Monday, October 17, 2011

Kia ora family!!!

How you guys doing!!!!???? good as to hear from you guys man.....elder Anderson told me too that he called you the other day! man it made me really homesick. lol he was excited as to get to talk to you. he honestly was one of my best companions ae. man my time with that guy changed my life. was really able to see miracles and how great and loving the lord is when two missionaries, are on the same page, obedient and working hard towards the same righteous there was nothing that got in the way for us and it was just straightup 100 percent concentrated and dedicated to the work. its was awesome ae. although circumstances aren't as bright right now, just gotta take the bulls by the horns right....we've been making quite a bit of progress. my companion elder salas is a good kid....he has to be the most prideful person Ive ever met but were working on it. hes got a real strong character and just real feisty ae. so Ive really had to try and be patient, receptive, and just more positive about things, but were making good progress. it still hasn't hit me, the little time that i have left. i dont think it will till i see you guys. i really love my mission family. it has change me in ways that i couldnt have done myself. I'm going hard as i can ae. um...alot has gone down this past week. there was a huge celebration here in chile celebrating the churches 50 anniversary of existence. it happened Saturday but we had rehearsal things all day Friday. it was a huge deal man. there was about 12000 people that had gone to watch, and 4000 people who was participating in the production. all the missionaries from Santiago had a part in it to and it was awesome ae. we met up with all kinds of missionaries. met a elder mahoni from otara, New Zealand. cool as guy ae. real big as typical Tongan. looked really funny seeing him amongst the chileans but was good as to talk with him. he filled me in with all the rugby updates and it was crakup....he talks just like a black maori. had me in tears of laughter. but the best part was after the production when i ran into alot of people from all of the sectors that ive been in. i felt like i was reuniting with family. man it was the bestest thing to have experienced. i wanted to cry when i saw a few of them. i saw mauricio that i baptized almost two years ago, hugo that i baptized with elder peck, the family robles who just took care of me like crazy when i was in san francisco, sister sandra and mauricio that used to feed me everyday when i was in los conquistadores and just so many people who have had huge impacts in not only my mission but my life and all at the same place and time. it was awesome ae. it hit me a Little really how much im going to miss this place. i love chile, these people, and the experiences that ive had here so much. and just going to have a real hard time having to leave. has to have been one of the best days in my mission, other than we had a good week. working hard. we contacted a lady last week, her name is carolina who talked to us at her door step. in this door step contact we got to know her, asked her a few heavenly inspired questions and were able to know how we could adapt our message to her needs. we ended up doing so and left her with an invitation to read a part of the book of Mormon that we were going to leave with her. we passed by for her house this past week to check up and see how it went, and as we knocked her door and as she opened it you could just tell and sense in her that she had read, and felt the spirit. her whole expressions, presence, way of being, just everything had changed from the last time to then. you could tell that she had felt the love of Christ that lighted within her a flame of hope that was then shining through her eyes. shes awesome ae. we still haven't been able to get into the house but were working on it. as we talked that day she mentioned to us that she hasn't been baptized, and now understanding why feels the need to do as experience. the book of Mormon when humbly read with true intention really does touch us and helps us understand what god wants us to do. helps us understand our purpose her on earth and answers the greatest questions of the soul. it really does give hope and changes peoples lives. I'm a living witness of this right now. excited to see how shes doing. but yeah that's been my week family. i love you guys heaps ae. were almost there. gotta work hard till the death...but have a good week family. i love you guys heaps. be good and take care of one another. up the gutz, doitz!!!! with all my love

Elder kanahele kaka

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