Tuesday, August 17, 2010

!hola familia¡

como estan?? bien, yo espero!! fue tan bacan de tener la oportunidad a leer sus cartas!! en serio..les echo de menos tanto y les amo aun mas.

Im doing good family...I’m not going to lie but it’s so much easier to write in spanish!! shorry bout it!!! lol but like i said it was awesome getting to read your letters ae.. for real’s sounds like everything is going good...the busy weeks are always the best weeks ae...but mum thanks for the story for real’s..real comforting for me especially now with all the changes that I’m going through...so the low down real quick...yesterday was my last day with my companion and i had to say bye to him this morning and it was hard ae....although we didn’t have much in common and we were really different, we got really close!!! I’m going to miss that fellah ae but it’s all g. so the assistants called us up last night with the changes and so this is what’s going to happen....they called me to be a district leader and to open a sector...lol idk if you guys understand what that means lol but just a whole lot of pressure and responsibility so it should be a good journey! bahahaha so that means ill be moving houses to an area that I’ve never been and ill have a district where ill have to teach the classes every week....so nervous but i know that it’s only going to strengthen me....but this morning i dropped my comp off and me and some of the other elders that had to drop their companions off too came to the internet place to write so ya i still haven’t met my new companion, but it’s always a nerve racking experience!!!
Family we had another hard but rewarding week...idk if you guys remember this genius doctor guy that we were teaching but we’ve been working with him a lot this week and we will be baptizing him and his niece this Sunday!!! so crazy family but it’s been a heck of a journey...for real’s this dudes been the hardest cookie to crack but just goes to show that when we do our part as missionaries and teach the key doctrine and make our investigators agents and not objects giving them the ability to use their agency the decision in the end is black or white. it’s when we teach the gospel in a way where it’s so simple and clear that in the end there’s only two decisions...they’ll follow the example of the savior and be baptized or they won’t..and that’s how it’s been with this dude. we’ve done everything that we could have and there was nothing he could have done but exercise his faith and humble himself before the lord and ask in prayer if what we were teaching him was true. and that’s what he did and as simple as that he was able to receive his own witness for himself...he tried explaining it to us but couldn’t cause he’s never experienced anything like that before and it was just awesome to see his whole countenance change and really see his conviction of truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ....we took a member with us that day when he received his answer to help us teach and she sat there watching was happening gave her testimony here and there but when we left and was walking home the member started crying because she was able to see firsthand the affect the gospel has on people...for her to see this dudes conversion was a first and she just couldn’t believe how it happened...it was soooooo cool ae....when we got home that night me and my comp just sat there and we were like that’s why we are here.....we leave our homes....at nineteen years of age not knowing how to speak the language and we come to another country and we just change people’s lives.. I’ve been having sooooo many experiences like that, that just make me feel sooooo appreciative for the opportunity that i have to be here...missionary work is my life and there’s no other place in the world that id want to be than here....i try everyday to better myself and i look back and I’ve grown sooooo much... it’s a daily thing that we need to do to always constantly improve and become better....but yeah that’s my week...super nervous for this up coming week and really have no idea how I’m going to do it but I’m the man so I’m not stressing!!! hahaha
but yeah family i love you guys so much. mum keep going hard girl...you’ve always been the persistent one so keep going hard...it will all pay off...better have the house raised and done before i come home ae!! bahaha na but mum i love you so much and miss you even more. Thanks for everything ae...don’t really know what you’ve got till it’s gone..not saying that i didn’t appreciate you when i was home but it’s been so much more evident now that I’m away how much you do for us... i love you so much mum....sole pops!!! You not editing my letters good bro??? fa your cabbage dog!!! lol na its all good bro...that’s one crackup story tho...but i just wanted to tell you how much i love you ae dad....keep going hard with the family and keep them on the right track...i always use our family as an example when i teach and really testify with power how the gospel blesses families I Just wanted to thank you and mum for raising us kids good. Did an awesome job ae you fellas im representing it hard for the family bro...but yeah dad love you bro..george!!! sole not the picture lying down with mona on waimea rock!!! sole shorry bout it....lol na you be carefull my brother!!! keep being a good boy my brother and everything will be all g.. so happy for you bro ae with everything that you’ve been able to accomplish., just keep going hard and have heaps of fun...take heaps of pictures to bro..Japan is awesome as... you better write me too when you leave....how long and when do you leave??? fa rip it up bro...and never stop lifting...getting huge as bro so keep it up...help you little brother and lia k...but i love you hori boy.....ash....sole why you always have a butter finger>??? bahahhaa dont be scared of the ball bro hahaha but I’m not surprised bro...you are one talented mungrol!!! keep going hard bro and be teachable... there’s always something you can learn...but ash have dad film all your games and make a highlight tape bro...then send it to me when your seasons done ae...fa i can’t believe that its football season already...keep training hard bro...later is better than never but at least you’ve learnt now so don’t make the same mistake...hahaha but i love you bro...Keep being a good example to those around you and take care of you sister...i love you mi nachito loco!!! LIA!!!! How you doing girl?? dang sounds like you’ve been really busy!!! hahaha shorry bout it then.. haha but sounds like you’ve been having some crazy fun...well i just wanted to tell you how much i love you and miss you... i hope you’ve been being a good girl and always remembering who you are....i would make my companion vacuum but chiles such a poor country that only the rich people have carpets!! crazy huh lol so ya that’s the good thing..no vacuuming!!! lol but i love you and miss you so much lia...send my love to grandma and all the cuzzies k...love you lia...but yeah family that’s us...I’ve attached a few photos and a video so i hope it’s all good. but i got to bounce now so ill write you guys next week. i love you so much family. siga adelante y cosecheremos los bendiciones. con mucho amor y carino..tu querido hijito,

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