Sunday, August 28, 2011

kia ora whanau!! ki te pai, apple pie sounds good rite now.
lol that’s all i remember. funny thing family, is that i have forgotten everything. i have forgotten how to speak English correctly, i have forgotten names of places, people, i have forgotten foods, things that i like to do, music i like to listen to, i have forgotten almost everything....having elder Hendricks this past week I’ve been able to speak English for once in ever and i have forgotten everything. he would ask me questions and i couldn’t answer them. lol i didn’t know how to answer them. i didn’t know the words to use or how to explain it. it’s pretty bad! lol remember my farewell talk i just named off the taco bell menu??? saying that i hope it would help me on the mission. hahaha well it didn’t help me at all but its gonna be a weird transition living in an English world again. lol i guess my point is that i really don’t remember any things outside of my life here in the mission. Which is good. i have come to realize that nothing is more important than what I’ve come to understand and learn here serving the lord. it will be a life battle, daily to maintain and increase the presence of the spirit. at least now i know what, and how to do things for myself to achieve such a goal. I’m doing good family. Sounds like you all too are doing well. i miss you all so much. i hope that you guys are going hard. i hope you guys and striving to be more loving, caring, and to be better each day. I’m so grateful for who you are and all that you guys do to do show your love and faith in the savior. i know that it’s for that very reason people are able to feel the spirit as they are in your presence. Serve and work hard. Anything that you do just do it hard. no time to rest in this life ae. Hahaha. Well for me I’m doing good as. we had a baptism yesterday!!! hahaha and we will be having a few more in these upcoming weeks. We found a family of five this past week and they are so good. they have a lot of needs and struggle big time in every aspect of life and it’s been awesome to see how the things in which we have shared have helped them have hope in a better world... to see them act in accordance with this hope through their works and faith knowing that as they are obedient and do as the lord ask they will be alright. in spite of having nothing they have been huge examples to us, striving to the max to complete with the commitments in which we have extended. we have only known them for six days and there is such a huge change that has taken place in their home, a single mother with her four kids, with no job, how much harder could it get right? our first lesson with them they all just cried, the spirit was so strong and since that day there’s just been a new light in their eyes and you can see that they crave what they felt with us and are willing to do all they can to always feel that way. So it’s been an awesome experience with them this past week. um we have another investigator jorge an old man who’s also been investigating the church for twenty years and has been progressing just great. Said yesterday in elder quorum...i can’t believe that i have been so blind for so long!’s so awesome to see people see and better feel how this gospel can bless their lives.... honestly there can’t be anything better than being able to witness someone understand gospel and change everything to live in harmony with what god wants. it surely has strengthen my testimony of god greatness and love for each and every one of us. As for me and my companions. um...its been getting better and i have been able to make a lot of progress. hahaha harray!! lol i told pres. what was going down and he said elder kanahele, just love him! hahahah....i know what your talking about dad that sometimes we feel like we are wasting time having to babysit and that’s not why we came here but this week I’ve come to realize that this elders whole future will depend on his mission. That his whole family, kids, kids kids and generations will depend on who he is and his understanding, commitment, and love for the lord and his gospel. So it’s really helped me have another perspective and love for the way that i feel for him and the things that i do for him and its worked. i have realized that i have one of the greatest opportunities ever. living with him, eating with him, sleeping next to him (not with him lol) being with him day and day out i have the great opportunity to teach, serve, help, and learn with him of what it will take not only to be a missionary but to be a true disciple of Christ worthy to one day return to our father in heaven. The greatest achievements come from the greatest opportunities, and i really do consider this a great opportunity. I’ve been trying soo hard and know that the lord will bless us, he has so much already. i love this gospel so much family. i love our savior Jesus Christ more than anything else in this world. i know he lives and loves us....I’m so grateful for everything i have, family, for you guys and all that you do. i love it here. don’t worry about me. Just go hard and always strive to do what’s rite and be your best. My times come to an end family but want u all to know that i love you guys so much. send my love to everyone. With all my love family,
Elder kanahele kaka

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