Monday, December 20, 2010

Kia Ora WHANAU!!!!
sup family!!! what a week ae! ahahahaha well what a great letter sounds like everything is still the same and glad you guys are having productive weeks...but family i need to tell you all real quick that I WILL BE EMAILING YOU GUYS AGAIN TOMORROW WITH THE INFO TO CALL ME YA...THE TIME AND ALL...we weren’t able to plan it all by today so I’ll hit you guys up tomorrow with all the don’t panic k....but yeah family today is transfer day again!! hahaha this is my 9th transfer in the field!!! crazy ae!! hahahaha they just keep going by faster and faster...time and what we do with our time our the most precious gifts that we are given in the life..todd christoferson talked a lil about that this past conference and its been something that helped me stay in check...this time really is scared and what i do with it will depend on my diligence and love for our savior Jesus that’s what pretty much pushes me each day to be i doing what the savior would do if he were here?? am i using his time wisely?? do i really love him?? that’s what it really comes down to right....if we really love the savior we will give him our best. we will do anything an everything so that he will not suffer in vain, so that he "won’t have to do pushups for nothing!" i would have to say that my time here in this country has helped me come to understand just a tad bit more of the reality of this incomprehensible act of love. Jesus does live and he did die for us...paid the price for every sin that anybody will ever commit in this life..if we really understood the importance of this sacrifice and its motive of love that helped bring it to pass we would be perfect! this very perfection is what god wants from us and what we should be striving for each in the most humble and solemn way, let’s be perfect!!! i love you all so much and miss you all even more...I’m representing hard and i strive each day to be better and perfect....i hope that we all can remember our savior and let his atonement motivate us to be our best...y al hacerlo sè que este mismo sociabilidad en que existe entre nosotro aquí existirá entre nosotros allá acompañado con una gloria en que ahora no i love you all heaps ae....
our week was good...a lot of things we need to change, which we´ve been striving to do to help us be better missionaries...elder peck and i get along great as ae...he’s such a crackup fella man...and a companionships chemistry is always most important so were good nights we´ve been playing these crackup soccer games in the house...full on two on two...and we clear out our lounge and just go hard....its funny as...cuz i hate soccer but we go hard and have a mean as sweet in the little area that we have to play..full on dive, head buts and all. funny ae...who’d ever thought I’d be playing soccer....but me and peck have been thinking of things we can do for the members so today we are going to go buy them a bunch of stuff...i love the members ae...there’s your handful of them that are useless as and waste time...but i love them all my own. know every member in my ward by name from the oldest grandma to the littlest baby and its really showed the members the love that we have for them....we´ve been trying to focus the work by doing it thru the members so we´ve been getting a good start with them winning their trust and all...our bishops useless hahaha and our ward mission leader but other than that all is good....i still get tired hard from walking all over and we´ve started hitch hiking!! hahaha works...not that much but maybe here and there....but yeah that’s been us.. but famz i don’t have much time left....tomorrow I’ll give you guys the info, and I’ll talk to you guys this Saturday!!!! ahhhhhhh!! Exciting hard ae....for real’s....and yeah no crying this time! USELESS.. but mum dad, george, ash, lia, grandma, and koal...i love you guys hard ae...keep going hard and represent! be good and do all the right things....i love you family...with all my love,

Elder Kanahele kaka

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