Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Family! (Monday 03 October, 2011)
what up whanau!!! awesome as letter. im real happy right now ae. i want you all to know that i love you and miss you guys so much. so greatful for who you all are and all that you do to progress and be more like our savior. awesome as conference ae. man it changed my life really. couldnt help but get emoitional with each passing confernce realizing that it would be my last as a full time missionary. i remember it was my first conference in april of 2010, and i was having a real hard time. being new, not knowing anything and just in the gull of affliction, and at the peak of just wanting to give up, i was comforted and strengthened by the sweet words spoken that day. one of the things that really hit me and helped me throughout my mission was something that president monson had said. speaking so humbly and sincerely, mentioned, "we need to atleast try, because if we dont try, we wont do, and if we dont do why are we here?....and exclaimed with strong love and emotion that, " we are here because we love the lord!" this is what helped me at this time.a strong reminder to me in that moment of the reason of why i was doing what i was doing. because I LOVE THE LORD! in spite of all my weakness and trials that i was going through, went through and would go through there was one thing that i knew and had, My love for the lord. i do love him, which has helped me constantly strive to atleast try. from this day, which each passing confernece i have been able to grow so much.. but saturdays and yesterdays general conference was off the chain. watched the last two in spanish, which also was a great experience. the gosple really does have a different light to it in different languages. i loved it all ae. conference here in the mission really is a special experience. i learnt so much from every talk and even till the prayers and hymns could the spirit be felt strongly. one of the things that really impressed me was the president Uchdorfts talk that mentioned that we mean everything to god. we are his world. his pride and joy, everything he does is for us, and because he loves us. really made me think, what is he to me? is he my everything? is he as important to me as i am to him? felt kind of bad and selfish as i thought about it. was a really good pride check. motivated me hard to re prioritize myself. got home and got straight into to it. pondered, set some goals and made some plans and just working it. family im so happy right now ae.lol i feel really bad now for my last letter. just venting and everyhting. ive been a little bit selfish lately (hahaha) thinking too much about myself and less about others. which is why i felt the way i did. i realized tha if we constantly think in ourselves we wil eventually find something to wine , cry, and be sad about. hard work and real heart felt service is the key in over coming everything. after the conference i felt like captain america and just started talking to EEEEVERYBODY. llol knoked almost a million doors and had some good as experiences. found some good as people too.
as for the work its going good. our companionship is coming along way better. the conference really helped us have the same vision and desires so were doing good ae. trying to good hard as i can. second wind ae family. hope that you guys have a great week this week. love and take care of one another. know that i love you all so much. thank you for all that you do family. almost there. send my love to all the family, tell gramz i got her letter, and read it but for lack of time couldnt write her back. let her know that i love her heaps and now is a perfect time to share the gosple. as we learnt in confernece, from josephs smiths experience in the sacred grove, one of satans greatest tools is to bind our tounges. share the gosple with everyone. family i love you guys so much. thanks for everything. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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