Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family!!! (Monday 05 September,2011)

21 yrs old!!! pretty old ae! man i can believe it. thanks for the birthdy wishes, just like faith, birthday wishes with out "works" or "presents and gifts" is dead. hahaha na jokes. being able to see yous will be the best birthday present ever....but good as to hear from you all and for all the updates. i feel so behind. lol for reals. ive actually been thinking alot about adjusting when i get home and its going to be so hard.....ive been slaking big time with my excersises and you can tell lol, im white as. got some huge as tan lines hahaha. but the whole thing about speaking english is what scares me most. i have such a hard time expressing myself.....i always find myself fishing for words cause my vocab has just gotten pretty junk......i actually knocked a door this past week and we got in a it was an english lady from england and we had to share with her and teach her in english and it was hard as. i felt pretty dumb.....a huge lack of words to pull from and i couldnt really expound like i can in spanish. its really hard to explain but what else do you expect right? two whole years of reading, ponder, praying, teaching, expounding, thinking, and living in spanish so theres obviously going to be some challenges. haha im so scared. sweet as tho ae.
um as for me tho family im doing good. ive learnt so much that pretty much watever i go through no matter how big or challenging it....im like sweet. like i dont even stress about anything anymore i got my head screwed on strainght, i know what needs to be done and i know what i need to do to do so. i know my strengths and obviously know my weaknesses and have developed alot of attributes that have helped me so much better overcome everything and anything. i honestly feel like superman! haha na to be honest just so greatful foreverything that ive been able to aquire at such a young age and i know that it will bless my life. it already has and i strive each day to take the most advantage as ican. theres so much more things that i need to learn and theres so little time. me and my companions are doing good. elder salas the argentino is a really cool guy, pretty crazy to be honest. hes had a pretty rough background and its a miracle that hes a missionary. hes got alot of problems and hasnt had to good of a missionary experience so far in his five months so this past week we got to know eachother a little bit more and weve had a good time. hes never gortten along with any of his companions because they all judge him for the things that he does but me and elder mccoy have really grown to just love him in spite of his weakness and everythings been good......hes such a cool fella too. we all have our own weakness cause nobodys perfect so i have no idea why nobodys gotten along with him....elder mccoy too is a cool fella....its crakup as in a trio. we´ve had some pretty funny experiences together...trying to teach and everything not knowing whos giong to say what, and its pretty crakup ae...weve had some pretty good success as weell. were teaching the brother of one of my converts(dixon),vvhos name is jose. hes 16 yearss old and such a good kid. its so weird returning back to an old sector. it was so awesome getting to church and seeing all my converts still strong and active with callings. arturo, the dad of that family that me and elder payne baptized is now our mission leader and its awesome to see how the gosple has changed these peoples lives. i love these people so much.....but yeah our house is still a huge pile of crap. im gonna have to take pictures and send them to you....ive been pretty lazy in that sense but for sure next week ill hook u guys up. living with five is a little bit stressful. the other two that live with us are super greedy and your typical haole missionary. it bothers me alot to see missionaries invite thousands of people to folow jesus christ and them, themselve cant even share their peanut butter.....lol the drama that i go through. um other than that family everything is all good ae. love it so much here. it still hasnt hit me that i go home soon i dont think that it ever will. which is good cuz im not trunky at all, and still going hard. i love you guys so much family. thankyou for so much for all that you guys do for me. my times come to an end but i just want you to know family that i love you guys so much. i kno that jesus lives and that this is true. that what i have shared and done for the past two years is true. i have no doubt about it. till this day, after thousands of lessons, family home evenings, and opportunities to share and teach i still get that tingly feeling inside of me that goes from the tips of my fingers to the very end of my toes as i testify of the restauration of the gosple of jesus christ. this has to be true. ive never felt so sure about anything else in my whole entire life. be good family. take care of each other and always love one another. i love you guys so much. have a good week and represent well. till the death. sned my love to gramz and all the family. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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