Monday, March 15, 2010

Hola familia!!!

sup u guys didn’t write me this week?? lol I signed on and had only a few messages and cant find any from you guys. I don’t know what is happening, just letting you guys know.
I just want to say first off happy belated birthday to lia...sorry lia I didn’t read the letters from last week until I got home because I didn’t have enough time but i love you so much and you are growing up so fast but happy birthday my baby. i hope it was a great one.

Family I’m good as. This week just getting back into the kick of things. Everything has been the same aye just working hard every day. We actually found this family the Sotos. The mother had a baby that passed away and we haven’t really had the chance to teach her yet but we’ve taught the pops and the gospel hit my man right in the heart but his wife likes to talk a lot and I don’t Know she keeps confusing him so we have a meeting with them today and hoping we can have the spirit to help guide us to what we need to say and do to help this family. They’re really grate actually, we just haven’t really had the opportunity to sit down with all of them and teach them so once we can do that its game over. lol every time we visit them I just play the jamz on the gat and they love it ae. the first time we met them the pops had a guitar and really wasn’t a nice fella, then I asked him...i like try your guitar brah hahahah and next thing you know we were in his house singing...there is beauty all around hahaha just gotta pull all the tricks out of the hat if you know what I mean hahaha. We have a baptism this week so I’m super excited ae. his name is luis salenas and his 18 years old. He’s been progressing just perfectly ae....I really have a testimony that god really prepares people for us to find because he’s a golden one hahaha. We also have another baptism next week with this kid Jordan...he’s had a hard as life. His family is jacked up and he’s done every bad thing in the book but he wants to change so that’s good as. He’s progressing well and when we taught him about the atonement...oh was game over brah....sole atonement is the key. It gives people hope ae...that desire and strength to change. Man every day I learn something new and im just so grateful to be here. with us latly hahaha were doing fine. i got a little sick the other day because I think I ate something bad but I threw up a couple times and sweat ready to go. My companion is small kine irritz hahahah na i think its just because we have had 8 weeks together and its just the little things but to be honest I’m really grateful for him ae. He’s a great example and a hard as worker and really there’s nothing to complain about. He’s the only member in his family...his pops passed away a couple months back and nobody ever writes him so I’m grateful for his strength and love for this Spanish is coming mean as aye ....hahahah like for real’s I had one of those the best two years moments when you speak and it just comes out naturally its mean as. We actually had training with all the new missionaries and I think I’m the one progressing the most in my language. In my patriarchal blessing it said that I would have the gift of tongues and its true bro hahahaha language shouldn’t be an of my teachers said. and I just need to keep thinking that and the lord will bless me. So everything is going good as. My testimony grows each day..

Sole Margie’s wedding sounded three mean. fa tell her I love her. Try send me some pictures lol grandmas ones I couldn’t open for some reason but yeah, how was the music??? fa I can only imagine you just ripping it up...mean family. Must have been good as to have all the family there. So, family I miss you guys heaps and I love you guys even more. I was sad when I didn’t see mail from you guys because really its a big help but I’m sure something just went wrong. Don’t worry about me you fellas for real’s, I am all good. Mum and Dad thank you for everything. There’s a scripture in 3nep 18 21 that says pray in your families unto the father, always in my name that your wives and children may be blessed. This scripture we teach to every family that we find and I’m so grateful that I was raised in a family that did this. Mum and Dad I loveyou guys.

George sole I love you bro. keep being a good example and keep going hard. bro be your best and dont settle for nothing less you the man bro. Be good to your brother and sister they look up to you. Ash learn everythingh you can from your brother brp. always work hard and remember to be a good boy bro. I love you so much my little bro and I miss your crackup as jokes. Always be good to your sister k. keep going hard in all that you do bro. Hi lia!!! oh lia I miss you... I feel so bad for not saying Happy Birthday...I really remembered because my alarm on my ipod rang on your birthday but I was just caught up in all the work...I’m sorry lia. i love you sooooooo sooooo much never forget that k. keep going hard in all that you do k. and listen to your brothers and mum and dad. good luck in your tahiti fete this week and show all those tahitians whats up hahaha.

Tell grandma I love her and miss her a lot. Thank her for all her letters and words of encouragement, but family i gotta bounce but ill try send some pictures if i can. i love you guys.

Elder kanahele kaka

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