Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What up family!!! (Monday 10 October, 2011)
man good as to hear from you guys again. im glad that everybodys busy and working hard. theres no other substitute that offers greater satisfaction than good hard work. keep going hard family. almost there, up the guts. need some help with you homework dad??? haha jokes bro. good on you fellas man. im readdy to get right into it ae. i really dont know exactly what i want to do but whatever it is ill be good. i have no fear of life now, more excitment than anything else. just gonna get home, organize myself, set some goals and makes some plans and get to work. theres no time to rest. dont get me wrong tho, these last six weeks will be my best. gonna go hard as ae. end strong and leave all i got left out on the table.
um this past week was a good one. coming off of a huge general conference gave us some mean as refill to refocus and go hard. we started off mean as. after writing you guys last week we found a family of three who are awesome ae. a mother and her two kids. really receptive and really need some major help. weve had some great experiences so far and way excited to continue working with them. last night i had my last transfer. i have a new companion. elder mccoy left to los andes- my first sector where i started and me and elder salas are staying here and another elder named elder arcos will be joining us. he too is from argentina and yeah...lol if you guys knew anything about latins you would know that the argentines are worldly known for there pride. hahahaha chile played argentina a few days ago and chile lost and my companions been rubbing it in ever since. lol but now im with two of them so its going to be very interesting. chileans and argintines dont get along so well...always banging heads for dumb racial steryotypes. um we also moved houses and now live in one of the most ghettoest areas in the world. we live in a department complex. like worse than dads apartments. and its real ghetto. you cant use the microwave and the lights at the same time becuase the light cuts out. so we gotta microwave our food in the dark. the whole area around too is way ghetto. when we were moving all of our stuff in, all the ghetto neighbors came out looking at all of our stuff, and it looked liked they were all thinking of what they wanted to rob and steal. was sketchy as. but yeah its crakup. ill show you guys for sure when you come. you guys are just gonna crakup.
Quick Story.
this past week, we were walking home late on the way to our house through a fair swap meet like thing that they have in our sector....this fair is all on the same road, with seperate stations, set out on each side of the street. they only have it once a week so it gets pretty packed ae. so yeah we were walking peacfully through this fair amoungst hundreds and hundreds of people and out of no where there was just a huge power outtage. half of the country had lost its power and i just so happened to be in one of the most crowdiest places ever. it was crazy. as soon as the lights went out, (like it was planned or something), the people just went crazy. from peacefull walking and kind manners to straight up chaos. people started to rob the stores, steal from random people that were walking through, and it was just crazy. we leave the fair and the same thing is going on outside. people robing cars, breaking into stores, and homes and just going nutz. to make along story short is we finally get home safetly and endup having to plan and end our night with candles. was a way crazy experience. i realized that the chaos that happened was caused for lack of light. here in the mission ive come to learn that the same thing happens to us sprititually. that with out the spiritual light that we recieve from the spirit by being obidient to the commandments we like these people run around in chaos. that as we sin and continue to sin we little by little dim the light that the lord has provided for us and before we know it are found in darkness, lost,without any idea of what to do. our lives lightless seem to have no orden, we seem to loose sight of the things of most importance, and like this people start to go crazy. in my time here ive been able to expeience and see how repentance is the only way out of such chaos, that through and only through the atonement of christ is where we can repent, and free ourselves of such darkness to the more than welcoming saving light. i know that the lord loves us. he loves us so much that has made it possible for us to change. i know that it is this love that has touched and given hope and motivation to change to all those people ive been able to meet and teach here in chile. i know that with this light, life, like in the fair, truly is peaceful, and calm. family may we constantly use the atonement and repent daily. i know that as we do this we will have more spiritual light, progress, and become better peole. i love you so much family. i miss you guys heaps ae. ive been having some crazy as trunky dreams. the other day i dreamed of seeing and huging mum and just woke up crying. i dont think about it alot but i really cant wait to see you guys. its been so long. too long. and i dont think ill ever get used to it. i love you family so much...cant wait to see and just hug each of you. be good. take care of one another. have a great week. we are almost there....love you whanau!
with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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