Monday, August 2, 2010

Hey family!!!

How you guys doing? it was such a good time reading your guys letters and to see whats going with you guys...I miss you all sooooo much ae. for reals...but first off..mum thanks for writing pres...bahahaha he called me and we got everything sorted out. I had an appointment today with the local doctor and we talked for a while and he said my meds that I’m taking right now should be strong enough i just need to wait for a little while but in one months time i got my next appointment so everything’s all good ae..but crazy story while i was at the doctor a met this elder martinez and he asked me where i was from and i told him Hawaii then he’s like my sister went to byuh and i asked him who she was and he told me her name is Hershey!!!! lol remember that girl in dads ward? that’s was such a crackup cuz i was full on talking to him in his own tongue you know and telling him that i knew his sister and everything. she even gave me a book of Mormon and wrote something behind it in spanish but i think i left it at home...but ye small world ae...i took a picture with him but another day i´ll have to send those to you guys... just a little heads up next week i won’t have alot of time to write because it’s my companions last week and normally the elders last pday in the mission they get to go visit all their converts in the mission and it normally takes up the whole time and the companions just have to suffer...bahahaha but its all good.. we´ll see what happens ae..but just had to let you guys know. but yeah im doing good i should be getting your guys package tomorrow...when you guys send me stuff just send me the meds...that’s all i really want for reals. shot. but yeah got grandmas package this past week and she’s the bomb!! lol tell her thank you sooooo much...gramzz knows how to pack a package...for reals there was so much stuff.
Family my companion and I have been doing good. just trying to love that fellah ae hahaha it was actually his birthday on Friday so i woke up early and made him a mean as feed of rice, spam, eggs, toast, and some cool not going to lie it was a mean breakfast ae...and even though my comp doesn’t say much i knew he was grateful..The satisfaction of some good old service always helps you stay on track you’s in that moment when you forget all about yourself serving others when you realize that what you’re going through is nothing..I’ve really seen this a lot with this companion and its the only way to go ae family...whether you are best friends or hate their guts you just gotta love them no matter what and lose yourself in serving them and things will be all i just feel like in my little time here I’ve conquered the world already!!! bahahaha i know i still got a longs way to go but I’m just so grateful for every opportunity of growth that I’ve had..the missions mean as ae. yesterday we actually had another baptism. we baptize this inactive ladies daughter and it’s been awesome having to get to work with win situation cuz we were able to reactive this lady, teach and baptize her daughter who is like a motive for the mum to stay strong in the gospel so it’s been such a blessing helping this family receive the blessings that come from living the gospel. This dude that came to church last week by himself to his named is it’s such a crazy situation. This dude is from Italy but he’s been in chile for 20 years and he’s a doctor!!!! omg family you should have seen the first time that we went to this dudes house....he lives in the richest part of our sector that we didn’t even know that existed but there’s full on security guards and all out side of his house but he’s a psychologist!!! and hes just smart as ae...the way he speaks he’s always analyzing people and he’s just like a human genius and teaching him is just so crackup...he’s read every book about the church and just knows everything about us Mormons and says that it’s the church most logically like that of the church of Jesus Christ so that’s why he’s been investigating, lol and I’m not going to lie he actually knows like more than me bahahahaha i just crackup in the lessons cuz he knows all the doctrine of everything and he uses straight up smart words that I’ve never heard in my life and he knows just after he told us this our first visit i was with another missionary on divisions and just told him straight up first i was kind of intimidated you know but i just and testified like a champ and told him brother you can read all the books in the church as many times as you want, and we can sit here all day and give you all the answers to all your questions but you´ll never know of its surety until you exercise your faith and meditate in the things that you read and ask the lord in prayer with true intent if it’s true. the spirit was so strong ae...didn’t matter what kind of degree he had or what his profession was he could not deny what he felt in that moment...i knew it and i know he knew it too so we´ll keep working with him. The power of the message that we share is so strong cuz its true and anybody can know of its surety despite of their circumstances as they exercise their faith and pray. i love the gospel and the opportunity that i have each day to share it with others. Prepared people are found by prepared missionaries so i strive each day to better prepare myself in anyway. i love you guys so much family..i miss yous like crazy don’t even know. mum and dad thank you guys for all that you do...just to let yous know I’m representing it up hard.. Thanks for all that yous do to have me here serving the lord. Keep the family intact doing the things you know you should be sole bro keep going hard in all that you do bro. have a blast cuz time flies my this month i make nine months crazy ae bro hahahaha be smart in all that you do dog and don’t put yourself in bad situations k. Practice your fire knife too bro...The maoris are the best ones hahaha for real dog learn from all those around you and take care of the lil bro and sis for me ae. i love you bro. ms4l. ash...sole muchacho!?? hahaha where did you learn that from you clown?? crackup....but yeah bro playing jv already?? shorry bout it...gotta get big and strong level now dog so give it all bro you got what it needs to be good bro just need to put the work in my brother...take care of your 100 bucks too ae dont be spending it on lollies you helmet! hahaha but bro i love you ae bro...i miss your humour hard bro...your gonna be a mean missionary ae...but take care of your lil sister and listen to mum and dad. lia!!!! i miss you the most!!! bahahaha for look like your growing up so fast dang i can’t even believe it now when i see pictures of you...but I’m sure you did good girl at the food got it lia so just keep practicing ae...but lia i love you so much...i hope your being a good girl and trying your best to be a good example to those around you... know that i miss you and love you so much ya....send my love to grandma and tell her that I’m so grateful for the package that she sent me...but yeah family that’s me...I hope all is well with you guys. I love you all. but we´ll talk next week ae. chaito mis negritos!!

with all my love

Elder Kaka Kanahele

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