m happy as and am cherishing every minute of every day here in the mission field. We are the hope of Israel! let’s go hard this week family. Let’s be better every day. Let’s serve and love more every day. Let’s be more willing to sacrifice every day. Let’s just do it. Send my love to grams and all the family. My time has come to an end so until next week my beautiful family. With all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka