Monday, August 23, 2010


whats up you black maoris!!! fa awesome letters this week ae...fa thanks for the updates and the mean laughs...i was having the hardest crackups in my chair reading and im sure everybody thinks I’m weird but i could care but yeah first things first...i heard from George and it was awesome to get a letter from so grateful for him taking the time out to write me cuz i know how crazy it is and how its really hard to fine time amongst everything to do to write and it meant a lot yeah was good to hear from him and his preparation experiences...fa hes dumb ae...bahahahaha hes always been like that though, so no off that ounce. but yeah saw the pictures and they were awesome. i had a little homesickness attack haha but more than anything it was just cool as to see everybody...Tyler is a huge bugger ae!!! fa id smash him na... but yeah ill keep my eyes out for the package this week and ill let you know k mum how all the meds work out. thanks bah...and for my birthday I actually wanted something for a very long time but never wanted to tell you guys...but here in Chile they make like scripture cases that are really expensive but are really nice and you can only get them done here and i wanted to get some down but for a pair of English ones. But what i wanted is if you guys could send me a brand new clean pair of scriptures. Just a triple. with the book of Mormon, doctrina y convenios, and pearl of great price..without the bible. Like a medium size one with i could get some covers for them that alright??? hahaha so nails ya me already knowing what i wanted for my birthday... lol but yeah that’s all i want for reals..that’s all I’ve been thinking about so let me know ya, but yeah family this week has been a crazy one ae...for reals like super hectic, you don’t even yeah we had to move houses but just personal stuff (no furniture or anything) but still i had a lot of crap to take into a whole new sector where i don’t know anyone or anything...with a new companion. So it’s been really hard. especially planning at nights not knowing what to do, who to visit, or where to go, and with all the pressure of being district leader and senior companion just has added that extra push out of one’s comfort zone but it’s been an awesome experience. Hard and stressful as but has only helped me grow and i taught my first district class the other day and it was crackup as ae...everybody in my district has been here longer than i have so it’s kind of hard cuz they all have like a lil pride problem which is kind of natural you know and i think they just think like i don’t know anything that they already know so it’s something that I’ve just have to battle but its sweet as..Learning how things work and growing at the same comp is elder snider...he’s from California and he’s awesome ae...this past week with him we’ve gotten along really well. he’s such a chill guy but is down to get to work so were excited as to be in this sector. we’ve had some deep talks lately and I’ve respect him hard ae for being able to overcome his challenges..idk if i told you guys last week but his dad died a while ago by a drunk driver and to hear his testimony while we teach the plan of salvation of how death is not the end of things and how we can be together forever has really strengthen my testimony and conviction of this basic truth...he can’t speak Spanish that well but when he testifies it’s with power and even though they can’t understand him to well they feel it you know and it’s just been an awesome experience to be with him...he’s the man ae and we get along good as so that’s the most important thing. But yeah yesterday we baptized alber and his niece...the psychologist!!! hahaha mean as ae... yeah it was a crazy time but an awesome as experience...the cool part is that elder rosenlofs(my last comp) family came to get him and they stayed here for a week and they came to our ward yesterday and we were able to baptize this guy and his niece in front of them. was cool as ae, for his parents to see him in action and how he was able to be a tool in helping a lot of people come to know of the love of our savior Jesus Christ...i talked with the family after church and it made me homesick hard ae...talked to the mum for ages and i wanted to cry hahaha and i told her how it’s been you know away from the family and she just gave me a big as hug...she told me before she did it, i know I’m not allowed to do this but it’s from your so yeah it was awesome ae...i wanted a kiss too...haha but its all g...made me really miss you ae mum...all you guys actually. but yeah that was our day yesterday. Me and my comp are doing good. Our sector is gold right now and there’s heaps of people that want to listen to us so we are excited as to fine those chosen ones. but yeah that’s us ae...doing good as. Hope all of you guys are doing good. i miss you all hard ae. Mum keep going hard girl in all that you do...just like you said..there’s no growth when we are just coasting along so endure well to the end and the rest of us will benefit from your hard work!!! hahaha shot mum but for real’s love you hard ae mother.. missed you a lot this week so give all the kids and dad a big hug and kiss from i miss you ae bro...look good in the picture dog!!! still balling it up ae...hahaha doing the bang, turn aruond hookie still??? lol but just wanted to tell you how much i love you pops. being with my comp has really made me realized how grateful i am to have a father.. I love u ae bro. Ash!!! sole you look gansta in your pads bro...fa the real deal ae...but when you look good bro you play good, right?? so just as long as you got the actions to go along with your faith my borhter hahaha like James said faith without works is dead so walk the talk my little can do it too’re a talented boy bro so always push yourself, never settle for anything less than you best k my brother. But i love you bro take care of your sister for me and one favor bro...send me a funny line from a movie every week k!! shot br0... hi lia!!! hahaha schools hard??? lol heaps of homework ae?? i just hope that you’re doing it and not stuffing it in your bag!! bahahaha crackup..but lia i just wanted to say that i love you...i miss you heaps ae so be a good girl and an example to those around you...I’m so proud of your progress that you are making in your church stuff too. that’s the most important so establish your foundation now ya lia with being around good people and living what we preach yeah..but i love you so much lia...siga mi nena y nunca rendirse, ni comunicarse con los negros ya o su vecinos(jaren y jabriel) bahahaha but i love you lia...but yeah family that’s me. i love you all heaps and miss you even more. Thanks for all that you do for me. I’m representing hard and giving my best each day. send my love to grandma and all the family especially margie and uncle nainoa. but i gotta go family so I’ll talk to you guys next week, with all my love

Elder kaka kanahele

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