Friday, January 29, 2010

Conway's Farewell - Home Ward (Laie 6th)

I was so proud of our family this day 11-08-09 as we all spoke in Sacrament. I don't remember the last time when a family spoke the same day as their son's farewell, what a blessing. The topic was perfect for us "Thanksgiving and Gratitude" It was a special time for us all as we sang "Aloha Oe" to our son.

Conway checking into the MTC - November 18, 2009

This was the last day we got to speak to our son. We are so grateful to have family in Utah. The Tarawhiti family have been in our lives forever. Elder Kaka stayed with Uncle Wayne and family for a week before entering the MTC and had one last party with this crazy family. We love you Tarawhiti's.

Temple Endowment - October 29, 2009

This was a memoriable day with our son. The spirit testified of the truthfulness of eternal families. We are going to miss him, but know he is going to do the work of our Heavenly Father. What a great blessing. We love you son.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conway recieved his mission call - July 27, 2009

This was such an awesome day! We were all waiting patiently for Conway's call and decided before hand that where ever we all were we would come home so Conway could read it aloud to all of us. We had to wait a few minutes for Grandma as she was the slowest getting to the house. Conway was ready to serve anywhere the Lord would have him serve. He wanted to go to the Pacific but the Lord assigned him to go to South America. It was a very special memory for us all.

Letter from Mission President

January 27, 2010

Dear Kaka Family,

It was a great pleasure to welcome your son to our mission. He arrived in good health, is enthusiastic, and anxious to begin missionary work here in the Chile Santiago North mission. I have interviewed him carefully and find him well prepared, with a strong testimony, and a good beginning foundation in the Spanish language. I feel honored to be his mission president and know that the Lord has prepared many people here to receive the testimony of the restoration he bears. Sister May and I will treat him as our own son.
Your son will look forward to your weekly letters of encouragement and support. E-mail is a great way to communicate with him as he communicates with me by e-mail weekly as well. If you prefer to send letters, the church pouch system is the safest method. The pouch mail comes several times per week and is delivered to the mission office, where we either carry it ourselves, or send it with missionaries to your son as soon as possible. You can also send letters and packages directly to the mission office. The address of our mission office is as follows.
Misión Chile Santiago Norte Forestal 2680, Piso 3 Oficina 32 Conchalí, Santiago Chile
Thank you for all you have done to prepare your son for his mission. Sister May and I will do everything in our power to help him have a wonderful and productive mission.
Sincerely yours,

Michael E. May

President, Chile Santiago North Mission

1st Letter 01-25-10

January 25, 2010
Kia Ora Family!!

Im here!!!!!!! bhahahahaha chile is wacked!!! straightup crimz as. lol i got sent allll the way in to the ghettos!!!! bahahahaha its hot as and mountains all over the place but seriously it is like a third world country. bahgahahahah you guys would be honestly crackin up if you were here. i wont you to know that im doing good as. its ghetto as like the homes are like old school mexican shacks with dirt floor and the people are poor as but its just an awesome experience!! my companion is from peru, Elder carrasco!!!! so we communicate through this wonderful book called the dictionary!!!! bahahahahahah but family missionary work is seriously the hardest thing ive done in my whole entire life!! bahahahah we walk about 10 12 miles a day and its crazyyy. the spanish that i learnt in the mtc is nothing like what they speak here. i seriously have no idea what people are saying here bahahahahahaha i sit there and i just want to crack up cause i look them right in the eyes but really i have no idea what they are saying. the people are really poor but are soooo humble. in the little time that ive been here ive really come to love them. i baptized this girl yesterday!! my first one hahaha her name is marilyn karina paolo espinola robles but it was just an awesome experience. to see the atonement work and change other peoples lives is the the food here is wacked!!!! hahahaha the people are so poor but i eat everything they give me....straightup like they put mayonase on everything and its just gross and like a tomato straight off the tree is like a delice hahahaha but i eat it all ae. my house is straight up ghetto, looks like a dynomite went off in it hahaha but were hardly there so its all good. the ward members are so nice. the people are really humble and they all remind me of my family. but ya my first day I got here we went straight to trackting and i was scared out of my undies!!! lol still am cause i cant speak nothing but with each passing day it gets better. i love chile its been an awesome experience so far. but family i want you guys to know that im doing good. having a really hard time but the lord ask us to do hard things and when i get down i just think about our vatos and eses bahahahaha always gets me. but its mean here. ive really had to lean on the lord so much and its been an awexome blessing. i know the church is true and jesus lives.

It was soooooo good to hear from you guys. my pdays are on mondays and my address is
Mision chile santiago norte
forestal 2680
oficino 32

My times almost up and i need to be obedient cuz i need the blessings bahahahahahaha but family i want you guys to know that im doing well and having the experience of my life!!!! thanks for all you prayes. know that i love each and everyone of you. this missionary work is soo important and everybody deserves the chance to hear it, and thats why im here, to bring those other sheep unto this fold. im so grateful mum and dad for you guys and raising us in the gospel. tell the famz im good and i miss them alot. tell george keep going hard and that i miss him like crazy!! tell ash to keep going hard in his sports!!! tell lia to be a good girl hahaha and that i miss her and love her so much. tell margie im love here and grandma thanks for her letters. family i love you guys so much. thanks for your sacrifices. im making you proud. but keep strong. i love you guys.

Elder Kanahele

Conway's mission call to Chile Santiago!!!

Elder Kaka recieved his mission call today July 27,2009. It was a beautiful summer day waiting patiently for all the family members to come home before he could open it. We had a family prayer with his friends that were there to make sure we were all in the right frame of mind.
Dear Elder Kaka,
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Chile Santiago North Mission.