Tuesday, August 30, 2011

what up whanau! okay dont have much time but heres the low down. i got changed....AGAIN! man im so tired of changes already. for reals. so yeah me and elder soto got the call last night and they told us that we were going to have changes and my comp started to have a little cry ae....i know it sounds a little soft but was a real cool experience. he just thanked me for everything....expressed thanks and just everything and it was awesome to see that i was really able to help him.....for a long time he had me doubting, if i was wasting my time with him, but last night just made it all worth it. i felt really good after knowing that he really did notice the effort that i was making day in and day out to help him and what was best was knowing that he appreciated it. for reals it made me feel happy as, and over joyed knowing that i didnt give up on him.... honestly in spite of all the crappy moments that we had gone thru, the fights, arguments, and disagreements i can say that it was worth it. i tell people all the time that it isn’t easy to follow Jesus but it sure is worth it. Being with elder soto ive been able to practice what i preach..and it surely has strengthen my testimony. i know that Jesus lives...i know that as we strive to be like him, and strive to be more charitable, patient, faithful, diligent, and obedient he purifies us....i know that thru his atonement we are able to become like him, perfect. He has promised it, and i know that as we do our part, put forth the daily effort and strive always he will come through. he always does and he always will. there’s no doubt that he loves us family. if i could id do it all over again.but yeah the poor fella just balled and balled ae. Thanked me for everything i had taught him, and to be honest i learnt more from him, things that will help me for the rest of my life. i felt sad too tho, cuz i remember perfectly how it is being new, and having to direct a sector, with a new companion who doesnt know anything so all night last night we went over all that he needs to do for this week. i set him up hard tho. he should be having at least 6 baptisms this month so everything’s all good....was a good time in galvarino. i was kind of mad that i was only there for so little time. this is the second time that this has happened to me.....the junk part is that they sent me back to rosende!!!! a sector that i was just in 3 months ago....but i have two companions. elder mccoy and elder salas. elder mccoy is from utah and a real good kid, ready to work hard, be obidient and just work work and work. elder salas is from argentina, and hes a bit difficult ae. presidnet put us with him cuz apparently hes got alot of problems. president said im a really loving guy so he wants me to love him to death and help him that way to try get things straight. it looks like hes had alot of problems in the past with companions yelling at him and stuff for his disobedience that pres. told me to try and help him....lol. not going to lie wasn’t to excited for the call but thats what president wants me to do and thats what i´ll do. but yeah that’s our situation. we live in a pig hole, a piece of crap. has to be the worst apartment in my whole entire mission. with two other missionaries. which means that there’s five of us there. lol i have no idea how we are ging to be able to function in there all together. other than that everything is all good. really dedicated on finishing off strong ae. there’s a lot of things that i still want to get done and do here with so little time so just real set on killing it. i ran out of money today so had to take some more out.....sorry family. i feel really bad doing that but honestly didnt have one cent in my pocket, i had to borrow some to pay for my taxi ride today. lol so shame. but yeah other than that all is good ae. i miss you guys heaps. awesome letter....gotta get hard dad. stop crying bro. lol.....na i know how it is bro, its not easy being away, and no matter how long ive been here i always get emotional.....flippin soft ae bro. haha. you guys gotta send me photos of lia without here braces....how exciting!!!! how was justyns talk? good or what? you guys know what hes gonna do?....man i still dont know what i want to do....im kind of nervous about it all....better start thinking about it ae....lol all ive been thinking about it how much wieght i want to be benching by feburary! lol crackup. mum and dad, you guys should call the mission office and ask them what you can do about not knowing how to speak spanish and what will be most efficent and safe to do to be able to get from the airport to the mission home to pick me up. honestly i dont know, so you should give them a ring and see what are some of the options. man its coming so soon ae. so excited to see you all again. thank you so much family for all that you do. i love you all so much. go hard this week and be obidient in all that you do. remember theres no other greater happiness than the happiness we feel as we are obidient. be good and take care of eachother. were all in this together family.....till the death....freedom......of coarse i was there when you were born. with all my love,
Elder kanahele kaka

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