Monday, November 1, 2010

Aloha family!!

Thanks for the letter ae awesome as....well i couldnt write you in the morning cuz we had to go do some shopping for our house and the store that we needed to get to closed early cuz today is a holiday...but we just got back now and thought id write you guys....sounds like everything is still going good im glad that you all are striving each day be better...i did get grandmas box and thanked her for that one....but yeah pretty cool experience ae with my english class ae...didnt know i taught english ae....well not to brag or anything but im really good with my spanish and english gramatics and translating one to the i dont know how to explain it but i understand the mechanics and am able to hold my own well enough to teach it you but yeah pops sole i know why the lord sent me here to a foreign country cuz he knew that i wouldnt be able to control my english....for reals this past week we´ve had heaps of random fellas bro just swear, and say all kinds of crap at us....a old fellah the other day was just swearing the worst words at us bro and i got angry you know but as soon as my temper heated i couldnt think of anything in spanish bro...bahahahaha couldnt respond in a way where hed understand!! bahahaha happens all the time so i crackup hard and always think fa thats why i got sent here....but yeah we had another hard as week....with this new guy hugo everythings going good....we´ve been teaching him and hes been a miracle from god....does all his commitments and yesterday in our english class he asked me if he could have a book of mormon in english to be able to read it in its original form. cool as ae....were going to try baptize this week but we´ll see....we had a strong as lesson with him about the restauration and we asked him to read the book of mormon and to pray if joseph smith is a the very next day we met with him i asked hugo how was your prayer last man was having a hard time talking but told us that after he had read what we had left him and prayed he couldnt go to sleep.. he laid there and laid there and just couldnt go to sleep....he said that he felt that he had something empty that needed to be satisfied, a fire that was burning with in him that wouldnt just leave him alone and he said he woke up and started reading again from the beginning. my man read all night till our lesson the very next day in the morning....we had our lesson and he just told us..this book is that means that joseph smith is a prophet!!! hes an investigator of gold ae.....its like hes just soaking everything in like its been something hes been waiting for his whole life....gets to church before us, reads more than he needs to...almost done actually with the book of mormon, has dropped drinking coffe and tea, calls us to tell us what hes learnt about and crackup ae... but just if anything has really made my testimony of the book of mormon that much stronger....its the key stone of our religion...everything we believe in is based on that if this book is true or not....and as people come to form their own testimonies on its truthfulness come to know that what we share is true....being able to see hugo gain his own testimony of the book of mormon has made me so grateful for the opportunity that we have to have this knowledge. this direction that helps us know what we need to do to one day return to our father in heaven...we need to take advantage of what we we went to a swap meet kind of thing too on the way home to look for a few things and it was huge!!!! like four times bigger than the swap meet in pearl ridge, and there were so many things there...for reals everything you could ever think of was there...well while me and my comp were walking down the one of the isles i saw a book of mormon!!! lol i stood there for a while and told my comp....little do all these people know but that book is the thing of most value here in this market.... beyond earthly worth and it just killed me to see people walk by it because they just dont know....and its true...the book of mormon teaches the priniciples and ordinances needed for us to know to recieve salvation...not the clothes that were being sold by the vender on the left or the shoes and glasses that were being sold on the right but that very book....if anything it made me more keen to do the a missionary i have the opportunity each and everyday to share of its truthfulness and theres no doubt in my mind or heart that its true....joseph smith was the prophet who opened this dispensation and translated this book by the power of god.... true conversion only comes by reading it daily and asking god if its family i hope that we can put this into practice and be readily equipped to testify of its truthfullness.... thanks ae mum and dad...i know i wasnt that keen in seminary but as we strived to read them thru out my high school years i was able to establish my own testimony and only continue to strengthen it each day.i love you guys heaps ae....mum and dad....thanks for all that you do...i make a year soon...crackup ae....times flying and i try to better myselft daily....keep going hard in all that you do...know that im making you guys proud..keep going hard mum in school and work you get em girl...send my love to gramz sole you the man bro....awesome to hear that you still supporting mum in the things that she likes to do even tho you get sand in your undies!!! bahahaha love hard ae my best friend ae bro. hori boy....sole glad to hear that your being a good boy bro....keep going hard bro....everybody is looking at you bro and you have that ablitiy to just naturally attract attention so be a good example bro...cultivate every opportunity that you get to grow bro...i love you bro...miss you hard over the kids bro and constantly let them know that you love them...ash sole you growing up hard ae bro...sounds like you the man bro...darrel moe wrote me a letter and mentioned how well yourve been doing in football....not surprised got it all bro..just need to always push yourself to better those talents in that you kind and loving to everybody over your sister at school and dont let anything happen to her....i love you so much ash...send me a crackup line if you can ya you ounce.... lia!!! dang you growing up girl!!! i hope your being a good i know you are just always remember who you are...i miss you heaps ae going to start christmas shopping so tell me what you want ya so i can buy it in time to send off...k...and no shame tell me what ever you want...send my love to gramz to yeah miss you heaps and love you even more....but yeah family hope everything is good....this is our last week before the end of our transfer. i think im out lol but i dont know..i love this place so its going to be hard to leave....but yeah the same old same old. my comp found 14 bucks the other day in a drain and we got it out with a piece of we were taking it out our bishop came by and was like....what are my elders doing here sitting on the side of the i told him wait and youll see....three seconds later my comp pulled up a ten dollar they started busting up laughing.....and then my comp pulled up a four dollar note and they just had a mean laugh...told us we had to go pay tithing on it but we actually took it to the member lady who gave us the wire to pull it out....we had a lesson with her right before we found the money and shes been having a hard as time economically and was balling and all so we gave the money to her....14 bucks here is heaps 2 weeks of food so she was greatful as....but yeah thats about it ae family.. i actually gotta bounce but just wanted to let you all know how much i love you...keep going hard in all that you do....with all my love.

Elder kanahele kaka

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