Monday, November 29, 2010


whatss up family!!!! fa i missed you guys hard this past week ae...straight up was a hard week for me...just missing you guys and all but was good....sounds like you guys had a great week as well....can’t believe our brother DeeDee has gone...thats so sad ae...straight up that’s gotta be hard brah, feel really bad for his family ae....dang...brought tears to my eyes as I was thinking about him and his family ....The atonement is there, its healing power is i love you guys so, ash, and lia...i love yous soooooo much...keep being good kids...dont nice to everybody you guys hard..
But yeah happy thanksgiving family!!!! lol thanks for just describing lunch just so perfectly!!! lol could almost taste it....and no ash there’s no zippys here!!! lol crackup bro...good one bro good one....oh and mum sweet as don’t need to send me the pills...i went to a skin doctor this past week... and it was good...she told me that I’ll be sweet just need some time and she gave me some medicine...well i had to buy it and it was expensive sorry bout it...but ya i won’t be needing anymore medicine from you..thanks tho...for real’s thanks for doing that for me da bomb girl....sweet just send my package k!!! lol just to let yous know..i just sent a package to you guys today....and it was like buying a house!!!! lol so much paper work....cost me a fortune its not much but it’s something...if anything i just want you guys to know that i love you...and hope that you can feel it as you receive my package. but yeah...lia dads so dumb ae...doesn’t even know how to turn off the what a helmet!! haha okay but for our thanksgiving this week me and peck made the meanest meal ever....well i made the meanest family im a chef ae...for real’s winner already ba....cook with everything...full on vegetables and all...made the meanest fried rice....mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, onions, bell pepper, corn right off the cob from the field, garlic, fa was the meanest meal I’ve ever had here in Chile....had some mean spices happening egg and some chicken....was bomb, i actually took a video of it and a few pics so I’ll send that to you guys ae.....
But yeah this week has been a hard but fruitful one....we baptized hugo!!!!! lol mean funny cuz I seen heaps of elders before coming here to use the internet and they were all like how are you always your training, opening a sector, and you baptize your third week there!!! lol crackup as ae...i just tell them that there straight up do what you need to do and the lord puts the people in your path....elder peck was able to baptize hugo, and was so cool to see him get his first baptism ae...he was so happy and could just see it in his eyes...told me baptizing is addicting!!! lol crackup as...but yeah excited as ever to keep yeah this week we organized ourselves and our sector and just everything to help us better work with more efficiency and blessing i tell you...well we were able to find 6 new people this 4 of them is a family...a mum and her three daughters....they are so awesome only had one lesson with them but are interested hard to learn more about our savior Jesus Christ, we also found another lady who’s family of a less active member and she just opened up to us hard...balling and all telling us all her problems and just how suckky her life has been and all and we were able to share a lil bit with her about the gospel, gave her a book of Mormon and she’s interested hard...also found this old dude named Manuel old as guy....shared with him...invited him to get baptized and he was excited as....he told us he’s been waiting for us and a baptism is something that he’s been looking for his whole life...i was sitting there like ae???? lol never hear that as a missionary and i wasn’t sure if i heard him right you was crackup...but the thing is that he’s got a machine in him that can’t get doesn’t even shower cuz if it gets wet it will break and he could die!!! lol so yeah that’s the kind of problems that were running he´´ll be getting it out though in a month or so, so yeah we´ll see what happens...but yeah this week has just been full of testimony of obedience...ether 12:6, that as we exercise our faith we will receive a witness..obedience is always that test of faith...and the blessings are truly witnesses of the reality of this missionary work makes you really see who you really are...breaks you down till you have nothing but that simple testimony...just knowing that god lives... knowing that Jesus is the Christ, and builds you up as you trust in the promises that they make with grateful for this work...i still don’t know everything..probably never will, but everyday i do strengthen my testimony and i have no doubt what so ever that the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the only true church of god...restored by a young boy who exercised his faith and ask god for the truth..a church with living prophets and apostles that receive revelation and guidance for us in this very day...i love this work and the opportunities that i have daily to share of its truthfulness. family i love you and so ever grateful for all that you do for guys are my everything...keep going hard in all that you you hard ae bro...miss you dog....proud of your success that you’ve made dog..Keep going hard my brother....take care of the kiddies bro..ash...sole you the man bro...for real’s hope everything’s going good in bball it up dog you are seriously the man...better than everybody bro so go hard ae...take care of lia..make sure NOTHING happens to her ya you dog....lia thanks for the sweet letter are so sweet!!! for reals i love you so much miss you more than but i hope you like your Christmas present...omg buying girl things here in chile is so embarrassing for men especially for missionaries! lol so i hope you like it ya....but lia be a good girl...always remember who you are and that your big brother loves you k...send my love to grandma and to all the family...can’t believe margie had another baby...tell her i love her you lia...mum and you guys hard...thanks for all that you do for me and continue to do for me...sorry if i take to much money out but i try not’s all necessary stuff and i feel really bad..but i love you mum and dad...if anything in this time of season i am grateful for you and the family that we have..The most priceless you guys so much...but i gots to bounce. Send my love to the whanz you family,

With all my love

Elder kanahele kaka

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