Monday, March 22, 2010

Hola family!!!!

sup you fellas. fa its been so good to hear from you fellas aye!!! dang. i love you guys hahaha i didnt get to read your letters last week but its all good hahaha i was crying like a little mahu in the internet place....hahaha na jokes. It’s soo good to get the hap`s with you fellas. Man busy as week ae....happy aniversary mum and dad, you old futss!!! Hahaha got a nother surfbord mum??? mean mean... but yeah dang i remember those weeks long as with heaps of things to do....sole hori boy your the man bro tahiti fet, 2 proms, rugby tournament and all bro same week mean dog...i think you passed me up on that one hahaha. Mean bro. Im glad your having a blast bro. Its your last year dog so go hard. i remember that time bro at tashas baptism when i cracked!!! was crackup ae!!! fa bro the peps praise me here dog. I’m the go to man here bro for family home evenings and special numbers lol for real’s dog. i just play my ghetto as notes with my ghetto as rhythms and sing all the primary songs bro in the notes are all wrong but everybody here is tone deaf so nobody has any idea its crackup as. lol. In sacrament the people sing acapella cuz nobdy knows how to play the piano....and its awful ae!!!! hahaha i just have a mean as laugh in the back....but family its so good to hear from you. Mum i still haven’t got the package yet....if not tomorrow most definitely the next Tuesday...and no i don’t have to pay any tax..but yeah fellas im doing good as here ae....the work has pretty much sooken in and im a missionary machine. hahahah the language is coming along mean as and i have been blessed so much. like seriously I’m a walking talking miracle lol i don’t know how it works but when i testify my Spanish is fluent bros....its mean as cause really its not me and the influence of the spirit is amazing. it’s a crackup because when i don’t have the spirit for some reason hahah like one nite we ate with this family and we are not supposed to but we did because they’re poor and had prepared food for us so yeah that night lol we shared a message and i just couldn’t do anything...couldn’t say anything and i was just dumb!!! a dumb maori boy from temple view...i wanted to let me see!!!! bahahahahah so yeah have a mean as testimony of being obedient with exactness, because then we can have the spirit and when we have the spirit its game over ae!!!! hahahah for real’s when the spirit testifies of the truth its game over you fellas, but yeah missionary work it the best. To live, breath, and literally eat the scriptures some times is awesome. My testimony every day grows and i love it the gospel is true haha. This week we have two baptisms. luis salinas, and the other one jordan urbinas. Really excited for them, they have come a long away and have been great examples of faith! We taught this newly member family the importance of prayer this week...and i broke down in the lesson ae. hahaha the spirit was super strong and i was just testifying of the sacredness and importance of the family and shared how i was so grateful for my family and because of them i am here. Family i love you guys so much. Continue to go hard in everything. Mum and dad thank you for everything. For providing a home established on gospel principles. This life is short and we need to continue to endure to the end as a family. I miss you guys heaps. Mum i love you and miss you soooo much. Dad thanks for your hard copy letters that i get every week bro they are awesome thanks ae. George bro keep going hard bro your the man. Continue to perfect your talents have them to share them and there going to come in handy one day i promise you bro. hahahaha. bro i love you dog and miss you heaps take care of the kiddies for me hahaha bro I’m so proud of you keep doing all the good things bro your an example to me dog. bro i write ms4l all over the creaction bro just for a laugh so ye dog tell jack i said hi and check the time on his watch please...fank you...ash!!! sole man!! bro you still hughe!!!??? hahahaha keep doing your push ups so you can smash all those fat pigs bro....keep going hard in football bro, your the man ae bro always remember that. How’s your bass coming along?? Better than me already ae bro hahahaha shot bro....learn how to play the piano to bro for real’s that’s going to come in handy...hahaha sorry bout it mum and dad. Continue to be a good bro. always remember who you are and people are watching you bro. i love you ash, miss you heaps dog. take care of lia k....and happy birthday!!! hahaha welll birfday...shot bro.

Hi LIA!!! you old fut!!! how’s your spanish vato?? hahahah you crack me just growing up ae....try send me some hard copy pics of your tahitit fet! Sounded like a lot fun. Did you rip it up? guarantee ae hahaha but keep going hard in everything lia....always do your homework k and don’t hide it in your bag!! hahahaha crackup..i love you though lia so much. Tell gramz i love her and i hope she got my email last week. Family i need to bounce. I’m doing good as. Thanks for your letters everyone. I’m so grateful for your guys sacrifice for me to be here. Thank you for everything.

Elder Kanahele kaka

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