Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family! (Monday 12 September, 2011)

21! thats really old....hahaha i still feel like im a 16 year old little fwam who doesnt know how to take care of himself. lol na i really cant believe it tho. im pretty old ae. but happy birthday to you too pops. fa 45!? dang i thought you were still 40 bro. thats what i keep telling everybody who ask me how old you are. hahaha shorry bout it. but hope you had a good week. it sounds like everybody is doing great. man i miss you guys so much ae. sad to hear about papatu man. i love that guy so much. now that i think about it he treated us so good. always made us laugh and made us really feel as his own. its really sad too that he doesnt have the same knowledge that we have.....has anybody tried to honestly sit down with him seriously and share with him?? i cant even imagen how id feel coming to the end of my life and not knowing what will happen with me.thats gotta be scary man! gotta keep me informed with how hes doing. cant walk around unprepared either dad. not to be mean or anything but thats pretty nails bro hahaha. cant let that happen again ae bro.
well as for me this years birthday was not as exciting as last years. lol to be honest i totally forgot it was my birthday until 6:00pm that day. hahaha pretty crakup ae. woke up, got ready, studied, and went to lunch, and worked without even remembering that it was my birthday. it wasnt till we rocked up to a members house about 6:00 who wished me happy birthday that reminded me. lol thats just how focused i am in the work....lol i know it might sound like im joking or something but im being serious family im like at the peak of my ministry! lol i love what i do, and i honestly feel like superman when i do it. i feel like nothing can stop me. i cherish, embrace, and look foward to my challenges and trials that im faced with each day. i see clearly now of everything that needs to be done and the most efficent and effective ways to do them. im motivated, dedicated, and ever so happy as i continue to push myself and strive to get the most out of every opportunity put in my way. im learning so much. its so incredible how its possible. theres so much i want to do with so little time. family theres so many things i want to tell you right now....about the work, myself, the gosple, about everything. its impossible to write and really express in depth of the things that ive come to learn in two years that will serve for eternity in a few paragraphs or even through an email. i dont know where to start nor do i really know exactly what it is i want to tell yous. i feel like im a ballon on the verge of exploding, a damn fulled ready to overflow, a prisoner ready to just breakout. i guess what it really is, is that my time here has truely changed my life. my vision, outlook, perspective, reasons, motives on and for everything has totalmente changed. i feel free, safe, protected, and happy. i know family with no doubt that jesus is the christ. that he is the savior and redeemer of the world. as jesus started his earthly ministry he began by electing his twelve apostles. leading up to this era of time there was all kinds of profecies of this messiah, of this christ that would save the world, who will come in great glory. As jesus, the son of a carpenter, invited his disciples to follow him, we are taught that there was present in these men some degree of doubt to who jesus was and his divine calling. jesus in response to their lack of faith was simply an invatation. an invitation that he not only extended to them but to each and evey one of us. to every single person who desires to know. and simply he said, "come and see." as a missionary i have had the greatest opportunity of my life to come and see for myself. there is no doubt in my mind and heart that jesus is the christ. i know that he lives. i know that he loves us and blesses us according to our obidience to his commandments. i know that this is his work and his glory. i love missionary work so much family. i hope we all can search daily for opportunities to share the gosple. there is always more that we can do, always.
im good tho. dont worry about me. time is flying way to fast and i wish it didnt. the work is going good. we should be baptizing this upcoming week. jose, my converts brother will be getting baptized and its been so cool seing dixon(my convert) constantly share the gosple with his family in spite of their little desires and hardness of heart. at first when i was here last jose didnt want anything and now thru dixons persistent evidence of love for him thru constantly inviting him to church, and to read and pray has helped him little by little have the desires to follow our savior. dixon has been a huge example to me of a true diciple of christ and i know that it will be a really special experience this sunday as his brother jose is baptized. one of many evidences of gods love for his children.
in the house its still crazy. ive been sick because its just a crap hole there. the other two who live with us help out alot tho. elder salas and mccoy are really cool guys. its been quite an experience being in a trio. im glad that i will only have one wife and not two! hahaha na but ive learnt alot from them both. theres been alot of need for adjusting and all but its normal. my progression to be more like jesus this week has come along great. almost there!
but family hope that you guys are being good. take care of eachother and love one another heaps. keep doing family home evenings, reading, and praying together. its our only protection against everything. be good, and always do whats right. send my love to gramz and all the family. i love you guys heaps. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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