Monday, March 1, 2010

6th Letter - 03-01-10 4 Days after Earthquake

Kia Ora family!

Im doing good as ae...the countries in panic every bodies going crazy buying all kinds of stuff nobodies out in the street and everything is buss up hahahah, but im all good. The earthquake was mean. Nothing ive every felt in my life. I for real thought that our house was going to fall down, but there are places that are for real all wasted. The central area in our place is all damaged quiet bad. All the stores and the mail place, close to my home have all collapsed. A lot of homes as well are jacked up so this week we will be doing a lot of service. Yes were all good family. I wasn’t even scared ae. For reals i was like dang this is tight and we went out in the street right after it happened and for reals im so grateful for our Heavenly Father because everywhere around us was wasted but for some reason we were fine no coincidence haha. but yeah the work is small kine slowed down. That lady carolina that we were teaching went brake my heart. It was sad as. we were teaching here she was progressing and all and we went to go teach her our last lesson and she straight-out told us that she doesn’t want to get baptized and it killed was the hardest thing for me to see someone progress, gain a testimony...she knows that the church is true but she came out and told us straight up no! dang but president may told me something in my interview with him. He said that our investigators our people and not tomatoes hahaha so hes saying that they have agency if you didn’t catch the spiritual joke....fwams hahaha. but ye so we just need to find the elect and guess what hahaha on Friday we found one. lol just in the street taught a 5 minute restoration lesson and he told us that he wants to be baptized but we were like ae your wacked hahahaha but yeah we didn’t think anything of it and that Sunday he showed up to church and all. stayed the whole time and asked us to visit him after and we did and we set a date for the 28th of march. lol it was a crackup but i know that our heavenly father really does prepare people for us to find. Here in chile our investigators need to go to church 3 times before they can be baptized because of the high inactivity rate here, so that’s why we have to wait so long to baptize him. The work is moving on good, and we are all well. Thanks for the letters you guys they were awesome. Tell Jana try get her stuff straight hahaha dumb maoris!! but it must be mean as with all the family there and stuff ae, lucky dudes, but its good to hear that the tsunami was small kine. I wasnt worried at all. if you fellas died its because your wicked hahaha na jokes. You guys sound so good in your letters. Thanks for you sacrifice for me to be here family, I love you guys so much. Try take some pics of the wedding and hook me up you fellas.... oh and justyn emailed me saying his mission was jacked up!!! not good bro for reals its hard to be an effective missionary when you can’t live what you preach you know what i mean homies. I feel sorry for that dude. Anyway thank you family for everything I love you guys so much. George keep going hard bro in all that you do dog. Your the man. Im all safe bro so dont worry ae hahaha I miss you bro, I think about all our times together bro and don’t forget those dog hahaha cherish them with all your heart lol but yeah bro i miss you bro. keep going hard in your sports, working out, and your schooling bro. Ash bro families are eternal bro.... we need to endure to the end and will be sweet. This principal is the key bro. its so powerful to see people change when we teach this principal bro and I know we can be together for ever we just need to do our part. Thanks for your jokes bro I know that i can always depend on you to make me laugh you helmet hahaha I miss you bro and love you heaps. Bro I want you to be your best bro. Your the man bro but you just need to keep on working and trying your best. Never be satisfied bro, but keep going hard bro be good to lia, shes so lovely. listen to George mum and dad k.

Hi lia!!!! awww thanks for your letter lia!! I love you so much and I miss you even more. thanks for your prayers they helped so much.... thanks for the update to with everyone else I knew I could count on you hahaha but lia you keep being a good girl k. always listen to mum and dad and your brothers. always try to be an example. Your so lovely lia, never change k. I love you so much.

Mum and dad I’m sweat as ripping it up here in chile. Tell the family I said whats up. I miss them all but yeah I love you guys so much thanks for everything mum and dad keep being strong. Thanks for your sacrifices for me to be here. I am so grateful for this opportunity to bring others unto our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you guys so much and miss you heaps but I gotta bounce. Talk to you next week hahaha. love you fellas.
Elder Kaka

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