Monday, May 16, 2011

Aloha Ohana!

kia ora you black maoris!!!! how’s my beautiful family doing today??? awesome as letter man...honest, a great strength to me to continue pressing forward... mum you’ve always been a great example of setting your mind to something and getting it done, no matter the circumstances....proud as of you ae....not easy to work, have a family, and on top of it get good grades...shot mum!! and ash bro I’m all good ae....not like dad and counting my days bro so no worries....focused as ae, really don’t want to end so everyday i take advantage as much as i can to learn and and hori bro good to know you learning from my mistakes bro....honestly bro i was an idiot before the mission....had all my priorities mixed up and i was young and dumb as heck. girls are not the way to go before the mission bro....honestly in our day and time as missionaries bro our calling is more important than you think.... peoples salvation depend on us bro, and they deserve the best teachers and representatives that there are, especially in our world that we live in today. Missionary work requires more now than ever bro, more spirit, more obedience, more well prepared missionaries. We need to be top notch authorized, spirit guided, powerful massagers of Christ. These people deserve and need the best bro, and it’s our responsibility to prepare ourselves to be the best.. Learn and be smarter than i was....i love and want the best for you bro...I’m actually embarrassed hard of the things that i did before the mission and the way i came here..Unprepared and just had no decide now io don’t explain it!!! lol but yeah can’t believe that lias already got banquets and all!!!! lol omg! You look so beautiful lia!!!! for reals ba you sexy dog! hahaha just be a good girl ae lia. But yeah family for me I’m doing good and my companion are getting along better.. learning and growing hard together. i continue to learn heaps and heaps each day...i honestly wow at the things that i learn and am able to recognize and acknowledge more and more each day of the importance of obedience, diligence, patience, charity, hope, and virtue. far as from being perfect, but at least I’m on the right track. This week we have been able to see the lords hand in this got to church yesterday and a member came up to us and told us that she wants us to teach her friend cuz she wants to get baptized!!! Mean ae, as well our investigator christian he is 15 years, is progressing. um we haven’t been able to talk to the mum and we need to ask her for permission to baptize her son and apparently she’s a bit feisty! So excited as for other than that were trying to find new ways and new things we can do to find more people...I had a mean as spiritual experience this past one night we were planning for the following day and we acknowledge that our biggest need at that moment was to find more investigators. As we analyzed our need and our efforts in trying to find more people we noticed an area in which we needed to improve a little to be better. We noticed we needed to have more edified studies to better prepare ourselves to be able to preach, expound, and better exhort others to come unto Christ. as missionaries at times we just fall in to routines and the first thing that suffers is the efficiency and effectiveness of a missionaries study. so the next day, we got up on time, did our exercises on time, and started studying right on the hour, started our comp study right on time, and our language study right on time and we had a great morning. Studied for the needs of the people in which we were going to teach, our own needs and what we need to do to be more effective missionaries and it was just a great morning....before we left the house we ran over our planes and goals and were set on finding someone!!!! we had did our part, we strived to do all we could, and before leaving just asked the lord to work through us to find and recognize those ready to receive the gospel....we left the house and we just went nutz! talked to every single person we saw...didn’t matter if we had already talked to them, old grannies to little kids we just poured our whole soul out to everybody!!!! lol it was 830 at night, rainy and cold and we hadn’t found nobody!!!!! not one single person. we turned down a road i looked at my companion and he was tired, frustrated, and you could just tell wasted ae....we arrived at a door and as the lady came out i told him,,, Payne this is the one it was one of the most spiritual experiences that i have had my whole entire mission. as this lady came out i honestly did nothing but my mouth just started to move, i said things that I’ve never said, the spirit just filled my mouth with the exact things that this lady needed to hear. i don’t even remember what i said and my companion noted that it wasn’t me speaking lol ..But in that very moment we were all moved by the spirit...we knew she had felt it because we had felt it. we set an appointment for tomorrow and hope that everything goes well....but family i know this is the lords work and that he is bound to complete when we do what he say.....he’s bound, has no choice but to bless us when we do our part and this is what i was able to see this day in the rain at this ladies porch. I did my part, prepared myself, and god blessed me with the words necessary to open and touch this ladies heart... was a mean as experience. But yeah that’s us ae...i love this gospel and there’s really no going back. peter, James, and john, saw Jesus Christ, witnessed his miracle, saw in person his true power and after his death returned and went back to their boats and again started to fish. family i really can’t go home after everything that i have experienced here in the mission, after seeing miracles, and witnessing his true power to only RETURN and fish, to only return and do what i was doing before. there’s really no going back....Jesus has called us to be fishers of men!!!! not a part time calling or something temporal but to be and live as a missionary forever! i love this work, truly have learnt my earthly purpose. i love our savior and will strive each and every day to be like i love you guys so much. Keep going hard and one another and strive to better yourselves each day...send my love to all the fams and especially grams. but i gots to go whanau, until next week my beautiful family, with all my love

Elder kanahele kaka

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Awesome day ae yesterday! lol it was sooooo good to talk to you guys for real’s...i miss you all so much....just being able to see you all and hear from all of you made my day. Yesterday i realized that if anything I’ve really come to love and appreciate all of you more....we have been so blessed with so many things but with the most important- a family who loves and cares for one another....not something you can find just any where here in our world and I’m just so very grateful to have been one of those very few blessed..Every body’s big and growing up.....ash your huge now, lilia you a pretty swan and george bro, how’d you get on the bus bro???? that’s three mean...... did they tell you first that they were going to put it on or what??? Did you guys have photo shoot? Just mean though bro.....looking good to bro in all your pics... but ye mum and dad you guys look good as..gramz too!! it was hard as trying to get focused again last night but all good today...right back into the swing of things so sweet as....6 months left!!!! a very scary thought...i really can’t imagine how my life would be if i did not come on a mission.....i feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to come here and learn of and know our savior Jesus Christ....has marked and changed my life...i feel much more safe and secure with my life now knowing what i now need to do and more importantly how to be in spite of what happens to one day return to the presence of our heavenly father. this is the way and there is no other by which we can return to him without the atonement of our savior Jesus Christ, that thru this we can repent to receive and maintain the gift of the holy ghost to receive guidance and power to change our very natures to one day be perfect! i know with no doubt family that this gospel is real! And that it is true. i love you ae family. thanks for all that you guys do to support me out here serving the sure has been a great learning experience for all of us ae...let’s all represent hard. but yeah family not much to say to yous other than that....let’s have a good week this week and well be hearing from each other next week ae...take care of each other and love one another. Send my love to everyone. With all my love my beautiful family,

Elder kanahele kak√°..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

¿Que tal Familia?

hello my beautiful family!!!! man how good it is to hear from you guys...awesome letter family...i miss you guys heaps ae...but there’s some quick news that i need you all to know....its mother’s day this Sunday and we get to talk!!!! yeyahhh!!!! and we actually got permission to skype if we can...yeyah!!! And i found a member who has a lap top and all the gears to do it so we can skype!!! mean ae...the only junk thing is that you guys are going to have to miss church! bahahaha but this is what i want to do....i want you guys to call me first next Sunday at nine in the morning your will be 3 oclock here and i want you to call this number.....56 2 8138004 and we can talk from 3 till 4 then when my companion talks we can skype after! sweet?? i will have to make a skype acount which i will and i will send you all that info before sunday or if not when you last call home!! but make sure you buy a phone card, and make sure the computer and internet and everything is working so Sunday we don’t have problems!!!! lol ....fa time has flown by so quick! Before i know it I’m out! but bro if you can send heaps of pop tarts and heaps of cake mix!!! Straight up and only yellow cake mix with the chocolate and white icings!!! lol that’s all ae! Thanks there was an outlet sale the other week on clothing and there was a lot of cheap stuff so i spent a lil bit of moneys!!! sorry bout it...hahaha gotta get me some gears for when i get back!! lol and dad bro you dumb bugger bro??? hahaha good stuff bro...fa its gotta be crackup to see you there.....good thing you’re not in the bishopric anymore!! lol but family i can’t believe how fast time is flying....elder of my companions that i had, has been home for ten months already!!! hahaha he wrote me today and it was awesome as to hear from him and how he’s doing....thinking back to when i was with him till now seems like a blink of the eye but i can really see the progress that i have been able to make....he asked me if i learnt how to speak Spanish yet and i was just cracking that’s how long ago it was tho...i couldn’t even speak when i was with him...and now i am the man!! lol but for me this past week family I’ve been good as know in the mission you run into a lot of problems and you get to a point where you think you’ve gone thru it all and for me at least i thought that i had encountered all of the problems that i missionary could encounter till i got to this sector!!!! lol for real’s before i got here I’ve had to deal with problems with members, ward issues, missionary issues, health issues, and when i got here it’s just a whole other ball game....imma let you all know what my situation is right now and the opportunities that god has blessed me with to learn and the ward that i am in has to be the most apostasy ward that there is! for real’s there’s over 1000 inactive members and there’s no surprise why....everybody in the chapel are good people but everything is just so drama...the problem that I’ve got that I’ve never had to deal with before will blow you guys check this.....not trying to brag or anything but this is true story stuff and its really real...and it’s what I’m going before i got here there was straight up loser missionaries here for the longest time!!! for like almost a year and i think that’s why i was called to this ward to help it you elder kanahele gets here, he’s from Hawaii, he’s a cool and funny guy, talented, handsome, and just everyone wants to be around him being only human with one body can only do so much you i missionary i am called here to preach the gospel of repentance and baptism to all those who DONT have the gospel. I’ve been a missionary for a long time and i know how to find and have success here in the striving to be diligent and faithful to fulfill my calling i do what i know is most efficient and effective way to work....and within seven weeks we´ve been able to baptize a full family of 6, one of their friends, and re activate a family and baptize their youngest daughter! Blessings from our heavenly father as me and my companion have diligently, put our trust in him. straight up success you know... so as we have been working hard preaching the gospel... members have gotten mad at me for not visiting them....hahaha crackup ae...weekly we will visit at least every active member once!!! and apparently it’s not enough... for real’s family members get mad at me because they want me to come over all the time and waste hours in their doing things that have nothing to do with missionary work yet with the gospel, watch movies, and just all kinds of stupid stuff that the other missionaries used to do...and i tell them that we can’t you know and because of that they don’t like us...and it’s gotten so bad that they make up lies about us and things that we do to try get us in trouble...bishop called us into his office yesterday and just told us all these kinds of lies that these members are telling him about us and its un believable....for real’s its truly been a test of humility, faith, and patience and something that i never ever thought I’d have to go thru here on the mission....but i have learnt and grown from it.....about three weeks ago a member was talking crap about our new converts kids and that they are so irreverent during sacrament and the new convert mum got mad and told us about it....and in the lesson we had with them i told her to not worry about it and don’t let it affect you and your desires to follow Christ to one day return to him!!! she later explain that what i had told her that day was what helped her to not be offended and to keep strong in following our savior Jesus Christ...... so yesterday we were in there house sharing with them and she noticed that something was bothering me and as i told her what was going on she softly repeated to me those same words of comfort....what greater experience of humility than that....i was being taught by my own convert an eternal principal! She understood the importance of enduring no matter what happens and taught me more in depth of this principle through her example. i know that struggles are given to us to help us grow...and as we look at them as such and humble and submit ourselves to do the things that god wants us to do, we will learn and grow. i love it here ae family...small kine stress and dramas but the things that i continue to learn each day, week, and month are priceless and will serve me for a lifetime... i know Jesus lives and thru him we can be purified. i know that as we make the effort, put forth the work that he compensates for what we lack as humans and cleans us of our faults. I’m so very grateful for this knowledge and strive daily to take advantage of it to better i love you more than anything in this world. mum, dad, george, ash, and lia....go hard and strive to be better each day.... love you guys hard...I’m doing good don’t worry about me,,,excited as to talk to yous this week! but i gotta go, send my love to gramz. Until next week my beautiful family! with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka