Monday, November 15, 2010

Whats up family!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!!! dang 41 ae...whoooo old fut!!! bahahaha na just jokes lol...happy birthday for reals mum...still fine as!!! 41 and beautiful as ever!! i miss you so much and want you to know that i was thinking about you a lot yesterday mum..I love you heaps ae and so grateful for all that you have done and continue to do for me....the best ae..straight up..muchisimo gracia mamita!!! Sounds like had a mean as such surf bums you guys!!! hahaha crackup...but yeah i miss it ae...if anything it’s just spending time with you guys as a family..Can’t wait to be able to do it again. but yeah as for me it’s been along stressful week!!! lol so my companions name is ty peck....hes from washington and hes a cool as dude...was in a rock band before he came out playing the drums so he’s like one of those rockster punk guys hahahaha always tapping a beat crackup as if anything. We get along good as as fella but yeah got him from the mission home and we didn’t even know how to get home!!!! bahahahaha crackup i almost started crying BAHAHAHA na that you know i didn’t ask George and start crying that day we got lost in melville!!! bahaha but yeah for real’s i didn’t know how to get to the house cause I’ve never been there and we were all over the place trying to find it....took us forever but finally got there and family our sector is straight up ghetto...if you thought my other sector was ghetto...this sector is 100 times worse!!! for real’s...i feel so bad for my comp having to start here...there’s so many gangsta dudes here and stuff and cause i pass for a latino they really don’t give me crap but they yell and do all kinds of crap to my comp....i get upset so much but i can’t do anything ae have to be a good example to my comp and plus I’m a missionary lol ...quick night i think it was Thursday we were coming back from a members house and there were four of us missionaries....cuz there’s four of us who live in the house... and the area is really street fires and just straight up new York Bronx styles but there was a group of like 18 drunk guys who were doing drugs smoking and all that crap that we passed and we were just quite you know minding our own business and one of them yelled something at us and we didn’t give him the slightest attention...then out of nowhere someone thru a huge as beer can and hit my comp right in the head!!! lol its funny now that we talk about it but i was so ticked ae....straight up ae i turned around grabbed the can and took off to the group of drunk helmets and elder roth one of the other missionaries just grabbed me and pretty much held me to try calm me he’s a big boy too .so i couldn’t get away lol but he ..was state champ wrestler 189 pound weight class in washington and was 3rd in nationals in 08 lol so he pretty much just beasted me ae telling me to calm down and all.... felt bad for my comp if anything.....i think my anger temper in the mission just has gotten na but the very next day some ghetto punk threw a rock and hit my comp again....was hard as..and hit him in the back...and later on that day we were entering in some apartment buildings and a dude let his dogs out on us and started attacking us!!!!! full on bitting and all...ripped up my comps pants!!! lol so yeah all kinds of crap going down ae...just gotta be sweet as but if anything just worried for my comp....tall as pakeha dude. with the most fresh spanish accent and its practically like he’s got a sign on his head saying here I am, hurt me please!!!! lol its funny but it’s the’s been a crazy week ae...especially for a new missionary but if anything i have learnt so much from him....idk what it is about new missionaries but they are so special ae....i can’t think of any other crappier week that a new missionary could have than the fact that he can’t talk, he can’t understand nothing , and just being in a country that is so foreign to him, but he’s got an attitude that’s gonna do him good for the rest of his life....he’s the man ae...not going to lie but i think im learning more from him than he is from me...I’ve felt so bad for him lately but he just laughs at everything and just says for something the lord has me here and just starts laughing as fella man...but yeah the work has been really to a sector where the missionaries before just pretty much killed....we don’t have any investigators (well we didn’t, gotta share that miracle with you) and even all the members hated them so it’s been hard as working here ae....but yeah our miracle is just that....we get here with nothing right....nobody to members not even recent converts we just started working......doing everything possible to help us find someone...and nothing!!!! bahahaha getting doors slammed on us always...and just no success at all...then Wednesday elder snider called me from my last sector and told elder some bad news, hugo(our investigator from the english class) has moved homes and we won’t be able to teach was pretty crappy hearing that from him, cuz we had found him you know and taught him and all, but then i asked him .....did he tell you where he’s moving???....he told me...well, yeah but i don’t know where it is, he gave me his address tho....then i asked him for it....and he gave it to me and wouldn’t even believe it....he moved from my old sector right into the sector where I’m at right now!!!! bahahahaha crackup he’s the only investigator we have!!!! me and my comp were able to teach him this week in our new chapel and had a tour with him there and we ended with a lesson with him in the baptismal font and it was soooooooo powerful...we had him kneel down then and there in the font and ask god to see if he should be baptized....and he did and it was sooo special...I’ve never felt the spirit so strong than in that very moment...nothing was needed to be said cuz you could just feel it...was mean as he´ll be getting baptized on the 28th of yeah that was our week ae....a lot of crappy things happened but I’ve learnt some of the most important things ever in this past week....really grateful for my comp and his energy and faith...don’t have nothing but happier than ever to be here in the field serving our heavenly father....I’m so happy to be here and to be a representative of our savior Jesus Christ....i know that he lives. His atonement is real and allows us to better ourselves each day..thank you family for all that you do...i love you guys so are my life...keep being good examples...mum happy you heaps love you to bro.. miss you best friend bro...Keep the family strong bro...George, I’m so proud of you bro...Keep going hard. Represent hard my brother....ash you´ll make the team bro...Just go hard and take care of lia.....lia i love you so much...keep being a good are so special lia so let others feel it through your love for them....i miss you so much...send my love to I’m not perfect..but i wake up every day trying to be...I’m representing the best i can...i love you all so very much. Keep going hard in all that you do..And thank you all for you all so very much...but i gotta go...until next week fam... with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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