Monday, June 13, 2011

Kia ora Whanau!!
Family!!! fa I’ve missed you guys so much...getting to hear from you guys again was so awesome. for real’s was homesick a lot this week, hahaha normally happens when i feel inadequate and when there’s a lot of challenges but all good now. more than anything it was awesome getting to see pictures of you fellas. for real’s you haven’t sent me pics in a while and when i saw them to day it was good as. but yeah im happy as being able to have heard from you guys you all sound great and looks like your all having a good time and having so proud of you all ae. For me as well I’ve been able to see and feel the progress that you all have been able to make by reading your letters and it just brings me soooo much joy and happiness to know that you guys are progressing and are doing good. keep going hard family. love you heaps ae. For me, oh my goodness i have no idea where to start! These past 7 days have felt like I’ve learnt a life time of things in the blink of an eye. For real’s, um where to start. Okay first off my companion is the man!!!! His name is Elder Anderson. He’s from Utah and he is the man ae. for the past year I’ve had companions who have been younger than me or where I’ve been senior companion having to do everything you know and getting here being with him its been crackup as. being zone leaders we have to share our responsibility and its way different to being district leader because as district leader you do everything yourself. what every you want to teach, plan and do you do on your own and all the responsibility falls on it’s been way weird, a huge as change and different challenges and experiences that we’ve been having. we both have a year and a half in the mission and it’s been funny as trying to share our responsibility you know, sharing our time of teaching, planning and just doing the work, sharing our ideas and coming to an agreement of what it is we want to’s been way fun, having a great as time in these 7 days I’ve learnt so much from’s like I’ve learnt from him what he’s learnt in his whole year and a half of being a missionary and now it’s like I’ve learnt 3 years worth of truths. For real’s being with him has opened my eyes to a new aspect of the work, new vision of teachings, and i just feel so much more powerful and blessed. we get along great as and just having the time of my life. Umm, as for our responsibilities, it’s a whole nether world. We are busy all the time. For real’s I’ve never been so tired in my whole entire life. There’s so many things we need to worry about and to do. We teach a class to 20 other missionaries on Tuesdays which is hard as. to excite, elevate, inspire and to train all at the same time is tough ae, to help missionaries who don’t want help, to teach missionaries who don’t want to be taught and who don’t want to learn and help elders and sisters work when they don’t even want to be here is hard as! Was way overwhelming. this past Tuesday when we got together for the first time we had to interview all the elders and sister individually and it was an eye opener. So much responsibility ae. was way edifying getting to know most of the elders and to feel there love and passions that they have for the work...made me so happy and motivated me when i feel of each ones love that they have for the lord...and it was sad as having to talk with those who really didn’t have the vision for why they are here.....had a few interviews with elders and sisters that were soooo sad. misionaries who are sad, mad, discouraged, and disappointed. Tried my best to love, help, and teach them. So real the work of satan and how he tries so hard to stop this work....but yeah i felt way overwhelmed ae. lol as well every day we need to call and verify how everyone is doing and fix problems that always exist within companionships, with homes, and with investigators and it’s just crazy...on top of it we got to do our own thing you know. so yeah that’s just how it’s been. For me family I’m just going to be straight up and tell you how it was for me this week.... i got here way scared. i really don’t know why but i just got here feeling way inadequate, which really affected my faith and confidence in myself and in the lord. For real’s last Monday had to have been the worst day of my whole entire life. i had never felt so down before. Started to get homesick, and unconsciously fall right back into things that temporarily comforted me, things that temporally satisfied my happiness and made me feel good in that moment. Woke up Tuesday and things were worse. For real’s I was still scared. In my studies that morning i realized that i was lacking confidence, and trust in the lord. Decided to pray and i just poured out my heart ae. Humbled myself and promised the lord id be obedient and do everything and anything he wanted me to do. Family I’ve had the most blessed week in my whole entire mission and more than anything I’m happy with myself and confident in what I’ve been called to do. I’ve never been so obedient and so indulged in something as much as i am now and it really has brought me true happiness. i know the lord lives. i know that when we put our trust in him, in spite of our inadequacy he makes the difference. i know that he is the only source of true happiness. That when we complete with him comes true satisfaction. For real’s family our week was of the chain.....miracles every single day and I’ve never seen the work so fruitful before. We have 16 people with baptismal dates!!! 3 baptisms coming up this Sunday and we find a new person every single day to teach! i know that every blessing we receive comes through our obedience to the law which its predicated upon! family i love this work and these people I’ve been called to teach. i love you guys too i guess...haha no for real’s. I’m so very grateful for all that you guys do for me. Love you so much family. Keep going hard this week and represent well. Second wind doitz! but gots to go whanau send my love to gramz and the and my lil cuzzies from da big island, but until next week my beautiful family, with all my love,
Elder kanahele kaka

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