Monday, October 31, 2011

Kia ora family!!!!

How you guys doing? Good as to hear from you guys guys for real’s are just killing me!!! lol small kine trunky the letter this week! hahaha. crakup man. funny as to hear as well how all the boys have changed. I’ve been thinking about it as well and theres gonna be a few things that we are going to have to change as well so don’t worry about it. hahaha "for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after ALL we can do." - 2nep25:23 its only after we do ALL that we can when we are finally saved. there’s always more that we can give and do right family? we´ll have a good talk about that and see how we can improve more as a family to give everything to the lord. i love you guys so much. i miss yous and cant wait to see you all ae. i really can’t believe that my mission is coming to an end. it still hasn’t hit me, like i said last week so I’m just trying to work hard as i can. I was actually with elder Anderson (my ex companion) all day Saturday and Sunday and it was like heaven on earth. For real’s... the miracles that two missionaries can work as they both have the same vision and dedication, to just work!!! We had some crazy days. In two days we found 12 new investigators and four of them are gold. Like guarantee baptisms. Had some really good spiritual lessons with each of them and I’m really scared to be honest to take my other companions over there. The one thing that I’ve really come to learn here in the mission is the importance of the spirit and its role in conversion. It’s impossible to convert people to the gospel without teaching with the spirit, and its impossible to teach with the spirit if we personally don’t have it. if we personally don’t have the desires to push ourselves, work, prepare ourselves and use our time wisely. we can be friends with investigators, get along with them really well, teach and even baptize them but if the spirit is never present its impossible that they will be converted and remain active in the church. I’ve seen it so much here in my mission, it’s even happened to me and it’s so sad. It’s if the people become in a worse state than they were before knowing the missionaries and being baptized. The spirit is the greatest tool in this work and there is no other substitute. We as a companionship just don’t have it, then there’s no other reason for our lack of success. No spirit=no know how hard it is going day to day with someone who just impedes you from teaching with the spirit?..... Who doesn’t give a crap?? Who just wastes every minute of my day? Not having spiritual lessons has not only affected the people we teach but has affected me. It’s been taking a huge toll on patience and hope has really been run down lately. Really there’s nothing worse that we can experience in this life than not having the spirit...we must strive each day family to know how we can have more of its influence with us. As we do i know that we will be happy. I’m trying the best i can with what of got. I’ve only got little bit of time so I’m sure i can hold out without doing anything dumb. lol na were all good. just gotta make the best of the opportunities given me ae. We´ll see how it goes this week. Other than that family, i gave a talk yesterday in church and it was way cool. i stood up there and didn’t say anything for like 4 whole minutes. Just imagine it. Somebody standing at the pulpit without saying anything.....for four whole minutes. It felt like eternity. You could see that people were getting impatient, futless, and a little bit frustrated. There were people in the congregation that even yelled out...hurry up!!! lol as the four minutes came to an end, i asked a question,, how did you guys feel as you waited for me to speak??? i then said, maybe frustrated a little bit impatient. Some of you were even getting angry.....then i said, "well that’s how your family, friends, and neighbors feel as we don’t share the gospel with them!!!!" was way strong. The spirit was there and you can tell that it just hit every one of them. Shared a scripture and just cried repentance like crazy. Was a way good a lot of good complements..most of them felt bad and guilty! lol which was my purspose…hahaha but other than that doing good as. Almost there family. i love the mission. it really has changed my life. i am my best convert. i have learnt so much and so grateful for it. Really excited to apply it all in life and to just keep moving forward. i love you so much family. i thank you all for all that you guys have done for me in these two years. I’m so grateful for your love and support; you guys have been there every step of the way and have been a huge source of comfort and strength to me here in the greatest two years of my life. i know that Jesus lives and that he is the Christ. i know that this is his gospel. i love and cherish it so much. let’s keep going hard family, for life. Were all in this together. love you guys so much. But until next week my beloved family!
Elder kanahele

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