Monday, October 25, 2010

hey family!!

what a great letter family...thank you guys so much...i could really feel your presence with me as i read it...alot of things happening ae....thats the only way to do things you fellas...keep busy and we´ll be all good....but yeha thanks for the package family i´ll be keeping an eye out for it...cant wait to get the usbs ae...thats the winner ba!!!! LOL but sounds like you guys had a great temple i cant imagine dads...i dont knows!!! lol crackup hard...but im so glad that you guys had the opportunity to go thru as a family...ive really missed it ae....out here in the mission we never get to go through so we are so blessed to have one right in our mist...we just need to take advantage of it.....we are so blessed family...i realize it day after day in how much we really have...we have a home, a car, live in a good community, we have the basics, a family the gospel so many things that the lord has blessed us with that so many other people need and are dying for....we need to always give thanks for all that we so grateful for everything. but hori boy...sole gotta give a spiritual thought??? bro thats crackup gonna tell you straight up bro..share what you know bro, whats in your heart, what you feel that everyone needs to hear...elder niel anderson, said something that has always helped me here in the mission bro he said, "we dont know everything but we know enough." so true my a living testament of this not smart at all, i dont speak the best spanish, i dont even know the scriptures that well but what i DO know bro is enough...i know that our saviour lives, that this is his gospel and its true. came with a testimony and have only stregthened it my brother...but thats the secret bro is that what every you share, speak from your heart about the things that you know to be true....idk if that helps bro...bahahaha sorry bout it....okay well i´ll give you something....a few weeks ago i had an interview with pres. and he told me something bro that i will never for you can use this for your thought....but he said, "the biggest problems for missionaries is that they know what they need to do, but they just dont do it."....very short but very missionaries we tend to fall in to a routine and just go threw the motions at times cuz we do the same thing every single day....and when we do this we dont recieve all the blessings that the lord has for can liken that bro unto anything and everything....unto us as members of the church, and unto dancers there at pcc...the pcc is a great mission tool in helping many of our brothers and sister around the world come to feel of the savior jesus dancers you guys have a great priviledge EVERY single day in helping these people feel what we feel from living the gosple...but like im sure as for missionaries you guys tend to fall into a routine and end up not doing the things you guys know you should be doing...and when this happens bro you guys dont recieve the fullness of the blessings that the lord has for you there at the center..then you can expound on it with more commentaries or a scripture if you want...i always use this with the members and share 2 nep 31:20 that says that we need to press foward with a steadfastness in christ or mosiah 2:41 that talks about those who hold out faithful are blessed in all things....but yeah bro just talk from your heart cuz if you dont nothing really matters...go hard bro...

but yeah family, ive been good as ae...hahahaha a very hard week but things are coming around lil by for us were doing alrite...worked hard all week to find somebody...knocked over 400 doors and pretty much got stached 400 times as well bahahaha...hard as week comp got a rock thrown at him in his back....we looked back and didnt see anybody..we think that somebody threw it from there house window....i was so mad ae dont even comp had to calm me down again bahahaha irritz the chileans some times...but yeah all week we pretty much slogged our guts knocking doors, going over to members house and doing service and painting homes, cutting grass, helping moving homes and all kinds of stuff to show our love for the members to gain there confidience to be able to get some kind of reference but crackup how nobody every tells you before the mission that the hardest thing is finding people ae.....but yeah family hard hard hard as week....really working at our faith and pretty much wearing it down....but it wasnt till saturday....okay so in preach my gospel they give you a bunch of ideas on how you can find people right(chapter 9) lol well one of the suggestions that ive used all my mission but really hasnt worked is giving english clases!! lol whod ever think every saturday for the past six months in the mornings on saturday (the most uneffective hours of the week here) we have been teaching english....and for every saturday for the past 6 months the same people a few members and other non members who dont want nothing to do with the church but want to learn yeah i pretty much havnt seen any success come from teaching english at all....but this past week as hard as it was we still prepared a class to teach....we went over saturday morning and opened the chapel and got the room ready and we time passed the same old people had entered so we started our class....right after the prayer a new fella poped in....he said he was from peru....fresh off the plane, saw one of our fliers and comp continued with the class and i took him a side to see where he was at with his english....he actually knew alot.....understands everything we say but just has a really hard time what i did is i told him " going to teach you a few things is that cool??? and i´ll ask you a few questions here and there and then at the end we´ll talk about it...." he agreed and i started to teach him about the plan of salvation, he then put alot of attention on what i was then saying....taught him it all in english from our premortal life, to why we are here on the earth, and what will happen after this comp thought it was really funny but what happened is that it was more than just an english this man was listening attentive he felt it. despite his lack of knowledge concerning the english language he in that momnet had felt something that he never had felt before....he asked me in broken english...."do you really believe in what you just taught me??" i bore strong testimony and let him know how it is....he told me that hes always had questions about alot of things and really didnt know what to believe in but as he listened to me he felt a sense of peace and tranquilidad??? forgot the word but yeah.....this same guy (hugo is his name) rocked up to church the very next day and stayed there for all three this is not some thing that happens to often here......when we teach someone....getting them to church on time and getting them to stay for the whole thing is the hardest thing ever....but what i saw in this man is that when you really have a´ll do anything..was a really great experience for me to help me see that this is gods work....he cares in everything that we do and as we endure strong, give him all that we got he will bless us....he will test us..nothings ever going to be easy but i know that as we do our part, as we knock all the doors that we can, as we talk to as many members possible, and endure well the lord will bless us....might be in the very last moment, maybe the morning right before in english class but he will bless us....its a promise. but im really excited to work with this guy...has alot of questions and is really keen to learn so we´ll see how he progresses....but yeah family im so grateful to be here...its almost a year but ive learnt so many things already and continue to learn each and every day...i love the book of mormon...its what will keep us on the straight and narrow...hold strong to it family and one day we´ll reap the fruits of our labor... i love you guys so much...mum and dad thanks for all that you guys do for so grateful to have had loving parents as you guys....for having raised us in the gosple and given us the knowledge suffiecient enough to be albe to righteously exercise our free agency...for having taught us the things of most importance of this life...i love you guys so much... lia and ash i love you kids so much...dont even know how much i love you guys...i had a lesson with a family the other day whos son went on the mission the same day as me but they have 4 kids two and there son that left was there oldest but the three last ones remind me so much of you lia and ash and george...i always get emotional there with them but just makes me realize how much you guys really mean to me...keep being good kids and examples to those around loving and kind to all....learn as much as you can and put it in practice always....hori boy...sole be a good boy over your brother and sister for me... i love you heaps my brother....think about all the time . be a good example bro and share the gosple every chance that you get....but yeha family i love you so much...heres a few videos...and a pic...send my love to grandma k...and the rest of the family but i love you all so much..con muchisimo amor,

Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, October 18, 2010

Whats sup family!!!

fa what an awesome letter and an even awesome letter....blowing me away you guys are mean as bro...haven’t heard real good music like that in along as time bro...for real’s...i don’t know why but its my soft spot ae...i don’t mind it...i actually love seeing the videos more than anything but always makes me emotional!!! bahahaha somethihngs will just never change!!!! but yeah you guys are big blessed to have such a talented yeah pops send me as much songs as you can k...both video and audio ya...haha for real’s bro..but the ipod is mean as bro for real’s its really what gets me going when i need the help..just hearing your guys voices always reminds me of what kind of missionary i need to be...and it pushes me more than anything to always give my yeah all good pops..
But yeah so sounds like a lots still going on back home...right back into it ae mum...dang u go girl...remember when you were in byu and you had a hard time with you math and i used to tell easy mum!!! bahaha than i went and never got straight A`s!!?? bahahaha crackup but you’ve always been like that mum and its always been something that i admire...but keep going hard ae....and try not to take out all your anger in the home!! lol but sad as to hear about dads friend i actually got a letter from a friend back hom in NZ telling me about it and the video that yous made for him before i read your guys letter but yeah sad as....but at least we have the knowledge of what will happens after this life..but yeah ash sole’s everything in brown bags??? Still in or out? what??? You still starting on the football team??? lol bro you’ve come along way bro...keep going hard all the talent bro...just gotta cultivate it my brother...keep being humble ae...lia gotta send me those pics that you took with your friends ya..i really want to see you doing in school lia?? being a good girl??? always be nice to everyone ya...shot lia, hori bro...sole going hard??? you learn how to type yet???? I’m in a internet place right now with a bunch of other missionaries and there’s heaps of them bro who don’t know how to type and it sucks bro cuz they can only write a lil bit to their families bro and they always leave mad cuz they couldn’t write everything they want to. So learn how to type sole man...but yeah bro how’s work and all bro??? Gone on for any tofisa yet??? not to brag or anything but i was the first hamata to go on for a tofisa section in this new show...mean ae bro..hahaha before all the big dogs bro...and i was an original of the first six fireknife dancers!! bvhahahaha do you know if they came out witht he dvd yet??? if they did bro hook me up and send it too me....ask dad if he can film you to and put it on the usb so i can put it on my ipod bro!! shot...getting big as too bro...your arms look huge in the video to dads friend...working out hard still?? help ash when you can ae bro.
but yeah family my weeks been good as...yesterday in church we got there right in time before it started cuz we went looking for our investigators and they couldn’t come so we were almost late...but we got in and sat down and write before the sacrament the 1st councilor came up to me and my comp to tell us that we had to give 20 minute talks because the speakers fell thru!!! hahaha my comp was mad ae...but we had about 15 minutes to prepare and it was all there was like 150 people and i was nervous as ae...i could see though how much I’ve really grown. i prepared something small but it ended up good as.. Talked for the whole time all in said a few jokes had the people interested you know what i mean...but when i finished i was just sitting up on the stands and thinking about how far I’ve come on the mission and about all the things I’ve learnt...i got here with a little testimony you know...i knew the church was true...and in my 11 months I’ve only strengthened that testimony...I’ve come to know more of our savior Jesus Christ and what he has done for me....I’ve seen his atonement not work only in the lives of others but in my own as i have the opportunity to repent each night and better myself each day..I’ve come to gain a strong testimony of the, repentance, baptism, the holy ghost and persevering...I’ve come to gain a testimony of the restoration...that Joseph really was a prophet of god..who really did see god and his son Jesus Christ...I’ve come to gain family the knowledge of what really matters in life...the knowledge that we can be together as a family forever...and what we need to do to receive these blessings....I’m only half way but I’m so ever grateful for all the things that I’ve learnt in my very short time here serving the lord. i feel so grateful to wear his name and represent him each i love all of you guys so much...I’ve come to really appreciate here on the mission the things that matter most...and its you guys... you all are my everything....thank you all for what you do...keep going hard family and represent examples to those around youand practice what we week other than that has just been great....we just got back from a zone activity and i forgot my camera cord so sorry bout it but wont be getting any pics or week though for sure...i feel bad as...but this week was good...hard as time ....don’t have too much more people to teach...baptized them all!!!! bahahahha na but yeah just looking hard....the hardest part of the finding!! but its where you learn the most....where you really see what your made of you know what i mean...the time to show what kind of missionary you really this testing time for us will be a good one...wanna guarantee yous before next week we´ll find someone to baptize k....secret is hard work...for everything but just gotta do our thing and the lord will bless us....we actually have a lil girl that we are teaching... she loves sharing with us so we are really going to try and help her.....this non member family that we’ve been activating for some time now are another fruit of our labor....the whole family have been going back to church and their son whos 18 and was really lost in life just told me and my comp on Sunday what he needs to do to serve a it was really emotional for me to hear that from him....he’s been coming with us on divisions and all and he really has the desires now to do it so its cool the family hard ae like my own....gonna miss this place man....we have changes in 3 weeks so I’m pretty sure I’m gone ae...ill have 6 months here so that’s about max i think but we´ll see what happens...elder rosenlof my old comp wrote me today thanking me for the time that we had not going to lie but i miss that furukake one month off the mission and he’s saying he’s having a really hard time right now so he just wrote me to thank me for helping him well i was with as fella. but yeah other than that me and snider are doing good. as...found some more furniture...our house is pimp as now!!!! hahah for real’s..I’ll send pics next week ae...but yeah that’s us ae fam...sorry for writing yous late...just came back from our Did you think i forgot??? shorry bout but yeah family that’s my time...i hope all is well...keep going hard in all that you do...mum, dad thanks for everything. kiddies i love you....send my love to gramz and all the family!! i love you all hard...but i gotta bounce so until next week family. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey family!!!!

fa how you guys doing??? great i hope...great letters from you guys this week...sounds like alot going on...haha gave me a few good laughs which is the most important....but sounded like you counting my days bro hahahaha 10 months and 11 day you reckon bro??? fa whata sad dude...try not to remind me ae....and yeah mum hit me up with some more face wash k...heaps just of the blue scrub stuff....but yeah other than that im good as...along week you guys dont even know...alot of stuff have gone done so i better start off letting you guys know..
We’ve had another good week...i don’t know if you guys remember brian...the kid that we baptized a few weeks ago??? well we baptized his mum on Sunday and it was just such an spiritual journey with teaching them was the weirdest thing....her husband died a few years ago and after that she just gave up all hope and faith...didn’t want nothing to do with god and just didn’t understand why her you know...but she let us teach her that’s what we did...we started working with him..every time we taught him the mum always listened but never participated....didn’t really want anything to do with us...but when we baptized brian we invited the mum and she ended up coming....and at his baptism that’s when it pretty much happened...she came and saw everything and when i baptized him she just started to gotta understand that this lady is a hard nut...when her husband died she didn’t even shed a tear so for us when we saw that we couldn’t believe it ae...but last week we went by and she told us the real reason why she was crying....she said that one lesson we asked brian if he wanted to see his dad again...and he said yes...and then she said that she heard me say that ...well you can and i explained that god has a plan for us to be as a family together forever and its only through following his gospel....and i invited him that day to read and pray about the book of Mormon to see if it was true cuz if yes than what we were sharing was true...and she said that she heard me say this from her room and it was that, that caught when we left her house that day she asked her son for his book and started reading it....she read the intro up to 3 nephi 11 in 4 days right up to when Jesus came and it was then where she felt that she needed to pray so she did.....and she didn’t receive her answer till her sons baptism...and she said that when she saw her son in the waters of baptism she knew with all her heart that she needed to get baptized so this past week when we went by she told us that this Sunday she wanted to get baptized....a miracle family i tell you were saying dad this is a conversion that we all need to experience and when we do we become firm and guys gotta see this lady she’s a machine....organized her own baptism...from opening song to closing prayer..bore her testimony her first fast Sunday, and asked the bishop for a calling...something only the gospel can do...change lives...i have a grand testimony of the book of’s the key stone of everything that we believe in...i remember when i got my own witness from god...i didn’t see Jesus or our heavenly father but what i felt was something that i could not deny..i know without a doubt that its true and holds the plentitude of the gosple of Jesus Christ and that’s why I’m here family...its true or its not...that simple, but the only way we can find out is from asking our loving heavenly father...and that’s how basic it is....and i am so grateful for the opportunity to extend this invitation to people each and every single simple...but yet powerful...scarlet has only strengthened my testimony of here are some pic’s of us at her grateful for having had the opportunity to have brought her family the gosple...but yeah had her baptism Sunday and it was such a great way to start off you know.....then around 8 oclock a recent convert about 15 years old called us up just balling....and crying and said....elder elder help me. so i asked him where he was at and immediately we left to go look for him...we find him at the chapel just all beat....some of his brothers friends in the house had beat the crap out of him and his little brother and they had ran away from home and had nowhere to you guys don’t even know how mad i was i wanted to go over there and smash them all...i was hard out upset companion had to calm me down but i know these fwams...all little punks and they just ganged up on a fifteen year old and his lil bro who’s only 11....but we took them home and had them clean up and i gave them some of my clothes and we gave them blessings and we took them over to a members house where they stayed the night...but it was just so sad....these kids without a father...a mother who works out of town for 14 days and only comes home for 4 days then is out again for another 14...they have nothing and i just felt so grateful for the things that i have...a family...things we take for granted sometimes that other people would kill to have you today me and my comp took them out to bowl and to mcdonalds....never eaten at mcdonalds ever in their lives and of course had never gone bowling so it was a real treat for them....i took a few pics so i´ll send them to you guys...but yeah that’s what we did today....oh and guess what on Thursday i got a call from a member in the ward telling me he needed help cleaning out his yard so me and my comp went over and helped him hard for ages cutting a whole field of grass with only a shovel for ages...but he noticed that my shoes we hard out worn out and then he asked me what size i was...and my feet compared to chileans are huge so when i told him he was like...oh i got some shoes that you can have, my uncle bought them for me but they were to he went inside to get them and brought them out and they were brand new tracking church shoes....just perfect!!! guys dont even know...blessings from the heaven!!!! lol so yeah i got me a free pair of shoes so i wont be needing as ae...but yeah that was my week....i want you all to know family that i love each and single one of you’ve been the most awesome dad ae....i hope that i can be a father just like you bro when i have my own were small kine hard on me bro...but it was the only way my best friend bro...thanks for everything ae....mum i love you too...hahaha remember you wanted to show me how to cook before the mish??? lol well i should have learnt!!!! lol this past week we’ve had to cook our own lunch so it would have been a big help!!! hahaha stupid boy ae me....but im learning heaps from my comp....good as cook...but i love you mum....u the bomb girl...for reals i can’t wait to hug you and kiss you again...almost there tho...but go hard in all that you do and make sure dad wears his garments!!! sole i miss you bro....keep being a good boy and watch over the kiddies for me ae bro...teach them and LOVE them bro...i love you hard my brother..ash!!!! sole i miss you bro...keep sending me funny lines from movies ae!!!! hahahaha and make heaps of videos for me better the george bro!! hahaha just learn how to play the gat...but i love you bro...sharks only bite when you touch their private parts!!!! LIA!!!!you growing up so fast my little honey!!!! dang.. i miss you so much tho lia....i hope you are being a good girl in school and where ever you are...but i miss you heaps lia...send my love to gramz k and tell her that i miss her heaps...but i love u lia...pray for you always....but yeah family i gotta bounce i love you guys so much...hope everything’s going good....thanks for all that you guys do for me....remember who you are. love you guys with all my heart.

Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey family!!!

what an awesome letter ae thank you fellas heaps...honest..i know i always say it but your letters mean so much to me....but sounds like the week was a great wholesome one....filled with a lot of busy stuff ae....i can’t believe that the kids are growing up so fast...for real’s ash and them already in cheer fest??? what the crap...just seems like the other that george had his first one...but yeah thanks for the pictures and video as well dad...awesome bro..Thanks heaps. But yeah got the package...thank you family...i actually got a package from ammaron patane as ae....fa his a cool guy man..Wrote him along as thankyou letter. but yeah I’m so excited to have the new scriptures...marking them up hard ae...crackup cuz that’s all i want to do in my free time is read attitude that we should always have...but yeah thanks family...just keeping my eye open for new shoes...Barbara my convert works in a shoe store so I’ll try hit her up for deals but one more thing...can you guys in the last batch of meds send some more face wash stuff please thanks mum...the skins getting better..Taking ages but getting better so that’s the main thing. but yeah that’s all hahahaha spoiled bugger ae. sorry bout it...
Well how was that general conference!?? massive dad it’s still like a boys to men concert...for real’s people fighting for seats and just no christlikeness at all in the sense of charity or love when it comes to sitting in the front....hahaha its so crackup cause only here on the mission. But it was such an awesome experience again. i can’t believe that i used to fall asleep thru these but there was so many things that were said that i liked, but the one thing most that i loved was that we need to focus on the basics....i can’t remember who said it...cuz i watched all 5 sessions hahaha but that was something that i really on the mission if anything that’s one thing that has gotten me thru all my the basics...elder Neil l Anderson said that we might not know everything, BUT we know enough! and it’s true....I’m not that smart, i can’t speak the language THAT great (almost sound like a Chilean...your hardest Spanish accent by the way) but what i do know is enough!!!! the basics...i know that our savior lives, i know that thru and only thru his atonement is where we can one day return to the presence of heavenly father. i know that this is the only true church on the face of the earth and that today we have a living prophet that sees and speaks with our loving heavenly father....these are something’s that nobody else can take away from me....the family i just want to invite you guys to each day do and live the basics...there’s so many people who are clueless so let’s be examples of the believers...but for me and elder snider we are still doing good as ae....he loved his neckalace ae...for real’s and started crying when he read the letter...that’s pretty good cuz he’s not to of an emotional guy so thanks ae for the’s been another hard as week. a investigator that we’ve been teaching for a month now that was supposed to get baptized next week straight up told us to get was so sad...we went over and she told us she doesn’t want anything to do with the church...there’s nothing more hurtful than to see an investigator progress receive the blessings for exercising her faith and being obedient than straight up stop and have no interest in what we have to share let alone not even let us in the that was a hard blow for us....everybody has their agency though we are more sad than anything but maybe one day adelante (lol cant think of the word..sorry bout it) but yeah so all the other investigators that we have didn’t come to the conference either so we might have to drop them and show are faith and look for those elected....hard stuff man hahaha but its the life. Still just working hard to find new people...we found a inactive member and were trying to work with him and re active his family...he’s got a few daughters and a nephew that can get baptize so it should be good. we went and did a service project there the other day and it’s so kapulu how the chileans work...for real’s eye measure everything and just pound a thousand different kind nails in to keep the thing still....we helped clean out a room that hasn’t been occupied for years cuz there going to move in and we made like shelves and window frames but it was awesome to show this father how much we really wanted to help him...he’s so lost...smokes drinks and the whole deal but he served a mission so us being around him has really helped him remember and feel the spirit again....i love these people ae...hard to explain but i think about how i can help them all the time....goes with all the people that we are blessed to meet here and as we get to know them and their becomes our everything.....just how missionary work works...but I’m so grateful to be here. I’m so grateful for each and every one of you guys are my everything...mum and dad thanks for all that you guys do....i love you guys so much....keep striving to better yourselves and keep the family going hard. george ash and lia i love you guys so much....I’m so proud of the progress you guys have made...i can see it as i read each one of your letters. i listen to your guys songs everyday and i miss your guys voices. just to have them in my presence has been a great blessing to me lately....keep going hard you watch over the kids bro and love them.. I’m so proud of you are the man uce...ash i can feel your humility as i read your letters bro...keep it up and push yourself always...send me more videos on the next usb k....lia your sweet spirit has and will always be felt...make sure to all ways share okay my darling...i love you so much honey...send my love to gramz k....tell here thanks for all the letter that i receive each week...but yeah family i love you guys so times running out so I’ll catch you guys up next week...thanks for everything. Love yous hard. shottie shot shot
Elder kanahele kaka