Monday, July 26, 2010

Whats uyp whanau!!!

So how you black maoris been? lol it was awesome getting to read your guys letters..always have me feeling way better ae..but to answer all the questions...mum i don’t know if the medicine is the pimples have caused like deep stain crap lol for realls though like its not your regular pimple but yeah not really getting better, and i get angry hard ae cuz im just always self conscious bout stuff like that and I don’t know what is causing it...I’m eating good when i can and I’m always cleaning it so yeah i don’t know what else to do and it’s been ages since I’ve had them so yeah getting small kine irritz ba! bahahaha but yeah just keep sending the meds and will see what happens. but dad another assignment bro...there’s this dude that sent me a letter...his name is kumakaleikini soon...he works night show and graduated from kamehameha too a year before me but i guess hes having a hard time now and he wrote me and george should know him so ask him to get his email from him for me ya! shot bro...

Other than that though I’m all good ae...its been another long hard week, and still waiting for my fruits from my labor! bahhahahaha for real’s though I’m getting small kine impatient! lol na but this week honestly was another hard one know our investigators i told you about a while ago that is supposed to be getting baptized soon well i guess him and his wife got into a fight and he just picked up and he went travelling like 8 hours south or something and he just left...doesn’t want anything to do with his family and called off the wedding and obviously his baptism but it was just the saddest thing to go by and hear the family tell us this you know... i really felt for his wife and what she’s going thru and it’s just sad to see you know...and for me and my comp we just didn’t feel like anything worse could happen lol like we can’t find anybody and were losing the people that we do have you know....we knocked doors all week, set up appointments with references from members, and visited less active members but nothing’s happened...nobodies wants to let us in..our appointment with every reference fell thru, and none of the less active want anything with the church and this whole week was just killing us ae...haven’t taught a lesson in ages and it’s just really helped us to do some self reflecting and really to just strengthen us...well so yeah asi era our whole week and Saturday we were just buggered...and we sat in our living room talking me and my comp a little bit depressed you know and i asked him...who are we going to have in church tomorrow? and he looked at me and said, even though we have nobody, someone’s going to come to church! i thought okay at least you know my comp is still being positive and trying to be strong so i was like okay but in my head i was like we going to teach no lessons but have people in church?? lol sooooo to make a long story short lol we rock up to church the next day...early as cuz we had no one to go look for before and it was like 9:25 which is really early for anyone here in Chile to be in church and inside of the chapel was two people...the bishop opens the chapel at 9 and does some paper work in his office so these two people were just sitting there by themselves....and right away we knew that they weren’t members so we went over to talk to them and we find out that they our antiguo investigadores or they had already shared with the missionaries....they came to church one time before but it was a whole year ago..and they had a baptismal date and everything and they were going to do it...but something happened and they had to leave...they didn’t know for how much time but yeah ended up to be a they got back Friday night and came to church on Sunday morning!!! bahahahahaha crazy to talking to them and their interest are still super strong and they still want to get baptized!!! lol so we have an appointment with them tomorrow! and this guy said that his mum came home with them from their trip and she had shared with the missionaries too and would like to hear from us as me and my comp after just had the meanest laugh cuz it just seem so unreal you know...he told me after the church is true!! bahaha but it is...was the best way to end our week and were just super excited to go visit him tomorrow....but yeah i know that the lord is always preparing people to receive us and we just have to do our part and he´ll fill in...but yeah that was my week ae...hard but very rewarding...but yeah i miss you all soo good to hear of your week and the haps with you fellahs. george i proud of you dog....getting your eagle?? sole sorry bout it!!! bahahaha but keep going hard bro in all that you do....learn the Tongan canoes bro thats the one...langi tua taha langi tua ua! sole gotta do it for the maoris bro...there the best in everything bahahahaha but yeah keep being a good boy ae....ash and lia i love and miss you guys heaps too ash im glad your learning the gluck booms my brother hahaha thats where it’s at and you gotta continue charging the tourist bro be smart about it ae...hahahaha but above all bro keep being a good boy ya...i love you so much bro and i miss you heaps...lia you’ve had your brasses for one whole year already??? woiya!! shorry bout it! hahahaha dang that’s along time! you must be even more beautiful then! hahahaha you are pretty man...but lia i miss you and love you...don’t ever change being that sweet lovely girl that you are..k! but can you do me a huge favor!? lol baby girl nile didn’t write me today so ask her what happened k! lol k thanks lia i know you’re the biggest camper on facebook so i know i can count on you! bahahaha shot girl but yeah family i love you all so much and miss you guys even more....keep going hard and represent ae....Elder Kanahele is still alive! bahahah but i sent a few video so i hope they’re all right...but send my love to gramz and all the famz!!! i love you family!!!!

Elder kaka kanahele

Monday, July 19, 2010

que te pasa locos!!!

como estai kaka whanau!! fa how have you black maoris been ae??? bahahahaha i miss you guys so much i dont think the absence thing ever gets better cuz it still kills me...but its all good...opposition in all things has only strengthen the love that i have for you guys and made me realize how much you guys really do mean to everything ae..its made me so grateful for the things that i at times took for granted, things that soooo many people dont have and im just soooo blessed for you all...i love and miss you guys so much... i hope that everything is going well for you guys ae....had a blast reading your letters fa you guys are a bunch of crackup cats!! tu meke!

Elder kanahele is doing alright ae...I still keep in touch with all the boys too...wes, justyn, tima, matt, kohl, and jerrik so its a crackup hearing all of their experiences. but yeah....i don’t know if you guys got the new medicine batch yet...ive had my box for two weeks just to let you guys don’t have to send me a whole box with stuff just cuz i need the medicine....for real’s its all good...just send me the medicine no mas ya! that’s the most important hahahah but yeah family.

For me this week its been a tough one ae...the missions always got crap flying at you and i can’t even begin to explain how much I’ve learnt in the little time that I’ve been here..i think one of the biggest things that I’ve been able to learn here in the mission apart from the biggest topic that is incomprehensible- our savior, who he is, what he’s done for us and what he desires of us is I’ve come to learn more about myself....who i am, my strengths and my weakness..the things that i do well and the areas that i need to improve ... the priceless value of self control..I’ve learnt to live the moment and not for the moment....that there’s no tomorrow, that today is the day and we need to give all that we´ve got, put it all on the table and improve where its this weeks been one of the hardest of got to say hahahaha bringing its new challenges...i don’t think I’ve ever had such a hard week before in the mission but this one was brutal....this past week for some reason we weren’t able to do nothing...none of our appointments were home...our two investigator are on vacation and all our references just lost all interest in wanting to listen to everything we had planned for this week for 8 hours every day for seven days week had fallen through and we´ve just been soooooo disappointed...there’s nothing more crappier than having no lessons to teach at all and that’s exactly what happened to us this past week.. so we just knocked and knocked doors...i swear we’ve knocked hundreds and hundreds of doors and not one person wanted to listen to its been a huge test of faith, but last night when we got home i just went in our room and had the meanest prayer ae..I’ve never been so down in my whole entire mission so i just poured out my heart to the lord to help us, to help me, and to strengthen our faith so we will be guided to know what we can do...and nothing huge happened you know like no miracles happened but in that moment there was no doubt, and i felt the sweet sense of peace that the lord has ready for all of us as we exercise our faith in yeah received some tight personal revelation as i pondered on it for a while and me and my companion know what we have to do...we set goals and made planes to help us with our weakness that we have individually and as a companionship and i know that as we can purify our selves, being obedient with exactness, doing the things that we know we need to do the lord is bound to do his part you there’s where we are at as of now...we don’t have to much things happening but our faith is stronger as ever and i know that this work is of the lord. this gospel is his for the benefit of us...Christ lives and there’s no other way to be happy in this life or in the next without purifying ourselves, and becoming better each day..the mission has set a living pattern that is priceless...the self control that I’ve been able to gain thru my understanding of the atonement to do things with exactness is what i am so grateful for...I’m so grateful to be a servant of the lord and to be sharing the gospel with his children in this part of his i love you guys so much...mum go hard in your masters course girl you’re a strong lady ae and that’s something I’ve always admire about you mum.. get those papers done for the house ae so its all done by the time i get home k bahahaha and please get my medicine to me on time k!!! hahaha shot mum i love you so much...and don’t tell lia but i feel bad...I’ll make sure to get her something...won’t be anytime soon but ill hook her up k.....i love you mum...sole dad keep going hard in your calling bro....keep being real bro...that’s the only way bro for reals....can’t hide what missionary work really is so keep going hard in that ae bro...i want you to know ae bro that i love you grateful for raising our family in the gospel....ash!! sole what’s that new movie you got? Sounds like a good one bro but ash sole i love you my little brother keep being a good boy k bro and keep developing your talents dog... i love you my little brother....lia! sorry i don’t have to much time left but i just want you to know that i love you so much my little sweet heart...i don’t know why but i always tear up when i read your part of the letters hahahaha for real’s i think its cuz i love you the most!!! bahahahaha dont tell anyone k! but keep being a good girl k lia and always surround yourself with good company. i love you lia....send my love to grandma. let her know that i love her so much k....hori boy!!! sole you sound like the man already bro for real’s going Japan already??? woiya sole keep going hard in all that you do...ive always admired that about you bro..your determination to always finish what you start or to always be the best in what you do....keep going hard in all that you do dog and perfect yourself bro you’re the man already so keep going a good boy and tell mona i said hi!! baahahahah i love you brother!!! with all my heart and soul...but i ll talk to you guys next week family!!!! love you guys so much!!!! Elder kanahele is all good so don’t worry about it!!!! chaito mis vatos!!! with all my love

Elder kaka kanahele

Monday, July 12, 2010

Members Home: 2

Members Home:

Whats up family!!!!!

como estamos you furukakes!?? lol bahahaha what a crackup pops you but your right bro thats true doctrine ae! hahaha fa thats a good one bro ive missed that hurmor hard but i hope you dont post this up on my blog ae! hahaha you ounce! but ive been good ae was awesome as ae reading the letter this week..always brings my spirits up for the upcoming week..but first off i got the box!!! lol ive had it for one week now so just so you guys can get the days down good to get my medication to me ae!! hahaha shot my next box if you guys can get me somemore face wash...the blue bottle wash thing from nutrugena i think...and also some like facial some lotion i can use on my face that isnt too oily you know and some pair of socks please! i feel kinda like one fwam listing things that i need its just things that are kind of hard to find here ae so thanks family.. i think today im going to need to take some money out to so just to let you guys know...ive run out moneys hahaha so kinda poor right now! lol but yeah sounds like you guys had a great week...sounds like sacrament was realy good and up lifting!!! bahaha dumb bungas!!! fa they never change ae...the funny thing is that its the same thing here alot of people here in chile are like new converts like its hard to find anybody here brought up in the church so you always get your wierd talks gaurantee every sunday! bahahaha the most funny one is the fast sundays bro....its always a rough one ae having your investigators in church and one of the brothers goes up on the pulpit and starts yelling at the congregation for not coming to the chapel saturday to clean! bahahaha or the sister that goes up and talks about how she prays to joseph smith!! bahahaha all kinds of crap but just gotta love it for the books!!! hahaha but yeah this week was a good one for us...something we were thinking about is how nobody mentions before the mission how hard it is to actually find peole you know. lol like thats the biggest battle for us here in chile...our whole mission is having a hard as time finding those elected, those the lord are preparing to recieve the message of the restored gospel...this past week our mission baptized only one person!! thats never happened before so like yeah the whole mission is just having such a hard time right now.but its all good..each day me and my companion wake up and go right back to work..even tho the day before we knocked 40 doors and nobody wanted to listen to us, even tho the day before all of our appointments fell thru cuz we know that this is the work of the lord and he is preparing people for us to find...a huge test of faith but also a huge opportunity to learn and so grateful to be here ae and for all the things that i learn growing up you fellas lol yous would laugh if yous could see me in action...the man ae...honest! bahaha na but with what we have right now we are doing alright...we found a less active member a while back and we´ve been working with her for a while and she has a daughter thats super young but hasnt been baptized yet so weve been teaching her the lessons and its been mean as to not only see this little girl catch the vision but also her mum remember of the love of god...theyve had it hard ae...single mum whos been thru alot and just lost faith you we found her in like the gutters of emotion and its been awesome seeing the gospel provided that strength..they awesome tho been going to church every sunday for the pass 4 weeks and we should be baptizing her little daughter next sunday! so ya just another testament of the savior and his love for us...we also found another investigator a while back...catalina and weve been working with was funny cuz when we met her she hadnt gone to church in ages ae...shes like 23 but yeah really in active but she has a son whos like 2 and her boy friend whos not a member... so normally alot of missionaries dont like to work with situations like this cuz its almost impossible to get people married here and you need to be married to be baptize or move out of the house you me and my comp just felt the need to share with this couple and we did and something special happened..when people catch the eternall perspective..when we as missionaries can provide that for them and help them see the big picture and give them a greater motive to work to people will do anything cuz the understand...and thats what we did..we talked about the restauration but tied it in with eternal families and it was exactly what they needed so the coolest thing is that theyre going to get married and the following bernardo will get baptized!!! mean ae!!! its been along road for them but its been awesome to see theyre progression in the gospel....this nothing better than this work...i love it ae...this is all we got tho for the moment but i know the lord is preparing more people for us to yeah just gotta keep working ae..i just want you guys to all know how much i love you all...mum i hope you get quick story...ive been giving blessings like crazy to heaps of people and its all in youd laugh ae if you seen me but yeah its an awesome experience...i have no idea what to say but things always come out...but i miss you mum i love you heaps grateful for all that youve done for us the bomb girl for reals.. i tell all the members that my mum tried to teach me how to cook two days before i came on the mission and they have a mean laugh but u taught me the most important things so no importa! but i love you mum keep dad in check ya hahaha. pops sole you the man bro...i love reading your letters ae bro...feel like your right here with me..but thank you pops for all that youve done for our family...for raising us in the doing good ae bro..representing hard ae so dont worry my going to japan already??? sorry bout it bro keep going hard in everything ae bro...when u write me bro tell me all about your day bro all your crackup dance experiences bro...had a mean as laugh ae reading them...i did the same thing thats why lol learn them in the van on the way out shot bro...but keep going hard my brother i love you hard dog....ash!!! sup lil man!!! how you been bro...sounds like you had a mean as week bro...fa that mush have been fun got some thing about you ae bro...i dont know what it is but you got a talent bro to just naturally attract people your get along with heaps of people ae...thats awesome bro...just gotta be nice to everybody bro...your talented as bro so your talents to serve and the lord will bless you with more my lil brother... i love you heaps ash...keep going hard and be a good boy k...lia!!! still to little to go to efy??? awwww poor thing! hahaha shoorry bout it! but lia i got the box and your usb didnt work=( i dont know why but i put it in and the files wont open could be the usb but idk...ask dad whats up with that k...but i love you heaps lia...i hope your doing good girll...keep being good and listen to mum and dad k...i hope you like my video...send my love to grandma and give her a fat kiss for me k!!! but i love you so much!!! thats times up so i just wanted to let you all know that i love you guys so much...keep going hard this week and we´ll hear from eachother next week you guys.

Elder kanahele kaka

shot on the keks

Monday, July 5, 2010

sup family!!!

lol im glad that you guys like the videos!! haha ill make sure to make some every week now k...i wasnt able to do one this week cuz its just been a little bit crazy...but yeah i weighed myself again this morning and i weighed in at 205 so yeah fat bugger ae!!! lol my clothes are geting alittle tight but its all good. im not getting fat..its just i think im just growing still cuz i dont look fat when i look at myself and if its a good day i can still see all of my abs!!! bahahaha just trying to justify ae!! shorry bout it....but yeah this week nothings happened okay well i didnt want to tell you but theres nothing else i can write...well we havent done anything this week because ive been sick as a im just jacked up tonsals just swelling up like usuall so the doctor told me to buy some omoxciclin so we did that but i didnt tell him that im already on a nother medication so what happened was that ive been taking both you know the omoxcicyln and the other one that you guys send me and i havent been able to eat because my throat hurts like crazy so ive just been feeling wierd as ae and ive had the meanest diaria craps like crazy,, like a fire hydrant coming out of my muli and just feeling like crap so i call the doctor up again and i tell him that im on something else as well and he was like what is it called and i told him the name and he was like oh dont use both of them cuz you´ll have diaria!! bahahaha i was so mad ae!! lol but yeah ive just been wasted for the past few days...havent been able to leave the house but feeling all good now...i think i didnt eat for like two days or something so yeah was pretty bad...but feeling on top of the world now...but throughout these past days i got to admit my companions been the like 3 weeks ago he got sick and this is when he was bugging me like crazy so i thought that he was just being a little girl and didnt wanna work you know,,so i didnt do anything for him...i just studied while he slept you know i dont know why but i just didnt do anything for him...but these past few days hes done everything for me..i couldnt go to sleep a few nights ago and i was just dying and my man got up with out me saying anything got dresed in his church clothes and gave me a blessing...he's been cleaning up the house and all,, he knows that i cant eat anything so hes been making me like smoothies...bought my medicine, and hes just always asking me how i am and what he can do to help me...fa hes been the man ae just so grateful for all that hes done for me this past cant just judge people ae...thats something that ive come to realize this past week..nobodys perfect..and thats why we are here to learn and improve each day... i feel so bad that i treated him the way i i didnt do anything bad but i havent gone out of my way to do anything good either and we just need to always be mindful of that...but yeah that was my week...ready for this upcoming one to get right back into hahaha just want you to know ae that im focused as ever. like theres no other place id rather be right now than here. i love missionary work and i honestly cant see my life being any different!!! i love the life of challenges ae...its so crackup because everyday is a battle but everyday is also a so greatful for this time that i have to be here in chile serving the lord. i love our savior Jesue Christ and this gospel that he has given us. mum and dad i love you guys so much...crazy ae how its ben 8 months already ae...i know times just flying so ive been going good to hear from you guys and the haps with this pass week...i mis you guys heaps ae..must of been cool as a pops to see your comp and that family...they must trip out that you have your own son serving a mission...getting old ae bro!! hahaha sorry bout it...but yeah mum dont you worry about me ae im doing good as now...ill make sure to make some videos every week now sole im so proud of you bro...keep going hard in all that you do...learn all that you can and keep lifting bro...hows your samoan coming along bro? fa thats crack up bro...i cant see you doing that ae...what have u learnt so far? the whole samoan section or just a fewo f the numbers? doesnt mater bro just keep lifting and they´ll always line you up to work! has it been fun as bro? fa im not going to lie ae but i miss it you got alot of good examples around you bro so learn what you can from them..but yeah you need to read your scriptures ae bro..i love them ae bro..since of been here on the mission ive read it three times already and im just starting to read them in spanish now but its the meanest book in the world bro...the key stone to our religion and missionary work cant be done with out it...sole i miss you tho bro.. i love you heaps ae...keep going hard my brother and be that good example that yourve always been..ash bro how you been my little brother? you see me talking to those litttle vatos in my movie!?? crackup ae bro...fa you write like you kelly slater world champ of surfing! hahah i imagine that yourve gotten alot better though ae bro...sole go hard this summer bro. do all that you can do to better yourself bro..your one talented brother ae bro so keep going hard and learn all that you can..i miss you heaps bro and i crackup everytime i read your letters just one funny guy but take care of your sister k and do your pushups..i love you ash...lia you furukake!!! lol why you only write me one line for?? lol na just jokes ae...but those pics i saw last week when you guys were at waimea, looks so beautiful..hows your summer been? being a surf bum? lol just as long as you vacuum ya!! hahaha no but i miss you heaps lia...i love you so much and im doing good ae..going hard and represting the a good girl and listen to mum and dad k...tell grams that i love her so much and i miss her heaps to...but yeah times come to an end. i want you all to know how much i love you guys!! i miss you guys so much but im all good here going hard everyday. lets better ourselves every day in our savior jesus christ. i love you family...peace!!