Sunday, July 24, 2011


Kiora family!

Awesome letter whanau! i love you guys so much you were saying mum. being here I’ve also been able to see a difference in each and every one of you through your letters. i really don’t know how to put it into words but I’m just so eternally grateful for our family and for being so blessed to have been born and raised in such a loving home. I never want to leave you guys again ae. hahhaha i tell all my boys that when i go home imma live at home they just laugh, but seriously family i love you all so much. My memories are always fading but it’s a good thing cause that means that I’ve been out for a long time and i only got little bit of time left. hahaha Family i got to let you all know. last night we had transfers, and president switched me out. Straight up sucked man. I’m not going to lie i was a little bit bothered ae. i had everything good. had a mean companion, had the best sector, had 7 amazing investigators who all will be getting baptized, have 7 converts there, and just was having the time of my life working my butt off. i had only been there for 1 month and my man pulled me first i was a little bit bugged ae but last night i was really able to see how i as a person have often doesn’t really notice the progress that he makes, and last night was just one of those opportunities in which it just hit me. if this would have happened to me a year ago or even six months ago i would have been upset ae, straight up furious, but last night i got the call, accepted it, and just went with it ae. My companion couldn’t understand how i wasn’t mad. As missionaries we teach all the time of the commandments of the lord and how the lord gives them to us to bless us, that no matter what he asks us to do we need to do it no questions asked. if he ask us to climb a mountain every day we need to climb the mountain, and last night it was just natural. As soon as i got the call to pack, i did so. not going to lie it was hard leaving what i left but family i know with no doubt that the lord blesses us as we are obedient....i have come to really understand and more appreciate the importance and need for obedience. really there is no other way to do the lords work, or to do things the lords way if we are not obedient....i know that when we are obedient we have no limits... that when we are humble, put our trust in the lord and are obedient to what he wants us to do, is when he uses us to accomplish anything and everything he wants done in spite of our own weakness. i don’t know why i got sent here but i know that here is where i have been called to be, and here is where i will obediently serve. i love this gospel family and the blessings that I’ve been able to receive as I’ve lived it. i love our savior so much. i know that he really does know and love us....he loves us so much that he gave his life for us, and for a sacrifice so great has only asked us in return to be obedient. i admire you family for your willingness and desires to be obedient to the lord. Obviously nobody is perfect, and i know that it’s not easy to always strive and be like Jesus, but family it sure is worth it. Love you guys so much and so grateful for your examples and for your love for our savior. let’s keep going hard ae. um i got switched to a sector named galvarino and its right next to one of my old sectors(los conquistadores) hahaha crackup ae. i will be training a new elder and excited and ready to just beast. um we also had an awesome baptism yesterday. We baptized this fella named manuel. and ill send you guys the photos next week. He has been a miracle. A great example to us and huge evidence that god lives and that this is his gospel and that this same gospel does change lives as we our let it do so. huge dude, tattoos also all over, drug addict, alcoholic but just like victor has been able to find the strength to change and has felt the happiness that comes as we are obedient and live the gospel. Awesome guy ae. but yeah other than that all good ae family. I’m good ae. More than happy and forever grateful to be a representative of the lord. i will cherish these two years for the rest of my life. My time has come to an end. so ill talk to you next week family. Love you guys heaps! with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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