Monday, March 8, 2010

District with President and Sister May after Earthquake

Kia Ora family!!!

cheeeeheee!!! Its awesome to hear from you guys... good to hear about the weekend with the family and the wedding and all it sounded like it was fun, and yes the mail and all is all good ae so send away!! hahaha Family today was my first transfer and nothing happened lol same sector with the same companion and I’m really happy for that but today we don’t have that much time because we had to travel 2 hrs to Santiago to pick up the new elders that came in today, but family the work is doing good. The earthquake incident has really opened up the hearts of a lot of people and its just awesome to be here during this time. Missionary work is off the chain. You know how we were having a hard time finding new people, well this week has been a awesome for us. We accomplished all our goals ...hahaha writing that in English felt weird as but yeah. We have 4 new people with baptismal dates and we had a conference yesterday where the Prophet was televised speaking to the people here in Chile and all our investigators with all their doubts and questions were left speechless ae. Nothing better than having a lesson with the Prophet speaking, he’s the man...but yeah like everything has just been falling into place and when it just seemed like nothing was going right for us the lord blessed us and I know its only through our diligence for why we have been blessed this week. Elder bednar said yesterday that if we are not trying, then we are not doing, and if we are not doing then why are we here. There is no need to ever get discouraged family or get down as long as we are trying our best then the lord will always help and fill in the rest. I’m so excited ae. We got two baptisms coming up in the next 2 or 3 weeks so its mean as. I miss you guys heaps. Mum and dad thank you for everything. The prophet talked yesterday about the importance or our families and I’m so grateful to have been raised in a home with the gospel. don’t worry about me. The language is coming along mean as. I’m having a hard as time actually trying to write you guys rite now sorry about it but ye.. George and ash keep going hard my brothers in all that you fellas got all the goods. Remember to always be a good stand as witnesses of god in all things and in all places. George keep going hard in your schooling br0 and in everything that you do. Send me one picture brah of your bod lidat!!! shot dog...good luck with the Tahiti fet bro tear some hole in the stage with your paoti dog...or just watch lia and take some notes. Ash bro keep going hard dog your the man...remember that nothing in life is easy and you need to work for everything. i love you bro. love your sister and always treat her good. lia thank you for are so beautiful. Never change okay and yes your Spanish is coming along mean as....tu estas tan cappo, vato!! lol but i love you lia. Good luck with your Tahiti fete coming up. rip it up girl, your the bomb and tell the boys to stop looking at you k. I love you lia. but tell gramz I love her and miss her heaps. Send my love to the famz ae. But yeah family I love you guys heaps and I’m doing good as. I need to go now so be good you guys.

shot on the harakeks!

love elder kanahele kaka

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