Monday, September 27, 2010

whats up family!!!!

como estan??? lol fa thanks for the letter ae....always a great way to start my week off and its so awesome to hear from you guys....well first things first...the shoes...i thinks its better that i just take money out and buy me a pair here....sweet as??? the shoes here are a lil bit expensive but compared to you guys buying me a pair and on top of sending me them it would be i think i´ll do that ae..just tell me when i can, and then i´ll do it...but second thing....okay so when you guys send me a next usb put as many songs and videos on it that you can...okay...have george do every song that he knows on the guitar and piano,, and do all the ones you guys know as a family and even if you can have uncle milty and the rest of the fams do a few...would be awesome i can put them on my ipod....but yeah thats all...
My week this week has been another long actually we had another transfer and i will be with elder snider for another 6 weeks...hahaha happy as cause hes a cool as fella and we get along still district leader but my district has changed a lil bit...instead of two different elders i now have two sisters in my district!!!!! so im kind of nervous with that ae...pres knows though that im a good listener so i think hes put me with them for the better....but other than that this week we had two baptisms...we baptized an older women, her names is mercedes and she was pretty much a miracle...we have always been teaching her but she was never able to get baptized cuz she has been waiting for her divorce papers to go thru which finally did so we baptized her Saturday and then on Sunday we baptized this other kid that we have been teaching...his name is brian and hes an awesome kid. Me and elder snider found him our first week here in this sector and it’s been an awesome journey with him....hes had a rough as life and it was just one of those where you knew that the lord was preparing him to hear this message in which we have....but like about three years ago his dad died and his mum works three jobs to keep his family stable so he being 17 yrs old has had to watch and pretty much raise his little sister..... to have just seen the gospel give them hope and strength to carry on has been a blessing to me....we taught him first the plan of salvation and that pretty much did it, he’s been an investigator of gold. comes through with all his commitments and you can really tell that this kid now knows what he wants and he’s willing to do anything to awesome ae how this knowledge of the gospel that we so many times unconsciously take for granted means so much to others who don’t have it. it’s been an awesome reminder to me of the reality of this gospel. Has made me realized once again in why i am here and how great of a calling we have as missionaries...So we baptized Brian, and such a cool kid...his mom was actually able to come and we haven’t been able to teach her yet cause she’s always working but she started crying cuz she felt something as she watched her son get we are really excited for that and will be working with her...but other than that me and elder snider are just looking for more people..we have been having a hard time lately, but dad for our p days we all just do our own thing....our zones are so widely spread that it’s hard to gather so me and my comp just go do our own we actually went to go pay tribute to a virgin statue on the top of a mountain!!! hahaha its actually a big tourist site so we normally go do things like that....see chile and what it has to offer you know...we went to a big cathedral the other week, a huge food market, and a few museums so it’s different as ae to your mission but whatever to keep us out of the house ae...but yeah family that was my week...I’ll send you guys a few photos of the baptisms and a few videos if can...but i love you guys so funny hearing about everything...even seeing Georges canoe pictures...crackup man...but i hope everything is going good...keep going hard in all that you guys do k....just know that I’m doing my best here..don’t worry about me k....i love the mission and I’m so grateful for each day that i have to put on the tag and represent our savior Jesus Christ. i know that he lives and that this is his church..I’ve seen this gospel bless so many lives. No doubt in my mind of its truthfulness. but family i love you guys so much...mum and dad thanks for all that you guys do for me....I’m doing my best to represent you guys...thanks for raising us in the gospel....George ash and lia....sorry don’t have much time left but i love all three of you guys so pride and joys guys are my everything. keep watch over each other and more than anything love each other...send my love to gramz k..but i got to go family....i love yous and miss yous...with all my love

Elder kanahele kaka

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

hey family!!!

fa whats up you black maoris??? espero que esten bien..was an awesom letter ae...thank you guys so greatest source of strength for the week so thank you all for all that you do. Thanks for all the updates you guys sound so good..i miss yous heaps ae...hahaha idk why but its only for this hour when I get to write you where i really get homesick but other than that I’m good too much other things and people to think and worry about you know what i mean. but its always good. im good as actually...i didn’t want to say anything but i think i might need some new shoes....=( sorry family but the shoes we bought were crap...hahaha just not made to walk in all day and every day and ive gone through all of them already....the shoes that we actually bought died within two weeks but I’ve been using the ones that uncle martin bought me from the missionary mall place and there the winners bra....I’ve been using them this whole time and there the ones that are dying too...when we bought them they came with a two year warrantee so i tried writing uncle martin to see if he could get me a new pair but he never wrote me back.bahahahaha scared ae me but these shoes really are the winners for missionary work so i could really careless..but if you could idk see if he can buy me another one??? bahhahaha na or just get a new one on the warrantee you know...might as well use it but yeah other than that family im good as...still havnt got my package but i should get it tomorrow. pretty sure. but yeah me and elder snider have had another long but rewarding week....we baptized brenda yesterday and it was a good as experience...there’s nothing better ae than seeing a person enter into the waters of baptism and knowing that you were able to help them get there you know..obviously everything is from the lord but to go through the learning process with these people and see them learn live and apply the gospel than receive the blessings that are promised them is the greatest experience for a missionary... so yeah we are pretty much on top of the world... but yeah we should have another baptism this week we´ll see...we’re teaching this other boy brain and he should be ready for this week...but this week i had a pretty touching experience ae...wasn’t anything really big but it was just something that reminded me of why I’m here as a missionary and the reality of the gospel in which we have...but it happened a few days a go and im just going to re write what i wrote in my journal k...

Thursday September 16th 2010 10:41pm

hey family so today was one of those days on the mission that makes you realize the magnitude of not only the gospel in which we share but the reality of it. the bishop called us today to tell us that hermanos soto´s wife is dying and that´ll be good if we could go by and share something to comfort them, so as soon as we could we made our way over to hermano sotos house. on the way i had no idea in what to expect. i thought to myself im only 20 yrs old, what is there that i can do that will help these people. i was sure that they´ve already had a million visits by a million different people who had said everything and anything to comfort this brother, what more could we have done?? so many things were running through my mind. i had no idea in what to do, ive never dealed with this kind of situation before. Nervous more than anything, we yelled hermanos sotos name as we arrived at his door. not that much longer he had greeted us in with his usual warm welcoming presence. im not going to lie, it puzzled me. i was confused. we went in and there was his wife all wired up thru the nose, on her arms with a breathing mask on, and oxygen bottles all over the place. it killed me to see this sister like this. didn’t really know her but it ate me up to see her bed ridden ready to go any minute. Before anything was said hermano soto asked us if we could give his wife, himself, and his daughter blessings. We took a few minutes doing so and felt the spirit as we had the opportunity to let the lord use us as his mouth pieces. as a natural reaction i had asked hermano soto how he was doing, and it was his response that i´ll never forget. he said, " bien mi hijo, las cosas son dificiles pero dios nos ayudara." translation..."good my son, its hard, but god will help us" not anything really deep but the conviction in which it was said. with his wife dying there was no sight of discouragement. i saw in this man someone who really understood the plan of salvation, someone who knows of the reality of the atonement of Christ. i saw in this moment the magnitude of what we share. The importance of helping everyone receive this same strength. Elder snider having gone thru the same thing said something that hit me....he said...."what helped me when my dad died, was the basics. The things that i knew. the plan of salvation. without this knowledge i would have been lost." hit home for me ae...Jesus lives, the gospel is real. Thanks to hermano soto and my comp i was able to be reminded of its reality in a form undeniable. I’m so grateful to be a missionary and to share this great news daily. its true know it is with every morsal of my soul. i love you guys peace...

so this is what i wrote in my journal this day...just was one of those experiences that you have that remind you of the magnitude of what we do...missionary is my life a family.. i love it. im learning so much and im so grateful to be here serving our lord and savior Jesus Christ. This is his church and we can be together forever as we live its principals. i love you guys so much... mum and dad...thank you guys for all that you do for me to be going hard trying to better myself each day....keep going hard in all that you if anything the thing that ive learnt here in the mission is to love my got a big heart and there’s a lot of love in there bro...Find ways to always share it with everyone bro even if they’re idiots to you okay my brother...i hope everything’s all g with you bro. watch over the kiddies ae and love them.... i hope your working on your typing hahaha going to need it bro...but keep hanging with the right people and you´ll be good bro. i love you heaps dog...ash sole donde aprendiste tu espanol compadre??? ah ah sorry bout it hahahaha but i hope everything is going good with you my brother...keep working hard in football can be the best...just always strive to be humble and learn as much as you can.... i love you heaps bro...Take care of your little sister for me ogay muchacho....que este bien causita. peace bro...lia!!!! How you doing my beautiful swan??? i love u so much lia...the other day there was a stake activity that we went to a there were chicks trying to dance was horrible!!!! i´ll try send a video if i can...but be a good girl lia and always remember who you are k...listen to mum dad and your bros okayl.... i love you so much lia....okay family i have to go... I am doing good dont worry about me... i love you all so much send my love to grms you guys.

Elder kaka kanahele

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kia Ora Family,
We have no letter for you to read for this week as Elder Kaka's letter was a little too personal. However, he is doing fine and loving the life of a Missionary, especially in his new area as a district Leader. It was a specail month for our family as we had 3 Birthday's in September. First it was me(Dad) on the 7th of September, Conway on the 09 September and Mom on the 14th September. I have inserted a photo from each persons Birthday. We love our son and miss him so much and love reading his letters as he shares with us the reality of the life of a missionary. Check back next week for a update of Elder Kaka's week.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Whats up family!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes ae...hahaha doesn’t even seem like I’m maybe cuz its still not my birthday yet but yeah getting old as ae...fa i was just thinking about it yesterday and i remember one birthday i had at kamehameha schools and i turned 16!!bahahaha i was in 11 grade and all my mates threw a party for me at school and just being here in chile thinking about that just cracked me up fast the time flies we need to provechar cada momento en que tenemos...por que nunca sabemos cuando nos toca a sorry bout it...just sounds better in spanish and its one of my winner lines that i use all the time! bahahha but yeah family it was so good to hear from all of you guys and the low downs on what you’ve all been doing...the regular busy life of the kaka home awesome man..thats the only way to go family...hard or go home ae...
but yeah for us everything’s been good as ae...still working hard and to be honest time is just flying know that scripture...forgot how it goes in English but it’s something like he who loses his life for my sake shall find it....well yeah that’s just how I’ve been ae for the past few months and its true. here on the mish...bahaha on the mission i mean (sorry bout it mum) i have really seen this scripture come to life for me... idk like looking back at it now, when i first got here you know i was really stressed out....about the language above everything else, how to be a missionary, and i guess you could say that in some degree i was focused on myself you know and everything just seemed to be harder...but idk when it started or how but as i look back at it things started to get easier and come easier when i didn’t worry about my own struggles and problems. its hard as to explain but it’s the most special thing to wake up in the morning thinking of other people, start your day off praying for the needs of other people, studying for other people, and actually visiting these other people and seeing the lord work miracles in their lives through the missionaries. I’ve never been so happier in my even though I’ve left my family, my friends, my comfort zone to go to another country trying to speak another language I’ve never been problems ¨to say¨ which at first seemed so big are nothing. i really can’t express how but that’s how i i love this place. i love the chilean people-even tho half of them hate us, swear at us, slam the door on us...i love them. i love my companion, i love my ward, i love my house...its nowhere near the best but i love this place because i can honestly say that it’s here where I’ve been able to know of our savior Jesus’s here where everything has been taken away from me only to give me the opportunity to truly depend on and understand and come to know of our savior and what he has done for me...I’ve not only been able to experiment it in my own short time here but I’ve seen it work in the lives of others and there is no other reason why I’m here....there is no other motive that pushes me to be better and work harder than to see those of our brothers and sisters around us come to know of this same knowledge. The gospel is true and it’s real. Christ lives and gives us the opportunity to better ourselves daily. i love the mission’s all been the same lately nothing new but I’ve just really come to understand why i am here. At this moment actually we have 4 progressing investigators...a girl named Brenda who lives with her mum. the mum was actually baptized a really long time ago and we found this girl knocking doors so we’ve been able to teach her and reactivate her’s been awesome working with them...they have nothing but are always happy and positive and Brenda has had allot of hard times growing up and in here family so she has had a lot questions and doubts about life and stuff, but she told us this past week that the things that we have taught here have filled a whole within her that she’s had for a very long time and has given her the hope for something better...then she shared us a scripture peter 12:6 and jus teared was one of those times ae can’t really explain it but the spirit was there and we were able to see the peace that she had as she applied the gospel in her it’s been a blessing for us to have taught her and her mum...we are teaching another old lady too and she’s awesome as ae.....she’s a crackup...her names Teresa. She lives alone and a lot of things have happened recently that you know that the lord was preparing her to receive us so we are just working with her. We are trying to help her get baptized on the twenty sixth....and ya we are teaching this other family of three....a mother named scarlet, her son Brian, and her daughter scarlet but is only 7. but this family is also going thru hard times.... the husband and dad of these kids have died and they barley make ends meet every month so its been a blessing having the opportunity to get to know them and teach them....we haven’t really taught them that much but from what we have shared with them you can tell that they got that spiritual hunger and are in need of some healing so we are excited to go by and help them out...but yeah other than that family, I’m good as ae....miss you guys hard but I’m not going to lie other than Monday i really make it an effort not to think about it to much..i pray for you guys night and morning and i use our family as examples in my lessons but other than that i try hard to stay focus....and times just been flying... it’s been hard but just an awesome time....might as well make the best of the situations that you are in right!? hahahaha but yeah i do love you guys with every morsel of my heart....I’m representing hard. i love you mum and had me crying like a baby reading your letters today...I’ve been a good boy ae...hahaha I’ve had an even better family that’s why....but george ash and lia...i love you guys...i don’t have much more time to write but i just wanted to tell you little buggers that i love all make me proud.. go hard in all that you do and make mum and dad even prouder parents... love you siblings. Send my love to gramz to and tell her that I’ve started to receive her letters again!! bahahaha but i love you whanau...let’s have a good week.. but ill hear from you guys next Monday ae... with all my love,

Elder kaka kanahele