Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what up whanau! okay dont have much time but heres the low down. i got changed....AGAIN! man im so tired of changes already. for reals. so yeah me and elder soto got the call last night and they told us that we were going to have changes and my comp started to have a little cry ae....i know it sounds a little soft but was a real cool experience. he just thanked me for everything....expressed thanks and just everything and it was awesome to see that i was really able to help him.....for a long time he had me doubting, if i was wasting my time with him, but last night just made it all worth it. i felt really good after knowing that he really did notice the effort that i was making day in and day out to help him and what was best was knowing that he appreciated it. for reals it made me feel happy as, and over joyed knowing that i didnt give up on him.... honestly in spite of all the crappy moments that we had gone thru, the fights, arguments, and disagreements i can say that it was worth it. i tell people all the time that it isn’t easy to follow Jesus but it sure is worth it. Being with elder soto ive been able to practice what i preach..and it surely has strengthen my testimony. i know that Jesus lives...i know that as we strive to be like him, and strive to be more charitable, patient, faithful, diligent, and obedient he purifies us....i know that thru his atonement we are able to become like him, perfect. He has promised it, and i know that as we do our part, put forth the daily effort and strive always he will come through. he always does and he always will. there’s no doubt that he loves us family. if i could id do it all over again.but yeah the poor fella just balled and balled ae. Thanked me for everything i had taught him, and to be honest i learnt more from him, things that will help me for the rest of my life. i felt sad too tho, cuz i remember perfectly how it is being new, and having to direct a sector, with a new companion who doesnt know anything so all night last night we went over all that he needs to do for this week. i set him up hard tho. he should be having at least 6 baptisms this month so everything’s all good....was a good time in galvarino. i was kind of mad that i was only there for so little time. this is the second time that this has happened to me.....the junk part is that they sent me back to rosende!!!! a sector that i was just in 3 months ago....but i have two companions. elder mccoy and elder salas. elder mccoy is from utah and a real good kid, ready to work hard, be obidient and just work work and work. elder salas is from argentina, and hes a bit difficult ae. presidnet put us with him cuz apparently hes got alot of problems. president said im a really loving guy so he wants me to love him to death and help him that way to try get things straight. it looks like hes had alot of problems in the past with companions yelling at him and stuff for his disobedience that pres. told me to try and help him....lol. not going to lie wasn’t to excited for the call but thats what president wants me to do and thats what i´ll do. but yeah that’s our situation. we live in a pig hole, a piece of crap. has to be the worst apartment in my whole entire mission. with two other missionaries. which means that there’s five of us there. lol i have no idea how we are ging to be able to function in there all together. other than that everything is all good. really dedicated on finishing off strong ae. there’s a lot of things that i still want to get done and do here with so little time so just real set on killing it. i ran out of money today so had to take some more out.....sorry family. i feel really bad doing that but honestly didnt have one cent in my pocket, i had to borrow some to pay for my taxi ride today. lol so shame. but yeah other than that all is good ae. i miss you guys heaps. awesome letter....gotta get hard dad. stop crying bro. lol.....na i know how it is bro, its not easy being away, and no matter how long ive been here i always get emotional.....flippin soft ae bro. haha. you guys gotta send me photos of lia without here braces....how exciting!!!! how was justyns talk? good or what? you guys know what hes gonna do?....man i still dont know what i want to do....im kind of nervous about it all....better start thinking about it ae....lol all ive been thinking about it how much wieght i want to be benching by feburary! lol crackup. mum and dad, you guys should call the mission office and ask them what you can do about not knowing how to speak spanish and what will be most efficent and safe to do to be able to get from the airport to the mission home to pick me up. honestly i dont know, so you should give them a ring and see what are some of the options. man its coming so soon ae. so excited to see you all again. thank you so much family for all that you do. i love you all so much. go hard this week and be obidient in all that you do. remember theres no other greater happiness than the happiness we feel as we are obidient. be good and take care of eachother. were all in this together family.....till the death....freedom......of coarse i was there when you were born. with all my love,
Elder kanahele kaka

Sunday, August 28, 2011

kia ora whanau!! ki te pai, apple pie sounds good rite now.
lol that’s all i remember. funny thing family, is that i have forgotten everything. i have forgotten how to speak English correctly, i have forgotten names of places, people, i have forgotten foods, things that i like to do, music i like to listen to, i have forgotten almost everything....having elder Hendricks this past week I’ve been able to speak English for once in ever and i have forgotten everything. he would ask me questions and i couldn’t answer them. lol i didn’t know how to answer them. i didn’t know the words to use or how to explain it. it’s pretty bad! lol remember my farewell talk i just named off the taco bell menu??? saying that i hope it would help me on the mission. hahaha well it didn’t help me at all but its gonna be a weird transition living in an English world again. lol i guess my point is that i really don’t remember any things outside of my life here in the mission. Which is good. i have come to realize that nothing is more important than what I’ve come to understand and learn here serving the lord. it will be a life battle, daily to maintain and increase the presence of the spirit. at least now i know what, and how to do things for myself to achieve such a goal. I’m doing good family. Sounds like you all too are doing well. i miss you all so much. i hope that you guys are going hard. i hope you guys and striving to be more loving, caring, and to be better each day. I’m so grateful for who you are and all that you guys do to do show your love and faith in the savior. i know that it’s for that very reason people are able to feel the spirit as they are in your presence. Serve and work hard. Anything that you do just do it hard. no time to rest in this life ae. Hahaha. Well for me I’m doing good as. we had a baptism yesterday!!! hahaha and we will be having a few more in these upcoming weeks. We found a family of five this past week and they are so good. they have a lot of needs and struggle big time in every aspect of life and it’s been awesome to see how the things in which we have shared have helped them have hope in a better world... to see them act in accordance with this hope through their works and faith knowing that as they are obedient and do as the lord ask they will be alright. in spite of having nothing they have been huge examples to us, striving to the max to complete with the commitments in which we have extended. we have only known them for six days and there is such a huge change that has taken place in their home, a single mother with her four kids, with no job, how much harder could it get right? our first lesson with them they all just cried, the spirit was so strong and since that day there’s just been a new light in their eyes and you can see that they crave what they felt with us and are willing to do all they can to always feel that way. So it’s been an awesome experience with them this past week. um we have another investigator jorge an old man who’s also been investigating the church for twenty years and has been progressing just great. Said yesterday in elder quorum...i can’t believe that i have been so blind for so long! ....it’s so awesome to see people see and better feel how this gospel can bless their lives.... honestly there can’t be anything better than being able to witness someone understand gospel and change everything to live in harmony with what god wants. it surely has strengthen my testimony of god greatness and love for each and every one of us. As for me and my companions. um...its been getting better and i have been able to make a lot of progress. hahaha harray!! lol i told pres. what was going down and he said elder kanahele, just love him! hahahah....i know what your talking about dad that sometimes we feel like we are wasting time having to babysit and that’s not why we came here but this week I’ve come to realize that this elders whole future will depend on his mission. That his whole family, kids, kids kids and generations will depend on who he is and his understanding, commitment, and love for the lord and his gospel. So it’s really helped me have another perspective and love for the way that i feel for him and the things that i do for him and its worked. i have realized that i have one of the greatest opportunities ever. living with him, eating with him, sleeping next to him (not with him lol) being with him day and day out i have the great opportunity to teach, serve, help, and learn with him of what it will take not only to be a missionary but to be a true disciple of Christ worthy to one day return to our father in heaven. The greatest achievements come from the greatest opportunities, and i really do consider this a great opportunity. I’ve been trying soo hard and know that the lord will bless us, he has so much already. i love this gospel so much family. i love our savior Jesus Christ more than anything else in this world. i know he lives and loves us....I’m so grateful for everything i have, family, for you guys and all that you do. i love it here. don’t worry about me. Just go hard and always strive to do what’s rite and be your best. My times come to an end family but want u all to know that i love you guys so much. send my love to everyone. With all my love family,
Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, August 15, 2011

kia ora whanau?

Am i still a spartan??? bahhahaha na bro no where near it but give rats. hahaha crakup bro. but game? something that ill never loose...hahaha just gotta follow dads foot steps. tell them all you love them and recieve all their gifts! hahaha. na but on a serious note family, i love yous heaps ae. awesome as to know that justyns home already. fa ive been waiting all week to hear about it. times gotta be my biggest enemy right now and i cant believe that its all coming to an end. im going hard family. dont worry. going till the death. second wind. although i like kill my comp its all sweet. this week was actually going all good. until a few days a go we got into it. another huge arguement and its been tough ae. i feel like im baby sitting. ive tried to be pátient, and i try to do everything that i can to show him that i love him, wash the dishes, make him breakfast, make his bed, shine his shoes everyday, listen to him and always incorporate his ideas and what he wants to do but i dont know why we still dont get along. hes a real prideful person and its killing him. i really want to help him cause if he doesnt learn now hes gonna have a hard as mission so we ll see how things go. its been hard but all good. still happy as at the end of the day knowing that im giving all i got to do all i can so its all good ae. we will be baptizing this week!!! yeah!!! pres. called us last night to congradulate us for our work that we are doing....hahaha if he only knew the problems that we got..lol then he told me that hes got another assignment for me....you wont even believe this. so he sending another missionary with us. we are going to be a trio or a companionship of three elders and the new elder is a bag of problems! we are with him right now and its already sucked! hahaha so yeah. thats pretty much whats going on with me. hahaha what a way to end the mission ae. but all good. the mission has sure been the best experience of my life. i was thinking the other day of how far ive come and all the things that ive learnt and the love that ive come to develop for our savior. not lying family when i first got here in chile, i did not want to be here. lol it was so hard that i just wanted to give up. for reals it was the hardest thing that ive ever had to do. i remember crying myself to bed everything night in my first few months for not wanting to be here, i remember thinking of things that i could do to get sent home with honor, like breaking my leg or something like that. hahaha i feel really bad now feeling and thinking that way but thats how bad it was. i was in a different country, i didnt have my family, i didnt have the comforts of life that ive always been used to having, i had to spend everyday with someone i didnt understand nor like and had every reason in the world to be sad and i was...life sucked big time. i remember that not after long it hit me that i was thinking too much in myself. way to much in myself and that was the problem.i remember waking up one morning early as before my trainer and decided that i was going to loose myself in the work, that in spite of all the things that i was going through all the things that i had to learn and do that i was just gona go hard put my trust in the lord and give my best, forgetting myself and putting others and their needs and happieness before mine. since this day family ive never been happier. for reals it hasnt been easy, far from it to be honest, but it sure has been worth it. pepole think that its a sacrifice to be a missionary, but they are totally wrong. the blessings, knowledge, and light that i have come to understand outweighs a thousand times more the amount of little service that we give in two years as missionaries. i have found my life here in the mission as i have strived to lose it for gods sake. i know that he lives and loves us. i cherish every second that i have and im going hard family, till the death. i love it here so much and really dread the day when i will have to leave. thanks for al that you guys do to have me here. love you all so much. go hard this week ae family. my times come to an end so next week well hear from yous. send my love to all the family. i love you my beautiful family.
elder kanahele kaka
ps. shot pops for sending that stuff bro. love you homie

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kia Ora Whanau!!!!
go hard till death ae bro!!!! cheeehuuuuu...fa thats whats up hori boy. that motivated me hard ae.....second wind family almost there.....man i love you guys. i hope that being together you guys have tried to make the most of things.....remember to always love eachother and spend time with eachother cause before we know it george is gonna bounce, imma get married, george will come home and get married than ash will bounce and everybodys gonna be out doing there own thing.....love hard and really give time and effort to those things that really are our greatest importance....theres nothing else in this life(other than the gosple) that i love more than my family. nothing. so gotta make the most of it a whanau. i love you guys hard. thanks for everything. good as to hear from you all, and for the council mum and dad. its something that ive really needed. as for me here in the mission. ive been having the hardest time of my life. me and my companion, fight, fight, and fight some more, all day every day. its been hard as ae. its been the hardest thing that ive ever gone through. everything that we talk about, do, and want to do we argue about, or better said we dont see eye to eye on. its been the hugest test of patience, charity, and faith. ive been so close to smashing him so many times.!!!!! bahahaha no but for reals almost, ALMOST did it.... there was a few days where i was praying for him to hit me so i could kick the crap out of him..lol but family dont worry ae. i know i make it sound real bad (which it is and im not exaggerating at all) but to be honest im really greeatful for all the things that ive been able to learn through such struggles. although life pretty much sucks, ive strived to look at it as opportunities to learn, and i have been able to do so. ive had to learn how to better communicate myself, how to be patient, humble, and how to really love with no conditions. it hasnt been nothing easy but its has been worth it. so everythings all good ae....we´ve had alot of talks and really deep down hes a good fella and wants to be better and wants to do good so really thats all that matters. so ive just been trying my best to help him. what a week ae. not gonna lie, im pretty scared for marriage! hahahaha cant make the wrong choice ae cuz temple marriages are eternal....its not like i can wait for transfers or anything ae. hahaha na but other than that we´ve been all good ae. in our ward there are alot of needs....alot! and like usual theres alot that WE need to do to help them. um our investigators that we have our gold. saul gaurantee baptism on the 21st and my comp will be baptizing him. hes so stoaked. this week we also started visiting and teeaching the husband of a old time sister whos OG. pioneer status here in chile but her husband never got baptized. so we went by the first time this past week and tried talking to him. was tough ae. for twenty years theres been missionaries trying to teach him and convert him but nobodies been able to do it. so we went by this week and its been going good as. with out the spirit its impossible, IMPOSSIBLE to help someone recieve a testimony of the truthfulness of our message. and we´ve strived to plan spiritual lessons with him and its been working. im sure hes heard everything that we are teaching him but for our preparation, and desires to help him we´ve been able to help him feel and open up to that spirit and hes been making alot of progress. when we first meet him he was hard as a rock just full on bashing on the church and everything and just yesterday as we arrived to his house to teach him and his wife let us in, and he came out of his room with the book of mormon and told us these exact words...."ive come to a conclusion...the book of mormon is true!!!!" there really are no experiences greater than these. seeing the conversion of others as they excercise theyre faith. was the best ae. my companion was jumping up and down and ran over to him and gave him a huge hug. lol it was so crakup ae. typical newbee. but yeah family we are doing great ae. i love this work so much. i know i say it all the time but seriously ive been able to find my life here in the service of our lord. my mission has saved me and i know that it will bless my life forever. i have no doubt that our savior lives and this is his gosple. im going as hard as i can family. till the death, like an animal from the crack of dawn till the very night, giving all that i have, every thing that i have to the lord. theres no other option. no other.and i sure do expect the same from yous. im so proud of you all. and i love you guys so much. go even harder this week ae. send my love to all the famz....second wind. duitz. ps...sorry bout it but can you buy me and send me a bible. haha a normal one like the triple that you sent me. and that taonga for elder anderson that i asked a while back. i feel stink as asking but its really important. this fella anderson saved my life ae...real important fella and wanted to hook him up. but yeah let me know if can ba. love you family.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Monday August 01 - 2011


Aloha my beautiful family! Awesome as to hear from you guys again. I’ve been dying to hear from yous ae! hahahaha for real’s. Sounds like everything’s all good ae. So proud of you all. man george is the man ae. Happy birthday bro! my time right before the mission was the best time of my life, and it looks like he’s having fun. Good on you bro. be a good boy ae. lia and ash, stop fighting man! hahaha for real’s though id do anything to be with you guys right now so cherish the time that you have to be together, because time as we’ve come to learn flies way to fast. Family I’ve been good. i don’t have too much time to write today cuz my companion being new had a lot of paper work that he had to do for his visa and all so were small kine rushing it ae. Um work wise we had a great week. Worked hard, and just put everything out on the table and just going hard ae, and seeing the blessings and fruits of our labors. I’ve learnt that the lord sends work to those missionaries who really want to work. This sector has been dead for ages with nothing, and being here the only thing that we´ve wanted to do, is work and doing so the lord has just put all kinds of great people in our path, to teach and help. i love this work so much....half the world wrote me today and shortly replying to each one, i was able to see how my life has been blessed and changed so much by the time that i have had to serve a mission. thinking of each person and my relationship with each one and the experiences that i had with each of them realy hit me big time of all the progress that I’ve made and how I’m really not the same person.haha I don’t know if i make sense but you get what I’m trying to say.....lol but this week, personally has been filled with heaps of opportunities to grow and learn. it’s funny cause it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on the mission there’s always challenges. um.....being here and starting this change i really felt that I’ve gone through everything, that there wasn’t anything else that i could go through that i haven’t already faced...jjajaja a little pride cycle action ae! haha....well my companion and i have had a few run ins ae and it’s something that I’ve never gone through before. hahaha for real’s. With all my comps that I’ve had in my whole entire mission, I’ve never banged heads so hard before. i don’t know what it is but there was a lot of heavy things that went down ae. um my comp being older and Latin doesn’t really take criticism real well from, someone younger, who isn’t a native speaker and me, i don’t take crap from no one so this past week we have been like water and oil.....it’s been tough ae, and a lot of situations that I’ve never been in before and things that I’ve never needed to deal with and its rough...I’ve learnt the importance really of patience that comes as we have charity. ive come to understand that if we don’t have charity we are as the scripture says, nothing....and this has been something that I’ve been compelled (you could say) to develop. hahaha the lord will have a humble people and i feel like this is a way in which the lord is humbling me. it’s been rough but I’m learning and striving to be more humble each day. I’ve already been able to see that through such humility the lord has blessed me with the charity that i need to be more patient with my companion and really desire his spiritual progress. My experiences with my companion now has had to be the closest thing in this earth to the reality of marriage and i crakup when i think about it. Pretty ironic how things work out ae. but its been awesome to be honest. although we´ve been having a few problems we have had some spiritual experiences together that have come through working things out and talking about what we can do to be better. So it’s awesome ae. love this little peruvian to death and just learning all i can from him. But other than that everything’s all good ae. i want you all to know family that i love you guys so much. mum dad lia ash and george. i love yous and so grateful for all that you guys have done and continue to do for me. i know that i am only here because of the family that i was raised in. there really is no other social unit more important than what we have established in our home, and i thank you so much mum and dad for doing so. Go hard this week ae family and represent well. Send my love to gramz and all the famz. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka