Monday, April 26, 2010

Hola family!!!!

¿¿¿como te va mi vatos!!???? bien, ¿¿yo espero!??? hahahaha na un chiste pero aqui in primero cruzero estamos bien. la obra todovia esta matandonos, en serio pero todo esta bien. hahaha fa its hard for me to write in English ae cuz now im like fluent in Spanish and like I have the gift of tongues and all you know. And like im super blessed that way! hahahaha jokes family!! for reals though its a bit awkward sometimes ae trying to write in english. the spanish has been coming along but there’s still heaps more that I need to learn. im able to hold my own though and its mean as because just 3 months ago I could only say my name hahaha but yeah im only a tool in the hands of the lord and when we realize we cant do anything without him, that’s when he succors us and fills in and does his part. But yeah thanks for the letter ae. I miss you guys sooooooo much and its so good to hear all the haps with you guys and the family....its crazy to hear that Tyler’s home already and that he actually talks now hahahaha I can imagine that he’s smart as now. Dad use that fellah for reals I know he was a good as missionary because remember that time we were in cali and we wanted to visit him, yeah bro he told us no that helmet hahaha but for me as a missionary now bro that’s hard ae. Like we put him in a hard as position and he did the right thing. I cant imagine ae like with all the things we have to do, my family coming up and asking to visit a missionary that’s some real pressure hahahaha but yeah that’s cool to hear that he’s home...ask him how many people he baptized..and if he gives you a number then he’s dumb!!! lol im sure he wont though.

It’s so good to hear of your guys week and how everything went. Here in los andes were doing aright....our investigators that we found last week were waste time so we had to drop them because really the lord are preparing people and we are here to find the elect so yeah this week was another hard one. Having a hard time finding people but again I was able to see the lord work this week we full on studied and planned ways to help us find people to baptize and all week we weren’t having any success and it was really hard to go from day to day with nobody to teach was a real test of faith and it was really wacking away at mine and my companions...we knocked almost 50 doors everyday, only to be rejected with each one and it was hard as ae to keep strong. like we were doing all that we could to try and find people. we were being obedient with exactness and all, I don’t think I’ve ever prayed so hard and I don’t know just got a little depressing ae.....well Saturday after we prayed to start studying for comp study in my prayer I asked heavenly father to help us know what to do. and right after the prayer we looked at each other and I said to him...what do you think??? he didn’t say anything...obviously hahaha and then I told him lets fast!! And he said to me I felt to do the same thing. So that’s what we did. And family I have a testimony of the power of fasting. I know that its truly another way to receive extra help from our heavenly father because the first person that we talked to that day we were able to enter into her house to teach her....and that was a real treat for us because all week we weren’t able to teach cause we had nobody to teach so as we sat there with this lady we treated her like gold ae and all I can say is that the spirit we soooooo I know she wasn’t able to deny the feelings that she felt that day....this lady modesta has a lot of problems but we did our part...she has a strong desire to change so where going to work really hard to help her...she accepted a baptismal date in a month so will see how she yeah like that was a great blessing that day and to top things off we visited a less active member and shared a powerful as message with him called permanaced and yeah the spirit was the same with him....he hasn’t gone to church for about a couple years because him and his pops had some mean run ins so like he’s just in denial. he’s a return missionary and all so yeah we invited him to go to church with us the next that next day we were waiting in the chapel and my man rocks up with his wife and this little boy. And it was the coolest thing ae to see them all come that day. When the pops of the less active member saw his son walk in he just started balling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like I wanted to cry too hahahaha and they just hugged each other for ages and yeah like I don’t know what they had between them before but you could tell that the pops was sooooo happy to see his son and the son was soooo happy to see the was mean ae...we visited the less active too after church and come to know that the little boy is his nephew that hasn’t been baptized but wants to...and wants to listen to the missionaries!! hahaha I started cracking up because I couldn’t believe it ae lol so ye we got a date for the nephew in two weeks. So yeah I know that this work is the lords and when we do all that we can he will fill in. but yeah family that was my week this week I don’t have to much time left but I just want you all to know that I love you. George, ash, and lia I love you all....keep going hard my little homies!!! you guys can do what ever you guys want to if you put your mind to it....mum and dad I love you guys heaps and im so grateful for everything you guys have done for us im still swimming bro hahaha and mum my face is doing good..hahahaim still handsome as lol but yeah sister may still hasn’t done anything that ounce but its all good...oh and I get to call mothers day so yeah im super excited to hear from you gonna get more information on that this week so ill let you know in my next letter k!!! But I love you all family. Keep going hard in all that you do. With all my love

Elder Kanahele

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kia Ora Family!!!!

sup famz!!!! with your questions im all good ae dont need anything yet but for reals i´ll make sure to let you know when i do...but ye about the bag....i need a bag like my volcom one i an actual school bag kine..idk if you guys were a lil confused cuz i have the one strap ones that come a cross the chest but those are small kine irritz so just to clear things up the volcom black one that i had before i left with two straps. hahahaha fa sorry if it sounds a little pushy hahaha but yeah just so yous know.

Thank you for the letters ae you fellas its like gold to me ae. i print the letters out every week and save them because seriously i have times where i feel that i cant go on during the week and when i read your letters just helps me keep going ae. This week was the hardest, most trying deadliest, stressful week of my life!! hahaha i have really felt the love of our savior so strong and i know with out a doubt that this is his work. We still don’t have anybody progressing but that isn’t the hard part hahaha. so when i got my companion last Monday you know i had no idea what was lying a head hahahaha i thought it was going to be a piece of cake you know a bunch of lovely roses hahaha but heeeeeermmmp!!! was everything but that. My companions a cool fella really obedient and all but hes a bloody mouse!!! doesn’t say a word and he’s the one that speaks Spanish..... This week since last Monday I’v e been doing everything!!!!! And it’s been soooooooo hard ae. lol you know going from elder carrasco who had 8 months here and practically knew the whole world it was easy for me because i basically was just following ae....straight up following and when he left...the real world came...hahahahaha for real, I’ve been planning, teaching, talking, practically everything solo!!!! haha last Tuesday night i really didn’t know how i was going to make it i really didn’t think i could go on and i had no idea what to do, where to go, and to make things worst we don’t have anybody to teach so like all the pressure in the world has just been pounding on me just tore me apart and broke me down to really i had nothing but the lord...and family i know he lives. there’s no other way in this world where i would have been able to make it through this week if it wasn’t for our savior Jesus Christ. I’ve never prayed so hard and for so long in my life...and to be real right that’s the only way i did things this week...prayed every second of every lesson and in every contact i was just praying that the lord would help me. And as the days went i just felt a sense of peace ae. A new source of strength and i know there’s no other way that this work can be done. for reals this week I’ve just been on fire ae hahahaha because my companion is new in our area i talk to all the people, and pretty much do everything hahahaha its so crackup because now it doesn’t even phase me ae like we entered into this house and this lady is like a super strong evantista i don’t know what there called in English but she tricked us ae lol she invited us over to share the gospel and when we got there she just wanted to scrap with us....and she was just drilling us with all her doctrine and crap and soles i was the man ae!!!! hahahahaha spoke like a champ and just laid the smack down on her!!! hahaha for reals everyday i get put in positions where i have no idea what im going to do but the spirit always puts the words in my mouth and its crackup because like im a living walking testament of a miracle. i only have 3 months here...from yesterday and when we are in lessons i speak like a champ for reals like fluent and my comp trips out and really its not me ae....idk its hard to put into words but basically this is the lords work hahahahaha...but yeah that’s just been my experience this week...i know with the lord we can do everything and anything family. i know it without a doubt because im living it right now. With the savior we can do everything.

But ye its getting super cold ae like straight up freezing. in the day its super hot but at night its like on the verge of snowing and the cold here is way different to the cold in Utah like its like NZ like kills to the bones and right now im getting a little bit sick coming down with a cold i think hahaha the stuffy nose and all that crap lol...but ye that’s how it’s be here in was so good to hear from you guys ae....ash fa your a crackup dude bro...i can just picture you ae you ounce!!!!! crackup bro but need to be more cautious next time bro for reals. try listen you ounce!!! hahaha but george sole george keep loving your brother and sister bro cuz really there’s nothing else in the world that matters ae...go hard in these last times you have in school bro like for reals when you think about it bro its your last time in high school so go hard bro...Don’t have any regrets and just give it your all dog....soak it in for reals because after that its a new life bro....i miss you ae bro...fa all of you guys ash bro i was rolling ae reading you letter fa what a crackup dude.....and im in chile you ounce!!! lol lia i miss you the most!!! Keep being a good girl k and try you best to love randell k!!! hahahaha and tell aunty maĆ³ that i said thank you for reals she’s so thoughtful...tell gramz to that i said hi and that i love her snail mail. always keeps me excited for my Tuesdays...if you guys can try send like hard copy pictures like grandma k hahahaha and i got the pics from last week fa they were a good as treat.....mum and dad i love you guys so much...thank you guys for everything and for your words of comfort ever week..they do keep me going. Know that im making you proud and going hard. Thank you guys for your sacrifice and for raising us kids in the gospel...i love you guys so much and i hope you guys have a great week this week. keep going hard in your diets and biking k hahahaha oh and yeah sister may hasn’t done anything yet but she told me she’s going to get on it so yeah idk...but yeah fams i gotta go... i love you all!!!!

Elder Kanahele

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hola compares!!!!

hahaha ¿como te va mi amigos? ¿bien? hahaha whats up u fellas!!! thats all the spanish that I know! bahahahaha crackup but yeah thanks for the email ae...its always awesome to hear of the experiences that go down each week. Today we had transfers or we call them cambios so we had to head out to santiago about 2 hrs from here and get our new companions. My new companion is elder marques. he’s from Uruguay so that means he dosnt speak any english! bahahahaha crackup ae....fa flippin latinos!!!! so yeah I’m with another elder who is really hard to understand and I got to direct my sector this cambio!!! bahahahaha nervous as ae but that kine stuff is bubble gums ae! for real, in the field you get put into so many hard, awkward positions almost every day so when challenges comes up we just have to have a laugh ae and roll with it. This is the lord’s work and he doesn’t give us anything we cant I’m sweet as ae..... I little bit lost hahaha i must admit i had to bring us home today from central Santiago and got us lost for a little while hahahah couldn’t help but think of the time me and George got lost in Melville!!!!lol I know my new comp was probably thinking...."fa this fellas dumb as" lol crackup...but we got here so sweet as. but yeah family all is good. I need to make this a short one this week. Sorry bout it but just wanted to let you guys know that the work is still hard as. lol still having a hard as time finding people to teach but we´re all going to have trials and its just how we react to them that will determine the out come. I learn new stuff everyday ae.....the mission is mean as ae. the language is coming a long and like I don’t even stress about anything.

It's so good to hear of jcs Baptism..Good on her!!! man that makes me soooooo happy to hear that our own family is starting to feel and accept the gospel. I look back at it now like at school and all with all my non member friends and even our own family and feel kind of bad for not doing more. Like as a missionary things really start to make sense ae....and we are able to enjoy the gospel because we live it!!! and I’m so grateful for all that we have and only wish that I did more....I know, its all good and all but really there’s no other purpose in life with out this gospel. I’m so grateful family for your love and support ae!!!! you guys are my roots and I testify of a happy family each and everyday cause I have one.....we need to cherish what we have because its hard to find else where. Mum and dad I love you guys heaps ae. thanks for all that you guys have done and continue to do......keep going hard k. mum thanks for writing president may hahahaha crackup sister may pulled me aside and talked to me about it hahaha I started cracking up ae mum....fa i love you. Dad thanks bro...Your the man ae. I’m going hard and making you proud pops. George.....hahaha i miss you ae bro...fa you football pic in the papers were mean bro for reals fa you big time bro....always go hard ae bro....there’s no point in doing something if we don’t give it our all bro. you and ash got it all bro...go hard ae brothers I’m so proud of you guys. Strengthen your testimonies...the book of Mormon is true hahahaha for reals though like I look forward to studying each and every morning. The book of Mormon is mean ae...look for stories and look for how certain people were able to be successful, or how they were able to have certain blessings then look for what they did.....for real’s anything and everything pertaining to life is in that book....there’s no other book in the world as true as the book of Mormon. i know it testifies of our savior Jesus Christ and contains everything we need to do to be an eternal family. continue to read ae family. the lord will bless us. Ash keep going hard in your sports bro...Thanks for your little spiritual thoughts ae....for reals bro keep expanding your spiritual knowledge my little brother. Know that I love you dog....and try tell me some more nacho lines you ounce...hahahaha i miss you ae you little helmet. Keep laughing bro, you’re the man and never forget that k...just be humble. lol lia!!!! I love you so much my little soo beautiful in your pic that dad sent me....dang!!!!! hahahaha stay away from the boys okay.....for real’s or else George and ash are going to smash them...but lia I love you soooooo much and miss you heaps....keep listening to mum dad and your brothers k and keep being your lovely self. Remember to do your homework k.hahahah tell grandma that I said hi and thanks for her email. I don’t have enough time to email her so let her know that i love I love you guys heaps. tell rana and jack get stuff and go buy a musubi for their party!!1 lol na that’s cold......just have uncle kalani do everything hahaha tell him I said whats up ae.....oh but mum and dad if u guys can send me a bag bag is breaking..The green one and the bags here are expensive ae....a bag like my black one that I had right before i left. thats a perfect one and its styly!!! hahah for real’s send me that same bag if you can k....but yeah family I gotta bounce. Know that I love you all and I’m so grateful for your love and sacrifice for me to be here. Continue to love each other. Mum dad I love you guys and thank you for everything. I’m being obedient and going hard so don’t worry I love you guys.

love your son

Elder kanahele

Monday, April 5, 2010

Aloha Family,

It’s been an awesome week ae!!! hahahaha fellas doging on me because I always fell asleep you dogs hahahaha...yea my whole zone was saying the same when I told them that..hahahahaha crackup. But this weekend was the meanest thing ae family.....there’s no doubt in my mind and heart that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That president Monson and his apostles are called of god. Every talk focused in on the family and in reality that’s the only thing that matters in this life. The family unit! there’s so many things that was said but to make things simple just love each other and keep the commandments and well be sweet as..... I took like a thousand pages worth of notes hahahaha conference for missionaries is like a boys II men concert hahahah for reals everybody fighting for front row seats in the chapel and yeah just crazy ae. hahaha learnt so much ae. Its so good to hear from you guys though....with all the haps and all. Man I miss you guys heaps ae!!! Man Easter weekend was one of the best family gatherings too...and thanks mum for not adding the detail hahahaha pretty soon I was going grind the computer. But yeah how’s the big bungas!! fa george has always been like that remember!!! The smallest dude but wasting everybody!

George bro congrats on all the accomplishments bro!!! fa your not dumb bro hahaha! getting into byu cuzzie!! fa what a brainy fella! hahaha no for reals my brother good on you bro. I wanna dedicate this little part of the letter to you bro. bro keep going hard ae. don’t ever get discouraged bro. discouragement never helps bro. when you do get discouraged look in the mirror dog hahaha that’s what I do, and tell yourself your the man bro cuz you are. Ash this is for you to dog....always go hard my little brothers. If you haven’t noticed you guys got it all. In the mission there’s a saying we got lol goes...dominar sus metas!!! lol means dominate your goals my little brothers for reals you guys are going to be the meanest missionaries ae....just keep going hard in everything that you do. Always remember who you are and that someone always watching us. Im so proud of you my brothers, im so blessed to have had brothers like you. keep watching over lia and treat her like the queen that she is. She deserves the best so give her the best. I love you guys heaps ae.

but ye just had to give a shout out to the siblings hahahaha but mum and dad im doing good ae...I don’t know what to say ae. I just feel so blessed that I’ve had a family like ours. This weekend I was balling thru all the sessions because I’ve had the best family in the world ae. I have parents who have taught me the principles of the gospel and im for ever grateful for you guys. mum and dad thank you for everything. Keep going hard and do the things you know we should be doing. Im doing good tho ae. Missionary work is missionary work hahaha. Back to nobody lol the hardest part of missionary work. After our baptisms we went straight back to finding. It was a crackup because my comp told me at the his broken English....crap Elder Kanahele tomorrow were back to ground had to have a laugh ae. but yeah its true cant share this message until we have people to teach so were just teaching now. My Spanish is coming along ae....for reals everyday it gets better and comes more fluently. I still get those people who look at me after I say something and say....what???lol right when I think my Spanish is getting better I get moated lol its all good though. Its a hard as language ae. fa stupid mexicans!! lol we have our transfers this week though so yeah I might not get to write much next week because well be traveling and moving if its necessary! My second transfer!!! dang times flying ae!!! hahaha almost got 5 months on the mission you ae. hahahaha I’ve learnt so much ae but im ready for a change ae this small kine excited for a new comp!! hahahahaha my companion is cool as but im ready for the change lol. I might have to direct my sector this up coming change so that’s a little nerve racking. But yeah family still working my but off everyday ae. I feel bad if I don’t. obedient as every! lol the only way ae if you want the blessings and I have the meanest testimony of that, but yeah family. Tell gramz and mana thanks for the letters....did you ask gramz if she got my little email like 3 weeks back??? lol oh and tell here I get her snail mail every week and I look forward to them hard ae!!! but yeah mum and dad I love you guys. George, Ash and Lia I love you guys even more hahaha you guys are my pride and joy. Rep it up hard for the maoris ae! I want you guys to know that I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he paid the price for all of us to be together as a family forever. I know he lives, and that’s why im here. I need to bounce, until next week though ae family. love yous!

Elder Kanahele kaka