Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday 27 June, 201

Kia Ora Whanau!

Amazing letter family. always great you know getting here at these ghetto internet places breathing in second hand smoke, and listening to worldly music cause i always get to hear from you fellas!!! hahaha always the highlight of my week and the best way to start it off....i miss you guys heaps ae family. was great hearing from each of yous. Sound like everything’s going good as. Busy, which is always good. Proud of all of yous ae. keep going hard faimly. im happy you guys had a good time with the little cuzzies. I’m sure that they felt something different being around you fellas. ( the spirit i hope! haha) but yeah family as for me, I’m doing good as ae......had another amazing week this week!! lol still tired as the heck and there’s still a bunch of moaners but really never been so happy as i loose myself in the service of others. i don’t think I’ve ever been so busy, hungry, and tired before but in turn i don’t think I’ve every been so blessed in my entire mission. I’m learning so much ae and for real’s just loving every single second of it. Time is flying way to fast and i really do not want to finish ae family....the spiritual experiences that i have every day as i testify of Christ and his restored gospel and feeling the spirit testify through me of the truthfulness of everything we say really wouldn’t change for anything else in this world. The constant companionship of the Holy Ghost really is the fountain of true happiness in this life and just being so privileged to have it in great abundance really has opened my eyes and understanding of god’s love for us as his children. Family we are so blessed to have this gospel, for real’s nothing else in this life matters nor could match up with the temporal and eternal blessings that we receive as we live its basic principles. Family i love you guys so much and just happy as to be here. i thank you guys for everything. straight up everything. I have been so blessed to have a family like you guys who have supported me day in and day out here on the mission. Really i don’t know who nor where I’d be if i didn’t serve a mission. It has changed my life forever,but thank you so much family, love you guys heaps. um as for president, he leaves tomorrow! crazy ae! hahaha he’s been an awesome president...for real’s....it’s taken me along time to realize it but he really is the man. Taught me so much and i will miss that fella hard. New pres. comes in tomorrow too and we have a huge leadership council meeting with him on Wednesday, so it’s going to be crackup to see all the changes. um me and elder Anderson are doing good as ae family. um with the work we have changed the missions vision of what we can really achieve and servants of the lord. here on the mission we have like a standard that president has put of certain amount of things we need to be achieving weekly, like a certain amount of lessons taught with a member, a certain amount of people with a baptismal date, and just bunch of stuff like that to help motivate us to really keep a high standard of expectations and just to make us work hard week in and week out. This standard obviously is hard to get but not impossible, just requires a lot of faith with a lot of action, and just missionaries who want to work. okay so that’s the standard, and in our zone the problem that we have noticed is that missionaries really don’t have the faith that they can achieve it which is why they don’t which results in a weakling of their faith and they just always walking around sad at the world. So this week me and elder Anderson made some huge as goals to not only achieve it but to DOUBLE IT! Just to smash it to show everybody that it’s not only possible but it’s easy......so family started off this past week working like crazy. Every single second of every single day, we knew what we needed to accomplish and we worked our buts off. family I’ve never worked so hard before.,....hahaha never been so antzy, urgent before and we just worked every second that we could and yesterday as our day came to an end we were able to double the standard. We were buggered hard but it was way worth it. Broke mission records for lessons taught, new investigators found, and people in church. In this month of July we should be having 7 baptisms so we are so excited ae. lol half our sacrament meeting yesterday were all investigators. Almost had over twenty investigators with us yesterday. 4 benches full of just investigators. Was such a miracle as me and my comp sat there, but i really have come to learn and understand that the more you give to the lord the more he gives back and the happier you really are. He really does bless us when we put in our part. he’s actually obligated to bless us when we do so which is our point that we want to show our zone tomorrow in our zone conference. That this is the lord’s work and that if you are giving your all to him, that the standard is not only possible but easy to hit and that at the end of the day you are happy just knowing that you left it all out on the field. Family i know this is the lord’s work and that he blesses us according to our love, faith, and dedication to him. Other than that it’s still freezing as....actually getting way cold, um our hot water works now.hahaha we were showering in cold water for ages but now it’s all good, but yeah family love my sector, zone, companion, and above all the chileans that I’ve been called to serve. I love this country so much. So grateful to be a servant of the lord and to be here representing him. i love you so much ae family. Keep going hard. Love one another, and take care of each other. My times come to an end so until next week my family. Love you guys with all my heart. tumeke
Elder kanahele kaka

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