Monday, August 9, 2010


So how you fellas been??? dang i miss you all so much. but yeah I’m doing good ae...first off just wanted to let you mum that i did get my box I’ve had it for one week now so just send me the next batch of meds when you can...for reals just the pills and nothing else cause I’ve still got heaps of food and meat and goodies and stuff cause I’m soooooo spoiled!!! lol so sweet as k...but today is my companions last p day as a missionary so we are going all around Chile visiting his converts! so i don’t have much time to’s so sad ae!! for real’s i can’t even imagine going back and visiting my old sectors to go say bye to my converts!!! its hard man like just this morning we went by a few of his converts and its awesome to see the happiness that the gospel has brought them and to have had a part in the process of helping these people know the gospel and being with them through every early part of their conversion is the why we are here...the greatest reward as a missionary.... and to come back for him 6, 8months, one year later and to see them still strong in the gospel is even a greater gift. so sad. i can’t even imagine having to say bye to those ive grown to love here in Santiago but its still far away so its all good. but yeah fam so good to hear from you guys....sole George go hard in your dancing bro...Practice your fire knife bro for real’ advice for when you start spinning on fire...don’t be scared!!! that’s everyone’s down fall cant burn you if your spinning spin it as fast as you mean ae my counsel from experience..bahahaha but more than nothing bro...keep being a good boy..that’s the only thing that a good example, respect those around you, and help your little bros and sisters...sole help ash...he’s got it in him so help him become the best bro..give him the knowledge he needs dog...but yeah fiji is the meanest section...just gotta be stiff when you dance. watch them and copy’s the meanest thing when there’s a white dude that dances better than the actual fijians so go hard bro....ash bro!!! sole you playing jv already!!!??? ahhhhh sorry bout it...and your starting?? ah ah.. lol na bro honestly that doesn’t even surprise me... you got it in you’re a talented little bugger...just got to go hard bro... always be humble cause that’s when you learn the most...always push yourself bro. George is there to help you as well so use him when you got all you need to be the best bro so take advantage of it...if you can ask dad to film some of your games and send it to me in on a usb ae! hahahaha shot bro but i miss you my little’d get along with all these burritos over here bro...crackup that’s why you’re going to be a great missionary ash...but be a good boy and always take care of your little sister ya. But i love you ash...lia!!!! How you doing ba??? hahahaha i have no idea what that word ipaz means??? for real’s why did you even ask me that??? hahaha its not Spanish... but yeah i miss you ae lia...i hope your being a good girl now in 7th grade without mum there to watch you...hahaha and tell all the boys no!!! Not until i get home ya!! bahaha but lia i love you so much...tell grandma that i love her and all the cuzzies for me k...there’s a girl in our ward that reminds me so much of you and i just want to kiss her and hug her but i can’t!! hahaha but ill try take a pic of her and ill send it home...i just miss you that much thats why!!! But be a good girl and listen to mum dad and your brothers a good example k sweetie..i love you lia....mum and dad thank you guys for everything that you guys do for don’t worry about me I’m sweet as ae focused as ever, but I’m sweet as hahaha for real’s ive got toooooo much other things on my mind to worry fact I’ll give you a little update for the week real quick...this doctor dude has got to be the hardest dude anybody in the world has ever taught...bahahahaha the way he thinks is just on a whole different level...and because he’s a psychologist he’s always analyzing things and studying and there just has to be an answer for me and my comp have been doing the best job ever. focusing in on the book of Mormon and its truthfulness and if Joseph smith was a prophet cause if he knows these two things every other question he has doesn’t matter...he ask questions like crazy about like super hard stuff bahahaha like bout things we have no idea about and we answer what we can but he needs evidence or an exact answer for everything and we tell him that the truth is, is that he needs to do his part and pray and ask heavenly father and he´ll know..So we asked him one lesson then and there if we could say a prayer and if he could ask directly if Joseph smith was a prophet and if the book of Mormon is true...and we invited him to do it on our knees. So that’s what we did. The spirit was so strong and i don’t know what happened but in that moment when he had prayed we knew that he knew...he had felt something that he couldn’t explain and had told us to leave right after! jajajajaja...but he came to church yesterday and we went by again with the bishop and hes still having a hard time. he wants to get baptized and all but he’s still not sure...we feel like he’s searching something bigger. as a psychologist he thinks that he needs to see some kind of miracle for it to be true and the truth is we know he knows but we think he thinks that its too simple. and its true what we teach is real simple. not complicating at all. that by the fruits of the spirit-paz, tranquilidad, longabinidad.. etc we can know the mysterious of I’m having a hard time writing in English and thinking of what the words were so sorry bout it ...but yeah that’s where we are at with him...we´ll keep working with him so its all good. we are actually teaching his niece who’s all good to get baptized and we found another lady who’s super good as well so yeah the work is moving right comp leaves next Monday and i should get a new one that same day so yeah pretty nervous for what’s going to go down. but yeah just so that you guys know i might not have that much time again next week but i will write don’t worry bout it...and ill send some pics...I’m on like the first computer built in the world right now,,,for reals its like a type writer with a screen and the hard drive has no out puts for usb drives so sorry bout it but next week for sure..but i love you all family...I’m going hard so don’t worry abut good and love each other. i miss you all so much and am representing it for the whanau but i gtg so ill write yous next week....bye family.

With all my love

Elder kaka kanahele

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