Sunday, July 24, 2011


Aloha Family!

e kou makou makua i loko o kalani! bahahaha. crackup story family. I’ve been walking around saying my hawaiian prayer lines acting like i speak Hawaiian and everybody believes me. lol waste time me ae. hahaha but sweet as. Awesome letter family. Good as, as always to hear from you all again. So happy to find you all in good health and of good spirits. i miss you guys heaps and just so grateful for what you guys do and for who you are. Proud to be part of the kakas! love you guys heaps don’t let our bikes get stolen you dumb buggers. Haha but family everything’s going good for us here. Another long as week but way worth it. um we baptized again yesterday. such an awesome experience man. their names are victor and felipe maturana. they are brothers and have progressed hard. Victor is twenty one years old and his little brother felipe is ten. One day in my first week here in this sector we were visiting a bunch of less active members in a ghetto as Brooklyn Bronx department complex and none of them were home. as we were coming down from the third story of this building we passed a door and we don’t know why but me and my companion both stopped, looked at it, and felt that we needed to knock it. As we knocked the door this victor had opened shirt, tattoos all over his body, and those huge massive emo earrings that just stretch the crap out of your looking at him we were like...."frek what kind of prompting was that" hahahaha.."followed the spirit and it led us to this creep weirdo!" lol but we started to talked to him, and asked him if we could share something with him about Jesus Christ, and he let us we walk in and started talking with him you know, we asked him questions and things really got worse ae. hahaha he didn’t believe in nothing. He said that he doesn’t believe in god, or a Jesus Christ, nothing. He believed that were born, live, then die and that’s it. so we really started to think that there was no hope nor cause with this fella you know, but we shared of the doctrine of Christ. of how god as our loving father loves us and blesses us as we are obedient to him and do what he wants us to do. He sat there obviously not giving rats but we left him with alma 32 and invited him to just experiment, to just try and really see for himself, and left. Family within 4 weeks victors’ life has changed completely........a full 180 degrees. We went back a few days later and he had done his reading and he had prayed. We invited him to be baptized, he didn’t want to, so we left him with a reading and invited him to ask god. We taught him the restoration and he didn’t believe it, so we left him another reading and invited him to ask god. We taught him the plan of salvation, it blew his mind and he felt like it was to perfect to really exist, so what did we do? We left him another reading and invited him again to ask god. Victor has been one of the hugest examples to me here on the mission of faith. he Believed in zero, nada, absolutely nothing but since our first visit has had the desires to know, and has had the faith, sufficient enough to act....he has simply done so, simply experimented upon the word, has simply read and prayed, and done his part and little by little has been able to change his life. We taught him about the law of chastity, and he was having a few problems but understanding perfectly that what he was doing was wrong decided to break up with his girlfriend. We taught him about the word of wisdom, and how our bodies our temples and immediately he took out all six of his piercings. Taught him about the Sabbath day and what the lord expects us to do to keep it holy and as soon as he could called for a release from his job that made him work on Sundays. shared with him lehis dream and the joy that comes from not only by partaking of the fruit but by sharing it with others, and this same victor has been sharing with his cousins, ex girlfriend, and his brother. Family thru just exercising a little particle of faith, and experimenting upon the word the lord has brought to past miracles in this young man’s life. From believing in zero, victor and his little brother felipe were baptized yesterday in the church of Jesus Christ. Family there’s no doubt in my mind that this is the lords work and that he has prepared a way for all of us to return back to him. I’m so very grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to be a representative of Jesus Christ. i really don’t know where I’d be without the mission. i really don’t. i know that there’s no other way to be happy in this life and to return back to our heavenly father, other than our obedience through faith in our savior Jesus Christ and his in gospel. no other way family. i love you guys heaps ae. I’m happy as and am cherishing every minute of every day here in the mission field. We are the hope of Israel! let’s go hard this week family. Let’s be better every day. Let’s serve and love more every day. Let’s be more willing to sacrifice every day. Let’s just do it. Send my love to grams and all the family. My time has come to an end so until next week my beautiful family. With all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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