Monday, December 6, 2010


whats up you black maoris!!!! lol fa miss you guys hard i know i say it every week, but i really do. mum, dad, george, ash and especially lia...miss you guys heaps ae...thanks for everything...but yeah where to start...
Mum I really enjoy cooking now...ive learnt so many things to cook here on the mission and enjoy doing it....the other three in the house just let me go cause i always make enough for all and they all just straight up reap with four!!! oh its hectic...its got its ups and downs the house is always crazy...we have heaps of fun and everything but its hard as to be obedient with exactness....we have a hard time being on time to things cuz there’s four of us and all of us have to shower, eat, and all that stuff so were always late to things....its hard too, to keep things clean...i get mad ae some times cuz it gets so grosss... we run out of toilet paper heaps, gas too...for the hot water waste really quick so were always having to be buying gas and toilet paper like every other and just the lil live with someone long enough and the lil things just start to scared as for marriage!!! hahaha for real’s you think you and your companion is all good...just the perfect companionship and then the next day there’s things that you notice that you just can’t stand!!! lol crackup as but true but yeah other than that it’s been an awesome experience. Just like the movie the best two yrs...fight over letters, the bathroom requires a bunch of tricks to just get the water going, one of us will be fasting and the others will eat all of our food...hahaha crackup as ae...guy from Honduras keeps the house super lively...he’s a character that one ae...x gang member...tattoos, bullet holes and as guy tho...strongest testimony ever so yeah we all get along super good.
but yeah this week’s been a good one...sole dad thanks for the mission stories saw a different light to you ae...hahaha not going to lie sometimes when were out there working i always wonder how you did it back in the day ae....have a hard time trying to image it too ae...hahahaha lol na jokes but for real’s bro must have been mean as bro to have caught up with converts ...that’s all i hope for ae that these people that I’ve helped to come unto the gospel remain firm and endure well to the end...pres. always tells us that "a convert in twenty years reflects the type of missionary you were" and its true ae bro...Just shows bro that you were a mean missionary dog. hahah ah ah sorry bout was it talking to them??? good i hope...three mean dad. but yeah this week has been mean!!! hahaha i noticed that i always say that my weeks are but if they’re not hard it’s not worth it, i yeah could say that i had a pretty successful week....those people that we found last week weren’t too gold..But just another test of faith...the lady and her daughters..idk just had excuses for days for not being able to let us in their home,,, the old guy we come to find out can’t get wet cuz he’s got a machine keeping him alive that’s half way inside of him and half way outside of him so we’re just going to have to do baptisms for the dead! hahaha but yeah so we just started working hard again...and found some mean as people ae...this week in church we had four people there....a lady and her family...they are alright but we also had this kid who came with us....he’s 15 and he’s a kid of an inactive member...and he’s gold ae!!!! straight his mum doesn’t remember anything about the church but she’s on our records so we went by and taught her son and her the restoration and left them a book of Mormon and invited them to pray and all you know....came back the next day and he asked me how he could become Mormon!!!! lol i looked at my comp and i asked him did you understand that??? lol cuz he’s just learning he looked at me confused and he’s like did i hear what i think i heard! lol i was like yeah they don’t say that much so that’s why i asked! lol it was funny yeah he should be getting baptized day after Christmas or the following week...
but yeah the work is coming along ae....I’ve learnt so much since I’ve been here and for real’s can’t even begin to explain how much we are blessed to have this gospel...i was thinking about what i could share with you guys this week and did a lot of pondering ae and one of the most important things that I’ve learnt here in this past month with elder peck is how to its more than just teaching lessons you know, more than just doing contacts, more than the’s the names, it’s getting to know the people and all their kids, getting to really know who they are and what they’re going thru. it’s really showing that you care you know, that your really willing to do anything and everything to help them....on the mission a lot of missionaries get caught up in numbers, caught up in trying to have good reputations but defeats the whole purpose. We are here to help people to come unto Christ and its impossible when you have the wrong i love these people here. i know everybody in our ward, their kids names, their kids kids names, even their kids dogs names and it’s something real simple but they can really tell that you care for them....when i walk in the house and play with their little sons and know them all by name is the most easiest thing we can do and it shows the people that we really do love them and its truly the motive of everything we is how and why all things exist. our heavenly father loved us so much that he created this wonderful plan to help us all return back to him, it’s for his love for why he sent his only begotten son to die for us. And it’s this same love that I’ve been able to develop here in this sector....nobody will remember how much lessons we taught or how much contacts we did. Like none of that will matter you know in 5 yrs...But something that will never fade with time is the way you were able to show your love to the people that you were called to serve. this past week I’ve ran into a lot of members from my last sector(which is only across the road) and they all have thanked me for everything that i did for them...and it really made me think cause really i didn’t do know i didn’t buy them a house or a brand new car or bike but i did love them...i still do and they were able to feel that and I’ve seriously ran into like 20 members who have thanked me and its been one of the greatest blessings for me here in the mission, to learn how to love....waking up thinking in others and their needs has become my mode of thought and time has never flown by as fast as it has in my whole entire life. Love it here ae family. i know that here in conquistadores 2 is where the lord wants me and I’m so grateful to be here. i love the work, i know that this church really is true and that Jesus Christ himself directs it....i dread the day when i will have to take off my plaque and be released as an authorized missionary of the lord. This work is my life. i know that Christ lives and grateful to represent him day after day.... family i love you all so much....mum and dad thanks for everything that you guys have done for me...keep going hard...keep the family in tact...George i love you bro..Thanks for being an awesome brother and and even better example to me, ash, and lia...i love you bro..ash i love you bro..Thanks for everything little man...keep going hard in all that you do over your sister for you dog...lia...i love you so much...think about you all the time and the unconditional love that you have always had.... your such a special girl lia...let everyone around you feel the same thing that we as your family have felt thru your example of a good girl lia...i love you so much...send my love to gramz k...but family i love you all so much...i hope everything’s going good..don’t worry about me, im repping it hard...but until next week my beautiful family. with all my love,

Elder Conway Kauimua Kanahele kaka

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