Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter family!!!

kia ora family!!! fa whats up with all the maori words this week??? Thought yous were plastic?? hahaha shot on the harakeke bro... lol well awesome to hear from you guys once again....for reals i missed you guys too ae this past week....home sickness i think is something i´ll never get used straight up....I’ve been here for ages and still get homesick! lol just now I’ve learnt how to cope with it and what to do to help me get over it so it’s all good.... was having a good laugh reading about george and dad being in the same class....fa thats gotta be crackup as! dumb buggers! hahaha dad will you be there when i get home bro??? funny stuff man, but first off i need to let you all know that here on the mission we have changed our mailing address! so if you guys want to send me anything, letter, package, or anything thru the mail you need to send it to this address okay!

Mision Chile Santiago Norte
Sucursal Correo Patronato Casilla 60
Santiago Chile

But yeah for we are good....yesterday actually was the last day of the transfer and i can’t believe that I’ve already been here for 6 weeks....its nuts man for real’s. i will be starting my 12th transfer here in the field. for us we have 16 transfers in the two years which mean that i only have four left! that’s so crazy....i remember my first change with my trainer elder carrasco and that felt like eternity!!! Honestly that felt like two years in its self but since then time has surely flown...i have no idea where it all has gone. elder marquez, elder rosenlof, elder snider, elder peck, and now elder payne. 6 extraordinary missionaries that have shaped me into the man that i am today...i have learnt so much from each one of my companions and have come to better understand what i want in an eternal companion and what it takes to be successful in a in the mission we get our calls for the changes of companions and stuffs the last night of transfers (Sunday) in the night time and last night I’m not going to lie....a little bit of me wanted a change..Me and my companion get along but i just wanted out you so at 11 30 at night we got the call and we were told that we would be together for another 6 weeks! lol the answer that i was small kine dreading for real’s i was a little bit uneasy, and a little bit mad. We are honestly the two most different people that you could find here on earth, have nothing in common what so ever. in spite of all our differences i honestly have learnt the most in my mission being with him....i have learnt more about myself and my weakness and truly have had to strive and fight to overcome my natural man and my natural habits to make things work. a lot of problems that i have had here on the mission has always been outside of my companionship, problems with the ward, with the sector, with investigators with things that I’ve hadn’t had to deal with all day every day. So being here with elder payne has truly helped me become more of a ChristLike person. having to be with him every minute of the day has blessed me with constant opportunities to better myself....being with him has been like a purifying process....I’ve been able to see a lot of my weakness, and I’ve had to make plans to better them....daily i put goals on how i can be a more charitable, humble, virtuous, obedient, faithful person to help me better serve him....things from making his bed, helping him with his Spanish, to not even thinking bad about him. i have a huge as list that i go through every morning before i start my day to remind me what i need to do and i go through it at night right before i pray to see how it went and it really has helped me not only "do" as Christ but to "be" as he was. Somedays i do better than others but I’ve been able to really come to see the power that comes thru the atonement as i repent and try better the next day. This scripture has been my scripture this past transfer and it’s in 3nephi 27:27 and Jesus says, "Therefore, what manner of men ought ye to be? Verily I say unto you, even das I am." Jesus has invited all to be like him and what better opportunity do i have than to be here in this sector with my companion. i know that these next six weeks won’t be the best but they surly will be worth it in helping me purify myself and become a more Christ like person.....i really have been happy with my success and enjoy the growth that i am able to make here ae family. i love this mission and honestly am happy as to be here...but yeah other than that everything is all good. we actually have had a few baptisms...ill send the photos....and we are having heaps of success ae....have a lot of people to teach and are really just in that phase of the work! Teaching! Which is better than walking all day and knocking doors so I’m grateful as....our convert family has been awesome...been helping us big time and we actually already have baptized a friend of arturo ( the dad). arturo himself baptized him yesterday and was just a great sight to see....he blessed the sacrament as well in sacrament and there’s nothing better to see than those people you have brought into the gospel flourish....but yeah that’s us here....things are going way better in the ward and life is just good what else! oh i did the haka too this past week in zone class by myself and was three mean!! lol was small kine crimz but i still get em ba....thing was that i lost my voice for the whole week and it’s just starting to come back! lol but yeah that’s us ae.... my times up and just wanted to let you know family that i love each one of you. mum dad, george, ash and lia! i love you guys heaps and i go hard every day to represent our family....always remember who we are and what we stand one another and take care of each other....lets always strive each day to be like our savior Jesus Christ, i know that he lives and that he does love us, but family let grandma know that i love her....thank her for her letter today ya! but until next week my beautiful family, with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaká

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Monday 04 April, 2011

bienas dias family!!

How you fellas been oye?? hahaha sounds like everything’s been good over there ae!! fa that’s good... I’m happy as that you guys were able to watch conference...wasn’t it great!!!! lol for real’s i find that way more exciting than going to the movies and watching the newest movies in high def with surround system.!!! hahaha can’t believe that i didnt pay more attention when i was younger!!(bahahaha like I’m old now) but yeah...only got one left!! nutz ae!!! fa honestly i have no idea where the time has gone!! But family really awesome hearing from you guys.....hitler ae bro??? FA that’s a good one bro! for real’s had me laughing know as a missionary I’ve kinda lost that worldly sense of humor so it’s always good to hear it now and then!!!! bahahaha don’t tap me george!!!! but yea got grandmas box and just finished reading her letter....i love that lady heaps ae so make sure you let her know how grateful i am for her, but for me family I’m doing great ae...things are going good as here in the sector ae....I’m doing good as....getting along way better with my companion and just really loving life....really I’m so happy. i love the mission and this sector...this past week nothing really testimony continues to grow in that knowledge of this gospel...this past week we as a companionship set a lot of goals that we committed ourselves to accomplish even if it involved us to do the most extreme....and at first early on in the week it wasn’t going to well....we wanted to find two people who were guaranteed baptisms for this month and we actually found them but lost them on Tuesday so were running around hard and really working to find somebody....honestly I’ve never worked so hard before and Wednesday past after a whole day of activities to help us find and resulted in no one! then Thursday, Friday Saturday, all passed and still no we kept going hard....focused ourselves to work, show are faith and trust in the lord by doing everything in our human reach that we could do and i lie you not god did come thru as he always does.....Sunday night at 930pm right before we were going home we were walking past the house of that family that we recently baptized and got the impression to visit them real quick before returning to the house....and as we entered there in the living room we two family friends who after getting to know a lil bit and shared the message of the restoration accepted two baptismal dates for the 24th of this month! i know god lives, and that he loves us....i know that as we strive to complete and better ourselves each day he fulfills and blesses us with what we need. I’ve never felt this way before but I’m just so antzy to be a missionary...honestly i think i finally understanding it....every second of every minute of the day is a possibility that i have to help someone come unto the true gospel of Jesus Christ...where’ve been working hard as...and satisfaction now only comes when i know i gave everything i got for each second i have each day to do what i came here to do....something that i guess that wasn’t that strong within me but has grown so much to the point in where i am now....i love missionary work ae....ive learnt so much and even tho there’s always problems I’ve learnt that nothings too big for us to in our sector, we still have a few problems that are that great but still bother a lil you know...we have members who don’t like to help us share the gospel but then get mad at us when we don’t visit them because we’re working, a bishop that gets angry at us for not showing up to clean the chapel when we have appointments with investigators and just a whole bunch of crap like that but i know that there only here to strengthen us... Quick where’ve been visiting the family that we recently baptized a lot because they have the missionary vision.. you gotta see them they are amazing....better missionaries then us!!! hahaha for real’s thos the work has been a lot easier working with them and the friends that they have presented to us.... but the story goes that the mum of the family always makes us a least three times a week. she will make a cake and at night we stop by and eat it with them and their family....a quick update....chilean pastries, pies, cakes, donuts, all suck!!!! for real’s nothings as worse as the way they do things here....but nobody knows better so to them it’s the best that there is you know so...we normally go by and forcefully make ourselves look happy so they don’t get offended lol but grandmas box came in the other day and inside was cake and brownie mix....long story short we took it over and made it for them. And they fell in love!!!! i fell in love!!! lol its been so long since a good cake but they were going crazy and just couldn’t believe that this cake had come from that bag!!! we came by the next day and the dad told us to sit down and that he was going to share the message.....and he started to speak and he said that he got to thinking a lot about the day before and how delicious this cake was....he said all his life he has loved cakes....chilean cakes and that’s why his wife made them so much. and never thought that anything else could steal this place in his heart that he held for these chilean cakes....well he went on to explaining that last night his whole heart was stolen as he shared this cake with us that we had made...he said that his eyes were open and that surely there was nothing better...he then likened this experience unto that with their encounter with the gospel that it has been the same.....that growing up being a catholic he thought that nothing else was better, but as he started listening to the missionaries and exercising his faith he has really come to feel other wise...he explained that lehi described it best in nephi 8:12 which reads "And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit" i sat there just so blown a way...this man a member for barely two weeks was truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ...i was blown away!! family there are people just like this man arturo egaña who would be great members of this church but our only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it!!! may we hearken unto elder Neil L Andersons council from conference and take this responsibility among ourselves as which it is as members of the gospel to make these things known unto every living creature...we have something that so many one way or another desire! Like uchtdorf said, are we living beneath our privileges? are we living up to our exceptions?? family as a missionary i know that there is no better way to do this work rather than through members of the church...if we really understand the truthfulness of the gospel and the reality of the atonement we will do what every member should be doing....sharing the gospel!!!! Family although we live in a well populated area of Mormons lets daily seek for opportunities to shared the gospel. i know that as we do this god will not only bless us with these opportunities but with the courage to open our mouths and declare the truth......there’s no satisfaction more greater than the blessings that we receive by sharing theses blessings that we have and continue to receive thru the gospel with others. lets live up to our expectations and receive the blessings that comes thru these privileges. Family i love each and every one of you...mum dad, george, ash, and lia...miss you guys hard...hope that this week can be one full of growth and learning...know that i pray for each one of you grateful for your love and and take care of one another and know that i strive to give my best to the lord each and every day. i can’t express how much i love and am grateful for this gospel and the knowledge that it provides us of eternal families.. that’s all i want and know we can have as we be and daily live what we believe. family i love you all so much...send my love and gratitude to gramz and to the rest of the family....don’t worry bout me ba....i doing good! But got to go my beautiful family, until next week, with all my love,

Elder conway kauimua kanahele kaka

Monday 11 April, 2011

What’s up family!!!

Just feels like yesterday we talked!!! bahahaha sorry about it!!! lol was good though ae to hear from you guys the other day....i knew you were going to be worried mum so sweet as girl....but the update for all sis. may called me and i pretty much just told her and let her know that its something that i wanna she understood me ae...she said she´ll fight my case and try get me yeah i didn’t end up going in today....sis. Mays going to talk with headquarters in Utah and then she´ll let me know. hahaha but yeah other than that I’m all good ae....good as to hear from you guys today. sounds like you guys went have one chill week....crackup as reading all the car accident stories....hahaha little buggers wrecking everything ae?? hahaha...ash bro tried lying ae?? father like son bro...hahhahaha i did the same thing bro...said i was reaching down to change the song on my ipod but really went fall asleep! hahaha sorry bout it! crack up tho. at least you told the truth bro that’s the main thing.....hori on for samoa bro?? thats mean bro...gotta send me some clips ba.. go hard this break..keep busy and use your time wisely my brother....mean as too that you’re going to japan...for how long is this trip?? who else is going with you??? well family really there’s no reason to worry about me for real’s.....I’m honestly sweet as...just a few things that i wanted to get done so its all good......not really that bothered haha...focused hard as in the work...for real’s so don’t worry. wake up earlier to study and read when i know we might have to leave to some doctor contacts in the hospital with random people and always trying to make up for lost time....really there is nothing more important to me than being a missionary. We will be having interviews this week and president has given all of us a question to think about to answer in our interview....and the question is...what is your vision as a missionary?? and this question has really made me think a lot this whole week in what my vision is as a missionary...and what i came to conclude is that as missionaries we are called to preach repentance and baptism by immersion for the remission of sins by someone who has the authority to do so for a reason.....because nothing else matters..nothing else will ever matter....the lord himself has said that there is NO greater gift than salvation....which only comes thru this as a missionary i am called of god and ordained and set aside from the world and its problems to bring about gods work and glory... nobody says it better than Jacob and Joseph as they tried to persuade there brothers to come unto Christ as they said, "And we did magnify our office unto the Lord, taking upon us the responsibility, answering the sins of the people upon our own heads if we did not teach them the word of God with all diligence; wherefore, by laboring with our might their blood might not come upon our garments; otherwise their blood would come upon our garments, and we would not be found spotless at the last day." ...this has become my vision here on the mission that i continually with diligence and hard work try to not only fulfill my calling as a missionary but magnifying it by taking upon me the responsibilities of the sins of people that i have been called to serve so that they may be able to return one day to our father in heaven... i love missionary work and learn so much every day....i learn so much that my brain is too small to remember it all!!! Hahaha, but for real’s family im doing good as....have been having a lot of success thru this family...they are just machines....have given us all kinds of references.....half of them aren’t that great but the point is that this family have the desires and feel the need to share the gospel....they are so’s made our job so easy cuz they go look for people and set appointments for us in the morning and after we study and after lunch we just go over to their house and just teach all the people they find!!! hahaha don’t have to do nothing but teach,,,, no knocking doors or walking heaps or getting dirty or sweaty but’s been awesome....we actually do have a kid named dixon that they have found for us who is really good.....comes from a hard life and can tell that the lord has really prepared him to receive us...he’s 17 goes to high school but works three different jobs just to help his mum and his family make ends meet! really rough scruffy kid but has really soft heart and has really taken to the gospel....with all his problems and with all the things he has to do has always found time to meet with us, read, pray, and go to church...he loves it and has told it makes him so it’s been awesome as to teach this as fella too...keeps asking me to arm wrestle him and do a push up contest! lol funny as....but yeah that’s been and my companion are getting along good....better at least...still heaps of things that we need to do to better our relationship but at least we getting better....our house is an flippin igloo!!!! For real’’s starting to get cold again and at nights and in the morning its cold as....yesterday it was like 20 degrees!! i was freezing hard....but it’s hot as today so we are just in that time of year...but family i love you guys ae....thank you all for everything....mum and dad was good talking to you fellas..dont worry bullehs...thanks for all that you continue to do and sacrifice to have me here happily serving the lord...i strive to better myself each day and represent ash, and lia...i love u guys good kids okay. love each other and look after each other..i love you guys so much....send my love to gramz...hope she has a mean as trip. but i love you my beautiful family, until next week. with all my love,
Elder conway kanahele kaka

Monday, April 18, 2011

BIenas dias mi familia!!

les he extrañado mucho este semana, en verdad no sé por qué pero he estado unpoko con nostalgia del hogar pero igual todo está he esforzado lo maximo para dar todo lo que tengo al señor entonces me siento bien contento. aparte de eso no hay nada mas jajaja solo sé que ash siga como un paiaso!!! las photos son super chistoso, lilia parece terrible bonita!!! como una princesa, A beautiful swan!!! jaja

What up family!

sorry bout it...awesome letter though whanau....everything sounds like it’s all going well and good...still the same ae....the beach bums bounce while dad cleans up!!! hahaha what a rip off bro! lol believe it or not i miss cleaning up ae....washing the dishes, vacuuming, and mowing the lawns are really blessings when we think about it!!! to have a yard with grass, dishes to wash, and carpet to actually vacuum in its self is something that many people around the world don’t have. for real’s, nobody here has grass!!! lol everything’s dirt and it sucks!!! i can’t even remember the last time I’ve seen grass! lol so mowing the lawn honestly is a privilege here. people do it for free.....same thing with vacuuming...everybody here is to poor to have carpet so nobody has a vacuum! lol ive never seen a vacuum in my entire mission and washing dishes with hot water here is a big NO don’t waste your hot water on stupid stuff like that! hahahaha so reading today really made me grateful for the things that we have....on top of it we live in paradise!!! Hawaii is bomb and i never want to leave again!!! lol but yeah um I’m not going to do the laser thing...first of all i can’t cause they won’t let me and I’ve thought about it and prayed like you said mum and na im all good.....its getting way better though...just in the past couple days....looking handsome as now ae! Hahahaha, but yeah family, with me everything is all here on the mission sometimes you think and feel that you’ve gone thru everything, you pretty much know everything and really there’s nothing more to learn and right when you think that, BAM! Something new comes up! hahaha um got some stories for you but first off everything is all good’s starting to get FREEZING hard!!!! straight up like i use 6 blankets when i go to sleep and 6 layers of clothing because its sooooo cold....a big part of it i think is just the whole standard of living for Chileans a house is four walls and a tin roof you know and everything is good, life is great. and that’s how our house pretty much is! lol four walls with a tin roof....there’s gaps between all the walls where they meet and between the walls with the roof cause it looks like they didn’t level things out to good so that could be a huge reason why its so instillation system what so ever so it’s pretty much like just sleeping actually is warmer outside than inside of our house! hahahaha its like an igloo! No exaggeration! But yeah other than that me and my comp are getting along way better...I’m learning how to just accept him and love him for who he is! hahaha it’s been tough but you can definitely see and feel the difference which is the most well we have been having a lot of success lately! been finding heaps of people and ive really just been able to see the lords hand in this work...this week I’ve learnt heaps ae family...i have strengthened my testimony tenfold on heaps of something that really was impacting was that i decided to fast this week, like seriously fast because i wanted to strengthen my testimony on this principle and it’s like opened up a whole new world! lol like i feel unstoppable!! lol i learnt that if i could stop myself and abstain my body and my natural man from something necessary such as water and food which without i would obviously die, that, than i could stop myself from anything! here on the mission I’ve really learnt a lot about myself, and my weaknesses and my natural man that constantly temps me to do what’s wrong which in turn has taught me how to be honest with myself, acknowledge my weaknesses, and use the atonement and its power to help me put off this natural man. its a daily and life long battle to be better and by fasting i have learnt that we gain extra power, and more than anything self control to do what is right! I honestly try to be better every day and there’s always something to improve on! always, but it’s been a purifying process that i will have to do every single day till i die! but yeah we also had interviews with president this week and it was good our interview he asked us a question and as he asked me it i kind of just sat there....and as i sat there i was able to see my progress that I’ve been able to make here in the mission....for real’s as i sat there i noticed that i had a library of things to pull from in my head to say to him, something that i didn’t have before and the best of all is that as i sat there i recognized the whisperings of the spirit and what he wanted me to share! it was a one of a kind experience....i didn’t have to do anything more than think and follow the easy life is when we truly are guided by gods true power. by yeah that’s how that went with them....was able to talk to sister may there and she honestly is an awesome lady ae....i love her ae and am gonna miss her when she’s leaves, also something happened to me this week that was a huge testimony apparently my bishop has been kind of mad with me cause the first week i got her he told his 2nd councilor to tell us we couldn’t baptize the family that we baptized ....he had no reasoning or anything which is really dumb so i fought for their cause so they could get baptized which they were and apparently he got really mad. being a really busy man, studying, working, being a father, and a bishop it’s impossible to find i had no idea that he was mad at us......i get a call this past week from my zone leaders who tell me that they just had a meeting with my bishop and said that he does not trust us at all!!!! my first reaction.. was i got pissed! straight up...mad as heck! There was a hundred and one reasons why i was right and he was wrong but i realized that none of it mattered....i realized that nothing would get better unless i stopped being prideful.. Family I’ve never felt so humbled in my life as i stood at his door asking him for forgiveness! it took so much out of me to do , but i did it! The feeling that i got as we mended things is like that satisfaction that you get when you repent...the weight that you feel just taken off of you.. Really as we are humble and submit ourselves to the will of the lord he does bless us. So that was another great experience for me this week....I’ve been learning a lot ae and just so grateful to be here on a mission. other than that everything is all good....this week is actually the last week in this transfer....we could have changes...idk that’s what i kind of sensed in my interview with pres! but time sure has and continue to fly! for real’s.....i love the mission ae family and am so grateful for your guys sacrifice for me to be here....for real’s called dad and told him that i needed 600 bucks and he told me without hesitation that he´ll put 700 bucks in that same day! Straight up love bro and thank you all for all that you mum, george, ash, and and take care of each other. be good and remember always who you are...but my time is running out so I’ll talk to you guys next

week...with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka