Monday, March 29, 2010

Aloha Whanau!!!

I got my package last week Tuesday so I’m guessing that it takes two weeks to get here if where lucky!!!! hahahaha but thanks ae!! lol I was like a savage ripping the box open with my teeth and what not!!! lol for real’s thanks family you know I’m poor as here and the food you send me is like gold ae...hahaha I’m so grateful for every little thing for real’s so thanks for everything....I think my favorites are the pop tarts for sure!!!! and the spam....ummm.....send like the packages of cookies next time. hahahah I don’t want to sound picky or anything for real’s but the oreos and the chip Ahoys were da bomb!!! so yeah concentrate on those items please!!! hahahaha thanks ae whanau!!! lol the letter was awesome ae....its always awesome to read the haps with you fellas!! ae dang I miss you guys heaps.....everybody sounds like there doing good though so that’s awesome...I got a letter from Margie last week and i just started balling ae...tell her I love her I feel bad, cause I feel that I could have been a better cousin to her and been there for her more so just let her know how I feel!!! I love her so much and her baby is so cute....her husband ahhh??? lol na crackup but yeah family how you guys doing brahs??? hahaha the boys sound like they’re ripping it up!!! fa that’s the way little brothers keep going hard ae....every chance you get to share your talents go hard ae. for real’s because there’s a million and one chances and opportunities on the mission so perfect you skills my little brothers. You fellas are mean as. the most important thing is to continue strengthening your testimony in our Savior Jesus this week for me has just been crazy ae...hahaha I’ve just been so overwhelmed with revelation!!! hahaha sounds crackup ae but for real’s so much things just clicked in my head and like dad says the penny dropped for me ae!!!! like just so many basic truths and things that we have always known just seem so much clearer to me and there’s a quote in preach me gospel that says that as we continue to teach the basic doctrine our own knowledge will increase and we will be able to expound more profoundly on the things we already know...hahaha im having a hard time writing in English right now so if it doesn’t make sense sorry bout but for mission president told me that for us missionaries the biggest problem is that we know what to do but we just dont do it. and family its the same in everything....don’t just be hearers of the word but do-ers....we know what we need to do so we just need to do it....we baptized jordan and luis this week and it was awesome ae the spirit was so strong but these two boys have a hard as life ae but they understand these simple doctrines and to see them strengthen their faith and apply the atonement in their lives and live this principle has strengthened my testimony so much...they were baptized cause they understood the doctrine, because they knew what they had to do and they did it. Family the gospel is true and every single day my testimony they are the same hard as days but I’m coming to understand more better why I’m challenges and desafios(lol i cant think of the word in English) cant compare to what our savior did for us and its going to be hard but we always need to try. The prophet told us that if we are not trying ,we are not doing and if we are not doing why are we are here??? and this is why the gospel is so beautiful cause we have the opportunity through the sacrifice of our savior to try improve every week. nobodies perfect but through repetition comes comprehension and as we can constantly try and do the things we know, be do-ers of the word and not only hear-ers family were going to be sweet ae!!! hahaha but that’s my message for the missionaries the whole mind set changes ae and constantly learning new things...but I’m doing good as.. I’ll send you some pictures if I can....I love and miss you guys heaps. I’m doing good as....thank you guys for your love and support and sacrifice for me to be here. I know our savior lives. Mum and dad I love you guys so much. Thank you for raising us,ash and lia I love you guys so much...continue to try harder. there’s always more we can guys are the best....always remember that!! family there’s nothing more important in this life than each other and I’m so grateful to have a family that knows that. Continue to be good examples to those around you...tell jack I love him that dumb black maori!!! hahaha and tell grandma that I emailed her a couple weeks back but she still hasn’t replied so I don’t know if she got it but family I love you guys. But thanks for everything and happy birthday again ash. Keep going hard you fellas, but next week ae. Do it for the maoris!!

love yous

Elder Kanahele

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