Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday 20 June, 211


Kia Ora Whanau!

g´day my beautiful family. Awesome as to hear from you all again ae. still crying ae pops? hahaha same here bro.sweet as. Sounds like you guys had an awesome week though....fa miss you guys hard ae. but just wanted to say happy father’s day dad....the other day we had a leadership concil with president may and in our meeting we did an exercise and went around the room talking about people who have inspired us in our lives, and as i sat there bro you and mum were the only people that i could think of. as we went one by one sharing of those who have inspired us i couldn’t help but express my love and appreciation for yous, my parents. Honestly grateful dad for all that you have done for us bro and for teaching me the importance of not only being a worthy priesthood holder, but the importance of using it to serve and love those we live with. You really are my best friend bro and i love you hard ae. i love you too mum but you already had your day last month. Haha, but yeah family i was happy as ae looking at the photos that you guys have sent me. Uncle ashes boys are all grown up man...fa so cool to see pics of them. Handsome little mongrels to ae. cool man. make sure you let gramz know that i got her letter and read it. love gramz heaps ae., but yeah family as for me another great week ae. i don’t even know where to start man. um my companion Elder Anderson is the man ae. For real’s. one of the best that ive had. Learn so much from him ae and we just have a good time. When it’s time to work we work hard as a mother, but when its time to play we go even harder. There’s no such thing as sleep for us ae. always on the move, waking up early as every day, and going to bed late every night just trying to get done everything we need to do to help those we’ve been called to serve. If anything in this big scheme of busyness I’ve really come to better understand that as you lose yourself in the service of others you really forget about yourself and your own problems that you have. As i told you guys last week in my letter i felt really inadequate and everything but I’ve been able to live and really gain a testimony that the secret to every problem is to work and serve others. For real’s I’ve never been so happier in my entire life than i am now. i don’t get enough sleep, don’t get to eat some times, and even worse don’t even get to shower to be able to help others and life has never been better. um a cool experience that helped me big time this past week. After our leadership council with president he took all of us out to a restaurant to have a mean feed and me and my companion got to ride with him in his car. Just us and him, and while we were in his car we were talking about the new mission president coming next week and how nervous he should be, and pres started talking about his own experience of when he got called to be the new mission president and the things that helped him and something he said was just awesome ae. he said "the basics prepare anybody for any calling." it was just what i needed. the basics ae family,no secrets. So yeah was an awesome experience and its obviously helped me as I’ve applied it with my new calling, as for us in our sector, we are just smashing the work ae. for real’s just setting all kinds of amazing records for things never done in our mission. We baptized 3 people yesterday; two little girls named camila and katerine, and a old lady named orenilda and were awesome baptisms ae. um found over twenty people this past week, taught almost forty lessons and we are just beasting ae. love the work and never felt the spirit so strong as me and my companion give our heart and soul to the lord by working. We got so many investigators i forget what they’re all called it’s so crazy. For real’s every half work hour of every day is just appointments, appointments and more appointments. Never been so happy doing the work of the lord. it’s made us really to be well organized and make really good planes. But yeah we are doing good as. um something that I’ve really come to learn this past week is the importance that a leader has to teach by example and to be the example. i can’t push my missionaries to accomplish something that I’m not accomplishing so it’s really forced us to work our buts off. obedience is everything ae. For real’s could talk for days and days of the importance of obedience. A missionaries level of success = his level of obedience and dedication. That’s how it is. No other secrets to this work. if you want to be a happy and successful missionary you have to be obedient! No other way you can do it. So yeah its been awesome. I’ve been having some mean as experiences ae. love the work and just going hard family. gotta go hard or go home ae. lol i know that our savior lives and his love for me, his atoning sacrifice and his example of perfection is what makes me want to be better each day. Go hard this week family. i love you all so very much. My time has come to an end so until next week my beautiful family, with all my love,
Elder kanahele kaka

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