Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010


whats up you black maoris!!! fa awesome letters this week ae...fa thanks for the updates and the mean laughs...i was having the hardest crackups in my chair reading and im sure everybody thinks I’m weird but i could care but yeah first things first...i heard from George and it was awesome to get a letter from so grateful for him taking the time out to write me cuz i know how crazy it is and how its really hard to fine time amongst everything to do to write and it meant a lot yeah was good to hear from him and his preparation experiences...fa hes dumb ae...bahahahaha hes always been like that though, so no off that ounce. but yeah saw the pictures and they were awesome. i had a little homesickness attack haha but more than anything it was just cool as to see everybody...Tyler is a huge bugger ae!!! fa id smash him na... but yeah ill keep my eyes out for the package this week and ill let you know k mum how all the meds work out. thanks bah...and for my birthday I actually wanted something for a very long time but never wanted to tell you guys...but here in Chile they make like scripture cases that are really expensive but are really nice and you can only get them done here and i wanted to get some down but for a pair of English ones. But what i wanted is if you guys could send me a brand new clean pair of scriptures. Just a triple. with the book of Mormon, doctrina y convenios, and pearl of great price..without the bible. Like a medium size one with i could get some covers for them that alright??? hahaha so nails ya me already knowing what i wanted for my birthday... lol but yeah that’s all i want for reals..that’s all I’ve been thinking about so let me know ya, but yeah family this week has been a crazy one ae...for reals like super hectic, you don’t even yeah we had to move houses but just personal stuff (no furniture or anything) but still i had a lot of crap to take into a whole new sector where i don’t know anyone or anything...with a new companion. So it’s been really hard. especially planning at nights not knowing what to do, who to visit, or where to go, and with all the pressure of being district leader and senior companion just has added that extra push out of one’s comfort zone but it’s been an awesome experience. Hard and stressful as but has only helped me grow and i taught my first district class the other day and it was crackup as ae...everybody in my district has been here longer than i have so it’s kind of hard cuz they all have like a lil pride problem which is kind of natural you know and i think they just think like i don’t know anything that they already know so it’s something that I’ve just have to battle but its sweet as..Learning how things work and growing at the same comp is elder snider...he’s from California and he’s awesome ae...this past week with him we’ve gotten along really well. he’s such a chill guy but is down to get to work so were excited as to be in this sector. we’ve had some deep talks lately and I’ve respect him hard ae for being able to overcome his challenges..idk if i told you guys last week but his dad died a while ago by a drunk driver and to hear his testimony while we teach the plan of salvation of how death is not the end of things and how we can be together forever has really strengthen my testimony and conviction of this basic truth...he can’t speak Spanish that well but when he testifies it’s with power and even though they can’t understand him to well they feel it you know and it’s just been an awesome experience to be with him...he’s the man ae and we get along good as so that’s the most important thing. But yeah yesterday we baptized alber and his niece...the psychologist!!! hahaha mean as ae... yeah it was a crazy time but an awesome as experience...the cool part is that elder rosenlofs(my last comp) family came to get him and they stayed here for a week and they came to our ward yesterday and we were able to baptize this guy and his niece in front of them. was cool as ae, for his parents to see him in action and how he was able to be a tool in helping a lot of people come to know of the love of our savior Jesus Christ...i talked with the family after church and it made me homesick hard ae...talked to the mum for ages and i wanted to cry hahaha and i told her how it’s been you know away from the family and she just gave me a big as hug...she told me before she did it, i know I’m not allowed to do this but it’s from your so yeah it was awesome ae...i wanted a kiss too...haha but its all g...made me really miss you ae mum...all you guys actually. but yeah that was our day yesterday. Me and my comp are doing good. Our sector is gold right now and there’s heaps of people that want to listen to us so we are excited as to fine those chosen ones. but yeah that’s us ae...doing good as. Hope all of you guys are doing good. i miss you all hard ae. Mum keep going hard girl in all that you do...just like you said..there’s no growth when we are just coasting along so endure well to the end and the rest of us will benefit from your hard work!!! hahaha shot mum but for real’s love you hard ae mother.. missed you a lot this week so give all the kids and dad a big hug and kiss from i miss you ae bro...look good in the picture dog!!! still balling it up ae...hahaha doing the bang, turn aruond hookie still??? lol but just wanted to tell you how much i love you pops. being with my comp has really made me realized how grateful i am to have a father.. I love u ae bro. Ash!!! sole you look gansta in your pads bro...fa the real deal ae...but when you look good bro you play good, right?? so just as long as you got the actions to go along with your faith my borhter hahaha like James said faith without works is dead so walk the talk my little can do it too’re a talented boy bro so always push yourself, never settle for anything less than you best k my brother. But i love you bro take care of your sister for me and one favor bro...send me a funny line from a movie every week k!! shot br0... hi lia!!! hahaha schools hard??? lol heaps of homework ae?? i just hope that you’re doing it and not stuffing it in your bag!! bahahaha crackup..but lia i just wanted to say that i love you...i miss you heaps ae so be a good girl and an example to those around you...I’m so proud of your progress that you are making in your church stuff too. that’s the most important so establish your foundation now ya lia with being around good people and living what we preach yeah..but i love you so much lia...siga mi nena y nunca rendirse, ni comunicarse con los negros ya o su vecinos(jaren y jabriel) bahahaha but i love you lia...but yeah family that’s me. i love you all heaps and miss you even more. Thanks for all that you do for me. I’m representing hard and giving my best each day. send my love to grandma and all the family especially margie and uncle nainoa. but i gotta go family so I’ll talk to you guys next week, with all my love

Elder kaka kanahele

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

!hola familia¡

como estan?? bien, yo espero!! fue tan bacan de tener la oportunidad a leer sus cartas!! en serio..les echo de menos tanto y les amo aun mas.

Im doing good family...I’m not going to lie but it’s so much easier to write in spanish!! shorry bout it!!! lol but like i said it was awesome getting to read your letters ae.. for real’s sounds like everything is going good...the busy weeks are always the best weeks ae...but mum thanks for the story for real’s..real comforting for me especially now with all the changes that I’m going the low down real quick...yesterday was my last day with my companion and i had to say bye to him this morning and it was hard ae....although we didn’t have much in common and we were really different, we got really close!!! I’m going to miss that fellah ae but it’s all g. so the assistants called us up last night with the changes and so this is what’s going to happen....they called me to be a district leader and to open a idk if you guys understand what that means lol but just a whole lot of pressure and responsibility so it should be a good journey! bahahaha so that means ill be moving houses to an area that I’ve never been and ill have a district where ill have to teach the classes every nervous but i know that it’s only going to strengthen me....but this morning i dropped my comp off and me and some of the other elders that had to drop their companions off too came to the internet place to write so ya i still haven’t met my new companion, but it’s always a nerve racking experience!!!
Family we had another hard but rewarding week...idk if you guys remember this genius doctor guy that we were teaching but we’ve been working with him a lot this week and we will be baptizing him and his niece this Sunday!!! so crazy family but it’s been a heck of a journey...for real’s this dudes been the hardest cookie to crack but just goes to show that when we do our part as missionaries and teach the key doctrine and make our investigators agents and not objects giving them the ability to use their agency the decision in the end is black or white. it’s when we teach the gospel in a way where it’s so simple and clear that in the end there’s only two decisions...they’ll follow the example of the savior and be baptized or they won’t..and that’s how it’s been with this dude. we’ve done everything that we could have and there was nothing he could have done but exercise his faith and humble himself before the lord and ask in prayer if what we were teaching him was true. and that’s what he did and as simple as that he was able to receive his own witness for himself...he tried explaining it to us but couldn’t cause he’s never experienced anything like that before and it was just awesome to see his whole countenance change and really see his conviction of truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ....we took a member with us that day when he received his answer to help us teach and she sat there watching was happening gave her testimony here and there but when we left and was walking home the member started crying because she was able to see firsthand the affect the gospel has on people...for her to see this dudes conversion was a first and she just couldn’t believe how it was soooooo cool ae....when we got home that night me and my comp just sat there and we were like that’s why we are here.....we leave our nineteen years of age not knowing how to speak the language and we come to another country and we just change people’s lives.. I’ve been having sooooo many experiences like that, that just make me feel sooooo appreciative for the opportunity that i have to be here...missionary work is my life and there’s no other place in the world that id want to be than here....i try everyday to better myself and i look back and I’ve grown sooooo much... it’s a daily thing that we need to do to always constantly improve and become better....but yeah that’s my week...super nervous for this up coming week and really have no idea how I’m going to do it but I’m the man so I’m not stressing!!! hahaha
but yeah family i love you guys so much. mum keep going hard’ve always been the persistent one so keep going will all pay off...better have the house raised and done before i come home ae!! bahaha na but mum i love you so much and miss you even more. Thanks for everything ae...don’t really know what you’ve got till it’s gone..not saying that i didn’t appreciate you when i was home but it’s been so much more evident now that I’m away how much you do for us... i love you so much mum....sole pops!!! You not editing my letters good bro??? fa your cabbage dog!!! lol na its all good bro...that’s one crackup story tho...but i just wanted to tell you how much i love you ae dad....keep going hard with the family and keep them on the right track...i always use our family as an example when i teach and really testify with power how the gospel blesses families I Just wanted to thank you and mum for raising us kids good. Did an awesome job ae you fellas im representing it hard for the family bro...but yeah dad love you!!! sole not the picture lying down with mona on waimea rock!!! sole shorry bout na you be carefull my brother!!! keep being a good boy my brother and everything will be all g.. so happy for you bro ae with everything that you’ve been able to accomplish., just keep going hard and have heaps of fun...take heaps of pictures to bro..Japan is awesome as... you better write me too when you long and when do you leave??? fa rip it up bro...and never stop lifting...getting huge as bro so keep it you little brother and lia k...but i love you hori boy.....ash....sole why you always have a butter finger>??? bahahhaa dont be scared of the ball bro hahaha but I’m not surprised are one talented mungrol!!! keep going hard bro and be teachable... there’s always something you can learn...but ash have dad film all your games and make a highlight tape bro...then send it to me when your seasons done ae...fa i can’t believe that its football season already...keep training hard bro...later is better than never but at least you’ve learnt now so don’t make the same mistake...hahaha but i love you bro...Keep being a good example to those around you and take care of you sister...i love you mi nachito loco!!! LIA!!!! How you doing girl?? dang sounds like you’ve been really busy!!! hahaha shorry bout it then.. haha but sounds like you’ve been having some crazy fun...well i just wanted to tell you how much i love you and miss you... i hope you’ve been being a good girl and always remembering who you are....i would make my companion vacuum but chiles such a poor country that only the rich people have carpets!! crazy huh lol so ya that’s the good vacuuming!!! lol but i love you and miss you so much lia...send my love to grandma and all the cuzzies you lia...but yeah family that’s us...I’ve attached a few photos and a video so i hope it’s all good. but i got to bounce now so ill write you guys next week. i love you so much family. siga adelante y cosecheremos los bendiciones. con mucho amor y carino..tu querido hijito,

Monday, August 9, 2010


So how you fellas been??? dang i miss you all so much. but yeah I’m doing good ae...first off just wanted to let you mum that i did get my box I’ve had it for one week now so just send me the next batch of meds when you can...for reals just the pills and nothing else cause I’ve still got heaps of food and meat and goodies and stuff cause I’m soooooo spoiled!!! lol so sweet as k...but today is my companions last p day as a missionary so we are going all around Chile visiting his converts! so i don’t have much time to’s so sad ae!! for real’s i can’t even imagine going back and visiting my old sectors to go say bye to my converts!!! its hard man like just this morning we went by a few of his converts and its awesome to see the happiness that the gospel has brought them and to have had a part in the process of helping these people know the gospel and being with them through every early part of their conversion is the why we are here...the greatest reward as a missionary.... and to come back for him 6, 8months, one year later and to see them still strong in the gospel is even a greater gift. so sad. i can’t even imagine having to say bye to those ive grown to love here in Santiago but its still far away so its all good. but yeah fam so good to hear from you guys....sole George go hard in your dancing bro...Practice your fire knife bro for real’ advice for when you start spinning on fire...don’t be scared!!! that’s everyone’s down fall cant burn you if your spinning spin it as fast as you mean ae my counsel from experience..bahahaha but more than nothing bro...keep being a good boy..that’s the only thing that a good example, respect those around you, and help your little bros and sisters...sole help ash...he’s got it in him so help him become the best bro..give him the knowledge he needs dog...but yeah fiji is the meanest section...just gotta be stiff when you dance. watch them and copy’s the meanest thing when there’s a white dude that dances better than the actual fijians so go hard bro....ash bro!!! sole you playing jv already!!!??? ahhhhh sorry bout it...and your starting?? ah ah.. lol na bro honestly that doesn’t even surprise me... you got it in you’re a talented little bugger...just got to go hard bro... always be humble cause that’s when you learn the most...always push yourself bro. George is there to help you as well so use him when you got all you need to be the best bro so take advantage of it...if you can ask dad to film some of your games and send it to me in on a usb ae! hahahaha shot bro but i miss you my little’d get along with all these burritos over here bro...crackup that’s why you’re going to be a great missionary ash...but be a good boy and always take care of your little sister ya. But i love you ash...lia!!!! How you doing ba??? hahahaha i have no idea what that word ipaz means??? for real’s why did you even ask me that??? hahaha its not Spanish... but yeah i miss you ae lia...i hope your being a good girl now in 7th grade without mum there to watch you...hahaha and tell all the boys no!!! Not until i get home ya!! bahaha but lia i love you so much...tell grandma that i love her and all the cuzzies for me k...there’s a girl in our ward that reminds me so much of you and i just want to kiss her and hug her but i can’t!! hahaha but ill try take a pic of her and ill send it home...i just miss you that much thats why!!! But be a good girl and listen to mum dad and your brothers a good example k sweetie..i love you lia....mum and dad thank you guys for everything that you guys do for don’t worry about me I’m sweet as ae focused as ever, but I’m sweet as hahaha for real’s ive got toooooo much other things on my mind to worry fact I’ll give you a little update for the week real quick...this doctor dude has got to be the hardest dude anybody in the world has ever taught...bahahahaha the way he thinks is just on a whole different level...and because he’s a psychologist he’s always analyzing things and studying and there just has to be an answer for me and my comp have been doing the best job ever. focusing in on the book of Mormon and its truthfulness and if Joseph smith was a prophet cause if he knows these two things every other question he has doesn’t matter...he ask questions like crazy about like super hard stuff bahahaha like bout things we have no idea about and we answer what we can but he needs evidence or an exact answer for everything and we tell him that the truth is, is that he needs to do his part and pray and ask heavenly father and he´ll know..So we asked him one lesson then and there if we could say a prayer and if he could ask directly if Joseph smith was a prophet and if the book of Mormon is true...and we invited him to do it on our knees. So that’s what we did. The spirit was so strong and i don’t know what happened but in that moment when he had prayed we knew that he knew...he had felt something that he couldn’t explain and had told us to leave right after! jajajajaja...but he came to church yesterday and we went by again with the bishop and hes still having a hard time. he wants to get baptized and all but he’s still not sure...we feel like he’s searching something bigger. as a psychologist he thinks that he needs to see some kind of miracle for it to be true and the truth is we know he knows but we think he thinks that its too simple. and its true what we teach is real simple. not complicating at all. that by the fruits of the spirit-paz, tranquilidad, longabinidad.. etc we can know the mysterious of I’m having a hard time writing in English and thinking of what the words were so sorry bout it ...but yeah that’s where we are at with him...we´ll keep working with him so its all good. we are actually teaching his niece who’s all good to get baptized and we found another lady who’s super good as well so yeah the work is moving right comp leaves next Monday and i should get a new one that same day so yeah pretty nervous for what’s going to go down. but yeah just so that you guys know i might not have that much time again next week but i will write don’t worry bout it...and ill send some pics...I’m on like the first computer built in the world right now,,,for reals its like a type writer with a screen and the hard drive has no out puts for usb drives so sorry bout it but next week for sure..but i love you all family...I’m going hard so don’t worry abut good and love each other. i miss you all so much and am representing it for the whanau but i gtg so ill write yous next week....bye family.

With all my love

Elder kaka kanahele

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey family!!!

How you guys doing? it was such a good time reading your guys letters and to see whats going with you guys...I miss you all sooooo much ae. for reals...but first off..mum thanks for writing pres...bahahaha he called me and we got everything sorted out. I had an appointment today with the local doctor and we talked for a while and he said my meds that I’m taking right now should be strong enough i just need to wait for a little while but in one months time i got my next appointment so everything’s all good ae..but crazy story while i was at the doctor a met this elder martinez and he asked me where i was from and i told him Hawaii then he’s like my sister went to byuh and i asked him who she was and he told me her name is Hershey!!!! lol remember that girl in dads ward? that’s was such a crackup cuz i was full on talking to him in his own tongue you know and telling him that i knew his sister and everything. she even gave me a book of Mormon and wrote something behind it in spanish but i think i left it at home...but ye small world ae...i took a picture with him but another day i´ll have to send those to you guys... just a little heads up next week i won’t have alot of time to write because it’s my companions last week and normally the elders last pday in the mission they get to go visit all their converts in the mission and it normally takes up the whole time and the companions just have to suffer...bahahaha but its all good.. we´ll see what happens ae..but just had to let you guys know. but yeah im doing good i should be getting your guys package tomorrow...when you guys send me stuff just send me the meds...that’s all i really want for reals. shot. but yeah got grandmas package this past week and she’s the bomb!! lol tell her thank you sooooo much...gramzz knows how to pack a package...for reals there was so much stuff.
Family my companion and I have been doing good. just trying to love that fellah ae hahaha it was actually his birthday on Friday so i woke up early and made him a mean as feed of rice, spam, eggs, toast, and some cool not going to lie it was a mean breakfast ae...and even though my comp doesn’t say much i knew he was grateful..The satisfaction of some good old service always helps you stay on track you’s in that moment when you forget all about yourself serving others when you realize that what you’re going through is nothing..I’ve really seen this a lot with this companion and its the only way to go ae family...whether you are best friends or hate their guts you just gotta love them no matter what and lose yourself in serving them and things will be all i just feel like in my little time here I’ve conquered the world already!!! bahahaha i know i still got a longs way to go but I’m just so grateful for every opportunity of growth that I’ve had..the missions mean as ae. yesterday we actually had another baptism. we baptize this inactive ladies daughter and it’s been awesome having to get to work with win situation cuz we were able to reactive this lady, teach and baptize her daughter who is like a motive for the mum to stay strong in the gospel so it’s been such a blessing helping this family receive the blessings that come from living the gospel. This dude that came to church last week by himself to his named is it’s such a crazy situation. This dude is from Italy but he’s been in chile for 20 years and he’s a doctor!!!! omg family you should have seen the first time that we went to this dudes house....he lives in the richest part of our sector that we didn’t even know that existed but there’s full on security guards and all out side of his house but he’s a psychologist!!! and hes just smart as ae...the way he speaks he’s always analyzing people and he’s just like a human genius and teaching him is just so crackup...he’s read every book about the church and just knows everything about us Mormons and says that it’s the church most logically like that of the church of Jesus Christ so that’s why he’s been investigating, lol and I’m not going to lie he actually knows like more than me bahahahaha i just crackup in the lessons cuz he knows all the doctrine of everything and he uses straight up smart words that I’ve never heard in my life and he knows just after he told us this our first visit i was with another missionary on divisions and just told him straight up first i was kind of intimidated you know but i just and testified like a champ and told him brother you can read all the books in the church as many times as you want, and we can sit here all day and give you all the answers to all your questions but you´ll never know of its surety until you exercise your faith and meditate in the things that you read and ask the lord in prayer with true intent if it’s true. the spirit was so strong ae...didn’t matter what kind of degree he had or what his profession was he could not deny what he felt in that moment...i knew it and i know he knew it too so we´ll keep working with him. The power of the message that we share is so strong cuz its true and anybody can know of its surety despite of their circumstances as they exercise their faith and pray. i love the gospel and the opportunity that i have each day to share it with others. Prepared people are found by prepared missionaries so i strive each day to better prepare myself in anyway. i love you guys so much family..i miss yous like crazy don’t even know. mum and dad thank you guys for all that you do...just to let yous know I’m representing it up hard.. Thanks for all that yous do to have me here serving the lord. Keep the family intact doing the things you know you should be sole bro keep going hard in all that you do bro. have a blast cuz time flies my this month i make nine months crazy ae bro hahahaha be smart in all that you do dog and don’t put yourself in bad situations k. Practice your fire knife too bro...The maoris are the best ones hahaha for real dog learn from all those around you and take care of the lil bro and sis for me ae. i love you bro. ms4l. ash...sole muchacho!?? hahaha where did you learn that from you clown?? crackup....but yeah bro playing jv already?? shorry bout it...gotta get big and strong level now dog so give it all bro you got what it needs to be good bro just need to put the work in my brother...take care of your 100 bucks too ae dont be spending it on lollies you helmet! hahaha but bro i love you ae bro...i miss your humour hard bro...your gonna be a mean missionary ae...but take care of your lil sister and listen to mum and dad. lia!!!! i miss you the most!!! bahahaha for look like your growing up so fast dang i can’t even believe it now when i see pictures of you...but I’m sure you did good girl at the food got it lia so just keep practicing ae...but lia i love you so much...i hope your being a good girl and trying your best to be a good example to those around you... know that i miss you and love you so much ya....send my love to grandma and tell her that I’m so grateful for the package that she sent me...but yeah family that’s me...I hope all is well with you guys. I love you all. but we´ll talk next week ae. chaito mis negritos!!

with all my love

Elder Kaka Kanahele