Friday, July 29, 2011


What up family! man I’ve missed you guys heaps ae. haha. thanks for your guys letter ae. it was really good. Good to hear how everyone are doing. Proud of all of you ae. helps me big time to know that with all the trials and struggles that you have, you keep going hard. Helps me out a lot and gives me the strength to keep pushing as well. You guys have been able to do so much and so very well, and for that i thank you guys. You guys really are my second wind. let’s just keep going hard ae. love you famz. um well for me....hahaha well yeah its sure been a huge test of’s been really stressful but i need to tell you all. not to be boastful or anything but this is what’s going down. President was told to choose someone who is humble, faithful and obedient enough to lift the mission’s vision. Was told that with this elder would have to train and open the sector that has had the most problems in the mission and that he would be an example and light to the mission. That he would be put there to explode and beast and work miracles to show the mission what is possible to achieve in spite of all problems that could possibly exist. Monday night before getting our new companions pres called me and said that this was my new calling!!!. hahahahaha how much more pressure could you put on me right? So that’s been our situation pretty much. um I’m here in my new sector, galvarino which is just a huge mess. For real’s it has to be the worse ward in the world! lol um my companion is from peru. His name is elder soto and is 25 years. he just got baptized two years ago and now he’s a full time missionary. Awesome fella ae. lol he has no idea of what he’s doing but just happy as that he’s here. for real’s he is like from the jungle jungle in peru, like one of those little Amazon native people who just live in the trees and have their own language and stuff hahaha and just one of those that has never seen a computer, doesn’t know how to read real well, and just kind of lost ae. Which has been kind of tough but it’s all good. um we had a really great week. Been on our toes the whole week ae. just working our butts off and it’s been a lot of work. Both of us being new we don’t know anything. Where the chapel is, who’s members and who’s not, where we need to go to get lunch, wash our clothes, and we didn’t even know how to get to our own house the first day. Was a crack up. Was like 10 oclok at night and we were still with all our luggage walking down ghetto back passage ways looking for our house. Too funny bro. but we´ve been good. we´ve been able to find a lot of investigators already and found one of gold that’s a guarantee baptism for next month. The rest of our investigators will require a little bit more work but it’s all good. Already have been able to see miracles in our short time here together. only one way from here and its up, so were pretty good ae. I’ve had to work on a lot of patience though lately hahahaha.... i keep forgetting that my companion is new and doesn’t know anything so i have had to be real understanding in that sense. But he’s a real humble guy which is great and always willing to learn so we’ve learnt heaps already together. Our house has surely won the trophy for the most ghetto est house in chile. i will probably finish my mission here so you all will be able to see it when you come. Where gona have a mean laugh. but yeah that’s us ae fam. I’m tired as still hahaa but never been happier. My mission has saved my life family and it means everything to me. i cherish ever day out here and strive to always to learn and grow. I’ve been going hard ae and my second winds for sure kicking in. go hard or go home ae?? no regrets ba. so ye fam i love you heaps. heres a few pics. send gramz and all the famz my love. mum dad, george, ash and lia thank you for everything that you guys do. i love you all heaps. But gotta go so next week will hear from yous. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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