Monday, October 24, 2011

kia ora family!!!!

Awesome letter you guys. i miss you guys so much. sounds like alot of things have been going down. awesome as to hear about all the updates. i cant believe that tima and matt are already home. it still hasnt hit me ae. i still feel like i new bee. first transfer doing what i gotta do. for reals. i know i only got a few weeks left but i dont know,it just hasnt hit me. i had to stand up and give my fare well testimony the other day in a zone conference and it was really wierd. every missionary does it before they go home and i remember since my first transfer thinking and feeling that my time would never come. hahaha but it did and way to fast. i dont think i will fully realize it till i get home. i dont even think that when you guys get here it will hit me. its a really wierd feeling but ive never felt this way before. its like my mind is living in rejection to the whole thought. which is good i guess cause i dont get trunky. but yeah that us.
had an alright week. still got some challenges with my companion. the worst thing happened the other day. i dont know if you guys remember my convert arturo??? when i was here with elder payne we baptized him and his entire family. they had a really cool conversion story and progressed really well. well yeah me and elder salas went there the other day to visit them and see how they are doing and all, and when we went got there, about 10 minutes into our conversation with them my companion got into an argument with the wife sara....just alittle background first. elder salas has to be the most prideful man on earth, and sara has to be the most prideful woman on as small as the reason was they started to argue. i dont know what started it but it got heated really quickly and just exploded. blew way out of proportion, them both saying really ugly things to each other and there was nothing i could do. i tried to stop it, but other than punching the crap out of them both i couldnt do anything. than sara stood up and told us to get out and to never come back. she said that she didnt want to see us ever again and that she would NEVER go back to church......i was sooo sad ae. so my companion just left with out me and i tried to apologize and stuff then left as well.... i have never felt so sad in my life. i felt like he just screwed not only our relationship with this family but there activity in the church and opportunities for eternal life for basically nothing!! for really nothing..instead of bringing people to christ, he was doing the opposite. i was so upset.... but knew that being angry would not solve the problem. it would actually make things a thousand times just thought and thought as we both walked in silence. i calmed down and just decided to tlak to him. i dont remember exactly what i said but he just started to ball.......he felt bad for what he did, he told me that he knows that hes pridefull, he just oopenned up ae. he said that he tried and tried to not let the things that sara was saying bug him but after a little while he couldnt take it and snapped.....just balling and then asking me to help him. i felt bad for him ae. i could tell that he wanted help and that he really wants to change and that hes trying but tthat theres a few things thats hard for him to overcome. so i just gave him a hug and embraced him in my arms trying to comfort him. lol it was pretty hard to do but just learnt so much from the situation....but it gets better. so yeah that happened maybe thursday. we decided that we´ll give them some time to cool off and calm down. so we decided that sunday night we would go by and see them and try and apologize. so sunday comes, we go to chruch,, it was actually stake conference which was really good. had a seventy come and talk to us and gave the meanest talk on obedience. was such an awesome meeting. i know that it edified all who were there. but as this general authority was speaking arturos son comes running to me and gives me a huge hug. i couldnt believe it. i looked back and arturo and his whole family nicely dressed, and well behaved were sitting together in the very back. i made eye contact with him and his wife and just wanted to cry. they had a million and one reasons and excuses to use to go inactive, to not want anything with the church-a full time missionary, even a represent of jesus christ had offended them. what greater excuse is there other than that? i talked with them after and asked them what was it that made them want to come back today?? and they told me that they had two options that they could pick from, that night as we left there let that experience destroy them or help them grow. to use it as an excuse to get mad, shrivel and not reach their potential or as an opportunity that would strengthen their love and testimony in our savior jesus christ.....he said, that there was one reason why they decided to show up that day.....becuase they love the lord!.. it has to be one of the most happiest moments in my entire mission. to be able to see the conversion of this man and his family, there hopes desires, and efforts to do all they can to love our savior made me really feel that everything that ive done here in these two years feel worth it.... i love this gosple. i know that as it is understood it provides light, direction, and strength to help us along lifes paths with all its challenges. i am so greatful for these two years that i have had to serve our lord and master. he has served me more than i could have ever served him. i know he lives and this is his true gosple. let us strive each day to be better family. we cant allow anything absolutly nothing stop us from reaching our potential. why settle for mederocrity when perfection is in our reach. lets go hard. know that i love each and everyone of you. we are all in this together and we need eachother if we want to achive our eternal potential. we cant afford to loose anyone of us so lets all do our part.. i love you guys so much. lets give it all we got but i gotta go family so until next week. with all my love,
Elder kanahele kaka

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