Monday, March 29, 2010

Aloha Whanau!!!

I got my package last week Tuesday so I’m guessing that it takes two weeks to get here if where lucky!!!! hahahaha but thanks ae!! lol I was like a savage ripping the box open with my teeth and what not!!! lol for real’s thanks family you know I’m poor as here and the food you send me is like gold ae...hahaha I’m so grateful for every little thing for real’s so thanks for everything....I think my favorites are the pop tarts for sure!!!! and the spam....ummm.....send like the packages of cookies next time. hahahah I don’t want to sound picky or anything for real’s but the oreos and the chip Ahoys were da bomb!!! so yeah concentrate on those items please!!! hahahaha thanks ae whanau!!! lol the letter was awesome ae....its always awesome to read the haps with you fellas!! ae dang I miss you guys heaps.....everybody sounds like there doing good though so that’s awesome...I got a letter from Margie last week and i just started balling ae...tell her I love her I feel bad, cause I feel that I could have been a better cousin to her and been there for her more so just let her know how I feel!!! I love her so much and her baby is so cute....her husband ahhh??? lol na crackup but yeah family how you guys doing brahs??? hahaha the boys sound like they’re ripping it up!!! fa that’s the way little brothers keep going hard ae....every chance you get to share your talents go hard ae. for real’s because there’s a million and one chances and opportunities on the mission so perfect you skills my little brothers. You fellas are mean as. the most important thing is to continue strengthening your testimony in our Savior Jesus this week for me has just been crazy ae...hahaha I’ve just been so overwhelmed with revelation!!! hahaha sounds crackup ae but for real’s so much things just clicked in my head and like dad says the penny dropped for me ae!!!! like just so many basic truths and things that we have always known just seem so much clearer to me and there’s a quote in preach me gospel that says that as we continue to teach the basic doctrine our own knowledge will increase and we will be able to expound more profoundly on the things we already know...hahaha im having a hard time writing in English right now so if it doesn’t make sense sorry bout but for mission president told me that for us missionaries the biggest problem is that we know what to do but we just dont do it. and family its the same in everything....don’t just be hearers of the word but do-ers....we know what we need to do so we just need to do it....we baptized jordan and luis this week and it was awesome ae the spirit was so strong but these two boys have a hard as life ae but they understand these simple doctrines and to see them strengthen their faith and apply the atonement in their lives and live this principle has strengthened my testimony so much...they were baptized cause they understood the doctrine, because they knew what they had to do and they did it. Family the gospel is true and every single day my testimony they are the same hard as days but I’m coming to understand more better why I’m challenges and desafios(lol i cant think of the word in English) cant compare to what our savior did for us and its going to be hard but we always need to try. The prophet told us that if we are not trying ,we are not doing and if we are not doing why are we are here??? and this is why the gospel is so beautiful cause we have the opportunity through the sacrifice of our savior to try improve every week. nobodies perfect but through repetition comes comprehension and as we can constantly try and do the things we know, be do-ers of the word and not only hear-ers family were going to be sweet ae!!! hahaha but that’s my message for the missionaries the whole mind set changes ae and constantly learning new things...but I’m doing good as.. I’ll send you some pictures if I can....I love and miss you guys heaps. I’m doing good as....thank you guys for your love and support and sacrifice for me to be here. I know our savior lives. Mum and dad I love you guys so much. Thank you for raising us,ash and lia I love you guys so much...continue to try harder. there’s always more we can guys are the best....always remember that!! family there’s nothing more important in this life than each other and I’m so grateful to have a family that knows that. Continue to be good examples to those around you...tell jack I love him that dumb black maori!!! hahaha and tell grandma that I emailed her a couple weeks back but she still hasn’t replied so I don’t know if she got it but family I love you guys. But thanks for everything and happy birthday again ash. Keep going hard you fellas, but next week ae. Do it for the maoris!!

love yous

Elder Kanahele

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hola family!!!!

sup you fellas. fa its been so good to hear from you fellas aye!!! dang. i love you guys hahaha i didnt get to read your letters last week but its all good hahaha i was crying like a little mahu in the internet place....hahaha na jokes. It’s soo good to get the hap`s with you fellas. Man busy as week ae....happy aniversary mum and dad, you old futss!!! Hahaha got a nother surfbord mum??? mean mean... but yeah dang i remember those weeks long as with heaps of things to do....sole hori boy your the man bro tahiti fet, 2 proms, rugby tournament and all bro same week mean dog...i think you passed me up on that one hahaha. Mean bro. Im glad your having a blast bro. Its your last year dog so go hard. i remember that time bro at tashas baptism when i cracked!!! was crackup ae!!! fa bro the peps praise me here dog. I’m the go to man here bro for family home evenings and special numbers lol for real’s dog. i just play my ghetto as notes with my ghetto as rhythms and sing all the primary songs bro in the notes are all wrong but everybody here is tone deaf so nobody has any idea its crackup as. lol. In sacrament the people sing acapella cuz nobdy knows how to play the piano....and its awful ae!!!! hahaha i just have a mean as laugh in the back....but family its so good to hear from you. Mum i still haven’t got the package yet....if not tomorrow most definitely the next Tuesday...and no i don’t have to pay any tax..but yeah fellas im doing good as here ae....the work has pretty much sooken in and im a missionary machine. hahahah the language is coming along mean as and i have been blessed so much. like seriously I’m a walking talking miracle lol i don’t know how it works but when i testify my Spanish is fluent bros....its mean as cause really its not me and the influence of the spirit is amazing. it’s a crackup because when i don’t have the spirit for some reason hahah like one nite we ate with this family and we are not supposed to but we did because they’re poor and had prepared food for us so yeah that night lol we shared a message and i just couldn’t do anything...couldn’t say anything and i was just dumb!!! a dumb maori boy from temple view...i wanted to let me see!!!! bahahahahah so yeah have a mean as testimony of being obedient with exactness, because then we can have the spirit and when we have the spirit its game over ae!!!! hahahah for real’s when the spirit testifies of the truth its game over you fellas, but yeah missionary work it the best. To live, breath, and literally eat the scriptures some times is awesome. My testimony every day grows and i love it the gospel is true haha. This week we have two baptisms. luis salinas, and the other one jordan urbinas. Really excited for them, they have come a long away and have been great examples of faith! We taught this newly member family the importance of prayer this week...and i broke down in the lesson ae. hahaha the spirit was super strong and i was just testifying of the sacredness and importance of the family and shared how i was so grateful for my family and because of them i am here. Family i love you guys so much. Continue to go hard in everything. Mum and dad thank you for everything. For providing a home established on gospel principles. This life is short and we need to continue to endure to the end as a family. I miss you guys heaps. Mum i love you and miss you soooo much. Dad thanks for your hard copy letters that i get every week bro they are awesome thanks ae. George bro keep going hard bro your the man. Continue to perfect your talents have them to share them and there going to come in handy one day i promise you bro. hahahaha. bro i love you dog and miss you heaps take care of the kiddies for me hahaha bro I’m so proud of you keep doing all the good things bro your an example to me dog. bro i write ms4l all over the creaction bro just for a laugh so ye dog tell jack i said hi and check the time on his watch please...fank you...ash!!! sole man!! bro you still hughe!!!??? hahahaha keep doing your push ups so you can smash all those fat pigs bro....keep going hard in football bro, your the man ae bro always remember that. How’s your bass coming along?? Better than me already ae bro hahahaha shot bro....learn how to play the piano to bro for real’s that’s going to come in handy...hahaha sorry bout it mum and dad. Continue to be a good bro. always remember who you are and people are watching you bro. i love you ash, miss you heaps dog. take care of lia k....and happy birthday!!! hahaha welll birfday...shot bro.

Hi LIA!!! you old fut!!! how’s your spanish vato?? hahahah you crack me just growing up ae....try send me some hard copy pics of your tahitit fet! Sounded like a lot fun. Did you rip it up? guarantee ae hahaha but keep going hard in everything lia....always do your homework k and don’t hide it in your bag!! hahahaha crackup..i love you though lia so much. Tell gramz i love her and i hope she got my email last week. Family i need to bounce. I’m doing good as. Thanks for your letters everyone. I’m so grateful for your guys sacrifice for me to be here. Thank you for everything.

Elder Kanahele kaka

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hola familia!!!

sup u guys didn’t write me this week?? lol I signed on and had only a few messages and cant find any from you guys. I don’t know what is happening, just letting you guys know.
I just want to say first off happy belated birthday to lia...sorry lia I didn’t read the letters from last week until I got home because I didn’t have enough time but i love you so much and you are growing up so fast but happy birthday my baby. i hope it was a great one.

Family I’m good as. This week just getting back into the kick of things. Everything has been the same aye just working hard every day. We actually found this family the Sotos. The mother had a baby that passed away and we haven’t really had the chance to teach her yet but we’ve taught the pops and the gospel hit my man right in the heart but his wife likes to talk a lot and I don’t Know she keeps confusing him so we have a meeting with them today and hoping we can have the spirit to help guide us to what we need to say and do to help this family. They’re really grate actually, we just haven’t really had the opportunity to sit down with all of them and teach them so once we can do that its game over. lol every time we visit them I just play the jamz on the gat and they love it ae. the first time we met them the pops had a guitar and really wasn’t a nice fella, then I asked him...i like try your guitar brah hahahah and next thing you know we were in his house singing...there is beauty all around hahaha just gotta pull all the tricks out of the hat if you know what I mean hahaha. We have a baptism this week so I’m super excited ae. his name is luis salenas and his 18 years old. He’s been progressing just perfectly ae....I really have a testimony that god really prepares people for us to find because he’s a golden one hahaha. We also have another baptism next week with this kid Jordan...he’s had a hard as life. His family is jacked up and he’s done every bad thing in the book but he wants to change so that’s good as. He’s progressing well and when we taught him about the atonement...oh was game over brah....sole atonement is the key. It gives people hope ae...that desire and strength to change. Man every day I learn something new and im just so grateful to be here. with us latly hahaha were doing fine. i got a little sick the other day because I think I ate something bad but I threw up a couple times and sweat ready to go. My companion is small kine irritz hahahah na i think its just because we have had 8 weeks together and its just the little things but to be honest I’m really grateful for him ae. He’s a great example and a hard as worker and really there’s nothing to complain about. He’s the only member in his family...his pops passed away a couple months back and nobody ever writes him so I’m grateful for his strength and love for this Spanish is coming mean as aye ....hahahah like for real’s I had one of those the best two years moments when you speak and it just comes out naturally its mean as. We actually had training with all the new missionaries and I think I’m the one progressing the most in my language. In my patriarchal blessing it said that I would have the gift of tongues and its true bro hahahaha language shouldn’t be an of my teachers said. and I just need to keep thinking that and the lord will bless me. So everything is going good as. My testimony grows each day..

Sole Margie’s wedding sounded three mean. fa tell her I love her. Try send me some pictures lol grandmas ones I couldn’t open for some reason but yeah, how was the music??? fa I can only imagine you just ripping it up...mean family. Must have been good as to have all the family there. So, family I miss you guys heaps and I love you guys even more. I was sad when I didn’t see mail from you guys because really its a big help but I’m sure something just went wrong. Don’t worry about me you fellas for real’s, I am all good. Mum and Dad thank you for everything. There’s a scripture in 3nep 18 21 that says pray in your families unto the father, always in my name that your wives and children may be blessed. This scripture we teach to every family that we find and I’m so grateful that I was raised in a family that did this. Mum and Dad I loveyou guys.

George sole I love you bro. keep being a good example and keep going hard. bro be your best and dont settle for nothing less you the man bro. Be good to your brother and sister they look up to you. Ash learn everythingh you can from your brother brp. always work hard and remember to be a good boy bro. I love you so much my little bro and I miss your crackup as jokes. Always be good to your sister k. keep going hard in all that you do bro. Hi lia!!! oh lia I miss you... I feel so bad for not saying Happy Birthday...I really remembered because my alarm on my ipod rang on your birthday but I was just caught up in all the work...I’m sorry lia. i love you sooooooo sooooo much never forget that k. keep going hard in all that you do k. and listen to your brothers and mum and dad. good luck in your tahiti fete this week and show all those tahitians whats up hahaha.

Tell grandma I love her and miss her a lot. Thank her for all her letters and words of encouragement, but family i gotta bounce but ill try send some pictures if i can. i love you guys.

Elder kanahele kaka

Monday, March 8, 2010

District with President and Sister May after Earthquake

Kia Ora family!!!

cheeeeheee!!! Its awesome to hear from you guys... good to hear about the weekend with the family and the wedding and all it sounded like it was fun, and yes the mail and all is all good ae so send away!! hahaha Family today was my first transfer and nothing happened lol same sector with the same companion and I’m really happy for that but today we don’t have that much time because we had to travel 2 hrs to Santiago to pick up the new elders that came in today, but family the work is doing good. The earthquake incident has really opened up the hearts of a lot of people and its just awesome to be here during this time. Missionary work is off the chain. You know how we were having a hard time finding new people, well this week has been a awesome for us. We accomplished all our goals ...hahaha writing that in English felt weird as but yeah. We have 4 new people with baptismal dates and we had a conference yesterday where the Prophet was televised speaking to the people here in Chile and all our investigators with all their doubts and questions were left speechless ae. Nothing better than having a lesson with the Prophet speaking, he’s the man...but yeah like everything has just been falling into place and when it just seemed like nothing was going right for us the lord blessed us and I know its only through our diligence for why we have been blessed this week. Elder bednar said yesterday that if we are not trying, then we are not doing, and if we are not doing then why are we here. There is no need to ever get discouraged family or get down as long as we are trying our best then the lord will always help and fill in the rest. I’m so excited ae. We got two baptisms coming up in the next 2 or 3 weeks so its mean as. I miss you guys heaps. Mum and dad thank you for everything. The prophet talked yesterday about the importance or our families and I’m so grateful to have been raised in a home with the gospel. don’t worry about me. The language is coming along mean as. I’m having a hard as time actually trying to write you guys rite now sorry about it but ye.. George and ash keep going hard my brothers in all that you fellas got all the goods. Remember to always be a good stand as witnesses of god in all things and in all places. George keep going hard in your schooling br0 and in everything that you do. Send me one picture brah of your bod lidat!!! shot dog...good luck with the Tahiti fet bro tear some hole in the stage with your paoti dog...or just watch lia and take some notes. Ash bro keep going hard dog your the man...remember that nothing in life is easy and you need to work for everything. i love you bro. love your sister and always treat her good. lia thank you for are so beautiful. Never change okay and yes your Spanish is coming along mean as....tu estas tan cappo, vato!! lol but i love you lia. Good luck with your Tahiti fete coming up. rip it up girl, your the bomb and tell the boys to stop looking at you k. I love you lia. but tell gramz I love her and miss her heaps. Send my love to the famz ae. But yeah family I love you guys heaps and I’m doing good as. I need to go now so be good you guys.

shot on the harakeks!

love elder kanahele kaka

Monday, March 1, 2010

6th Letter - 03-01-10 4 Days after Earthquake

Kia Ora family!

Im doing good as ae...the countries in panic every bodies going crazy buying all kinds of stuff nobodies out in the street and everything is buss up hahahah, but im all good. The earthquake was mean. Nothing ive every felt in my life. I for real thought that our house was going to fall down, but there are places that are for real all wasted. The central area in our place is all damaged quiet bad. All the stores and the mail place, close to my home have all collapsed. A lot of homes as well are jacked up so this week we will be doing a lot of service. Yes were all good family. I wasn’t even scared ae. For reals i was like dang this is tight and we went out in the street right after it happened and for reals im so grateful for our Heavenly Father because everywhere around us was wasted but for some reason we were fine no coincidence haha. but yeah the work is small kine slowed down. That lady carolina that we were teaching went brake my heart. It was sad as. we were teaching here she was progressing and all and we went to go teach her our last lesson and she straight-out told us that she doesn’t want to get baptized and it killed was the hardest thing for me to see someone progress, gain a testimony...she knows that the church is true but she came out and told us straight up no! dang but president may told me something in my interview with him. He said that our investigators our people and not tomatoes hahaha so hes saying that they have agency if you didn’t catch the spiritual joke....fwams hahaha. but ye so we just need to find the elect and guess what hahaha on Friday we found one. lol just in the street taught a 5 minute restoration lesson and he told us that he wants to be baptized but we were like ae your wacked hahahaha but yeah we didn’t think anything of it and that Sunday he showed up to church and all. stayed the whole time and asked us to visit him after and we did and we set a date for the 28th of march. lol it was a crackup but i know that our heavenly father really does prepare people for us to find. Here in chile our investigators need to go to church 3 times before they can be baptized because of the high inactivity rate here, so that’s why we have to wait so long to baptize him. The work is moving on good, and we are all well. Thanks for the letters you guys they were awesome. Tell Jana try get her stuff straight hahaha dumb maoris!! but it must be mean as with all the family there and stuff ae, lucky dudes, but its good to hear that the tsunami was small kine. I wasnt worried at all. if you fellas died its because your wicked hahaha na jokes. You guys sound so good in your letters. Thanks for you sacrifice for me to be here family, I love you guys so much. Try take some pics of the wedding and hook me up you fellas.... oh and justyn emailed me saying his mission was jacked up!!! not good bro for reals its hard to be an effective missionary when you can’t live what you preach you know what i mean homies. I feel sorry for that dude. Anyway thank you family for everything I love you guys so much. George keep going hard bro in all that you do dog. Your the man. Im all safe bro so dont worry ae hahaha I miss you bro, I think about all our times together bro and don’t forget those dog hahaha cherish them with all your heart lol but yeah bro i miss you bro. keep going hard in your sports, working out, and your schooling bro. Ash bro families are eternal bro.... we need to endure to the end and will be sweet. This principal is the key bro. its so powerful to see people change when we teach this principal bro and I know we can be together for ever we just need to do our part. Thanks for your jokes bro I know that i can always depend on you to make me laugh you helmet hahaha I miss you bro and love you heaps. Bro I want you to be your best bro. Your the man bro but you just need to keep on working and trying your best. Never be satisfied bro, but keep going hard bro be good to lia, shes so lovely. listen to George mum and dad k.

Hi lia!!!! awww thanks for your letter lia!! I love you so much and I miss you even more. thanks for your prayers they helped so much.... thanks for the update to with everyone else I knew I could count on you hahaha but lia you keep being a good girl k. always listen to mum and dad and your brothers. always try to be an example. Your so lovely lia, never change k. I love you so much.

Mum and dad I’m sweat as ripping it up here in chile. Tell the family I said whats up. I miss them all but yeah I love you guys so much thanks for everything mum and dad keep being strong. Thanks for your sacrifices for me to be here. I am so grateful for this opportunity to bring others unto our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you guys so much and miss you heaps but I gotta bounce. Talk to you next week hahaha. love you fellas.
Elder Kaka