Tuesday, July 5, 2011

what up my beautiful family! Man awesome as to hear from you guys ae...really am so grateful for the family that i have and for who you guys are and what you guys do. Makes me so proud and happy knowing that i have a family who does the right things and that love each other. Getting here to the internet place it hit me that i was going to hear from you guys. I’ve been so busy that really haven’t had time to think about nothing outside of the work and getting here and reading your letters really just hit me and reminded me of the beautiful family that i have. i love you guys so much ae. Ready to do hard again, balls to the walls for another week. Go hard or go home ae family. but yeah awesome letters and fotos. Man you guys have changed so much. lia you are so beautiful. For real’s my comp was checking you out! hahahaha na but seriously family you guys look all so good. happy as that you guys had a good as week....gotta let gramz know that i got her box and its all already gone hahahaha sorry bout it. but thank her for that ae. look at all the pics that she sent as well and it was three mean. um as for me this week was another great week. Our new president arrived Tuesday, president Essig, and family he is the man. President may was the man too but pres. essig is the man in his own way. the most humblest guy that I’ve ever met in my whole entire life and just seeing and listening to him makes me want to be more like our savior Jesus Christ....he honestly is the man ae. We love him heaps already and excited as to work under his guidance and direction. The funny thing is that he doesn’t speak Spanish to well, and his wife doesn’t speak nothing so they are lost hard. For real’s and here in chile they speak like a whole nother language in its self so they’ve been having a hard time with that a lot. they’re worse than i was when i first got here! hahaha but this fellas gotta run a whole mission....crackup ae....but hes gonna be awesome. he’s won everybody’s trust and as a mission we are all on the same page so it’s gonna be good as. For us on the week. well family still busy as crazy, working harder than i ever have in my whole entire life and never been so happy. um we were really blessed again by the lord and found 25 new investigators!!! crazy ae. Yesterday in 4 hours we just went to work hard as and just were running around like crazy and found 8. We taught over 30 lessons with a member again and just progressing mean as. Our zone too has been improving big time. i really have a testimony of the importance of being an example. We have strived and have been able to maintain big achievements to be an example to our zone and show them what the lord really expects us to achieve and it’s really inspired them to do better. This week as a zone there were a lot of things that we improved on big time. Doing good as ae. all the missionaries are getting more excited and as a zone we are getting more unified and on the same page with the same vision and working hard together to achieve it. Seeing those missionaries with bad attitudes change and really want to do better and do it, is what’s happening and me and my comp and happy as to see such changes. Nothing better than seeing those you serve finally get it and see the big picture. We also had a baptism this Sunday. Had to have been one of the most spiritual baptismal services that I’ve ever been a part of. we’ve been helping a less active family and the dad yesterday was able to baptize his little daughter. Her name is danae osorio and the happiness that was present yesterday as her dad was able to baptize her was immense. The whole family has now been going back to church and they were all just balling. The spirit was definitely there and they could all feel it and was just an awesome experience. family here in this sector lo matta 2 with elder anderson I’ve really come to understand the meaning of true happiness....the source of true happiness and where it comes from.....something i really didn’t fully understand before i got here.....what I’ve come to understand is that everybody in the world wakes up in search of happiness. Nobody wakes up wanting to be sad for the day, everybody wants to be happy. Gods sent us here to be happy and a lot of people find this happiness in many different ways. In their jobs, with their family, in worldy things, money, cars, and drugs. All these things people do to be happy. what I’ve come to learn is that yes, maybe you can be happy with a lot of money, maybe you can be happy working, maybe you can be happy being with your family but this happiness is temporal and always ends. these same people know that without money, working and being with there family they dont receive that same happiness. what ive come to really understand family is that true happiness only comes as we obey our father in heaven. Happiness that never ends only comes as we keep the commandments......there’s no other way in which someone can be happy forever. As a missionary I’ve really come to gain my testimony of this never-ending happiness. being here in chile I’ve really had nothing ae, i don’t have my family (my most prized possessions), i don’t have my friends, i don’t have my own time to do what i want, i don’t have a lot of money, i don’t get to eat my favorite foods, and the list goes on and on of things that i DONT have but family i can testify to you that ive never been so happy in my whole entire life. in spite of all these things that i don’t have, of all the trials that i face day in and day out, there’s no greater happiness and satisfaction that one can have than the happiness that comes from being obedient to the things that the lord wants me to do. I’ve never been so happier. i know that god loves us and wants us to be happy and for this very reason gives us commandments, for this reason gives us missionary rules. And i know that as we are obedient to him is when we are truly happy. Something that i wanted to share with you guys family. a lot of people want to be happy, a lot of people look for this happiness, i was one of them not to long ago looking for happiness even here in the mission, doing things my own way thinking that it would make me happy. Doing the lords work my way without being obedient, putting more trust in myself than in him, being prideful and family i may have been successful but i sure wasn’t as happy then as i am now. "And moreover, I would desire that ye should consider on the blessed and a happy state of those that keep the commandments of God. For behold, they are blessed in all things, both temporal and spiritual; and if they hold out faithful to the end they are received into heaven, that thereby they may dwell with God in a state of never-ending happiness. O remember, remember that these things are true; for the Lord God hath spoken it." family if the lord tells us to eat pizza every Wednesday night we gotta eat pizza every Wednesday night, if the lord tells us to jump the point 5 times every day we have to jump the point 5 times every day. Whatever the lord says we need to do with exactness, and as we do it, he has promised us this never ending happiness. this week lets strive to find more ways in which we can as a family be more obedient with exactness to the lord. i know that as we do so we will be happy. Family i love you guys so much. Really i am so grateful for all that you guys do to better be like Christ. Thank you for your sacrifice in having me here serving him. i love you all with my whole heart and soul. gotta go even harder, and give even more this week ae you black maoris. my times come to an end so until next week my beautiful whanau. send my love to gramz and all the family. with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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