Monday, November 8, 2010

sup bullehs!???

whats up family!!! fa shot hard ae for the letter for reals it was a good one.....crackup as hearing about the happs and everything and whats going down...funny as man...I feel so bad for Kahuku, but yeah you all sound great...alot of things happening ae...thats the secret...always keep busy...but yeah soory about the chat sesh mum....i just needed to ask a few things...and ye wont be a habit but im not going to lie it was worth it ae pops hahaha good times man....i miss you guys heaps ae...everysingle one of you said george we are so grateful for the family that we have...the love that we have for eachother is money ba!!! lol but yeah lia its been one whole long as year!!! lol one more left!! bahahah na times been flying actually and ive learnt so much....but yeah family i feel bad but i dont have much time to write you guys today...because?? i will today is transfer day and we get our information for our transfers the night berfore or last night (sunday) and the office calls us and lets us know whats going it was like 1:30 in the morning and the white horse went a giddy up and get a little bid tired and had a had a slep!!! bahahah but yeah we waited up all night till one thirty in the morning when we finally got our yeah for this transfer theres alot of stuff i´ll be doing.....first of all i´ll be training!!! bahahaha crackup....i get a fresh missionary from the mtc who does not know a lick of spanish and he´ll be my comp...i still dont know who he is but i´ll have to go get him in a bit from presidents house...but it just seems like yesterday when i was getting trained by my trainer and now its the whole opposite way around....nervous as ae..not going to lie...cuz its really rare that someone with my time gets to train...and it gets even getting sent to a new sector that i dont even know....dont know where the chapell is let a lone the very house in which we live so i´ll be starting from scratch with a new bee, AND im still district leader but this time theres 6 of us!!!! fa....i was stressed hard when i got the news last night but like you said pops god does not begin by asking our ability but our availability... and i know that as i show him my dependability he will increase my capability....just what i needed to hear pops so thanks ae bro...its impossible to progress with out oppostion right?? just gotta practice what i preach so i´ll let you guys know how it goes with that...but yeah after the call they told me i had to pack up then and there and be out of the house by 700am so i started packing and i have so much stuff...i have know idea where it all camed from but i have a butt load of i just packed it all up and before i knew it my alarm rang to wake up at 6....crackup ae... 0 hours of sleep last night and im hanging hard but gotta be energetic for my new comp.,..a trainer makes or breaks his entreness mission so im happy i have such a responsablity....but yeah all day yesterday i had the vibes that i was going to get transfered....6 months in the same sector is alot of time and i felt it so i went by to say bye to all my familys and it was so hard ae family...i dont know why or how but it killed was like saying bye to you guys at the airportt when i left if worse....hahaha people crying like babies and it was hard for me to realize that i was out....i started thinking about when i have to say good bye at the end...and idk and cant see myself doing it...chiles just become my home ae and the people are my family. Real people that i have come to love with all my heart..people ive come to care about more than myself..people ive been able to help and people who´ve ive seen apply simple gospel doctrines and become happy...i love this place so much and so ever greatful for the opportunity that i have each day to help others come unto our savior jesus gonna miss it but i´ll never forget my great learning and growing experience in san francisco....saying bye to my comp was even harder....we had such a good relationship and if anything strengthened my testimony in the importance of unity....united we stand divided we fall...and even tho we had some rough times there where nobody wanted to listen to us..we still were able to somehow work yeah was hard as saying bye to that ounce...but yeah thats us...this hugo guys gonna get baptized which is truly a great blessing but i just wont be there to see it so that kinda sucks but yeah the fruits of our labor. Excited as ae...little bit nervous but pumped more than anything....tired as atleast i´ll sleep good tho tonight....but yeah so much for here the weather is acting up big day its like 97 degress then the very next morning its pooring down rain..snow on the mountain tops and a big wopping 20 freezing degres..i hate it hard..but all g... but yeah thats me ae...
if anything just wanted to thankyou guys for all that you do for your examples and constant effort to be better...i feel it as i read your letters and theres nothing better for a missionary than to know that his family are living examples of the things he thank you guys for everything... mum and dad i love you guys so doing my best to better myself each day...dont worry about anything christmas shoppings has been put on hold due to all this crap that is going down but i will send something...and something that you all will like so no worries ba...hori so proud of you bro....such a good example dog....keep being a good boy bro and i know this is random but read the book of mormon cover to cover before your mission bro and pray to know of its truthfullnes. your testimony is the greatest tool that missionary has so strive to strengthen it...take care of your lil ones for me bro... Send me some clips of you doing fire knife..still spining or what??? see how good you are lol...but yeah bro love and miss you heaps...ash!! sole football done already??? dang has flown not going to lie...well doesnt surprise me that every letter that ive got for the past few months talk about how good you are at you start all your football games and how you make all the winning tackles....good story, sole WINNER!!!! lol na but for reals bro your a talented kidd dog...always strive to better your talents and share going be one killa misionary dog...but more than anything i love you my brother...miss you hard ae....glad to hear that your still going out with tui!!! lol has his feet got any bigger??? stupid gumboot!!lol na bro sorry to dis you friend bro...but seriously homie be a good boy and watch over your sister in school ya....i love you so much bro..represent the name hard my brother...lia!!!! how you doing girl??? so ive got a few earings but i have no idea what im doing when im buying them lol....what makes things worse is that everybody thinks im gay when i buy give rats. Things i do for those i love!! lol..but no worries there cool i´ll buy heaps kay and send em home to you and mum...but i miss you heaps ae lia...hope your being a good girl...remember always who you are and modesty is a life time goal ya!? lol not just for this month hahahahah na just giving you a hard time but i love you so much lia...send my love to grandma and the famz...whts up with mana??? thinking about a mission or what??? ya but i gotta bounce family...i love you guys so much....keep being strong and well talk next week...with all my love,

Elder kanahele kaka

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