Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Aloha family! (Monday 26 September, 2011)
so how you guys doing? hope that yous had a great week and that everybodys okay. loved the letter, awesome man. so proud of you all. still the same old sunday dinners under the ulu tree ae?? haha man you guys dont even know what id do to have a real meal like that again. chileans like there meat harder then rock, and blacker then charcol! its been the hardest thing to adapt to, which has caused me to really miss our regular sunday grinds. i hope that everything goes well for you mum with your administration stuff. you gettem brah. and stats ae dad? crakup bro. i actually remember alot about that class. the only thing i do remember really. sister johnson was my teacher bro, and i was the only person there that hadnt done the mission. hahaha i used to go in heaps tho for study help and she knew i was dumb as and just gave me good grades cause she felt sorry for me. hahaha i remember taki was in my class too, and day of the final in the old gym i come out and he was playing football on the field and forgot about the test. dumb bugger. the great influences i had before the mission. hahaha.
but had an alrite week this past week. it was actually pretty tough ae. to be honest im real tireed. tired of being with people that have problems and really dont want to be here. i know it sounds selfish and mean and i really dont mean it but its just how i feel right now. ive had alot of companions like that in the past few transfers and i know that pres puts me with them to help them but its hard ae. i try to be positive all the time, and love them, and you know serve them to the best that i can but sometimes i just get tired ae. i want to finish hard, work hard, and just loose everything in the work but its 1000 times harder when your with someone who doesnt have the same desires. theres so much that i want to do and so much that needs to be done, and i feel like im the most prepared now in this very moment than ive ever been here on the mission to do it, and no. its all dragged down to a hault due to lack of unity in the same cause- baptisms!!!! its impossible to do missionary work when theres no spirit and its impossible to have the spirit when two missionaries are not united in the same righteous cause. the lord said, if ye are not one ye are not mine! and thats how i feel right now. im just tired and burnt out of tolerating and adjusting to please and help my companion at the cost of not doing what we really came here to do. its so hard. when we need to do things right he gets mad, and theres no unity, and see ya later spirit, and when we adjust and tolerate we are united but united in doing things that have nothing to do with the work. and its just killing me.....i feel restrained, and like chained down. i feel like hercules when he gives his power away. lol....... i just needed to vent a little. ill be good tho. theres a script in d&c 122 7 and 8 that i read the other day and it was like just a slap in the face....it says...
7 And if thou shouldst be cast into the apit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the bdeep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to chedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of dhell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee eexperience, and shall be for thy good.
8 The aSon of Man hath bdescended below them all. Art thou greater than he?
jesus has decended, gone through, and suffered everything!!!!! mockery, torture, death, betrayal, EVERYTHING!!! humble and willing, he suffered everything with no answering back, with no murmuring, moaning, nor doubt but with eagerness and diligence.and now the question is.... am i better than him? awesome script ae. motivated me hard. its so true. i am not better than him so there is no reason nor option to moan or murmur. i know its just another opportunity to grow and progress. i just always gotta remember that ae. lol i just let my natural man some times take over when i shouldnt. sorry bout it. but ye thats been our week. theres two weeks left in this transfer and im really nervous to see what happens.
but ye family im good as. i miss and love you guys alot. trying to be better each day and do my best. i hope that you guys are good. love one anther and take care of eachother. send my love to everyone. my times come to an end. we actually got an activity right now. so i might be able to write abit later but if not, i love you guys. almost there. up the gutz! doitz!with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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