Tuesday, November 23, 2010

ke te pehea koe?? bahhahahaha going on!!! shot on the keks family...i made a YEAR!!!!! bahahahahahaha crackup as ae....dang its been a real shook for me ae...not going to lie,,,its been hard as to realize it but also a awesome time to reflect on what ive learnt and what ive done and what i still want to do and learn with this year left that i have...and its been good...set some really good goals and ready as ever to go hard...ive learnt so much ae family...i dont even know how to explain it but the mission truly is preparation for eternity....im so grateful to have the opportunity each day to serve our savior Jesus Christ. This is a work of miracles and its changed me...no place id rather be than here right now.....time is special and its moving quick so gotta keep going hard ae...almost done!!! bahahaha crazy as....but yeah....was awesome as reading your letters ae family!!! What a crackup as....minted up the lawns you reackon Dad?? hahaha just in case ae....fa funny as bro...straight up had the meanest laugh reading it ae...but awesome as letter family....so good to hear that you guys were able to experience some thing so special like that....like you said Ash that might have been the only time bro being able to witness a temple dedication let alone being apart of it bro...so happy and almost jealous that you guys were able to see the prophet and just to be in his presence...hes the man ae...never met him but i testify of him each day and know that he is called of god. you guys gotta send me all the videos on a usb k!!?? shot...but mum in the box just send the regular....pop tarts...Oreos!!! and some chip a hoy the chewy kind...and some nutter butter if can ba....and something small maybe for my comp....he’s the man ae...feel for him a lot being new and all so if anything i just try to love the dude....i know exactly how it is and how overwhelming it gets so i do all that i can to help him out...he’s going to be a great leader ae.....cool as guys humble as ever and just learning a lot from him each day....lol this week hahaha crackup story we went to a ladies house for lunch and she just gave us heaps and heaps and heaps of food and the problem was that it was old and pretty much bad to eat you know....but the lady was a really old poor lady and you could just tell that she had put her heart and soul into finding and making lunch for us so you had to eat it!!! lol and we did and it was really hard for my comp....I’ve gotten really un picky..HAHAHA if thats a word but i eat anything now ae...for reals something ive developed here but yeah so my comp finally got everything down....and what he couldn’t we had put in a bag to hide it in our backpacks...soooo funny cuz when the lady wasn’t looking we had to rush to try scrape all the food before she saw us doing it you know...and it was just a crackup experience....putting the food in your bag cuz you didn’t want to eat it you know...and my comp was like i cant believe were doing this!! lol had always heard stories about it but never thought wed actually be doing this....but yeah we finally got all the food in our bags and then my comp was like i don’t feel good....so i was like what do you want to do?? then he was like we have to go....lol so we said bye to the lady and my comp sprinted out of the house and barley made it around the corner before throwing everything up!!! hahaha felt so bad but was a crackup ae....got a good as attitude and told me after that its a goal for him to eat everything that the members give him...so yeah he wiped his mouth and we just went right to work...crackup ae ...but yeah that was our week....been tough but were starting to see some fruits of our labors....hugos going to get baptized this Sunday and my comps going to baptize him...pres. told us all that you need to get your trainee’s a baptism with in there first month...so my comp is really stoked about that...we had a meeting with pres. the other day all the trainers...and we had to go to his house for like 4 hrs or something for a training...and at the training there was 20 trainers...the assistants and pres and his wife and they asked me out of no where to give a ten minute talk on faith!! hahaha i was a lil bit mad, more nervous than ever but killed it like a champ..for reals....didn’t have anything prepared but was able to give a strong talk ae....it was then when i could see the progress ive made here on the mission ae....pres. hinckely said....that our testimonies are either incressing or decressing..never sittting still.....(lol dont know how to translate it to english but you get my point right....) and its true...we are either progressing or we are not...and its been my goal since day one to be better today than i was yesterday, to always be increasing my testimony and its changed my life...my testimony is still the same...i still know that Jesus lives, i still know that Joseph smith restored the true church to the earth, the book of Mormon is true...but ive come to live what i believe, practice what i preach and ive come to really know, and feel with a much more profound understanding on WHY it all matters...i have come to better understand that we as children of god cannot return back to our heavenly father without the atonement which can ONLY be accessed through the principles and ordinances of the gospel...and that’s WHY we do what we do...that’s why im here, that’s why as missionaries we give up 2 yrs of our lives to do pure service...and that’s the only reason that drives us to wake up day after day and represent our savior Jesus Christ. family i love missionary work...i love this Gospel. I love you guys....keep going hard in all that you do...don’t worry about me. im doing my best to represent hard!!!! mum and dad i love you guys so much...so grateful for all that you have done and continue to do for us....george i love you bro..what ever you do bro go hard....know that i think about you guys a lot...watch the kiddies for me and give mona a kiss ae...hahaha na bro...stay focused and enjoy your time...have fun bro...i love you hard ae..thanks for everything my brother....ash....love you bro...for reals dog i want you to know that i really do love you ash...look up to you bro...talented as fellah ae but got a really strong mind...remember you can do anything bro...put your mind to it dog and get it done....be a good example to everyone around you k bro...be good to your sister dog...miss you heaps bro...what size shoe tui got now??? lol gumboot....hahaha but i love you dog...be a good boy....lia!!!! you crackup me up every week lia....too funny...idk what it is but i can just feel you here with me when i read your letter....its just you, you know...your personality just jumps right out of the screen....such a special girl lia....i believe mum when she says that you were the most beautiful thing there....so pretty lia...i love you so much...i hope you are being a good girl...a lot of people look up to you so set a good example k....i got you a few presents and i know you’re going to like them so keep an eye out k...might take a while get there cuz i still haven’t sent them but you’ll get them...send my love to gramz for me k...miss you heaps girl...but i love you so much lia...mwah!!!! oh and mum if you can send me some hard copy photos too just so i can carry them around in my scriptures and all...oh and my mailing address to send me packages has changed a little bit but you need to send it to this address or i wont get the stuff so here it is...
santiago chile norte mission
forestal 2680
oficina 32
piso 3, casilla 18
conchali, chile

but yeah family i love you guys so much...thanks for all that you do for me...keep going hard and we’ll talk next week...with all my love

Elder Conway Kauimua Kanahele kaka

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