Monday, August 8, 2011

Kia Ora Whanau!!!!
go hard till death ae bro!!!! cheeehuuuuu...fa thats whats up hori boy. that motivated me hard ae.....second wind family almost i love you guys. i hope that being together you guys have tried to make the most of things.....remember to always love eachother and spend time with eachother cause before we know it george is gonna bounce, imma get married, george will come home and get married than ash will bounce and everybodys gonna be out doing there own hard and really give time and effort to those things that really are our greatest importance....theres nothing else in this life(other than the gosple) that i love more than my family. nothing. so gotta make the most of it a whanau. i love you guys hard. thanks for everything. good as to hear from you all, and for the council mum and dad. its something that ive really needed. as for me here in the mission. ive been having the hardest time of my life. me and my companion, fight, fight, and fight some more, all day every day. its been hard as ae. its been the hardest thing that ive ever gone through. everything that we talk about, do, and want to do we argue about, or better said we dont see eye to eye on. its been the hugest test of patience, charity, and faith. ive been so close to smashing him so many times.!!!!! bahahaha no but for reals almost, ALMOST did it.... there was a few days where i was praying for him to hit me so i could kick the crap out of but family dont worry ae. i know i make it sound real bad (which it is and im not exaggerating at all) but to be honest im really greeatful for all the things that ive been able to learn through such struggles. although life pretty much sucks, ive strived to look at it as opportunities to learn, and i have been able to do so. ive had to learn how to better communicate myself, how to be patient, humble, and how to really love with no conditions. it hasnt been nothing easy but its has been worth it. so everythings all good ae....we´ve had alot of talks and really deep down hes a good fella and wants to be better and wants to do good so really thats all that matters. so ive just been trying my best to help him. what a week ae. not gonna lie, im pretty scared for marriage! hahahaha cant make the wrong choice ae cuz temple marriages are eternal....its not like i can wait for transfers or anything ae. hahaha na but other than that we´ve been all good ae. in our ward there are alot of needs....alot! and like usual theres alot that WE need to do to help them. um our investigators that we have our gold. saul gaurantee baptism on the 21st and my comp will be baptizing him. hes so stoaked. this week we also started visiting and teeaching the husband of a old time sister whos OG. pioneer status here in chile but her husband never got baptized. so we went by the first time this past week and tried talking to him. was tough ae. for twenty years theres been missionaries trying to teach him and convert him but nobodies been able to do it. so we went by this week and its been going good as. with out the spirit its impossible, IMPOSSIBLE to help someone recieve a testimony of the truthfulness of our message. and we´ve strived to plan spiritual lessons with him and its been working. im sure hes heard everything that we are teaching him but for our preparation, and desires to help him we´ve been able to help him feel and open up to that spirit and hes been making alot of progress. when we first meet him he was hard as a rock just full on bashing on the church and everything and just yesterday as we arrived to his house to teach him and his wife let us in, and he came out of his room with the book of mormon and told us these exact words...."ive come to a conclusion...the book of mormon is true!!!!" there really are no experiences greater than these. seeing the conversion of others as they excercise theyre faith. was the best ae. my companion was jumping up and down and ran over to him and gave him a huge hug. lol it was so crakup ae. typical newbee. but yeah family we are doing great ae. i love this work so much. i know i say it all the time but seriously ive been able to find my life here in the service of our lord. my mission has saved me and i know that it will bless my life forever. i have no doubt that our savior lives and this is his gosple. im going as hard as i can family. till the death, like an animal from the crack of dawn till the very night, giving all that i have, every thing that i have to the lord. theres no other option. no other.and i sure do expect the same from yous. im so proud of you all. and i love you guys so much. go even harder this week ae. send my love to all the famz....second wind. duitz. ps...sorry bout it but can you buy me and send me a bible. haha a normal one like the triple that you sent me. and that taonga for elder anderson that i asked a while back. i feel stink as asking but its really important. this fella anderson saved my life ae...real important fella and wanted to hook him up. but yeah let me know if can ba. love you family.

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