Monday, January 31, 2011

Sup family!!!

fa small kine panicking ba!!! hahaha sweet as though i knew that there had to have been a few technical difficulties so sweet but yeah famz....thanks for the letter source of strength for the week so it was exactly what i need to all sound very well. Your letters are perfect! Make me miss you but it doesn’t make things harder cause as soon as i leave this internet booth every Monday. it’s all on! no wineing or crying or feeling bad for myself but just straight up hard work! So sweet as family....good to hear that dad is still two mills!! Shot bro....somebody has to be right?! hahaha but yeah i talked with that fabiola lady the other day and she told me about the whole conversation that you guys had...hahaha i was cracking up hard when she was telling me....she felt like a retard but she loves me and wanted to express herself to you guys! lol but yeah family i do use up my whole time writing you guys, and i have no problem doing so....there’s nobody else worth writing so it’s sweet as....actually justyn wrote me the other day and said...."what i stink or what??" lol felt really bad so i shot him off a quick one that day....i still keep in touch every now and then with the boys....wes, john, just, tima, and matt, kohl too sometimes and its crackup as to hear from them all ae. but yeah yesterday we had changes and crackup story...., this whole past week i knew that our transfer was coming to an end so i started visiting all the members and all the people i love saying bye and all you know...getting there addresses and all telling them that I’ll come back to see them, that i love them and just making people cry and all that yeah that’s all i did pretty much this whole week thinking that was going to leave you know. cuz a companionship for three transfers is really rare so i was sure that i was gone....but yeah so we get home last night at 10....waiting for changes to come in....and at 11:15 comes around we get a call from our zone leaders and they say that all of us will be staying!!! hahaha it was crackup as.....i look at elder peck and i was like frik were going to be hating each other by the end of this change! lol so yeah....we will be staying together for another 6 weeks and we are excited ae....excited to try new things...right now our sectors having a hard time but we just need to think outside of the box and do what no other missionary has done here before to find new yeah we will have been together for 4 and a half months by the end of this transfer!!! hahaha crackup ae....and the bloody honduras guy is still with us so its mean as....we have good times ae....when it’s time to work we work hard!!! but when its time to play we go even harder and we´ve had some good times together so were all happy....the shame part is going back to all the members and having to say bye again but in only 6 weeks later! its gonna suck but sweet as....but yeah family that was my week... lately I’ve been able to see how our testimonies are really kind of like us on escalators....they are always moving, if not up, down...that if we don’t strive to do the little things and take our own little steps up the escalator to eventually reach the top, then we will only be still, descending with it gradually as it carries us to the very bottom.. we can’t be passive about things..This gospel is a living gospel and requires action. And that’s the beauty of it that we have each day opportunities to either act or to be acted upon to strengthen or weaken our own testimonies. I’ve been able to see how it all starts with the little things....there’s a bishop here who was released about 5 yrs ago from being bishop here in this ward who has made me better understand the reality of this concept. when i first got here three months ago he was an active member of the church...going every Sunday you know, teaching our investigators class and coming out with us at least 3 times a week to work and then it was just thru the little things that he stopped doing that ended up hurting him big time....i remember my third week here he got a job that required him to work Sundays and late nights, which always made him busy and unavailable not only for us but for his own family.....we would go over and you could just tell that there was a different spirit in the house....little by little this brother started to fall...we went by his house this past week to say bye to him and it was so sad.....his wife and kids had moved out and now living with her mum and he was just there all sad and lonely! saddest thing I’ve ever doesn’t matter who we are we will fall if we don’t do the little the space of three months we saw this cycle take a full turn and its so real.....if we do the things we know we need to do we will be protected grow learn and progress but if we don’t its the complete opposite! i love this brother so much and we expressed our love for him...he knows what he has to do so we´ll so how it goes...but I’m so grateful for the i know that it is true with all my so grateful to be hear and strive to be better each day....lets go out and kill it this week ae....mum and dad i love you guys heaps...thanks for everything that you guys do..Keep the famz strong and going hard...georgie boi sole i love you bro tell mona that i love her to ae!! hahaha na bro just make sure you be a good boy bro...and love your little bros and sisters...ash and lia you mahulanis!!! hahaha you lil buggers hard!!! Keep being good kids and love each other okay!!! i love you all so much...send gramz my love...but i gots to go now. Until next week my beautiful family!!! With all my love,

Elder Conway kauimua Kanahele Kaka

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sup family!!!
lol well was a good letter from you guys ae.....and some good photos...that’s such a cool goal that you guys have set to go hiking at least once a cool man for real’s...i was so jealous looking at those beautiful Hawaii ae....we are so blessed to live in such a place...can’t wait to come home already!! bahahaha naa...but sounds like you all are doing good....i love your guys letters so much....they like mine are great sources for me of know on the mission there’s a lot of challenges but there’s nothing more motivating then hearing from you family and seeing that they are doing their part and trying to put in their part and be their thank you family for’s funny too cuz i can full on tell when i read the letters who is who even without reading at the bottom of each letter whos its from....ash always has his crackup as lines....there good bro have me laughing hard here in the internet cafe place and everybody just gives me stink as eyes....George will always mention something to show how he’s a hori bugger or tough or tired.,....hahaha shot on the keks bro. lia will say that she loves me and misses me in a hundred different ways...and i personally love it thanks lia....and mum will always mention something about her stress or how dumb she thinks she is even though she’s not and dad will always say something about failing on their diet that week but how they´ll start again the next week...hahaha dad will always give details too in the things that happened that week that mum doesn’t already mention...hahaha i love it ae....what i love most though, is the personal progress that i see in each one of you guys each week...and the spiritual experiences that you have had that Sunday or thru out the week and how it has strengthened your testimonies my favorite part of your thank you very much family for being such a great support and source of strength, but yeah this week was aright hahaha another hard as mother week ae....i get letters from all the boys and the work in other parts of the world seems so much easier where they are serving you know what i mean....i try not to let that get to me but sometimes it does..but its good. if anything makes me just want to work harder you know...hahaha but yeah nothing new...i think we´ve knocked every door in our sector about 5 starting to not only know people by face but by names its crackup...we had changes for the day and my zone leader came to our sector and we were walking thru the street and i said hi to like 12 people calling them by name and my zone leader asked me...."are they members?" and i was like oh no...Then he was like are they investigators? And i was like no! hahaha i told them they’re just people that I’ve talked to a thousand times and that i see every day and that ive gotten to know....he was cracking up hard couldn’t believe is funny though cuz from like from Maria who works in the hair cut store on one corner of our sector, to Jose and his crew of little ganster bumbs to the other corner of the sector are all people that we know...still yell the same dumb jokes to us or will always ask the same questions as we walk past there store but it never gets old ae....we got changes this week too so i think im out...three months here and i really don’t wont to leave...but it has to be one of us and pres. likes to leave the young missionaries in sectors to be able to lead them so they can grow and stuff so i think im done ae...hahahaha yesterday in church it hit me and I’m really not looking forward to it ae....i love this ward and all the members. but what happens, happens. We had lunch with our bishop yesterday.....such a cool guy...humble, and smart as...lives with his wife and two kids in a small as worse than the molokai shack and hes just the happiest guy ever ae....poor as fella and barely makes ends meet but I’ve never met anybody as happy as him, someone so willing to sacrifice, serve and give in spite of his problems....but yeah so we ate lunch with him yesterday and every time we go over there we always have good spiritual talks you know....not like anything profound but the spirit is always strong as we share with his family...and he said something to us yesterday...something that I’ve always known but just hit me in a different way yesterday...he said....."you don’t really know what something is until you actually live it." and its so´ll never know how to swim until you actually try right...just like you´ll never know the truthfulness of the gospel until you actually live it and put its principles to practice...and what hit me was that as a missionary I’ve come to know all these things for myself...i know for myself that this church is true. i really know for myself that god is our father and that he loves each and every one of us. i know that from this love he sent our savior Jesus Christ who has made it possible for us to be happy, and these things i know not because somebody else told me but because I’ve lived and have come to really know and feel that these things our true. There is no other way family to know unless you do can’t know that the book of Mormon is true until you not only read it but study it and ponder in what it says and ask god.....Gordon b Hinckley said "that our testimonies are either increasing or decreasing, they’re never staying still"..we are either going up or going down and its a process that we go through order to really know and increase our testimony we need to live what we believe, daily!! it’s the formula to spiritual success and strength, there’s no other way to be steadfast or immovable other than to actually practice what we preach. something i strive to achieve each day here on the mission and it has blessed me so much...I’m so grateful to be here ae....i know i say it every week but seriously theres no other place in the world that id rather be than here being a servant of our lord and savior Jesus Christ...there’s no other place...not even with you guys, nor at the gym lifting weights, or with my friends or even with the prettiest girl in the world because nothing else right now really isnt worth it...i know that our savior lives and loves us. a testimony that nobody can take away from me. family i love each and every one of you guys and am so grateful for all that you guys have done for me...for you love and support... let this week be one full of growth and learning.. mum and you guys so much thanks for everything ae....for raising us kids good....I’m sorry for being an egg at times during the years but ive always tried to be a good boy cuz i love you guys to much to see you hurt. just know that I’m trying to better myself each day k. george ash and lia...go hard you good kids and love each really don’t know how much you love something until its be kind and loving to each other k....represent hard you fellas. send my love to gramz and all the famz....but i gots to go family..hear from yous next week ae....with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, January 17, 2011

Aloha family!!!

Another week come and gone and here i am again happy as ever getting to hear from my beloved family members.....awww ive missed yous hard ae! hahaha for reals its been along and busy week but keen as to go even harder for another one. it was great reading your guyes letters this week...alot of good stuff happening ae...and a few surprises i see....moving to kaaawa???? ae????? stuff that!!! frik imma be coming home to a shack!? lol.......haha na jokes hard...i totally understand why and where your coming from and i fully support it....sacrifices is a very special topic to me! lol no but for reals...mum you said something that i liked you said..."this really is a short sacrifice for a long term reward" and its on the mission this topic of sacrifice gets thrown around know alot of people talk about us being away from the family which is a great sacrifice right....all the mission rules which of some make it seem like we have to sacrifice alot, and just missonary work in its self...having to walk all day every day makes some people look at what we do as a huge sacrifice....but let me tell you guys the way that i look at sacrifices......they are opportunities! opportunities for what??? opportunities to grow, opportunities to strengthen our testimonies, opportunites for us to willingfully let the lord bless the end these sacrifices which are looked at as giving up something valuable are ways that our loving heavenly father uses to bless his children. the mission up to this point in my life has been the hardest thing that ive ever done.the biggest sacrifice that ive ever given... and in the beginning it felt like a huge sacrifice with no reward....i couldnt understand how not seeing my family for two years was going to bless me, i couldnt understand why missoinary work had to be so hard, but knowing that i was sacrificing all this for the lord was the only reason why i kept doing matter the size or difficulty of the task i always wilingfully did unadequate as i have always felt i have always trusted in the lord and done what ive had to do....sacrificed where it was needed and family in the end i have come to realize that i havnt sacrificed anything....matthew 10:39 says "He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it."the lord has only blessed me beyond that which i can imagine thru what i thought was me sacrificing alittle bit of sweat, homesickness, and sleep for him. i have come as you could say found my life here in chile. just as i thought that i was serving the lord, i humbly came to know that he has only been serving me. opportunities for more blessings is the way that i see it so sweet as family....hahaha it will be alittle bit weird but sweet soorry for the story time but thats our lesson for this week. hahaha
but yeah family got the packages...them both and thanks for everything ae....all the goodies are almost gone! hahaha but thank you...quick question....about the ipod....was the screen cracked when you sent it too me??? just wanted to know if it happend on the shipping but everthing works all good....thanks for the videos ae family....awesome as ae....talented family man...i´ll be expecting more so keep making them the sound sounds amazing!! sounds like a studio bro!!! fa rich maoris ae....shot on the keks...tell gramz to thanks for her box....i put the tree up and all and decorated everything so its allgood....gave all the boys there presents too and they were really thank you so much grandma for being so thoughtful....and yeah bro if you can put up videos on my blog that would be mean....the last one of yous was good....mean as hawaiian song....reminds me of high school lunch time they used to jam all kine hawaiian stuff on the surrond system(cuz we are rich like that) in the cafe and that song was played alot...but mean as boys...sounds like all is going well.....ash keep balling it up bro....step up when your given opportunities bro and represent hard....and yeah the rice here is actually good as...they cook it with alot of flavors and stuff and it comes out mean as...i´ll make some when i get home...but yeah other than that i was a regular hard as week and peck still having a hard time finding people but we are trying to work with our members so they can help us in bringing to pass this great and marvolus work....funny as story...went to a familys house who just love us....went in there and just you know was talking with them and all having some mean as laughs talking with the kiddies and all and then the pops told me to come i went out and him and seven of his boys from his mission prep class just grabbed me and stripped me of my phone, wallet, tie and shoes and crap and threw me in there pool thingy!!!dressed up hard in church clothes and all hahaha it was crackup as....i was mad as at first you know....thats no way to treat a missionary but it was crackup....i really love these people here in our ward and sector... like for reals they are like family to me and with changes coming up im really dreading it ae......i really dont want to leave but idk i think its my time....whatever happens happens but i hope i can stay here a lil bit longer.

but yeah family thats us...i miss you and love you guys hard....mum and dad thanks for everything ae....nothing that makes me more happy then to hear of my own family doing the right things and striving eachday to be you guys so ash and lia....i love you fellas good kiddies cuz everybody is watching us. george and ash take care of your sister. lia be a nice girl k.....dont be witchy k! hahaha but i love you guys. tell grandma that i love her and miss her too k....but thats me you guys hard and ill talk to you guys next week, with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just Cruz'n

Hi Son, thought we would say a few words and make a short video clip for you. Have a awesome week Elder. Your family love's you.

Christmas Day!

Monday, January 10, 2011

¿que le pasa cabros?
hola familia..¿como estan? ojala que bien....les he extrañado arto en este semana pasada y estoy tan aliviado de haber leido sus cartas hoy...siempre me da el animo para seguir adelante y hacer las cosas que yo tengo que hacer aquí en la misión....les amo tanto y les agradezco por todo lo que hacen para mi..por su sacrificio, amor, y dedicación para seguir a nuestro salvador jesucristo, para mejorarse diariamente...que siga adelante siempre y jamás olviden de nuestros y deberes como padres, hijos, amigos, y miembros de la única iglesia verdadera de dios. sea ejemplos en todo lo que hacen y represénten bien. familia les quiero, y les amo muchisimo!

What’s up family!!!

okay so i started writing in Spanish hahahah and straight up forgot that i was writing Spanish!!! lol but yeah just a lil bit of homework for you fellas....heartfelt feelings of mine to you guys in the language that god has called me to serve in....i love this place ae...we have had an awesome well I’ll tell you guys about it. but first thanks for the letter...really uplifting and exactly what i needed to hear...really was...nothing more motivating then your own family doing the right things....only makes me want to be better so that we all grow together....but yeah thanks mum and dad..your words mean so much more to me now and im grateful for all that you guys do for us.. guys aren’t all plack!!! lol
But yeah this week..well let me tell you about another hard as week in los conquistadores right....100 degrees as.....sweating like crazy...people screaming at us, throwing things at us...lunch appointments falling thru, nobody to teach, members not willing to help us, bishopric last minute asking us to give talks, leaders who do things for numbers, and a house with no running water for a few days is what happens!! lol a week where right as you´d think that nothing else could be worse, we found ourselves time after time...wrong! hahaha so as most people would think..."wow what a hard long week, that sucks" and the Elders from LOS CONQUISTADORES are and elder peck have had some long as days, a lot of trials but we are happy...we love what we do even though it seems like even to those in our own mission are against us. dad every time driving home after basketball games when you used to yell at me and stuff you used to tel me you said "when things aren’t going right on the court you have to create something you gotta make things happen!"....hahaha its been my motto the whole time here on the mission.... I’ve been on so many courts with nothing going right, with nothing happening you we´ve pretty much just tried to make things happen....the biggest problem that i find in our mission is the motive for which we do what we missionaries we are here to invite ALL to come unto Jesus Christ so that our brothers and sister can receive the only true gospel that will help them know how to return to our loving heavenly father...why? because we love them, because we desire the same happiness that we´ve received thru this gospel for them...because just like the sons of mosiah, "we are desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for we cannot not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any soul should endure endless torment, because it does cause us to quake and tremble." (mosiah 28:3) this is WHY we do what we do...not because its one number more, not because we want to be a leader, not because we want to train or be assistant...but because we love our savior Jesus Christ and those people that he has called us to serve...this is WHY we do what we do....something that I’ve really come to learn and realize here on the mission...elder Holland told us in the mtc...if you don’t know WHY you do things. WHY do you do them??? there are four of us in our house and we aren’t no spectacular missionaries....we don’t know the scriptures from memory and we aren’t perfect but we know why we do is our motive and it’s what drives me to be better is why we endure, endure, and endure. there’s no number that you can put on love so many missionaries are afraid to love you know....they are afraid to help people cuz it won’t count as a lesson, or a contact or a visit and this act of love wont pop up at the end of the week for president to for most missionaries SADLY its easier and actually more convenient to not love but to be robots and do things for the wrong motive..But family i can tell you today that i love my ward, my sector, my companion,...and I’m happy..... even though the ward members aren’t perfect and don’t want to help us...i love them, even though we have nobody to teach and the work is super hard...i love my sector, even though me and my companion are from two totally different places here in this world with interest that don’t have nothing in common..i love lets really look at why we do things....its easy to fall in to a routine and forget so this week lets really strengthen our testimonies and really look at the why? if you don’t know why...humble yourself, ask the lord do your part and he´ll tell you why... things make so much more sense when you know why...and doesn’t matter what we are faced with we will not only understand what we need to do to overcome it but why...
So yeah something’s that have really been on my mind this week..and I’ve just come to better understand why i really do what i do and how to be more of myself and love who the lord called to serve and love these people...and in a short amount of time we have seen miracles..we have made things happen here in los conquistadores and got things finally going on the court...quick miracle we´ve been seeing this family right...the family herrera....a grandma who lives with her daughter and two grandsons....the grandma was baptized a really long time ago with her daughter and still goes to church...however the daughter has been in active for quite a long time because of a few disagreements between her and other members and they got into a huge scrap and now she doesn’t want anything with us.. because of this fight the grandma has always held a grudge against the church and hates everybody in the chapel including us but still goes u know....the thing is that one of her grandsons is still not baptized and he’s 11 yrs old...his name is Kristopher....a normal 11 yr old..Likes playstation, scared of the dark. And still cries when his mum yells at him and stuff right but for the past 3 years missionaries have been going by their teaching this little boy trying to baptize him....3 bloody years!!!! we found his teaching record and it’s like ten pages long of this 3 year failure teaching this little boy...comments like..."man his mum and grandma hate us"..."he’s a lost cause", "don’t waste your time going there" an all kinds of stuff like know things I’d tell a missionary too if i knew that he was doing it all for the wrong we prayed about it....and thought a lot about what we could do for this family right...we knew that a hundred and one missionaries have tried and that we need to do something different to help this what we did is in November till now we have just served them.....we go over there all the time and just ask them....what is there that we can do for you?? we cut their grass without them knowing, sweep outside the house, clean the dog, go in the back and wash the dishes and just did everything and anything to show them that we loved them you know..and for the longest time they wouldn’t let us in...then one day the mum who totally hates us right thought it would be funny if she’d take advantage of us and make us clean out her whole move furniture, sweep, mop clean the windows and all like just totally work to destroy our church clothes you know hahaha but we did it...and kept coming by and kept doing it....and kept doing it for two whole months!!!! two months this lady had used us....hahaha but this past week we did our normal routine and it was could tell that something had changed we got to her house and it was already clean...the atmosphere was peaceful and the lady had broken down....she felt really bad for what she had done for us but she said that she realized that we weren’t only there to baptize her son you fact we didn’t even mention it at all the whole two months that we had been going by there...but she felt and knew that we were there to help her...we told her that that’s why we where there...because we loved her family and wanted to help them....she told us to come by the next day to do a family home evening with her family (never happened before)...we show up at the house have a great lesson meet the whole family, have a lot of fun and the son ask the mum....when can i get baptized??? family miracles i tell you...cristopher patricio maturana san martin was baptized yesterday and it was the first time in ten years where his whole family have been to church together as a family.....i had the privilege of baptizing this young boy and seeing the joy and hoped restored within his family....his mum is still alil withchy but thanked me in tears after the baptism of her little boy..she told " this doesn’t mean that you can come to the house all the time....but thank you" hahahaha i know that this is the lords work and when you do things for the right reasons and be who the lord called and love everyone and anyone....things are created and everything on the court begins to happen. family i love you all so much...i miss you even more...don’t worry about me....mission is hard and I’m grateful for it....keep growing and doing what we know we need to be doing....mum dad, george ash and lia....i love you all with all my heart....have a great week this week and send my love to grandma....still haven’t got any packages!! hahaha but all good. lia i wasn’t on facebook you egg;) hahaha ash we come in pairs and not apples, george tell mona i said hi!! haha but love you good kids and represent to you fellas next week. With all my love,

Elder Conway Kauimua Kanahele kaka

ps... a video of a spanish song i and a pic of our baptism that we had....and brian and marcelo converts from my other ward came to visit me as well....they’re both really good and active in the church good as to see them. We went to ruby Tuesday the other Monday too and it was expensive!!! But well worth it...soryy bout it....traveled forever and a day to get there but first time having real food in was weird..But we don’t get rewarded her on the mission so we got to reward ourselves! you family

Monday, January 3, 2011

Kia ora family!!!

what’s up family!!!! Happy New Year!!! 2011!!! Crazy here in the mission in 2009 and now its 2011! time is sure flying...but yeah sounds like you guys had a fun as week...with the usual ae...mum and dad getting old ae...hahaha crackup hard...i miss it though hard ae...i think more than anything is just spending time with you guys...those pics that you sent of the hike looked mean as...Hawaii’s so beautiful family...we live in paradise for real’s....but really family happy new year...i hope that this year will be filled of growth for each and every one of us....i have set a few goals that i would like to accomplish in this upcoming year and hope that i will be able to complete with them...goal setting and planification has been something that I’ve really come to appreciate here in the mission....if we set no goals, we won’t get nowhere haha that’s basically how it’s like paddling in an ocean without I’ve come up with an outline of a plan that i want to do to help me meet my goals...and we´ll see how things turn out....crakup ae...who’d ever think that id be making plans and goals and stuff? but it’s true....we set ourselves up for failure when we make goals without plans to fulfill’s the acts of our faith... it’s us showing the lord our true desires to be better and it shows our humility and dependability that we have in him. If we fail to plan, we plan to fail i hope that with our New Year resolutions this year we can show our faith and true desires by making up a plan to complete with what we want to do. i promise you that as we do this, our percentage of completing with our goals will increase and lord will help and bless us. I’m so excited for this upcoming year and all the time that I have to learn and grow. The mission is awesome ae family...
this week was been a hard one for me and my companion...especially during these times of festivities...the people get kind of crazy and harden their hearts a lil bit more ae hahaha so yeah was along one....and mum new years here in chile is a big holiday too hahaha for real’s they go all out with huge firework shows and all...but that night we had gone with a member to go see was mean as...i put a few pics in so you can see how that was...but yah the next day we saw on the news that there was three hundred tons of garbage in the whole of santiago after the new year’s celebration!! hahaha crackup ae..but yeah it was pretty and elder peck..idk we´re trying hard we are working hard and all but having a hard time seeing the fruits...and it’s been eating away at my companion and his faith...and it’s been kind of hard having to be the one to be strong if you know what i he´s new and all so i guess coming from the mtc he thought that missionary work was a walk in the park and all and finally reality is hitting him and he doesn’t know what to do you know...but i try to talk with him, be positive and all you know but it’s been’s been taking a toll on me too I’m not going to lie but starting today ready to go hard....i know what we need to do. So we are just going to have to do it... D&C 130:21 says, And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated...obedience is fundamental family...its the base of everything and anything...if we want any blessing from god its comes only thru our starting today we going to do a purification process to help us be more obedient so that the lord can bless us... mosiah 2:22...And behold, all that he requires of you is to keep his commandments; and he has promised you that if ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land; and he never doth vary from that which he hath said; therefore, if ye do keep his commandments he doth bless you and prosper you....sorry for all the preaching but it’s been the only thing on my mind for the longest time and it’s been god pretty much slapping me in my this has been me for this past week and what i want to do to start this new week off..i want to be a successful missionary and i know what i gotta just gotta do i love you guys so much...there’s always room to improve...there’s always things that we can change to be better and I’m so grateful to have learnt all of this here on the mission as a servant of the lord....if anything he has served me more than i could have ever served him and I’m so grateful for all the things that he has given me and helped me with to learn...this church is true....its principals lived is the only way to gain a testimony of its truthfulness...and is the only thing that really brings us true happiness in this life. i know our savior lives, and he does love us. mum and dad...thanks for everything...i love you guys so much....thanks for establishing our home upon the gospel of Jesus Christ. keep going hard and keep the family strong...send my love to gramz and all the other, ash, and lia...i love you guys so good examples and always remember who you are....represent hard..Until next week my beautiful family, with all my love,

Elder conway kauimua kanahele kaka