Monday, April 5, 2010

Aloha Family,

It’s been an awesome week ae!!! hahahaha fellas doging on me because I always fell asleep you dogs hahahaha...yea my whole zone was saying the same when I told them that..hahahahaha crackup. But this weekend was the meanest thing ae family.....there’s no doubt in my mind and heart that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ. That president Monson and his apostles are called of god. Every talk focused in on the family and in reality that’s the only thing that matters in this life. The family unit! there’s so many things that was said but to make things simple just love each other and keep the commandments and well be sweet as..... I took like a thousand pages worth of notes hahahaha conference for missionaries is like a boys II men concert hahahah for reals everybody fighting for front row seats in the chapel and yeah just crazy ae. hahaha learnt so much ae. Its so good to hear from you guys though....with all the haps and all. Man I miss you guys heaps ae!!! Man Easter weekend was one of the best family gatherings too...and thanks mum for not adding the detail hahahaha pretty soon I was going grind the computer. But yeah how’s the big bungas!! fa george has always been like that remember!!! The smallest dude but wasting everybody!

George bro congrats on all the accomplishments bro!!! fa your not dumb bro hahaha! getting into byu cuzzie!! fa what a brainy fella! hahaha no for reals my brother good on you bro. I wanna dedicate this little part of the letter to you bro. bro keep going hard ae. don’t ever get discouraged bro. discouragement never helps bro. when you do get discouraged look in the mirror dog hahaha that’s what I do, and tell yourself your the man bro cuz you are. Ash this is for you to dog....always go hard my little brothers. If you haven’t noticed you guys got it all. In the mission there’s a saying we got lol goes...dominar sus metas!!! lol means dominate your goals my little brothers for reals you guys are going to be the meanest missionaries ae....just keep going hard in everything that you do. Always remember who you are and that someone always watching us. Im so proud of you my brothers, im so blessed to have had brothers like you. keep watching over lia and treat her like the queen that she is. She deserves the best so give her the best. I love you guys heaps ae.

but ye just had to give a shout out to the siblings hahahaha but mum and dad im doing good ae...I don’t know what to say ae. I just feel so blessed that I’ve had a family like ours. This weekend I was balling thru all the sessions because I’ve had the best family in the world ae. I have parents who have taught me the principles of the gospel and im for ever grateful for you guys. mum and dad thank you for everything. Keep going hard and do the things you know we should be doing. Im doing good tho ae. Missionary work is missionary work hahaha. Back to nobody lol the hardest part of missionary work. After our baptisms we went straight back to finding. It was a crackup because my comp told me at the his broken English....crap Elder Kanahele tomorrow were back to ground had to have a laugh ae. but yeah its true cant share this message until we have people to teach so were just teaching now. My Spanish is coming along ae....for reals everyday it gets better and comes more fluently. I still get those people who look at me after I say something and say....what???lol right when I think my Spanish is getting better I get moated lol its all good though. Its a hard as language ae. fa stupid mexicans!! lol we have our transfers this week though so yeah I might not get to write much next week because well be traveling and moving if its necessary! My second transfer!!! dang times flying ae!!! hahaha almost got 5 months on the mission you ae. hahahaha I’ve learnt so much ae but im ready for a change ae this small kine excited for a new comp!! hahahahaha my companion is cool as but im ready for the change lol. I might have to direct my sector this up coming change so that’s a little nerve racking. But yeah family still working my but off everyday ae. I feel bad if I don’t. obedient as every! lol the only way ae if you want the blessings and I have the meanest testimony of that, but yeah family. Tell gramz and mana thanks for the letters....did you ask gramz if she got my little email like 3 weeks back??? lol oh and tell here I get her snail mail every week and I look forward to them hard ae!!! but yeah mum and dad I love you guys. George, Ash and Lia I love you guys even more hahaha you guys are my pride and joy. Rep it up hard for the maoris ae! I want you guys to know that I know that Jesus Christ lives and that he paid the price for all of us to be together as a family forever. I know he lives, and that’s why im here. I need to bounce, until next week though ae family. love yous!

Elder Kanahele kaka

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