Monday, July 26, 2010

Whats uyp whanau!!!

So how you black maoris been? lol it was awesome getting to read your guys letters..always have me feeling way better ae..but to answer all the questions...mum i don’t know if the medicine is the pimples have caused like deep stain crap lol for realls though like its not your regular pimple but yeah not really getting better, and i get angry hard ae cuz im just always self conscious bout stuff like that and I don’t know what is causing it...I’m eating good when i can and I’m always cleaning it so yeah i don’t know what else to do and it’s been ages since I’ve had them so yeah getting small kine irritz ba! bahahaha but yeah just keep sending the meds and will see what happens. but dad another assignment bro...there’s this dude that sent me a letter...his name is kumakaleikini soon...he works night show and graduated from kamehameha too a year before me but i guess hes having a hard time now and he wrote me and george should know him so ask him to get his email from him for me ya! shot bro...

Other than that though I’m all good ae...its been another long hard week, and still waiting for my fruits from my labor! bahhahahaha for real’s though I’m getting small kine impatient! lol na but this week honestly was another hard one know our investigators i told you about a while ago that is supposed to be getting baptized soon well i guess him and his wife got into a fight and he just picked up and he went travelling like 8 hours south or something and he just left...doesn’t want anything to do with his family and called off the wedding and obviously his baptism but it was just the saddest thing to go by and hear the family tell us this you know... i really felt for his wife and what she’s going thru and it’s just sad to see you know...and for me and my comp we just didn’t feel like anything worse could happen lol like we can’t find anybody and were losing the people that we do have you know....we knocked doors all week, set up appointments with references from members, and visited less active members but nothing’s happened...nobodies wants to let us in..our appointment with every reference fell thru, and none of the less active want anything with the church and this whole week was just killing us ae...haven’t taught a lesson in ages and it’s just really helped us to do some self reflecting and really to just strengthen us...well so yeah asi era our whole week and Saturday we were just buggered...and we sat in our living room talking me and my comp a little bit depressed you know and i asked him...who are we going to have in church tomorrow? and he looked at me and said, even though we have nobody, someone’s going to come to church! i thought okay at least you know my comp is still being positive and trying to be strong so i was like okay but in my head i was like we going to teach no lessons but have people in church?? lol sooooo to make a long story short lol we rock up to church the next day...early as cuz we had no one to go look for before and it was like 9:25 which is really early for anyone here in Chile to be in church and inside of the chapel was two people...the bishop opens the chapel at 9 and does some paper work in his office so these two people were just sitting there by themselves....and right away we knew that they weren’t members so we went over to talk to them and we find out that they our antiguo investigadores or they had already shared with the missionaries....they came to church one time before but it was a whole year ago..and they had a baptismal date and everything and they were going to do it...but something happened and they had to leave...they didn’t know for how much time but yeah ended up to be a they got back Friday night and came to church on Sunday morning!!! bahahahahaha crazy to talking to them and their interest are still super strong and they still want to get baptized!!! lol so we have an appointment with them tomorrow! and this guy said that his mum came home with them from their trip and she had shared with the missionaries too and would like to hear from us as me and my comp after just had the meanest laugh cuz it just seem so unreal you know...he told me after the church is true!! bahaha but it is...was the best way to end our week and were just super excited to go visit him tomorrow....but yeah i know that the lord is always preparing people to receive us and we just have to do our part and he´ll fill in...but yeah that was my week ae...hard but very rewarding...but yeah i miss you all soo good to hear of your week and the haps with you fellahs. george i proud of you dog....getting your eagle?? sole sorry bout it!!! bahahaha but keep going hard bro in all that you do....learn the Tongan canoes bro thats the one...langi tua taha langi tua ua! sole gotta do it for the maoris bro...there the best in everything bahahahaha but yeah keep being a good boy ae....ash and lia i love and miss you guys heaps too ash im glad your learning the gluck booms my brother hahaha thats where it’s at and you gotta continue charging the tourist bro be smart about it ae...hahahaha but above all bro keep being a good boy ya...i love you so much bro and i miss you heaps...lia you’ve had your brasses for one whole year already??? woiya!! shorry bout it! hahahaha dang that’s along time! you must be even more beautiful then! hahahaha you are pretty man...but lia i miss you and love you...don’t ever change being that sweet lovely girl that you are..k! but can you do me a huge favor!? lol baby girl nile didn’t write me today so ask her what happened k! lol k thanks lia i know you’re the biggest camper on facebook so i know i can count on you! bahahaha shot girl but yeah family i love you all so much and miss you guys even more....keep going hard and represent ae....Elder Kanahele is still alive! bahahah but i sent a few video so i hope they’re all right...but send my love to gramz and all the famz!!! i love you family!!!!

Elder kaka kanahele

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