Monday, November 7, 2011

what up family! man good as to hear from you guys. gettting real nerve racking being so close to the end ae.. hhahahaha i have been having some really hard reality checks this week ae. i think its finally hitting me and ive just been a small kine mess. crying liike a little baby....i just cant believe that its coming to an end. being a missionary is my life, thats all i know how to do, and just having to try and think that its finishing has just been killing me. for reals ill be studying, teaching, contacting even in church yesterday and just thinking of how much i will really miss chile and most of all being an emisary of the lord jesus christ. ive been getting emotional hard. i love this country, these people, this life so much and really dont want it to end. ive been a huge emotional wreck. but its all good. i know its just another of lifes phases and just gotta keep moving upwards. ive been better actually, im really excited to see you guys so thats been a huge light at the end of the tunnel. so yeah, almost there family. only 14 days. crakup ae!!! fa gonna be awesome as whanau....were gonna have a good time. together......cant wait to see you mum and dad and just hug you i got in trouble awhile back from president for hugging one of my converts who is maybe like 70 yrs old...hahaha she actually hugged me and i couldnt stop her you know, so i just let her hug me and then someone told on me. got called in to in interview and pres. went scold me small kine. but last week i had another interview with him and i asked him if it would be alrite if i hugged my felt dumb..but it was crakup, but yeah other than that family im doing good. ive done maybe 5 changes this week. meaning that ive been without my companions for 5 of the 7 daysof the week and its been awesome. really good. on top of it ive been with really good missionaries, who are humble and down to just work and weve done some major damage in these past few days. worked like crazy and found heaps of new people. a few families, and couples and its been awesome. we were knocking ghetto department blocks and out of the 16 departments in one of the blocks we got into 10 of the houses. was a awesome as day. we didnt have to do anything but just teach all day in the same building. lol something that we are putting into practice that has helped us alot reciently is being persistent. normally in contacts we will observe,listen, discern and teach and if people looked like they arnt really ready to listen to us or if they just dont want anything we would normailly just bounce but weve been really persistent trying to get past these normal front door excuses to really give people the chance to listen to our message, understand it, and then have the opportunity to truly use there agency. so weve been really pushy in that sense. ive put my foot in so many doors as its being closed this week. its crack up as but thats how important our message is. the most important message these people will ever hear, and they deserve the chance to atleast hear it. as you think of it that way putting the foot in the door is an understatement right. id kick down doors if i could hahaha. but yeah, by doing so weve been let in so many homes of people who at first denied us, then as they got to know us and our message have been so touched....moroni says, "Behold, I speak with boldness, having authority from God; and I fear not what man can do; for perfect love casteth out all fear." being missionaries we too have authority from god and if we really do love these people we wont fear anything, and we will do all that we can to save them. even if that means as moroni puts it to speak with boldness, or even putting the foot in the door, perfect love casteth out all fear. love is truly the underline reason for everything we do. i love this country, i love these people, i love the mission, and i love the lord. i am so greatful to be here as a missionary. i love you so much family. thank you for all that you guys do but more importantly for who you guys are. lets strive daily family to eliminate ourselves from sin and we will be more happy. we are almost there. 2 weeks baby! but i gotta go family. gotta zone activity to get to. so until next week my beautiful family, i love you guys heaps,
elder kanahele kak√°
thanks for everything.