Monday, December 13, 2010


what’s up family!! wow...another long week ae my family! lol man they’re just flying now ae...for real’s i have no idea where they’re going lol but more than anything another productive week...first off I’m glad that my package got home!!! haha i hope you guys like what i was able to get lol wasn’t a lot but im glad you guys got em...lia i can’t believe you are wrestling!!!! bahahaha that’s so crazy are you being serious??? you got it in you though....little syco thing! haha crackup as lia...mean though. Just gotta go hard in whatever you choose to do ya....ash sole proud of you bro..kill it dog...push yourself bro...hori boy ha sole you the man bro...keep going hard ae dog...just a week left bro...Just give em ba...proud of you ae my brother.. talented mungrol bro.gonna be a mean as missionary..for real’s dog just keep doing the things you know you need to do...organize yourself bro and strive to better each day...nothing can stop us bro but ourselves..Love you bro...mum, funny the doctor story ae...hahaha it was crackup as not going to lie....but she was beautiful...bahahah but was good as chatting to you guys last week...miss you ae mum...i still have my moments too so no worries ba...time flies when you get lost in the work...for real’s almost done and i have no idea where it’s no worries sole not going to lie bro. but thanks for telling me to get off facebood last week...for real’s i was small kine homesick and wanted to talk to you guys but when you told me to go it was kind of a slap in the face ae and reminded me of and more than anything motivated me to do what i need to do....set my week off on a good note ae bro so thanks dog...I’ve been good ever since so it’s all good..Still it was good to talk to yous! hahahaha but Christmas day is coming so everything’s gonna be all g...can’t wait to talk to yous ae...but yeah dad just wanted to thank you bro. love you and forever grateful for all that you’ve done for the family..For not only fulfilling the calling as a father but magnifying it bro..for making what we do in the home the most important thing for you bro...the holiest place outside of the temple bro so where’ve been blessed as children to have had instilled in our home that of most importance in this life..the gospel. Thanks bro.

But yeah family..we had another awesome week...I’ve been good and peck have been thinking of a lot of things that we can do for Christmas for all of the members in our we´ve come up with some cool as things so we´ll see what we can do that is low budget but still meaning full.. in the house everything’s been the same...actually sat the boys down and talked to them about keeping the house clean lol and it’s been a lot better was a pig stie for real’s have no idea how we lived in it but had a massive clean session...but yeah been doing the regular missionary work you know.. Trying to find, cultivating what were finding, and trying to harvest that which we have found and there’s not to many plants ready to give D&C´s all plaque bro, the fields not that white! hahhahahaha na jokes jokes...the mission is special as ae...cuz your always learning something...always! if your finding, if you’re not finding, if your teaching or if you’re not teaching, if your baptizing or if you’re not doesn’t matter what happens as long as we are applying ourselves, showing the lord our availability and dependability, whatever happens that is good or bad we are always learning. and that’s what makes the mission different than anything else is that we actually live what we learn and believe...things become different and have such a deeper meaning when you actually got to try them and put them in takes on a whole new meaning for you when you actually get faced with opportunities to exercise it and see what happens...patience really comes to life after studying it and applying it as we knock doors all day only hoping that the next door is someone prepared by the lord to listen to us, obedience really becomes your foundation to everything as you obey all the rules even though they might not makes sense but start to see miracles and blessings pop out from nowhere..."for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith." is every day for me here in chile. everyday i come and receive my own witness of the truthfulness not only of the gospel but of its principles and ordinances by which it is founded upon and the blessings that come thru them as i live them every single’s nothing new, nothing different but a reconfirmation that i get daily of the truthfulness of the gospel....that Jesus really does live, that his atonement is real, that Joseph smith did restore his gospel to open this dispensation and that the book of Mormon really is the word of god. Family i have no doubt that this is the true church of god. Its what’s going to help us stay together forever..I’m so ever grateful for this knowledge that we have and the opportunity that i have to share it each day....god wants us all to return back to him so let us all be examples in all that we do to help bring to pass this great plan and help all come to the knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Family i love you all so much...miss you guys heaps as too.. hard...I’m representing hard so don’t worry about me k....Christmas is almost coming up and super excited to talk to you guys...send my love to the family... mum, dad, George, ash and lia.. i love you guys..keep going hard and do the right things. I’ll talk to you guys next week. With all my love.

Elder Conway Kauimua Kanahele kaka

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